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[00:06:21] <servus> Agrh, negative signs make *so* much difference.
[00:09:06] <sbx> Krexx: what would you write?
[00:10:08] <Krexx> I would try to write some network code
[00:10:09] <Krexx> brb
[00:10:13] <servus> Ok, looking a *lot* better, but some things are still not lifting!
[00:10:13] <-- Krexx has left #exult ("-")
[00:11:50] <servus> Oh, presto.
[00:11:56] <sbx> i want a screenshot :(
[00:12:48] <servus> One sec I'll get one :-p
[00:13:32] <servus> Gotta choose a good camera angle..
[00:15:52] <servus> OK.
[00:16:04] <servus> Still looks like crap, but getting there...
[00:16:30] --> Krexx has joined #exult
[00:16:36] <Krexx> some screenshot? :p
[00:16:55] <servus> You didn't even look
[00:18:24] <servus> No one's looking :-p
[00:18:47] <Krexx> give me the link please
[00:18:52] <sbx> oh i was afk
[00:19:09] <servus> There is a log :-p
[00:19:12] <servus> Though:
[00:19:33] <servus> I want to get all the alignment issues taken care of before I start on texturing.
[00:20:16] <sbx>
[00:20:53] <Krexx> i'll rock!
[00:20:58] <servus> You will?
[00:20:58] <Krexx> :P
[00:21:04] <servus> Looks like certain types of shapes are still not being drawn.
[00:21:11] <servus> I reckon that mountainsides would not be drawn, for instance.
[00:21:20] <sbx> you should make a test texture that blends seamlessly together so you dont have to test it with the ultima textures.... this colorful one does but i mean on parallel surfaces
[00:21:23] <servus> Anything that would generally cause the sparkling blue to be left behind in the original Ultima...
[00:21:46] <servus> Hmm
[00:22:01] <servus> Well maybe it's easier to see when everything is moving
[00:22:10] <sbx> moving?
[00:22:15] <servus> Of course
[00:22:16] <Krexx> not me, it'll rock :)
[00:22:20] <servus> But lookit all the stuff that is not drawn :-(
[00:22:23] <Krexx> you project I mean
[00:22:26] <servus> Bottom of windows, etc.
[00:22:27] <Krexx> your project
[00:22:34] <servus> Thanks, Krexx, I hope I don't get too annoyed and just can it :-
[00:22:35] <servus> :-p
[00:22:48] <sbx> i didnt know the docks were as tall as the stables
[00:22:59] <sbx> or so close
[00:23:00] <sbx> what is that
[00:23:04] <servus> You can't see the docks in there
[00:23:11] <sbx> oh thats the other gate
[00:23:16] <sbx> strange
[00:23:18] <servus> To the right is the fortress gate, with the flagpoles coming up
[00:23:27] <sbx> whats center?
[00:23:38] <servus> The avatar
[00:23:49] <sbx> i mean right of that
[00:24:07] <servus> Why don't you start U7 and compare for yourself? This is right by the game start
[00:24:20] <servus> Or I could get a screenshot, one sec.
[00:24:23] <sbx> ok i would but its on the other comp
[00:25:25] <servus>
[00:25:52] <servus> Remember how different the perspectives are.
[00:25:57] <servus> Maybe I should choose a U7-ish perspective...
[00:26:25] <sbx> the fact that you can say "Gotta choose a good camera angle.." is a good sign
[00:26:41] <servus> :-)
[00:26:44] <sbx> ok i forgot the gatehouse was so big
[00:27:12] <servus> I'm looking straight-down, then tilted towards the south a bit.
[00:27:20] <servus> U7 uses straight-down, then tilted south and west.
[00:27:24] <sbx> yeah there should be an option to move the perspective as if your looking from the se, but keep the camera looking straight down
[00:27:36] <servus> Err, s/and west/, then rotated along the Z axis counter-clockwise.
[00:27:42] <Krexx> what are the two block next to the dog?
[00:27:43] <sbx> or just look from the se
[00:28:02] <servus> Probably eggs, ker
[00:28:05] <servus> Krexx
[00:28:14] <Krexx> oh, ok
[00:28:17] <sbx> there's a music egg
[00:28:22] <servus> Yes, they are eggs.
[00:28:24] <sbx> and a footstep egg
[00:28:28] <sbx> iirc
[00:28:35] <servus> Eggs, nonetheless.
[00:28:41] <servus> I wonder why certain shapes are not being drawn :-(
[00:28:51] <servus> The fortress walkway, the long wall on the bottom of the stables...
[00:29:02] <sbx> you cant draw the objects from this angle
[00:29:25] <servus> What do you mean?
[00:29:30] <servus> It's all 3D.
[00:29:53] <sbx> i thought you were going to test with the originals first
[00:29:55] <servus> Look in the 2D picture. The top lamppost. Look at the bit of wall directly up-left of the lamppost's upper tip
[00:30:08] <servus> That bit is not drawing in 3D.
[00:30:13] <sbx> im not talking about why certain shapes are not being drawn
[00:30:18] <sbx> just wondering how you will draw npcs
[00:30:20] <servus> Look at the walkway on top of the fortress. Simply not being drawn.
[00:30:25] <servus> sbx, NPCs should be easy.
[00:30:36] <servus> Only thing I anticipate trouble with is trees, because they have a *tiny* bounding box :-)
[00:30:46] <sbx> won't you have to change the angle though?
[00:30:53] <sbx> the avatar would look wierd from this angle
[00:30:58] <servus> Hmm...
[00:31:00] <servus> Actually...
[00:31:07] <sbx> or anything to the se
[00:31:08] <servus> Look at the ceiling of the stables
[00:31:19] <servus> It's been shifted right about 3 tiles.
[00:31:26] <sbx> heh
[00:31:26] <servus> Looks like the same happened to the fortress walkway.
[00:31:28] <servus> Wonder why...
[00:31:34] <sbx> object_iterator?
[00:31:54] <servus> Everything else is in place though
[00:32:03] <servus> Look where the stairs end. Correct. Look at the stable sign. Correct.
[00:32:19] <servus> Looks like... wide objects get shifted...
[00:32:21] <servus> I think I know!
[00:33:32] <servus> Fixed.
[00:33:34] <sbx> You know the Rule?
[00:33:40] * sbx reloads.
[00:33:47] * sbx gets nothing.
[00:34:02] <servus> Not the screenshot.
[00:34:04] <servus> The program :-p
[00:34:25] <sbx> do actors even have height?
[00:34:29] <servus> Yep.
[00:34:36] <servus> Well, actually
[00:34:39] <servus> I don't know :-)
[00:34:55] <servus> Oh, yes, they do
[00:34:56] <sbx> that's showing much foresight by the u7 developers if they do
[00:35:00] <servus> See the dog is big and fat and short
[00:35:03] <servus> The avatar is skinny and tall
[00:35:09] <servus> The horse is huge.
[00:35:26] <sbx> but the dog is under the camera at this angle
[00:35:31] <sbx> so you cant see his height
[00:35:34] <servus> Hmm, my X fudge is correct
[00:35:39] <servus> Well, that's just the angle
[00:35:46] <servus> I can make it first-person when I'm ready to send a demo
[00:36:00] <sbx> i dont remember anything falling on NPCs in u7
[00:36:18] <sbx> or setting on them, like you can set objects on other objects
[00:36:23] <sbx> so i didnt know if they had height
[00:36:45] <sbx> that's nice
[00:36:48] <servus> You can brush up against them
[00:37:00] <servus> Plus, their height is used to see if they can squeeze into cracks
[00:37:07] <sbx> when do they go into cracks?
[00:37:08] <servus> Remember turning into a snake to get into a small cave
[00:37:11] <sbx> oh
[00:37:12] <sbx> in si
[00:37:15] <sbx> nice
[00:37:53] <sbx> the observatory in moonglow will be most impressive
[00:38:29] <servus> Hmm...
[00:38:35] --- LordN_Away is now known as Lord_Nightmare
[00:38:37] <servus> My X fudge worked, my Y fudge did nto.
[00:39:32] <sbx> what's an X fudge?
[00:39:33] <servus> Oh, durh.
[00:39:45] <servus> Fudging the X position of an object so it lines up with other things
[00:39:57] <servus> I'm applying these translations *after* the camera angle translations. Doh :-)
[00:50:09] <servus> Ah, perfect.
[00:51:55] <servus> Except for one trivial thing... When I paint a chunk, I'm painting it as the chunk directly below this... When I combat this my doing gwin->map->get_chunk(cx,cy-1), everthing is fine *except* that I don't draw the objects in the upper-most line of chunks... Most frustrating.
[00:53:00] <sbx> what's it look like now?
[00:53:05] <sbx> that same location
[00:53:34] <servus> Except that I stop drawing chunks too soon, perfect. I'll get a shot
[00:54:05] <servus> Getting a better camera angle first :-)
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[00:55:33] <sbx> that rainbow texture is how everything should look when you eat strange mushrooms, like u8
[00:56:02] <Krexx> hehe
[00:56:09] <servus> Pentagram3D? Hold your horses, buddy.
[00:56:16] <servus> What about Ultima Underworld? They beat you to it :-)
[00:56:33] <servus> I really need to make room for on-the-fly camera angle changes...
[00:56:41] <servus> I have to recompile to change the camera angle :P
[00:56:54] * Lord_Nightmare never played UU or UU2
[00:57:13] <sbx> yeah
[00:57:13] <sbx> u8 is basically 3d already.... colourless said 2.5d
[00:57:17] <servus> Poor you! Play it now!
[00:57:37] <sbx> i havn't either
[00:57:47] <sbx> sounds like UU2 would be better
[00:58:00] <servus> I like UU2 better, but both are ab-fab
[00:58:19] <servus> Can't get a good camera angle...
[00:58:39] <servus> Whoa, scary!
[00:59:02] <servus> Almost there...
[01:01:35] <servus> good enough camera angle for now.. Sorry for clouds in the scene :-)
[01:01:55] <servus> Hmm I should give you guys a severely tilted angle, guess that's what you want huh.
[01:02:50] --> Baastuul_ has joined #Exult
[01:03:18] <servus> Meow?
[01:03:45] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: that looks SWEET
[01:04:06] <servus> Great, wait til the textures come in :-p
[01:04:07] <Krexx> gonna take a look
[01:05:44] <sbx> impressive
[01:05:47] <servus> same scene from a much more radical angle.
[01:06:02] <servus> You can really see the clouds :-)
[01:06:07] <sbx> it's almost like playing HarvestMoon64 on an emulator
[01:06:15] <servus> Oh great *grin*
[01:06:16] <servus> Time to start on textures!
[01:06:44] <sbx> i would even like to just have a program that lets me fly around and view a flat britannia
[01:07:00] <Lord_Nightmare> how you gonna handle the trees? unreal-style? (a single texture done in 6 directions like a *)
[01:07:11] <servus> Dunno about the trees. They will have to be a hack :-(
[01:07:44] <servus> Actors should be doable easily, though, I hope.
[01:07:46] <Lord_Nightmare> er i dunno if thats unreal-style but it should work
[01:08:03] <servus> Clouds are so silly :-p
[01:08:28] <sbx> yeah npcs have multiple frames at least
[01:08:47] <servus> I can already handle multiple frames with some of the existing code...
[01:09:00] <servus> Doors work though *smirk*
[01:09:24] <sbx> why are there only 3x3 chunks?
[01:09:33] <servus> What do you mean?
[01:09:43] <sbx> theres a void in the picture
[01:09:43] <servus> Oh
[01:10:02] <servus> Yeah, I didn't make the modifications to the code that determines what chunks are visible. It thinks you're looking at it straight-down...
[01:10:13] <sbx> oh, wouldn't have guessed
[01:10:14] <sbx> oh
[01:10:16] <sbx> ok*
[01:10:17] <servus> Remember that the camera's rotation and translation is all just a big hack
[01:10:59] <sbx> i want to climb up to the wall
[01:11:02] <servus> Heh
[01:11:08] <servus> Wish I knew why the chunk coords were wrong...
[01:11:29] <servus> Sigh, gonna hack-fix it for now then.
[01:11:34] <Lord_Nightmare> well to determine visible chunks you need to draw a trapezoid with the four edges over the four extremes of the viewport, then render everything inside
[01:11:41] <Lord_Nightmare> but you knew that
[01:12:36] <servus> You mean frustum :-)
[01:14:23] <sbx> the viewing cone
[01:14:30] <servus> So Game_render::paint_chunk_flats is hosed.
[01:14:49] <servus> Not my fault.
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[01:21:18] <servus> Yay, got gumps, text, barks, and cursor working again
[01:21:56] <sbx> where do barks display?
[01:22:11] <servus> Where they are supposed to.
[01:22:15] --> Baastuul_ has joined #Exult
[01:22:29] <servus> To me, a bark is text that appears in the game world.
[01:23:13] <sbx> do they always face the screen?
[01:23:26] <sbx> or do they rotate
[01:23:40] <-- Baastuul has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[01:23:42] --- Baastuul_ is now known as Baastuul
[01:24:02] <sbx> do they scale?
[01:24:02] <sbx> forgot my rotate question that was stupid
[01:24:02] <sbx> forget*
[01:24:34] <sbx> alternative to scaling, you can just hide them when they are outside an arbitrary range
[01:24:42] <servus>
[01:24:51] <servus> Yes the barks are 3D objects.
[01:24:58] <servus> They do rotate though.
[01:25:14] <servus> I will need to put work in to *not* make them rotate
[01:27:57] <servus> The colourful cube just told me "Meow".
[01:28:47] <sbx> haha
[01:29:07] <sbx> i told you eating those funny mushrooms would do that to you
[01:29:25] <servus> I have to clean up all my nutty debug messages before I give anyone any code :-)
[01:29:36] <servus> "Err: Cat meowed, no catnip"
[01:30:05] <servus> Ok, gonna shut up and start working on texturing.
[01:30:26] <sbx> ...
[01:30:32] <sbx> :)
[01:30:34] * servus . o O ( Look, I've scared him off! )
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[02:16:21] <servus> I wanna see Castle British :-D
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[02:25:57] <sbx> Serpent's Hold
[02:25:57] <sbx> Make it so.
[02:28:36] <sbx> also make it so you can enter the kilrathi ship and fly around britannia
[02:33:24] <servus> Ooh ok
[02:33:32] <servus> How do I teleport when I can't see the teleport map gump? :-)
[02:33:58] <servus> Emp treehouse! Awesome!
[02:35:20] <servus> I don't take into account ceilings... I need to make it not draw above the proper lift.
[02:36:24] <sbx> but that would depend on yoru position
[02:36:39] <sbx> it probably just shouldnt draw any contiguous surfaces between the avatar and the camera
[02:36:48] <sbx> but I don't know how hard that is
[02:36:58] <servus> Well I bet it's in some global static class somewhere...
[02:37:10] <servus> What part did you do again, sbx? :-)
[02:37:48] <servus> Ah, got it.
[02:37:51] <sbx> nothing
[02:38:01] <sbx> moral support
[02:38:05] <servus> Game_window::get_instance()->get_main_actor->get_lift()+5
[02:38:20] <servus> Oh, I thought you knew the code I was babbling about :-p
[02:39:55] <sbx> not one bit
[02:39:55] <sbx> but someone will read the logs :)
[02:58:46] <-- Kabalx has left IRC ()
[03:00:07] <servus> Yay, got ceilings clobbered.
[03:01:02] <Lord_Nightmare> good. now get textures working :P
[03:01:23] <Lord_Nightmare> j/k
[03:01:56] <Lord_Nightmare> btw will ceiling clobbering work for multi-story buildings? like the blacksmiths house
[03:02:14] <Lord_Nightmare> and will it clobber the roof and the furniture on the upper floors too?
[03:05:13] <servus> You're looking a little pasty, my liege.
[03:05:29] <servus> Roofs seem to work correctly now.
[03:19:53] <Lord_Nightmare> cool
[03:20:07] <Lord_Nightmare> i cant wait until some of the other stuff is done :)
[03:20:28] <Lord_Nightmare> er more of the other stuff. not implying that what is done is nothing.
[03:24:42] <sbx> mplayer doesn't have dvd menus anymore??? :(
[03:25:39] --> claviola has joined #exult
[03:27:38] <servus> Try gmplayer
[03:28:22] <sbx> hmm
[03:28:44] <sbx> ./configure --with-gui
[03:28:48] <servus> Righto.
[03:28:58] <sbx> ./configure --enable-gui
[03:29:33] <servus> ./configure --help | grep -i gui :-)
[03:30:58] <sbx> yeah that's what I just did :)
[03:31:10] <sbx> before I had searched for dvd
[03:33:25] <servus> mplayer is not as user friendly as it could be.
[03:35:08] <sbx> there is a pkg for slackware, but I already have the source code
[03:35:41] <servus> I'm thinking of mencoder
[03:35:42] <servus> *Shivers*
[03:35:50] <sbx> its good
[03:35:58] <-- sbx has left #exult ("Leaving")
[03:36:06] --> sbx has joined #exult
[03:36:14] <sbx> ctrl-w exits channels now?
[03:36:22] <servus> It usually means close-current-document, .yes
[03:36:32] <sbx> it used to be delete previous word
[03:36:42] <servus> What are you using?
[03:36:47] <sbx> x-chat
[03:37:05] <servus> Yep, close current document, I use it too
[03:37:23] * sbx has been using /part.
[03:37:31] * servus has been using /close
[03:37:50] * sbx thinks /quit is better.
[03:38:07] <servus> That quits the program! /close is per channel
[03:39:38] <sbx> but i might want to join another channel with that tab
[03:40:11] <sbx> oh I can just join from another tab'
[03:40:23] <sbx> what don't you like about mencoder?
[03:40:29] <servus> I have everything in tabs
[03:43:22] <sbx> what don't you like about mencoder?
[03:44:02] <servus> The terrible documentation and the crazy command-line switches that have no defaults.
[03:45:20] --> Jammet has joined #exult
[03:45:31] * Jammet paw paw paws in.
[03:46:03] <sbx> gmplayer... you have to dl the default skin
[03:46:03] <sbx> hi Jammet
[03:46:16] <Lord_Nightmare> noooo, /quit is per server
[03:46:21] <servus> Hi Jammet, mreow :-)
[03:46:47] <servus> I haven't seen your whiskers around here for a long time
[03:47:20] <sbx> but I have a ton of gmplayer skins on my other comp
[03:47:27] <servus> scp them over
[03:47:44] <sbx> oh and I already copied them to this comp :)
[03:47:54] <servus> Install 'em.
[03:48:14] * Jammet mews and nuzzles servus softly.
[03:48:23] * servus yipes and grins, hi :-)
[03:48:30] --> claviola_ has joined #exult
[03:48:36] * Jammet poofs and looks quite a bit unhappy.
[03:48:41] <servus> Poofs?
[03:48:44] <Jammet> Nice to see you again .. mew.
[03:48:48] <sbx> working
[03:48:48] <sbx> !
[03:48:50] <-- claviola_ has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:48:59] <servus> Why unhappy?
[03:49:06] * sbx gives Jammet a CareBear(R).
[03:49:24] <sbx> did you finish SI?
[03:49:25] <servus> What about a 3D CareBear(TM)?
[03:49:46] <-- claviola has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[03:50:08] <sbx> servus: well you have to finish exult3d first...
[03:50:14] <servus> I'm working on it!
[03:50:22] <Jammet> =( I'm ...... well on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday .. in every night some dork rings my doorbell saying they forgot/lost their keys. In every single night, and today twice! Sunday 5 am! My god did people eat their brains for breakfast last friday?
[03:50:23] <servus> I already have 3D CareBears in it.
[03:50:30] <servus> They happen to be brightly coloured cubes, is all.
[03:50:42] <servus> Jammet, do you live in a brothel?
[03:50:49] * Jammet sniffles and can't get any sleep ever.
[03:51:00] <Jammet> It's a 42 apartment building.
[03:51:07] <servus> You're the doorman?
[03:51:11] <Jammet> It's a tree nonetheless, mew.
[03:51:14] <Jammet> No I'm nooooot!
[03:51:19] <sbx> servus: how do I start the dvd?
[03:51:19] <sbx> dvd:// just exits
[03:51:21] <servus> Then don't answer the door :-)
[03:51:21] <Jammet> I just live there.
[03:51:29] <Jammet> They won't stop ringing!
[03:52:02] <servus> sbx, I'd start up a GUI mplayer, then I think it's right click the viewport, go to DVD -> open disc
[03:52:03] <Jammet> Next time somebody does that, I'm gonna throw down a piece of paper with a note attached to something heavy, "Good night to you too!"
[03:52:05] <servus> Poor Jammet
[03:52:13] <sbx> ouch lag
[03:52:31] <sbx> k...
[03:52:42] * Jammet cubcuddles up to servus softly and calms down.
[03:52:50] <Jammet> Sorry, it's.. just bad.
[03:53:15] <sbx> Jammet: they have the wrong door?
[03:53:15] <sbx> oh
[03:53:15] <sbx> wait
[03:53:15] <sbx> must be drug buyers
[03:53:16] <sbx> yeah
[03:53:18] <sbx> :)
[03:53:23] <sbx> Jammet: did you finish SI?
[03:53:29] <Jammet> sbx: Still on it ...
[03:53:30] <servus> Works like a charm, sbx
[03:53:40] <servus> Jammet, do you speak mew in real life? :-)
[03:53:47] <Jammet> It's one of those games that is too big for it's own good, but I like that.
[03:54:10] <Jammet> =^_^= yeah I mew, and just now I really hissed, I bet the guy down there could feel how I feel.
[03:54:32] * servus smiles
[03:54:35] <sbx> servus: it plays the first title which is 10 seconds of nothing then exits
[03:54:38] <servus> Neat
[03:54:49] <servus> Mine works, loads up all the vobs, lets me choose titles, etc
[03:54:50] <sbx> Jammet: hehe i agree but I don't think it can be too big :)
[03:54:58] <Jammet> Do me favor, somebody videotape an Ultima 7 speed run sometime.
[03:55:01] <servus> I still haven't beaten SI "properly"
[03:55:06] <sbx> SI anyway
[03:55:06] <sbx> I wish Bg was bigger
[03:55:20] <sbx> i dont know what title is what
[03:55:20] <sbx> i want the menu
[03:55:20] <servus> I've beaten it plenty, but I ALWAYS had Dupre at the end =-/
[03:55:34] <servus> I've beaten BG plenty, and I've NEVER spoken to, or even seen, the Time Lord =-/
[03:55:41] <Jammet> Well you kinda .. wrote it. No wonder you play it all through like that.
[03:56:17] <sbx> im also getting no sound
[03:56:24] <servus> Nah! I mean I haven't been able to figure out how to do it 'properly' =-/
[03:56:38] <sbx> servus wrote BG?!?
[03:56:49] <servus> For DVDs, use Xine, sbx
[03:56:54] <servus> I did? I want back-royalties!
[03:56:58] <Jammet> You want a bigger BG why not start a special section and with a exult team supported mod made with the studio that aims to combine both games, the Fat Ultima 7 game, not just half of it. =)
[03:57:26] <Lord_Nightmare> what about adding lipsync support to the BG intro?
[03:57:33] <Lord_Nightmare> and fixing the zoom effect
[03:57:56] <servus> I can get to all the chapters and titles, sbx, but I can't figure out how to get to the main DVD menu in MPlayer. Xine is better for DVDs. MPlayer is better for everything else.
[03:58:12] <Jammet> Not enough vision behind that idea to be cool all by itself =^_^=. Add new voices and have the Guardian talk to himself, doubting his sanity.
[03:58:13] <servus> How about we recreate the SI intro with the new engine? *grin*
[03:58:38] <servus> Let's replace the guardian with Jammet :-)
[03:58:45] <sbx> MPlayer doesn't have dvd menu anymore. It used to have libdvdnav but they disable that for some reason.
[03:58:54] * Jammet turns into the Lion from the old movies that roars twice
[03:58:59] <Jammet> Meeeoooow! Meeooow!
[03:59:31] * servus smirsk
[03:59:33] <Jammet> =^_^= We kitties rule the planet! Rrrar!
[03:59:34] * servus smirks
[03:59:38] <servus> Jammet, MGM?
[03:59:46] <servus> Jammet ars gratis artis?
[03:59:48] <Jammet> servus: Probably, forgot the name =).
[03:59:56] <sbx> but I got sound to work... for some reason the Xine that came with slack10 is screwed up
[03:59:56] <sbx> Ill get a newer pkg
[03:59:58] <servus> Jammet will paw up my leg
[04:00:08] <servus> What package system does Slackware use?
[04:00:17] <Jammet> servus: tar.gz
[04:00:18] <servus> I never did anything but compile my own on Slackware, *ever*
[04:00:24] <servus> That's not a package, that's source *grin*
[04:00:33] <Jammet> servus: Hey, it's the truth. =)
[04:00:40] <servus> I used Slack from 5 to 9
[04:00:50] * servus tar.gz's Jammet all up into a tiny ball
[04:00:58] <Jammet> There is a portage port to slackware I thing.
[04:01:07] * Jammet already is a tiny ball when he.. tried to sleep.
[04:01:09] * Jammet mewls.
[04:01:26] <Jammet> I need my lot of kitty sleep all the day and night to get all strong like those lions.
[04:01:28] <servus> Just try to sleep?
[04:01:47] <servus> You don't curl into a ball and roll down mountainsides?
[04:01:50] <Jammet> I'll do that in a bit.
[04:02:01] <Jammet> I sleep on trees you know =^_^=.
[04:02:05] <sbx> it uses tgz's but it has an install script and description inside
[04:02:05] <sbx> and copies info to the logs
[04:02:14] <servus> Your tree apartment has lots of spare keys?
[04:02:33] <Jammet> servus: It's got lots of branches and I never am mean to the birdies either... mew.
[04:02:43] <servus> You should eat the birdies.
[04:02:48] <servus> Make them 3D.
[04:02:51] <Jammet> No way.
[04:02:53] <servus> Then eat them again!
[04:03:01] <servus> Chomp chomp chomp.
[04:03:15] <sbx> we need a screenshot of treehouses in exult3d
[04:03:19] * Jammet grooms himself looking somewhat helpless.
[04:03:27] <Jammet> Exult 3d?
[04:03:33] <servus> Sure, why not?
[04:03:39] <servus> OK lemme get a treehouse screenshot
[04:03:43] <Jammet> You're doing something like that?
[04:04:21] <sbx> libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 1-rc4a from http://xine.sf.net
[04:04:40] <servus> Forgot where the treehouses were :-9
[04:04:41] <sbx> libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.
[04:04:41] <sbx> guess I need to get a new pkg after all
[04:04:43] <servus> Still looking!
[04:05:12] <sbx> do any xine pkg's have encrypted dvd support or is that something you have to build yourself?
[04:05:51] <Jammet> Like, you make lots of tiles in 3D and use the 2D date fo\
[04:05:58] <servus> Hmm, got any treehouse coords?
[04:06:02] <Jammet> I need to get some sleep... I have a really serious problem here.
[04:06:24] <servus> @ Jammet
[04:06:38] <servus> for a super-3D version.
[04:06:41] <Lord_Nightmare>
[04:06:44] <servus> Since you don't wanna wait around for a treehouse :-(
[04:06:50] <Jammet> someth9ng's happening to me..
[04:06:57] <Jammet> this is no joke, my eye sight suddenly...
[04:07:02] <servus> Mew?
[04:07:06] <servus> Are you OK?
[04:07:09] <Jammet> =~( What the helpp is th
[04:07:13] <Jammet> No I'm not!
[04:07:28] <Lord_Nightmare> what happened?
[04:07:33] <Jammet> My left eye suddenly doesn't behave correctly...or my right
[04:07:41] <Jammet> I get two wrong perspectives I see everything tice
[04:08:01] <Jammet> I can only properly see with just 1 open eye.
[04:08:08] <servus> Maybe you're very tired.
[04:08:13] <servus> Try blinking a lot
[04:08:23] <sbx> road hypnosis
[04:08:29] <Jammet> I rubbed it nothing helps =
[04:08:37] <Jammet> Yes I am very tired but this must not happen ever
[04:08:39] <Jammet> Shit
[04:09:12] <sbx> yet it is
[04:09:44] <Lord_Nightmare> maybe its tunnel vision
[04:09:51] <Jammet> What is tunnel vision?
[04:09:57] <Jammet> Look this is not ...
[04:10:01] <Lord_Nightmare> or the brain being unable to 'merge' the two eye images together
[04:10:06] <Jammet> I mean I can't LIVE like that, this has to stop
[04:10:23] <Lord_Nightmare> i've heard someone had that for a few weeks after a nasty car accident
[04:10:29] <Jammet> CAn that come when you are exhausted?
[04:10:34] <Lord_Nightmare> Jammet: maybe
[04:10:40] <Jammet> =~( I'm scared ..
[04:10:41] <Lord_Nightmare> sounds quite possible
[04:11:00] <Lord_Nightmare> is your balance ok?
[04:11:16] <Jammet> This is like my right eyeball has moved out from it's socket and was put back in wrong.
[04:11:28] <Jammet> If I squeeze it and look forward I can correct the vision.
[04:11:32] <Lord_Nightmare> are you dizzy at all?
[04:11:34] <Jammet> But I can't do that fore more than mere seconds.
[04:11:35] <Jammet> No.
[04:12:07] <servus> My eyeball went nutsy for a while once
[04:12:11] <servus> Cleared up in a while.
[04:12:12] <Lord_Nightmare> try rotating your head to the left and right
[04:12:20] <Lord_Nightmare> i mean, roll-wise
[04:12:22] <Lord_Nightmare> not yaw
[04:12:28] <servus> Try crossing your eyes on purpose.
[04:12:35] <servus> Then relaxing.
[04:13:33] <Jammet> Okay if I look very hard to the right ...
[04:13:33] <Jammet> I see okay.
[04:13:39] <Jammet> But straight forward and left is not.
[04:13:55] <sbx> an ear infection can cause nausia and your vision to spin
[04:14:01] <Jammet> Like looking over my right shoulder is perfect.
[04:14:24] <Jammet> I'm sdcared that when I wake up... this will still be like thos.
[04:14:46] <Lord_Nightmare> Jammet: go to sleep. if its still that way when you wake up, call your doctor. you probably should call your doctor anyway
[04:14:54] <sbx> i get all kinds of ailments when Im missing sleep
[04:15:18] <Jammet> sbx: I've never had anything like this in my life..
[04:15:50] <sbx> Always a first time for everything.
[04:15:55] <Jammet> Okay.
[04:15:58] <Lord_Nightmare> i never saw black sparks fly by ever before in my life, when i saw it the first time it scared the hell out of me
[04:16:30] <servus> I had an eye infection recently.
[04:16:36] <servus> Couldn't even open my eye.
[04:16:38] <servus> Couldn't see when I did.
[04:16:50] <servus> Got antibiotics and it cleared up, though I might not have even needed them.
[04:17:59] <sbx> and he melted his foot with acid
[04:19:07] <servus> I told you about that?
[04:19:11] <servus> I've done a lot of neat things.
[04:20:41] <sbx> and you made a 3d exult
[04:20:56] <servus> Twice!
[04:21:02] <sbx> i was there!
[04:21:02] <servus> Working on textures right now
[04:21:08] <servus> Not the first time :-p
[04:28:17] --> Kabalx has joined #exult
[04:29:25] <sbx> hi Kabalx
[04:31:42] <Kabalx> hello sbx
[04:32:23] <servus> Heh, texturing works. It's... scary.
[04:32:51] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: unfortunately the tree texture is already modified so it will look right in the standard perspective, so it may require some stretching to look right in real 3d
[04:32:59] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: i wanna see!
[04:33:09] <Jammet> Good night I'll try sleeping
[04:33:10] <servus> Lord_Nightmare, yeah, the trees will probably be a hack.
[04:33:14] <servus> Good night Jammet
[04:33:31] <servus> Lord_Nightmare, now now now I gave 7 screenshots already. Wait until I have some real progress :-)
[04:33:32] <Lord_Nightmare> Goodnight jammet, hope you feel better
[04:33:46] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: like animation?
[04:34:04] * Lord_Nightmare wonders if mt32 sound effects got fixed in the latest midi rewrite
[04:34:30] <sbx> bye Jammet
[04:34:37] <Kabalx> ne1 knows how Ultima IX Ascension ends?
[04:34:42] <sbx> servus: you gave screenshots before texturing...
[04:34:59] <Kabalx> since I don't want to play it anymore, spoilers are welcome :)
[04:35:06] <Lord_Nightmare> Kabalx: everybody dies. i think.
[04:35:11] <Kabalx> Lord_Nightmare: lol
[04:35:13] <Lord_Nightmare> the world goes kaboom
[04:35:22] <Kabalx> no shit
[04:35:37] <Kabalx> and the avatar?
[04:35:42] <Kabalx> going up to the sky?
[04:36:06] <Lord_Nightmare> something like that
[04:36:20] <Lord_Nightmare> but he drags the... um... big red evil guy with him
[04:36:26] <Lord_Nightmare> iirc
[04:36:38] <Kabalx> sounds like "to be continued" ?
[04:36:43] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah
[04:36:50] <Lord_Nightmare> then origin went kaboom
[04:36:56] <Kabalx> lol
[04:36:59] <servus> sbx, texturing is really not working properly yet, you'll just have to trust me on that *grin*
[04:37:20] <sbx> k
[04:37:34] <sbx> I might not need to get a new Xine if I can get libdvdcss installed (should ahve read the docs)
[04:37:41] <Lord_Nightmare> and now we have ultima X: the mmorpg so EA can milk some money out of the franchise in the works
[04:37:49] <sbx> I might not need to dl libdvdcss if I can build the MPlayer one as a shared lib. :)
[04:37:52] <Kabalx> sucks :(
[04:37:56] <Lord_Nightmare> is it EA or infogrames/atari btw?
[04:38:05] <Kabalx> EA
[04:38:09] <sbx> i thought ux was cancelled
[04:38:20] <Lord_Nightmare> maybe it was! :)
[04:38:25] <sbx> one of them was
[04:38:38] <Lord_Nightmare> the only person who can do ultima right is lord british
[04:38:47] <Kabalx> yup
[04:39:09] <Kabalx> too bad he doesn't own the rights anymore
[04:39:09] <Lord_Nightmare> the one that was cancelled was ultima online 2
[04:39:18] <Kabalx> yeah
[04:39:24] <Kabalx> who needs another mmorpg
[04:39:24] <Lord_Nightmare> that one went pretty far into development before it got ditched
[04:39:24] <sbx> warren spector?
[04:39:42] <Lord_Nightmare> supposedly ultima X will use some stuff from UO2
[04:39:59] <Kabalx> my fav ultima game is underworld btw (and U7 of course)
[04:40:10] * Lord_Nightmare has never played underworld
[04:40:16] <servus> Great, more cyberpunk garbage.
[04:40:19] <servus> Play it, Lord_Nightmare, nooooooooooow
[04:40:20] <sbx> the Spawn artwork
[04:40:20] <sbx> ?
[04:40:25] <Kabalx> I pray every day for ultima underworld 3 :)
[04:40:41] <Kabalx> Lord_Nightmare: if you enjoy U7 you'll love underworld
[04:40:51] <servus> Kabalx, did you play Arx Fatalis?
[04:40:55] <servus> Not as good, but pretty good
[04:40:58] <Kabalx> great gameplay, great plot, and so on
[04:41:04] <Kabalx> servus: yeah i played it
[04:41:11] <Lord_Nightmare> lord british should buy back the publishing rights to the older games since ea doesnt seem to want to touch them
[04:41:16] <Kabalx> not bad but far away from an underworld
[04:41:40] <Kabalx> lacks of a good plot, deep dialogues, smooth gameplay
[04:42:10] <Kabalx> NPC's are not realistic enough in Arx imho
[04:43:12] <Kabalx> if you kill one of them, all his friends are aware of it even if you were alone with him
[04:46:41] <servus> Hmm, I've got stupid transparency problems.
[04:46:44] <servus> Transparency works some places... not others.
[04:46:53] <sbx> no I have to dl the libdvdcss package
[04:47:35] <sbx> what's transparent?
[04:47:35] <sbx> windows?
[04:48:41] <servus> Well items that are not perfectly square have transparent borders :-)
[04:48:56] <servus> Transparent, not translucent, which is an entirely different beast :-)
[04:49:07] <servus> OK, now to figure out texture coordinates...
[04:49:10] <servus> this will not be fun.
[04:49:32] <servus> Well, hmm.
[04:49:39] <servus> Thinking out loud, hope you and Exultbot don't mind...
[04:51:11] <servus> Every shape-frame is aligned to the top-left of the image, right? So, the top facet's top-left coordinates are (0,0). Then, everything has a fixed isometric perspective... For each width, the coordinates will always go right 8 pixels... so I have the top facet's texture coords all worked out... Then I go straight down 8 pixels for every lift... and dupe the coordinates I just got, for the side and bottom coordinates...
[04:51:16] <servus> OK. I'll be back.
[04:52:41] <sbx> is there no way to always use the correct languageaudiostream in an ogg?
[04:53:04] <sbx> ogm
[04:54:41] <sbx> Some have japanese in stream 1 (mplayer -aid 0) and some have japanese in stream 2 (mplayer -aid 1), and mplayer -alang is only for DVD.
[04:57:26] <sbx> Yeah! libdvdcss was only 43k and now my dvd plays perfectly with xine.
[04:57:36] <sbx> libdvdnav: DVD Title: COWBOY_BEBOP_V6
[05:08:53] <servus> Hmm, a problem.
[05:09:08] <servus> Seems like certain textures have top-left origins that start at different locations.
[05:09:25] <servus> For instance, roof tiles have a top-left at the middle of the image!
[05:12:17] <servus> Tech support!
[05:16:59] <servus> Hmmm!
[05:17:07] <servus> Transparency works on PREVIOUS quads. Weird.
[05:17:25] <servus> for your viewing pleasure.
[05:22:34] <servus> I hunted wolverines in Alaska, GOD!
[05:22:56] <Baastuul> That's pretty cool, servus.
[05:23:20] <servus> Thanks, getting better :-)
[05:24:09] <servus> I segfault when I try to hackmove the avatar :-)
[05:24:09] <Baastuul> How long have you been working on this?
[05:24:20] <Baastuul> I do not know the meaning of "segfault." :(
[05:24:53] <servus> Baastuul, today, really. I spent the previous few days learning the code. Segfault just means "crash very badly" ;-)
[05:25:23] <servus> I'm going to go get something to eat, GOD!
[05:25:28] <servus> (Bye, be back soon :-)
[05:26:16] <Baastuul> Leightahr!
[05:31:23] <sbx> Oh my GOD!
[05:32:12] <sbx> gnight
[05:32:31] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
[05:38:13] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: the well is gonna need a hack too
[05:38:22] <Lord_Nightmare> a BIG hack
[05:38:40] <Lord_Nightmare> since the texture simply won't do whatsoever for a well
[05:39:18] <Lord_Nightmare> the well will need a replacement model pretty much
[05:49:43] <servus> The well will be fine, I think
[05:50:11] <servus> I wonder what sbx|afk GODDED at?
[06:25:35] --> Baastuul_ has joined #Exult
[06:26:30] <-- Baastuul has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[06:26:31] --- Baastuul_ is now known as Baastuul
[06:54:12] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[06:54:22] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[07:01:46] <Colourless> servus, i'm impressed
[07:01:54] <Colourless> you seem to have it working quite well
[07:02:10] <servus> Thanks :-)
[07:02:21] <servus> I still have much to work out.
[07:02:41] <servus> Did you look at all the shots, or just some?
[07:02:55] <Colourless> all
[07:03:02] <servus> OK :-)
[07:03:44] <servus> I still have some stuff to work out, but I think I've got most figured out... I do want to ask about the shape frames though... Some have different "top-lefts" in their image...
[07:04:19] <servus> Most frames have the object start at (0,0), but some, such as roof tiles, have the image started way down-right.
[07:04:33] <Colourless> with pentagram my thoughts on doing that same sorts of thing (considering you are finding that some objects really don't fit their bounding boxes), was to manually create correct models/bounding boxes for each shape. obviously a very time consuming task
[07:05:20] <servus> Right, but all, or at least much of, of the world geometry should work on its own.
[07:05:27] <Colourless> yeah
[07:06:05] <servus> Any ideas on my frame image origin issue?
[07:06:15] <Colourless> also adds in the ability to piece by piece exchange shapes plasted onto bounding boxes with actual 3d models.
[07:06:17] <servus> I actually haven't looked into yet, bet I'd figure it out on my own, but who knows :-)
[07:06:20] <Colourless> na sorry
[07:06:30] <servus> Right, like in UWAdv
[07:06:57] <Colourless> but of course i can't say i ever got that far
[07:08:33] <servus> OK, guess it's one of those things that "just works" in 2D.
[07:08:45] <servus> Well, hope to have a demo I can distribute soon :-)
[07:37:04] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah so far what you have kicks ass
[07:53:22] <servus> Thanks, lots of problems cropping up though =-/
[10:07:17] <Jammet> I'm back ...
[10:07:24] <Jammet> I feel better ... much better.
[10:07:47] * Jammet meows and happily purrs at everyone.
[10:08:23] <Jammet> But however, I need to check somehow if this was somethign serious. Need to see a doctor about that. Can't have that happen to me again, I'm still much too little for problems like this.
[10:15:49] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:21:07] <servus> Darn, I broke animation.
[10:21:18] <servus> Too little?
[10:21:23] <servus> Hi again, by the way, Jammet :-)
[10:21:36] * Jammet purrpurrs softly.
[10:21:46] <servus> Fixed transparency, broke animation, meh.
[10:21:48] * servus meows
[10:21:50] <Jammet> Well that stuff .. I thought that would be a problem for elderly people.
[10:22:13] <Jammet> Anyway ... it's gone. I strongly hope it was an exhaustion/sleep/nervousity problem and nothing serious.
[10:22:26] <Jammet> And I also hope it's never coming back. It scared me.... shocked me.
[10:22:36] * Jammet fluffs.
[10:23:25] <servus> Fluff :-p
[10:23:31] <Jammet> servus: Nice to see you =). How's uwadv going? A few days I got a response from the system shock hack project guy. TTSH oder what it's called. It's not seen any chances since a year so you can safely assume it's dead.
[10:24:05] <servus> I didn't do much on uwadv, just a little modelling, never really got much into the code. I haven't heard of any progress on it for months and months.
[10:24:47] <Jammet> I was wondering if the field of vision in uwadv is going to be like that in the DOS UW. Somewhere in the past I saw a comparision where somebody put up screenshots and in uwadv, everything was more close up, like, less fov.
[10:24:57] <servus> That was my comparison.
[10:25:05] <Jammet> Ah, right.
[10:25:20] <servus> I don't think I'm actually 'on' anyone's team, so you'll have to ask the appropriate people :-)
[10:25:32] <servus> So, grr, broken animation!
[10:26:14] <Jammet> vividos doesn't seem to be around anymore.
[10:26:41] <servus> Nor coren
[10:26:57] <Jammet> By the way, what's this 3D, 2D talk from a few hours ago? Are you writing some sort of Exult 3D Engine?
[10:27:16] --> Baastuul_ has joined #Exult
[10:27:43] <servus> Yep.
[10:28:01] <servus>
[10:28:02] <Jammet> servus: You're making 3D Tileset equivalents for the 2D objects?
[10:28:16] <servus> Same scene:
[10:28:30] <servus> No, Jammet, just using Ulitma 7 data files for now...
[10:28:41] <Jammet> That is a really cool idea!
[10:28:46] <Jammet> Amazing!
[10:28:53] <servus> It's working out OK so far.
[10:29:09] <servus> Hmm
[10:29:16] <Jammet> I had no idea this was possible, but this looks perfectly possible even with just using the graphics in U7 itself.
[10:29:29] <servus> I have a binary with both working transparency and animation, but I dunno how I got it. Doing a make clean && make right now to see what's going on :-)
[10:30:01] <Jammet> Can I try that out too? I'm too catty curious! =^_^=
[10:30:20] <servus> Heh, once I have things a little more smoothed out :-)
[10:30:24] <servus> It's barely playable right now.
[10:30:37] <Jammet> Right ... =).
[10:30:56] <servus> Main things to implement still are (in order of priority), texturing, proper object picking, and camera rotation/panning
[10:31:07] <servus> Well come around more often :-)
[10:31:09] <Jammet> That's one beautiful surprise ... it could get many people who didn't like the old look into playing that game once again.
[10:31:27] <servus> People playing it just for the 3D will be disappointed.
[10:31:32] <servus> It'll be 1996-style 3D :-)
[10:31:49] <servus> Ugh, full recompiles take forever.
[10:31:52] <Jammet> =^_^= I'll try, mew. Play with me then =^_^=, pouncing and chasing and wrastling and stuff.
[10:32:04] * servus grins
[10:32:08] <servus> Play with you?
[10:32:11] * servus raises an eyebrow
[10:32:12] <Jammet> 1996 3D .. even so, it is one cool idea.
[10:32:52] <servus> Having some big texturing problems right now :-)
[10:32:58] <Jammet> You could probably really create data files for replacement graphics with more ways to add detail, like 3D models with textures that have more polys, even cave walls that aren't 1 square only.
[10:33:09] <servus> Yepyep
[10:33:20] <Jammet> What I mean is, it could look somewhat similar to U9 if that was done.
[10:33:21] <servus> If there's enough response for it, sure.
[10:33:41] <Jammet> =^_^= Sure, play with me.
[10:33:50] <servus> I'm going to have to lock the camera a little bit, I think, because some things will look like crud without replacement models (trees, NPCs)
[10:33:56] <servus> OK, where do you want to play?
[10:34:02] * Jammet playpounces servus and pretends to be chewing way too hard, ferocious kitties have to do that sort of thing.
[10:34:21] <servus> Eek, compile error
[10:34:30] <servus> Ow ow ow! My toesies!
[10:34:38] <Jammet> Eep *hops away* Sorry. =)
[10:34:48] * servus attaches a bird to a fishing pole and casts out
[10:35:00] * servus makes chirping sounds
[10:35:03] * Jammet laughs! A dog would fall for that =).
[10:35:11] * Jammet stalks the sounds instead of the birdie.
[10:35:13] <servus> Well, MY cat enjoys it.
[10:35:17] <servus> Eep!
[10:35:19] <servus> My toesies!
[10:35:37] <Jammet> Sure thing, felidae domesticus, but I'm a wild untamed ferocious hunter.. that's cornered the prey. Rar!
[10:35:42] <Jammet> =^_^= Okay oaky okay.
[10:36:00] <Jammet> I'll let you do whatever you're doing there, but I'm pouncing from time to time =).
[10:36:42] <Jammet> Do you have more screenies that I could look at?
[10:36:53] <servus> Okay :-)
[10:37:00] <servus>
[10:37:36] <Jammet> Ah, figured.
[10:37:59] <-- Kabalx has left IRC ()
[10:38:12] <Jammet> What's this Abyss ...?
[10:38:40] <servus> One of my engines.
[10:38:54] <servus> It now looks more like
[10:40:37] <Jammet> Are you making those engines for a special purpose or for the fun? =)
[10:41:03] <servus> Fun.
[10:41:21] <servus> Gotta put a physics engine in it and then it'll be able to make a real game :-0
[10:41:23] <servus> :-)
[10:42:06] <Jammet> =^_^= There are people crazy enough to make a Quake style engine for the Gameboy Advance for fun so I guess this is bliss too =).
[10:42:59] <Jammet> When you need textures for Exult 3D, I'll be lotsa happy to make some. I'm good at that.
[10:43:03] <servus> Well I have a powerful computer :-)
[10:43:18] <servus> I made all the textures you see in the Bonk, Madness, and Abyss screenshots. :-)
[10:43:32] <servus> I'm trying to make this work without any extra content at all
[10:43:36] <Jammet> They look good =).
[10:43:42] <Jammet> Exult you mean. Okay.
[10:43:43] <servus> Thanks :-)
[10:43:46] <servus> Righto
[10:43:49] <servus> Can I see what you've done?
[10:44:31] <Jammet> If you ever consider that having a second set of graphics, hires or even for more complex structures, is a good idea, I'll still be happy to help out.
[10:44:59] <Jammet> There isn't much I could offer you to look at =^_^= most stuff is colorizing paintings. But there still the graphics adventure I'm doing graphics for.
[10:45:11] <servus> I wanna see
[10:45:22] <Jammet> ftp://jammet.dyndns.org/Jammet/fjord7.gif
[10:45:26] <servus> I made some paperdoll art for Black Gate-Exult
[10:45:36] <Jammet> Things like that. Images in low res, made with gimp and Deluxe Paint II.
[10:45:46] <servus> From scratch?
[10:45:50] <Jammet> Yeah.
[10:45:53] <servus> Nice:-)
[10:46:01] <servus> I like it
[10:46:03] <Jammet> Well, I took the scene from a real fjord, but I did it
[10:46:30] <Jammet> Thanks ...it's not an object however, I might have problems doing characters, but I am perfectly happy to give it a try.
[10:46:45] <Jammet> I need to improve and this would be a nice place to help out.
[10:47:37] <servus> Do any 3D modelling?
[10:48:04] <Jammet> No experience... but I love doing graphics, well, ... it'd be a first in texturing.
[10:51:27] <-- Baastuul has left IRC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10:53:50] <Jammet> Soo anyway, great work =).
[10:54:00] <servus> Thankmeow very much :-)
[10:54:10] <servus> I'm just working on everybody else's code though :-)
[10:55:10] <Jammet> Everybody else... cool. =)
[10:55:26] <Jammet> Wonder how the Pentagram thingy is coming along.
[10:57:04] <Jammet> I'm gonna go claw up some seeerious happy toast with my friends now. =) Later.
[11:11:14] <servus> Jammet would like my debug messages.
[11:11:22] <servus> puts("Meowing with chunk in paw");
[11:18:01] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[11:18:01] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[11:19:06] <servus> Wee, segfault!
[11:24:52] * Jammet let's servus in on some leopard kitty insider info hush-hush: Toast with chicken ontop tastest great and you should try it!
[11:25:11] <Jammet> Get all while you can, mew grab.. =)
[11:25:17] <Jammet> Hej Colourless =)
[11:25:30] * servus grins
[11:25:39] <servus> Jammet is making me weirder than I already am.
[11:25:59] * servus fixes rendering order problems b-(
[11:27:27] * Jammet blinks confused and paws softly into a corner so his "weirdness" won't infect servus anymore?
[11:27:37] <Jammet> Sorry..
[11:28:01] <servus> Noo! I like how you are :-)
[11:29:42] * Jammet fluffs thankfully. =)
[11:36:19] <Jammet> I wonder how the objects will be handled.
[11:36:25] <Jammet> I mean especially the columns.
[11:36:37] <servus> Columns look great. Things like horses have no heads though
[11:36:37] <Jammet> In the 3D engine ... for now they're all squares.
[11:36:46] * Jammet rolls about giggling!
[11:36:49] <servus> Nah, everything has width, depth, and height.
[11:36:59] <Jammet> No heads. .. cool, you can't ever mount'em the wrong way now, like in the old movies.
[11:37:17] <servus> Hrm?
[11:37:37] <Jammet> =^_^= Just imagine that, the avatar facing the wrong way.
[11:38:54] <Jammet> And stacking things, will that work the same way?
[11:39:05] <Jammet> Like boxes .. or even books..
[11:40:27] <servus> Everything works the same way.
[11:40:32] <servus> It just renders differently.
[11:43:24] <Jammet> Cool ...
[11:43:31] * Jammet bounces.
[11:43:45] <Jammet> Did you plan on doing that all the time or was that a fresh idea?
[11:43:57] <Jammet> Somehow it's ... =) really obvious but I never thought of that.
[11:44:12] <servus> Planned on doing it for a while, I did it several years ago, I'm redoing it now.
[11:44:32] <Jammet> Is anybody else helping with it or is that all independant?
[11:45:24] <servus> It's really not that big of a project, so I'm doing the 3D part on my own. There was already something of an OpenGL framework, but I haven't been able to use much of it :-(
[11:47:36] <Jammet> Hope that when it's good enough for you, it'll be a part of the exult engine, so you could use it if you chose to.
[11:49:06] <servus> It's a menu option
[11:49:16] --> Cless|Emmi|NovaR has joined #Exult
[11:49:17] <Jammet> Great =)
[11:49:23] <Jammet> Hej Clessie =)
[11:49:38] <Jammet> (Sorry in advance) =)
[11:50:25] <Jammet> Do you know a game called Homeworld?
[11:50:37] <Jammet> I got that. Just the other day. I think I could try it out.
[11:51:19] <Jammet> Something about mighty spaceships battling it out with each other, scary biiig duels and armadas and fleets .. it could be good.
[11:53:17] * Jammet mews shyly into the silence.
[11:55:38] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[11:55:38] --- Cless|Emmi|NovaR is now known as Colourless
[11:55:39] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[11:56:40] <Jammet> Enjoy the siiiilence. ...
[11:57:01] <Colourless> quiet!
[11:57:12] <Colourless> hehe
[11:57:38] <Colourless> i guess i "shouldn't" do that
[11:57:47] <servus> Silence!
[11:58:42] <Jammet> It's quite, it's oh-so quiet ..shhh shhh ... BE QUIET! YOU BLOW A FUSE! DIING DONG! HELL breaks LOSE, DIING DONG .. so what's the USE ..YAAAAAA!
[11:58:58] <Colourless> hehe
[11:59:02] <servus> Oh oh.
[11:59:12] <Jammet> =^_^= Love that song.
[11:59:17] <Jammet> Later =)
[11:59:19] <-- Jammet has left IRC ("Leopard[Cub]")
[12:00:20] <servus> Once again, I break my renderer.
[12:00:33] <servus> I'm only rendering fixed objects now! Mreehhh
[12:00:39] <Colourless> haha
[12:03:04] <servus> Oh I bet I remind you of the frustrations you've already put behind yourself!
[12:25:12] --> Krexx has joined #exult
[12:25:15] <Krexx> hi
[12:48:49] <servus> Well, got animation working and transparency working, still fighting with textures... It's nearly 6 am, night.
[12:54:04] --> Cless|Emmi|NovaR has joined #Exult
[12:54:10] <Lord_Nightmare> screenshots!
[12:55:18] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[12:55:19] --- Cless|Emmi|NovaR is now known as Colourless
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[13:05:27] <servus> It still looks like this http://www.sammatthews.com/images/screenshots/Exult3D-08.jpg , now lemme sleep :-p
[13:05:58] --> Cless|Emmi|NovaR has joined #Exult
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[13:39:40] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[13:48:15] --> Baastuul has joined #Exult
[13:51:38] <sbx> "Happy toast?" That must explain Jammet's vision problems!
[13:52:14] <sbx> bbl
[13:52:15] <-- sbx has left IRC ("casts gate travel")
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[14:09:28] --> Darke has joined #exult
[14:33:03] --> Fl00der has joined #exult
[14:33:18] <Fl00der> hi
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[15:19:03] --> Sheng_Gradilla has joined #exult
[15:19:37] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[15:19:58] <wjp> hi
[15:21:47] <Sheng_Gradilla> hello :)
[15:25:19] <Fl00der> hi
[15:46:25] --> Baastuul_ has joined #Exult
[15:50:52] <Fl00der> hi baastuul
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[16:51:30] <Sheng_Gradilla> heh, someone is either wandering off the plot too much, or not paying attention to the game :P
[16:53:27] --- Baastuul_ is now known as Baastuul
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[17:16:27] --> Baastuul has joined #Exult
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[17:45:15] --> sbx has joined #exult
[17:45:33] <sbx> HELO SBX
[17:47:03] <wjp> 250 wjp
[17:47:59] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("42")
[17:50:58] <sbx> did you see servus' screenshots?
[17:51:13] <sbx> i'm going to patrol the walls of trinsic
[17:59:34] --> Esbee-Eks has joined #exult
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[19:19:55] <Krexx> hi
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