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[11:23:09] <Colourless> hi
[12:08:41] <wjp> hi
[12:09:39] <wjp> and bye again :-)
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[13:01:46] --- Colourless has changed the topic to: Current record: wjp - 46 minutes
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[15:35:53] <Colourless> so, Exultbot, how are you today?
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[17:40:25] <wjp> hi again
[17:40:56] <Colourless> hi
[18:29:58] * wjp notices topic
[18:30:01] <wjp> hey! :-)
[18:30:08] <Colourless> :-)
[18:30:14] <wjp> this morning?
[18:30:31] <wjp> well, morning here, anyway
[18:30:49] <Colourless> i would guess so
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[18:40:10] <Sslaxx> Hello?
[18:40:13] <Colourless> hi
[18:40:48] <Sslaxx> Hi, Colourless! How goes?
[18:41:00] <Colourless> all right
[18:42:00] * Sslaxx noddles.
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[18:50:48] <freedman> Hello.
[18:50:59] <Colourless> hi
[18:51:19] <freedman> Anything exciting?
[18:51:33] <Colourless> nope :-)
[18:51:41] <Sslaxx> Hello, Freedman!
[18:51:46] <freedman> Hi!
[18:55:13] <Sslaxx> You well, Jeff?
[18:55:28] <freedman> Yes.
[18:55:59] <freedman> I haven't seen you here before. Are you an Ultima fan?
[18:56:18] <Sslaxx> Yup.
[18:56:26] <Sslaxx> I've been here before.
[18:57:13] <freedman> I finally played through SI in Exult. It is a good game, but I wish they'd finished it as they originally intended.
[18:57:59] <Sslaxx> Least it wasn't as badly chopped as Pagan.
[18:58:25] <Colourless> approx 99% of games aren't exactly as originally intended. most have a fair amount cut out.
[18:58:31] <freedman> True. I'm still not sure what happened to Pagan at the end.
[18:59:13] <freedman> Maybe the developers get sick of working on them:-)
[18:59:22] * Sslaxx chuckles.
[18:59:25] <Sslaxx> Quite possibly!
[19:01:05] <freedman> (I'm still wondering if Pagan was destroyed...)
[19:02:11] <Sslaxx> Same here.
[19:06:06] <wjp> hi jeff, sslaxx
[19:06:12] * wjp wonders if he just broke his own record
[19:06:15] <freedman> Hello
[19:06:21] <freedman> Record for what?
[19:06:32] <wjp> being late with saying 'hi'... see topic :-)
[19:06:36] <Colourless> you didn't
[19:06:42] * Sslaxx chuckles!
[19:06:51] <wjp> thought not... 46 minutes is quite long
[19:06:58] <wjp> (oh, and it was only 45:32 minutes! ;-) )
[19:07:40] <freedman> You were pretty nice that that guy on the Forum.
[19:07:41] <Colourless> :-)
[19:07:53] <wjp> which one?
[19:08:04] <freedman> toad'sMoke
[19:08:17] <wjp> I was?
[19:08:20] <freedman> I probably shouldn't read it first thing in the morning.
[19:08:44] <freedman> Yep. I was tempted to post something nasty.
[19:09:10] <wjp> feel free to delete my post and replace it ;-)
[19:09:16] <Sslaxx> More moderation required?
[19:09:33] <freedman> :-) No, I'd make too many enemies.
[19:12:08] <freedman> I wonder if a valid reason for a 1.00 release is "Developers are tired of working on it"?:-)
[19:12:26] <Colourless> i think it is :-)
[19:12:34] <Colourless> at least, in commercial software ;-)
[19:12:36] <Sslaxx> Get it out the door and never worry about it again! Maybe.
[19:12:50] <freedman> Even more so for free software.
[19:13:25] <Colourless> developer: it's finished user: but it doesn't work developer: it's finished
[19:13:37] <freedman> :-)
[19:14:32] <freedman> Well, I managed to play through SI.
[19:14:50] <wjp> ...and now the BG endgame seems to be broken again :-)
[19:14:59] <freedman> I don't recall any crashes, and just 1 conversation hang (which I ignored:-))
[19:15:18] <wjp> how long ago? (I fixed a conversation bug pretty recently)
[19:15:47] <freedman> After your fix. It was with Torissio after the Banes.
[19:16:02] <Sslaxx> What'll you lot do if VA folds?
[19:16:08] <freedman> (Guess I'm as bad as the folks on the Forum)
[19:16:26] <wjp> freedman: can you submit that to the tracker with a savegame? ;-)
[19:16:31] <freedman> Sslaxx: We all have the source. I'd probably try GNU.
[19:16:42] <Colourless> hehe
[19:16:46] <freedman> wjp: Sure. If I can duplicate it:-)
[19:16:58] <Colourless> that one should be quoted :-)
[19:16:59] <freedman> What's the endgame bug?
[19:17:06] <Sslaxx> I wasn't worried about the code, more about the site. I'd gathered you had the code backed up.
[19:17:32] <freedman> Yes. But GNU offers the same CVS service, if they'll accept us.
[19:17:47] <freedman> We'd lose the history, but that wouldn't be too terrible.
[19:18:04] <wjp> is there any way to retrieve the full cvs repository?
[19:18:16] <freedman> Don't know.
[19:18:26] <freedman> Endgame: You mean the one where the bad guys are missing?
[19:18:48] <wjp> yeah
[19:19:13] <freedman> That's been around a while. But I haven't been able to duplicate it.
[19:19:25] <freedman> In the savegame submitted, it turned out they were all dead:-)
[19:19:46] <wjp> dead? very weird
[19:19:47] <Colourless> question would be how did that happen
[19:20:09] <Colourless> perhaps we could add in some sort of 'watch'
[19:20:17] <freedman> No idea, except it looked like maybe the npc list was corrupted.
[19:20:39] <freedman> Yes. I'm thinking of adding a 'fix' to bring them back to life in the right places.
[19:22:01] <freedman> AFter doing that and a few of the bugs on our list, I think a Beta will be reasonable.
[19:26:47] <wjp> hmm, any idea what the NPC # of one of the endgame npcs is?
[19:27:48] <freedman> I have a list at home from when we printed them out at the start. One of them is Hook (but not Hook_clone).
[19:28:07] <wjp> I found the clones, but not the real ones
[19:29:03] <wjp> found Hook
[19:29:09] <wjp> 291
[19:29:21] <wjp> hmm, he's named 'pirate' in the submitted savegame
[19:29:46] <wjp> everyone from 281 up is named pirate, in fact
[19:30:52] <freedman> I think he and Elizabeth were in the 270's.
[19:32:13] <wjp> that's the clones
[19:32:52] <wjp> the endgame baddies are apparently in the 290-305 range
[19:32:56] <freedman> It's kind of funny, but they're supposed to just stand there through the whole game.
[19:33:21] <wjp> this looks like the same bug that caused the taylor (no. 53) to duplicate
[19:33:39] <wjp> I doubt it's specifically tied to the endgame
[19:34:27] <wjp> this could have happened anywhere in the game, since the endgame is the only place where you'd notice NPC's >= 281 missing
[19:34:32] <freedman> The clones are in the Alagnar scene.
[19:34:59] <freedman> Yes. It looks like another corruption problem.
[19:35:17] <freedman> Hook had really strange stats in the example I looked at.
[19:35:58] <wjp> hmm, in the savegame I have here all NPCs >= 302 are called Batlin
[19:36:14] <Colourless> how about from the start?
[19:36:19] <freedman> :-( I thought we'd fixed that 'corruption' bug.
[19:36:51] <wjp> yeah, they're already named Batlin at the start
[19:37:04] <wjp> so that one's not corrupted
[19:37:20] <freedman> But you should be able to find Hook and Elizabeth properly named.
[19:38:21] <wjp> yes, from the start they are
[19:38:52] <freedman> The question is how to make the bug happen. I've tried a few save/restores, but it was still okay.
[19:39:10] <Colourless> play through the game :-)
[19:39:33] <Colourless> of course, to find one bug, that's really annoying
[19:39:34] <freedman> Nooooooo!!!
[19:39:49] <freedman> Besides, Exult almost never crashes for me.
[19:39:54] <wjp> how about adding a check to the savegame function that checks if all NPC names are still correct?
[19:40:09] <wjp> (or some other way to detect this happening)
[19:40:37] <freedman> wjp: Not a bad idea. Maybe check the list before saving, and refuse to save if it's bad.
[19:40:49] <freedman> It could just be a checksum of the names...
[19:41:08] <Colourless> some people like to edit the names in the cheat menu
[19:41:43] <wjp> disable that feature :-)
[19:41:59] <Sslaxx> The guy who renames Gustacio 'Pistachio'?
[19:42:04] <wjp> or we could check if all names from NPC X are the same
[19:42:06] <freedman> Is there a 'set_name()' method?
[19:42:21] <Colourless> i think so
[19:42:29] <freedman> Could recompute the checksum when a name changes.
[19:42:57] <Colourless> but are any of the names actually incorrect?
[19:43:37] <freedman> In the corrupted games, there's usually one NPC repeated over-and-over.
[19:43:58] <Colourless> yeah, but is that the case with the game that wjp has?
[19:44:02] <wjp> yeah
[19:44:33] <wjp> everyone from 281 up is called 'pirate'
[19:44:42] <Colourless> hmmm
[19:44:47] <wjp> and we've seen several with the same issue from 53
[19:45:07] <Colourless> it's got to be almost the same buyg
[19:45:08] <Colourless> bug
[19:46:29] <freedman> The tailor bug was caused by crashes in the 'sew' schedule. I wonder what's causing this one...
[19:46:29] <Colourless> NPC 280 is a pirate called "One-eyed Marl"
[19:46:45] <Colourless> he has no schedule
[19:46:50] <Colourless> 281 is drake
[19:46:51] <freedman> Where does he show up? Or does he?
[19:46:57] <Colourless> and 282 as well
[19:47:08] <Colourless> 2664, 2565
[19:47:09] <wjp> freedman: no, it wasn't
[19:47:29] <wjp> freedman: it just caused bugs in the sew schedule to surface
[19:47:46] <wjp> (at least, that's what I know about it)
[19:48:04] <Colourless> one-eyed marl is on the isle of the avatar
[19:48:05] <freedman> Oh. What was the bug, then? There have been too many to remember.
[19:48:30] <wjp> every NPC with number >= 53 was replaced by Gayle (the Britian tailor)
[19:48:54] <wjp> this caused crashes in the sew schedule because hundreds of NPCs were trying to pick up the same piece of cloth
[19:48:57] <freedman> But did we ever find the cause? I just assumed memory was being corrupted.
[19:49:08] <wjp> no, we didn't :/
[19:49:09] <Sslaxx> Wooa!
[19:49:23] <Colourless> yeah, but how did things get fixed???
[19:49:28] <wjp> they didn't
[19:49:30] <freedman> But we did fix several real bugs in 'sew'.
[19:49:37] <wjp> yes, including this crash
[19:49:46] <wjp> the NPC duplication wasn't fixed, though, AFAIK
[19:50:12] <Colourless> as far as I know though the problem with duplicated NPC's hasn't been reported again until now
[19:50:17] <freedman> There were places where i.e., cloth was deleted, but not set to null.
[19:51:03] <wjp> right, and one of those bugs didn't show up unless multiple NPCs were trying to access the same piece of cloth
[19:51:20] <freedman> I see.
[19:53:04] <Colourless> npc
[19:53:27] <Colourless> npc's 281-284 appear to be used in Silver Seed
[19:53:47] <freedman> Interesting.
[19:55:19] <wjp> you mean FoV, right?
[19:55:22] <freedman> In any case, a check before saving might help us find the cause.
[19:55:24] <Colourless> yeah :-)
[19:55:35] <Colourless> FoV :-)
[19:56:07] <Colourless> as soon as I try to get any where near the NPC's they are removed
[19:56:47] <wjp> yes, same here
[19:56:57] <wjp> I don't see any shape in the NPC browser either, btw
[19:57:03] <Colourless> map edit mode :-)
[19:57:19] <Colourless> use the change shape option and set to something like 721
[19:57:39] <freedman> Where are they?
[19:58:03] <wjp> 281/282/283 are some of the empty drake shapes
[19:58:04] <Colourless> in a very interesting location
[19:58:23] <wjp> 284 an empty sheep shape
[19:58:44] <freedman> Maybe place-holders...
[19:59:12] <Colourless> they are 'in' the edge of a mountain next the ocean
[19:59:27] * wjp thinks about adding a 'teleport to' function to the npc browser
[20:00:03] <Colourless> well, the menu option is there :-)
[20:00:04] <Sslaxx> That'd be fun.
[20:00:12] <freedman> Very handy.
[20:00:14] <wjp> would be trivial to implement, I guess
[20:00:27] <Colourless> 'i' just haven't gotten to putting it in yet
[20:00:33] <freedman> You can use find_spot() for it.
[20:00:48] <wjp> why not just use teleport_party()?
[20:01:03] <freedman> Sure
[20:01:19] <wjp> (which is what ctrl-alt-t and alt-t use)
[20:01:28] <Colourless> that should be ok
[20:02:08] <wjp> should I immediately leave the cheat screen when teleporting?
[20:02:55] <Colourless> hmm, IMO no
[20:04:18] <freedman> Same here.
[20:04:29] <Colourless> http://www.users.on.net/triforce/exult002.png will show where the npc's are. 2 are in the same spot (right)
[20:05:22] <wjp> strange
[20:09:09] <wjp> ok, done. You just get a slightly annoying flash from the cheat menu to the game and back again when you teleport
[20:09:37] <wjp> actually some kind of feedback on that you teleported isn't that bad
[20:12:37] <wjp> hmm, but the flash is of the spot you're teleporting from, not your target
[20:12:39] <wjp> ugh
[20:12:50] <Colourless> yes?
[20:14:42] <wjp> ...because teleport_party() paint()'s and show()'s
[20:16:23] <freedman> Sounds fine.
[20:16:54] <freedman> That will be really handy when playing SI, since you often have to find NPC's all over the place.
[20:17:15] <wjp> replacing the paint() and show() by set_all_dirty() is better, though :-)
[20:17:30] <Colourless> yes
[20:17:47] <wjp> it makes alt-t look a lot 'cleaner' too
[20:18:13] <wjp> I wonder how much useless paint()'s we have
[20:18:54] <wjp> s/much/many/.. bah
[20:18:59] <Colourless> probably quite a few i'm guessing
[20:20:03] <freedman> Yes. I wonder if that extra fadeout during the start is still fixed.
[20:20:41] <wjp> hmm, dunno
[20:22:02] <wjp> committed
[20:22:27] <wjp> freedman: fadeout still seems to be gone
[20:22:41] <freedman> Woohoo!
[20:22:49] <wjp> I fixed that one properly, it seems ;-)
[20:23:20] <freedman> :-) I didn't want users to see that glitch just as they started playing.
[20:23:31] <Colourless> hehe
[20:23:32] <wjp> uh oh... when using a point scaler you get an ugly palette flash when starting a new game, though
[20:24:02] <freedman> I play with 2sSal, and will try that tonight.
[20:24:07] <wjp> my guess is it's gamewin trying to find proper green&red colours
[20:24:28] <Colourless> the 'clock pallete' gets set before the game is finished loading
[20:25:09] <Colourless> in 8 bit modes, it is automatically applied. in 16/32 bit modes the palette is only applied when the buffer is repainted
[20:25:31] <freedman> Okay. Maybe I'll fiddle with this tonight. My screen is set to 16 bits.
[20:25:50] <wjp> freedman: actual screen mode doesn't matter
[20:26:04] <wjp> just if you're using one of the 16 bit scalers
[20:26:38] <freedman> Right. The old bug was that an extra fadeout would occur after the 'plasma'.
[20:27:19] <wjp> it's the colour-check at the start of init_files(), btw
[20:27:29] <wjp> removing that gets rid of the flash
[20:28:52] <wjp> is there some other place we could do that?
[20:29:10] <freedman> Should be... but it might take some experimenting.
[20:29:33] --> fingolfin has joined #exult
[20:29:39] <Colourless> hi
[20:29:41] <wjp> it looks like there's a flash right after clicking 'journey onward' when creating a new game too
[20:29:41] <wjp> hi
[20:29:52] <fingolfin> hiya
[20:29:54] <fingolfin> full :)
[20:29:55] <Sslaxx> Hi, Fing!
[20:30:01] <freedman> Yes, that's also annoying.
[20:30:33] <freedman> Looks like the 1st could be fixed by calling pal->load instead of set_palette(), since the latter also calls 'apply()'
[20:30:37] * fingolfin has the feeling ppl are discussing something that is his fault somehow ? :)
[20:30:58] <freedman> Not exactly... but now that you're here:-)
[20:31:47] <fingolfin> nah it is not really my fault, but I haven't done anything bad for too long
[20:32:09] <fingolfin> I think our palette code is a little bit messy anyway...
[20:32:23] <Colourless> i agree
[20:32:23] <freedman> True.
[20:32:25] <fingolfin> it is not always clear what would be the "right" thing to do in a given situation
[20:32:42] <freedman> I don't want to change too much now.
[20:33:21] <wjp> should I introduce a fadeout right after selecting journey onward (with a new game)?
[20:33:23] <freedman> Just want to fix a few bugs without breaking anything else, and get to a 1.00 release asap.
[20:33:35] <wjp> (if not, uh oh :-) )
[20:33:56] <freedman> wjp: Not sure. If it looks good, it's fine with me:-)
[20:34:30] <freedman> Does the plasma still show up?
[20:34:46] <fingolfin> how about making a least one more release before 1.0 ? :) like a beta or so? :)
[20:34:48] <wjp> why wouldn't it?
[20:35:06] <wjp> fingolfin: yeah, beta would be good
[20:35:36] <freedman> Yes. Beta should be really soon, right after fixing a few more bugs.
[20:35:52] <freedman> But then I don't expect to do a lot of code changes during the Beta.
[20:36:52] <freedman> Mainly, I'm just getting tired of working on the same thing for over 2 years:-)
[20:37:15] <freedman> ... and, BTW, I never heard back from Mr. Brown at EA:-(
[20:37:29] <Colourless> try again?
[20:37:32] <wjp> not so sure if that's a bad thing
[20:37:56] <wjp> as someone on the forum suggested, maybe they just don't want to make an official statement
[20:38:09] * Sslaxx will BBL.
[20:38:10] <freedman> True.
[20:38:12] <-- Sslaxx has left IRC ()
[20:40:03] <fingolfin> IMHO it is a good thing if not too many things get changed during beta
[20:40:17] <wjp> yeah
[20:40:33] <fingolfin> if anybody wants to get some features added, he should do it now; then after the beta was released, only bugs should be fixed that do not require major breakage
[20:40:39] <freedman> Yes. Only major bugs should be fixed, and as safely as possible.
[20:40:39] <fingolfin> or really critical bugs of course :)
[20:40:48] <fingolfin> :)
[20:41:00] <freedman> And we can ignore all the whining on the Forum about guards, schedules, etc:-)
[20:41:11] <fingolfin> if too much turns up, we might need a second beta; anyway, I think it would be nice if we could release a bit more fast & often in general :)
[20:41:25] <wjp> isn't that what we say right before every release :-)
[20:41:26] <fingolfin> indeed, put those into out TODO file, or maybe add a WISHLIST file or so
[20:41:27] <Colourless> yeah
[20:41:36] <fingolfin> wjp: yeah I just want to get us intot he mood =)
[20:41:49] <freedman> We could plan a 1.01 feature list.
[20:42:04] <wjp> ok... this should have fixed all palette flashes on startup
[20:42:04] <Colourless> the most critical things are really getting the usecode interpreter and intrinsics to function 100% correctly
[20:42:22] <freedman> I think they're pretty close now.
[20:42:23] <wjp> interpreter seems pretty solid
[20:43:08] <freedman> When I was playing SI last week, the only usecode change was an intrinsic that kept the teleports under Sleeping Bull from working.
[20:43:25] <freedman> Everything else was pretty smooth.
[20:43:52] <fingolfin> even the Trial?
[20:43:55] <fingolfin> *cough*
[20:44:11] <freedman> :-) Except for having to talk to your companions at the end.
[20:44:23] <freedman> Moonshade trial was fine, though.
[20:44:39] <Colourless> moonshade has been fine for ages
[20:45:04] <freedman> Depends when you've played. I've broken it at least twice:-)
[20:45:13] <Colourless> :-)
[20:45:32] <freedman> There was also a bug returning from Freedom, where you'd immediately teleport back in.
[20:45:45] <Colourless> well considering that I don't have a habit of doing more than once a game, i can imagine why I may not notice it get broken :-)
[20:46:01] <Colourless> fun :-)
[20:46:21] <wjp> "when you escape, you're a free man!" <-- yeah, right ;-)
[20:46:48] <freedman> :-)
[20:46:55] <Colourless> maybe that's why no one has ever escaped :-)
[20:49:20] <wjp> freedman: your suggestion of replacing set_palette() with pal->load() worked, btw
[20:49:34] <freedman> Woohoo! again.
[20:49:52] <freedman> Is it all fixed now?
[20:49:58] <wjp> I hope so :-)
[20:50:19] <freedman> I'll work on the 'book drop' bug tonight. It's kind of amusing.
[20:50:22] <wjp> I tried new game/journey onward with fades enabled/disabled in point scaler
[20:50:34] <wjp> oh, and in both SI and BG
[20:50:36] <freedman> Thanks.
[20:51:59] <Colourless> you know, our beta period is kind of going to be like the beta periods for all the MMORPG's. We are going to ignore lots of problems people have with Exult. :-)
[20:52:32] <freedman> Only the ones we feel like ignoring:-)
[20:53:11] <Colourless> so, are you going to rush in the secret network support in before the beta :-)
[20:53:29] <freedman> :-) Actually, that's starting to sound like fun.
[20:53:53] <wjp> uh oh
[20:53:57] <freedman> But i'd want a multi-player game that's still plot-based, if it's possible.
[20:54:28] <freedman> wjp: Maybe it would distract people from the guards, combat, formation-walking...
[20:54:34] <wjp> *grin*
[20:55:35] <Colourless> well, get rid of the party, make it impossible to pick anything up and make everyone friendly, they wont have anything to complain about then
[20:56:01] <wjp> we can always use upcoming multiplayer support as an excuse for that :-)
[20:56:04] <freedman> How about having party members controlled by other players?
[20:56:39] <freedman> It wouldn't be 'massive' multi-player...
[20:56:55] <Colourless> we need PvP combat :-)
[20:57:24] <wjp> only to phase it out again after people start complaining about PKs :-)
[20:57:39] <Colourless> :-)
[20:57:47] <fingolfin> argh =)
[20:58:23] <Colourless> you don'
[20:58:26] <Colourless> t like the idea?
[20:58:41] <freedman> We don't need to be commercially successful like Origin.
[20:58:57] <wjp> Colourless: depends entirely on how it's done
[20:58:59] <freedman> So we can punish PK's.
[20:59:37] <Colourless> maybe then EA would aknowledge our existance.... only to get serverd with a Cease and Desist meaning that we can't release ;-)
[20:59:46] <freedman> Send them to jail with Chuckles as a cellmate:-)
[21:00:23] <Colourless> Want to play the Game????
[21:00:29] <freedman> :-)
[21:03:53] <Colourless> I know what we can do... create a new game using exult where you play as chuckles. Your aim.... to get people to play the game... and then stay alive :-)
[21:04:42] <freedman> Sounds good.
[21:05:04] <wjp> or you could have to stop Batl.. uh oh... the leade.. umm... the boss of the ... ugh... group of
[21:05:27] <Colourless> instead of Name, Job and Bye you have the options "Want to play the game?
[21:05:52] <Colourless> " and "Thou Dists Just Break the Rules"
[21:05:55] <wjp> can you kill people when they break the rules? :-)
[21:06:39] <Colourless> well, if they attack you yes :-)
[21:07:55] <freedman> Is this multi-player?
[21:08:20] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:08:34] <Colourless> why not :-)
[21:08:53] <wjp> multiple Chuckles'.. argh
[21:09:08] <freedman> Noooo!!
[21:09:28] <wjp> now where's that armaggeddon scroll? :-)
[21:09:44] <fingolfin> lol
[21:10:16] <Colourless> that's the aim of the game, stop the avatar from casting Armaggeddon :-)
[21:10:27] <fingolfin> we need female, black/brown/etc. variants, though :)
[21:10:34] <fingolfin> lol
[21:10:41] <wjp> Avatar: "what spell don't you want me to cast? *evil grin*"
[21:11:10] <Colourless> you will need allies and companions, Smith the Horse will be one for sure :-)
[21:11:23] <fingolfin> and that talking fox, too
[21:11:28] <Colourless> yeah
[21:11:58] <freedman> Arg. I need a break. Bbl.
[21:12:01] <-- freedman has left IRC (Leaving)
[21:14:13] <Colourless> what!!!!!! he doesn't like The Game idea :-)
[21:14:13] <Colourless> I know the prefect name. Ultima 7: Part 1: The Black Gate: Part 2: The Game :-)
[21:28:39] <wjp> I have to go
[21:28:42] <wjp> g'night
[21:28:56] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[21:51:29] <-- fingolfin has left IRC (cya)