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[03:25:42] <UntJon> My VS2008 build runs under the IDE. Odd that if I double-click the exe in Explorer I get nothing. But it looks like I almost have everything figured out. Any clues on why launching the exe doesn't do anything? The IDE is running out of the same directory, so all files are in place.
[03:38:35] <UntJon> 1.4 is a nice improvement over 1.2. Or maybe I had 1.2 configured wrong. But 1.4 is running nicely (from the VS IDE)
[03:41:47] <Marzo> Is there any message? Maybe on stdout/stderr?
[03:42:45] <UntJon> no stdout/stderr, was launched by double-clicking in Explorer. I'll try launching from the command-line.
[03:43:53] <Marzo> Exult should generate an stdout.txt and an stderr.txt when run
[03:44:15] <Marzo> (this is actually due to SDL, but it is a nice way of having output in a graphical environment)
[03:44:34] <UntJon> Hmm. That gave me a rather generic error: "Runtime Error". it is almost like the VS runtime isn't loaded
[03:45:07] <Marzo> Hm.
[03:45:10] <UntJon> Neither file was generated, even when ran from the IDE. I can go rebuild SDL
[03:46:14] <Marzo> Can you try grabbing the precompiled SDL binaries and relinking Exult? Just to see if that is indeed the problem, I mean
[03:47:45] <UntJon> I think I was running with one of the precompiled ones, but I pulled down the source earlier and just rebuilt it. I'll test this, and then go grab the binaries off the SDL site.
[03:50:15] <UntJon> Hmm. Release build of SDL DLL, no stdout/stderr. Will try relink next
[03:51:57] <UntJon> Nada after relink. Off to grab the prebuilt stuff
[03:52:29] <Marzo> See, it is for things like this that I use GCC :-)
[03:53:34] <Marzo> (I tried to compile Exult under MSVC many times, and never with any success; the first time I tried with MinGW, it worked)
[03:56:39] <UntJon> I may break down and do that, but I'll need to show some effort on the VS stuff first.
[03:57:42] <UntJon> Here's a good hint, it's coming back to me now. The prebuilt lib gives an undefined fprintf during the link. I set the define to use a messagebox and built my own, ignoring the problem of no stdio :-(
[04:03:31] <UntJon> My build of SDL does the exact same thing when restored to its pristine condition (fails to resolve fprintf). Going to be something simple
[04:10:54] <Marzo> Hm. fprintf is only used by the tools; it shouldn't be affecting Exult at all
[04:11:10] <UntJon> I have no idea how the SDL folks built their files, but I have a suspicion based on the solution they ship. There is a disagreement between SDL and Exult on code generation. I'm rebuilding Exult
[04:13:36] <UntJon> Makes sense, but the main issue was why the application wasn't running outside of the IDE (which keeps runtime DLLs loaded). The stdio stuff might provide a clue. I have a bit of hope for the next hour or so, or however long it takes one a 3.2G machine with 8G.
[04:15:19] <Marzo> 8GThat is ram? Is that is a 64-bit processor you are using? (could be relevant, if it is)
[04:15:49] <UntJon> Yes, XP 64. I never thought to mention that :-/
[04:16:14] <UntJon> Everything is being built for Win32 though
[04:17:35] <Marzo> Hrm. If you are building it for Win32, then there shouldn't be a problem
[04:20:21] <UntJon> I'm getting an idea. While this is building I should be able to see what DLLs the exe is trying to load
[04:20:47] <Marzo> Yes
[04:22:25] <Marzo> Out of curiosity: when running from the IDE, does VS2008 emit any kind of warning or message? Does it generate a log of any kind of what happened?
[04:22:49] <Marzo> (I really only use it for the intellisense, you know)
[04:24:35] <UntJon> Not a peep that I recall from VS, but then I don't think there is anything to peep about. Exult runs great in that env. I just ran dependencywalker on this, and see two DLLs which failed to load (DEVMGR.DLL, DWMAPI.DLL). I'd better go find out what those are
[04:28:05] <Marzo> I think that these are harmless to be missing
[04:28:38] <Marzo> (dwmapi is also missing here; I seem to recall it being a delay-load file that Vista has, but not XP)
[04:29:54] <UntJon> That's what I am reading. Was kind of hoping that this was the problem. I wonder if I can get a bit more info out of the system
[04:30:04] <Marzo> The important dlls should be sdl, sdl_mixer, ws2_32 (for communication with ES) and the MSVC runtimes
[04:31:44] <UntJon> I'm not seeing ws2_32, but the other DLLs were listed.
[04:32:16] <Marzo> It is probably something else in XP64 anyway
[04:32:50] <Marzo> Hm. Does VS2008 set any environment variables?
[04:33:23] <Marzo> It is possible that it is setting the PATH variable in its environment, and non-IDE Exult is not finding the runtimes
[04:35:25] <UntJon> I manually set the cwd in the debugging tab. I think VS does have a separate DLL search order, I'm thinking of the list where one sets paths for include/libraries. I'll check that. But depends didn't see a problem other than those two, and it isn't using VS's search order.
[04:36:59] <UntJon> No DLL path, just exes, references and stuff like that.
[04:40:45] <UntJon> Google shows me someone with the same problem when using SDL, their fix was the code generation change I've been building.
[04:41:29] <UntJon> ie, everyone should use Multithreaded Debug DLL
[04:41:46] <Colourless> sdl will use multithreaded dll
[04:43:10] <UntJon> OK, I could build another version of SDL and try it in a separate folder. Exult is in the middle of a rebuild, so I am committed
[04:46:00] <UntJon> No change with the new SDL.
[04:46:55] <Colourless> incidently why are you trying to build exult? can't you just use the snapshot?
[04:50:35] <UntJon> Ah, you'll never talk to me again if I answer. I'm doing research into game AI, and I am looking to see if Exult would be a suitable test platform. I've been getting some criticism that my tests were "artificial". Saying that characters were staying within the rules of something standard would help. I don't understand the concerns, and it feels like I am just jumping through hoops.
[04:51:40] <UntJon> Anyhow, building Exult from sources would be an early step to letting me drive the AI from an outside source, assuming that this is acceptable to my committee.
[04:52:49] <UntJon> I think that they are tired of graphs and charts, and want to watch a character chop down a tree rather than read about it.
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[06:16:06] <UntJon> ok, the rebuild links under VS2008, and I have stderr, which is informative :-) I'm going to call it a night, and thanks
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[18:08:52] <UntJon> Good morning. I built the 2/26 snapshot under Visual Studio 2008, and it works fine. I'm reviewing the changes right now
[18:13:56] <UntJon> I would like to submit a minimal patch which provides VS2008 support. I await instructions. I have both versions in a local subversion repository, and can build a patch. Diffs are mainly to vcproj files, but a couple of msvc_kludges.h and one font.h change.
[18:15:40] <pupnik> please idle in channel or visit forum to implement that
[18:18:52] <UntJon> post a patch to the forums? I was thinking that the bugtracker might be the way to go. Figured it was best to ask first, since there is no rush.
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