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[15:52:37] <aryah> hello!
[15:53:16] <Cahaan> hi
[15:53:43] <aryah> Im just learning to play this great RPG. I had few issues with items apparently wanishing when I drag them wrongly? Am I just not familiar enough with controlls or is this a bug?
[15:54:54] <aryah> I had my spellbook wanish just after having found it, when I tried to equip it on the Avatar. Now I restarted for various mistakes I did the first try, and apparently gargoyle jewlery wanished when I accidentaly drag and dropped it into a wall?\
[15:56:07] <aryah> Im using exult 1.2 on debian testing
[15:57:24] <aryah> have ppl here had this happening to them, should I just save very often or is this a solvable problem? Or am I just doing something wrong?
[16:18:55] <Cahaan> hmm
[16:19:16] <Cahaan> never noticed that
[16:19:48] <Cahaan> maybe you dropped it on another of your characters
[16:20:00] <Cahaan> check all backpacks / inventories :)
[16:28:17] <aryah> No I didnt find it equipped or in inventories. Well at least its good to know its not a regularlly occuring bug to everyone, gives me hope :)
[16:29:39] <aryah> Though, it is possible the gargoyle jeverly got equipped on my avatar, i restarted so cant check. Whould it get equipped automatically if I drop it on the character portrait?
[16:30:15] <aryah> silly q, sorry, Ill try and see :)
[16:32:01] <aryah> hm, it equips it , but via a blue line, doesnt integrate it in the ragdoll. I think i would have notice that. well, nwm, if it occurs again, Ill whine about it here again :)
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[22:08:50] <Lathlas> Anybody present?
[22:12:36] <Lathlas> Guess I'm in the wrong timezone....
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[22:41:13] <wjp> ah, he filed a bug report; good
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