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[01:37:35] <EazyCheez> hello :)
[01:38:35] <EazyCheez> I got the Helm of Monitor recently, but noticed it's not CALLED the helm of Monitor... as it was in the original. Does this mean I'm screwed when I get to Rabinranath or whoever?
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[03:48:42] <Waz> morning all
[03:55:12] <EazyCheez> Wazzie!
[03:55:58] <Waz> Cheezie!
[03:56:31] <EazyCheez> are you on exultie devvie teamie? *slaps himself* oh sorry, the exult dev team?
[03:56:45] <Waz> hell no
[03:56:55] <Waz> i only have taken 2 semister of c
[03:57:22] <Waz> and is been 2 & 5 years respecitivly fo reach semister
[03:57:35] <Waz> and i took typing in 7th grade.. i got a C
[03:57:41] <Waz> *snicker*
[03:57:51] <EazyCheez> ah hehe
[03:58:21] <EazyCheez> just a fan like me
[03:58:22] <Waz> thought i have been looking at the code..
[03:58:36] <Waz> ultima go tme started with puters.. so yup.. i'm a fan.
[03:58:42] <EazyCheez> I'm thinking of casting IN ZU on myself soon...
[03:58:54] <Waz> but when i try to compile alpha 5 i get a linker erro
[03:59:02] <Waz> so.. no luck..
[03:59:10] <EazyCheez> hm, damn
[03:59:45] <Waz> its only 11:00 pm central..
[03:59:52] <Waz> your going to bed../
[04:00:07] <EazyCheez> yeah... maybe soon
[04:00:11] <Waz> ah.. cool
[04:00:13] <EazyCheez> my parents already are
[04:00:22] <EazyCheez> but look
[04:00:27] <Waz> hehehe a youngin'
[04:00:34] <EazyCheez> a real funny observation about a quirk in Ultima 9
[04:00:36] <EazyCheez> Most dragons teleport themselves away when they are critically injured.
[04:00:36] <EazyCheez> Talornia tries to do this too, but something goes wrong and her head gets left behind. Pick her up and leave.
[04:00:46] <EazyCheez> I'm 22
[04:00:47] <Waz> actualy.. i don't know why thats funny.
[04:00:49] <EazyCheez> not so young
[04:00:53] <Waz> doh
[04:00:56] <Waz> my bad
[04:01:03] <Waz> i wish i was living with my parents
[04:01:19] <Waz> again.. its only been 18 months.. i miss it.. life was easy
[04:01:29] <Waz> i never played ultima 9
[04:01:44] <Waz> i stoped at ultima 8.. after 5 minutes.. }:>
[04:02:56] <EazyCheez> aww
[04:02:59] <EazyCheez> U8 rocks
[04:03:13] <EazyCheez> you get to be a baaaaad widdle Avatar
[04:03:17] <Waz> but.. jumping..
[04:03:20] <EazyCheez> because you have to be
[04:03:51] <EazyCheez> I liked the jumping... (yes I beat U8, on my own without cheating, once or twice)
[04:04:24] <Waz> i stoped at u7 forge.. never played si or ss
[04:04:28] <EazyCheez> actually I've beaten all the Ultimas 7-9... that would be BG, SI, Pagan and Ascension
[04:04:41] <EazyCheez> aw
[04:04:51] <EazyCheez> I've started with U5
[04:04:53] <Waz> it took me 2 years to beat U4.. the first year i coudl nto figure out what i had to do
[04:04:55] <EazyCheez> some hard stuff
[04:05:18] <Waz> then i played u5.. and figure dit ou.. and then went back and beat u4
[04:05:54] <Waz> I like u5.. over u4 with interface.. night time.. rounded square block
[04:06:26] <Waz> i would blink all ove the underground in u5
[04:06:45] <Waz> memories.. *cries*
[04:07:35] <EazyCheez> hehe
[04:07:41] * EazyCheez comforts waz
[04:07:48] <Waz> hahaha
[04:09:40] * EazyCheez blinks
[04:09:44] <EazyCheez> igh
[04:09:47] <EazyCheez> I'm tired
[04:09:57] <Waz> you would not by slim chance have Silence by Delirum?
[04:10:07] <EazyCheez> No I don't
[04:10:10] <Waz> k.
[04:10:14] <Waz> then go seepy time
[04:10:15] <EazyCheez> I'm casting IN ZU now
[04:10:20] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (IN ZU)
[04:10:50] <Waz> mr shapshot person
[04:11:07] <Waz> can i ask you about a compiler problem?
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[06:56:44] <Kirben> hmm I idle too much
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[12:19:10] <EazyCheez> Hello :)
[12:20:40] <EazyCheez> I'm having problems with SI... seems that on the morning (exactly at 6am) after I'd turned Marsten and Spektor in, the game crashes... no matter where I am in Monitor. I will try hiking to the Bull Tower, for that is my next destination,
[12:23:34] <EazyCheez> and it still crashes!
[12:23:41] <EazyCheez> this is with the new CVS too
[12:29:25] <EazyCheez> I guess the Storms of Imbalance wreak havoc with the game too :(
[12:29:55] <EazyCheez> if Willem were here I'd send him my savegame and stdout to see if he can figure it out
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[13:03:04] <EazyCheez> hey finnie
[13:03:28] <EazyCheez> did you see the log with my question I just asked? can you help me?
[13:05:03] <fingolfin> I didnīt look at the log, moment
[13:06:41] <fingolfin> EazyCheez: no idea, atm. I am not at home, so I have a hard time looking into this
[13:18:53] <EazyCheez> ahh
[13:18:54] <EazyCheez> k
[13:19:00] <EazyCheez> sorry for long delays :/
[13:19:37] <fingolfin> np
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[14:22:54] <Colourless> hi
[14:25:30] <fingolfin> ho
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[14:38:31] <wjp> hi
[14:38:38] <Colourless> hi
[14:46:08] <fingolfin> hi
[14:47:09] <silverscale> hi
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[15:02:11] <wjp> hi
[15:02:18] <Waz> hi
[15:02:37] * Colourless notes our responce times are pretty bad... that's it right ;-)
[15:03:08] <Waz> can you put in bunny hopping like in CS so i doge fireballs and arrows.. }:> kidding...
[15:03:17] <wjp> ;-)
[15:03:25] <Colourless> yep, i'll put it in tommorrow :)
[15:03:36] <wjp> Colourless: maybe we should create some scripts to automatically say 'hi' when someone walks in :-)
[15:04:01] <Colourless> of course, that would mean i'll need to add a jump.... hmmm, after thinking about it, sorry, it may take some time to do, you'll have to wait
[15:04:16] <Colourless> wjp: hehe, that can be REAL annoying, and really really obvious
[15:04:26] <Colourless> maybe we should get exultbot to do it ;-)
[15:04:31] <wjp> :-)
[15:06:38] <Waz> hey.. if you not busy, i have a questyion. i'm trying to compile alpha 5 on VC++5 and i'm getting a linker error (which i think means the cc code is going to object code, but can't 'bind' to the dlls) of "unresolved external symbol _WinCRTMainStartup"
[15:07:10] <Colourless> release build?
[15:07:14] <Waz> yes]
[15:07:25] <Waz> happens with debug also
[15:08:18] <Colourless> ah, Vc++5.... i use 6
[15:08:30] <Waz> great. i have msdn at work
[15:08:33] <Waz> }:>
[15:09:24] <Waz> also.. when i make a new project, i'm just adding all the files and filders that have a cc and h is that wrong?
[15:09:34] <Colourless> yeah, that wont work at all
[15:09:49] <Waz> oh...
[15:09:51] <Colourless> MSVC doesn't recognise .cc files as being C++ files
[15:10:03] <Waz> they show up..
[15:10:12] <Colourless> yeah, but they don't compile
[15:10:14] <Waz> i hacke dth eregistry to assiciate them with msdev
[15:10:18] <EazyCheez> hey colourless, willem
[15:10:18] <Waz> oh
[15:10:19] <Waz> i see
[15:10:29] <EazyCheez> did you guys see my problem earlier?
[15:10:29] <Waz> umm mass rename!
[15:10:39] <Colourless> na, there is an easier way
[15:10:43] <Waz> oh
[15:11:19] <Colourless> I'm assuming you should be able to find this registry key
[15:11:24] <Waz> k
[15:11:25] <EazyCheez> I have a nasty crash problem with occurs at 6 AM after I turn in Marsten and Spektor... it happens no matter where I am. From Monitor to Bull Tower, same thing
[15:12:40] <Colourless> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Devstudio\5.0\Build System\Components\Platforms\Win32 (x86)
[15:13:08] <Colourless> \32bit C/C++ Compiler\Input_spec
[15:13:21] <EazyCheez> I don't want to screw up the scheduling by skipping to 6:01 AM... but how can I not?
[15:13:24] <wjp> EazyCheez: strange... could you submit this as a bug with an attached savegame?
[15:13:35] <EazyCheez> ok
[15:13:43] <Colourless> modify that key to include .cc files
[15:14:18] <Colourless> of course, Exult itself will NOT compile, so it's not really worth trying
[15:15:03] <Colourless> MSVC isn't exactly standards complient and lots of other hacks need to be done to get Exult to compile properly
[15:15:07] <Waz> uhhh.. .. then.. how do i fix it?
[15:15:13] <Waz> ahh
[15:15:40] <Waz> yes.. well.. work well with /microsoft standards
[15:15:42] <Waz> }:>
[15:15:43] <Waz> ok
[15:15:51] <Colourless> if you include the msvc_kludges.h file in every source file it should work
[15:16:27] <Colourless> you'll also need to force MSVC to compile the files as C++
[15:17:16] <Colourless> do that by adding /FI"msvc_kludges.h" /TP to the command line for the C/C++ compiler
[15:17:37] <Colourless> you'll also need to add in all the required include directories
[15:18:47] <Waz> well.. 1 down. i added the .cc in the regisrty and got 293 warnings.. :)
[15:19:04] <Waz> 1 for each .cc file.. funn
[15:19:05] <Waz> y
[15:19:47] <Waz> whats the required include directories?
[15:20:14] <Colourless> pretty much every subdirectory of exult
[15:20:33] <Colourless> I assume you have got SDL
[15:20:48] <Waz> the dll or the source verion of sdl?
[15:21:19] <Waz> i have the dll. i put it the exult source directory, for lack of any better idea
[15:21:20] <Colourless> headers
[15:21:29] <Colourless> and lib
[15:21:34] <Waz> ah.. right..
[15:22:58] <Colourless> i seriously advice NOT attempting to compile Exult with MSVC
[15:25:01] <Waz> ok. :) what compiler then?
[15:25:35] <EazyCheez> done!
[15:25:52] <Waz> then go play it again
[15:26:08] <Colourless> gcc and MinGW32
[15:26:30] <Waz> goat c compiler :)
[15:26:36] * EazyCheez has to go to work... :(
[15:26:39] <Waz> cool.
[15:26:43] * EazyCheez will try later
[15:26:45] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (this world rejects me)
[15:26:49] * Waz doesn't.. wokred all week
[15:27:53] <Waz> gcc in *nix only?
[15:28:25] <Colourless> hell no
[15:28:32] <wjp> no, there's a win port
[15:28:45] <Colourless> dos too
[15:29:19] <Waz> i seemed to have offended. :)
[15:29:19] <Colourless> from memory MinGW32 should come with gcc
[15:30:40] <Waz> is lates ver the 2.95 or the 3.x
[15:32:09] <silverscale> waz, the exult source code has a file named 'readme.win32' that tells you everything
[15:32:19] <wjp> including links to the files you need
[15:32:27] <Waz> i did look at it..
[15:32:37] <Waz> and i wound up here.. :)
[15:32:45] <wjp> it's in the "To build in windows using MinGW" section
[15:33:11] <Waz> i don't know if it me or the file.. ah... yes i saw that.
[15:33:15] <Colourless> i'm note sure what the latest version is.
[15:33:40] <Colourless> you will get errors with a 2.95 version though due to 'issues' with make
[15:34:00] <Colourless> they are easily fixed though
[15:37:55] <Waz> 2.95.2 good? or is it too close to 2.95?
[15:38:15] <-- silverscale has left IRC ()
[15:38:55] <Colourless> 2.95.2 has the problems. It's also what I've got :)
[15:39:05] <Colourless> i rarely use it
[15:39:46] <Waz> ok.. now i'm lost. you said not to use msvc, and now you say that mingw32 is no good either?
[15:40:28] <Colourless> no, mingw32 2.95.2 is fine, you'll just need to edit the makefile to get it to compile
[15:40:38] <Colourless> only need to edit 1 or 2 lines
[15:40:42] <Waz> ah
[15:40:52] <Waz> :)
[15:43:10] <Waz> ah.. by dumbping msvc, the win32 readme makes much more senec
[15:43:29] <Waz> ah.. by dumbing msvc, the win32 readme makes much more sence
[16:10:48] <-- fingolfin has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[16:13:25] <Waz> what was the 1 or 2 line change to make with mingw32?
[16:15:10] <Colourless> on line 18 you need to change the all the \" to \\\"
[16:15:45] <Waz> in makefile.win32?
[16:15:53] <Colourless> yes
[16:15:55] <Waz> k
[16:21:37] <Waz> cool. its compileing.. if it finishs ok, then i can break it!
[16:21:55] <Colourless> :)
[16:22:08] <Colourless> it may take some time :)
[16:22:52] <Waz> its ok.. i've compiled freebsd on a alpha.. i can wait..
[16:23:21] <Colourless> :)
[16:25:29] <Kefka> does gcc3 compile exult flawlessly?
[16:26:10] <Colourless> should do
[16:26:19] <Kefka> ok
[16:27:28] <-- Kefka has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[16:27:54] <Waz> ok.. um it died with with the flx stuf. "c:\\data\\ultima7\data" shouldn't it be ultima7\\data?
[16:28:02] <Waz> so is that in the makefile?
[16:28:35] <Colourless> where, what?
[16:29:05] <Waz> ok, it was doing something with the flx file in ultima7\data
[16:29:10] <Waz> and it coudl nto find them
[16:29:25] <Waz> i think its becuse the wackers were to few
[16:29:44] <Waz> its had on screen "c:\\data\\ultima7\data"
[16:30:03] <Colourless> what was the command to be executed
[16:30:25] <Waz> its off the screen now.. :( i will go recompile..
[16:31:34] --> Kefka has joined #Exult
[16:31:49] <Waz> ok..
[16:31:58] <Waz> C:\Data\Exult>make -f makefile.win32 install
[16:31:58] <Waz> strip exult.exe -o C:\\Data\\Ultima7\\exult.exe
[16:31:58] <Waz> if not exist C:\\Data\\Ultima7\data md C:\\Data\\Ultima7\data
[16:31:58] <Waz> The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located. - C:\\Data\\
[16:31:58] <Waz> Ultima7\data
[16:32:25] <Colourless> errr, what did you do to your makefile
[16:32:34] <Waz> ate it.
[16:32:39] <Waz> i added the \\s
[16:33:05] <Colourless> where?
[16:33:09] <Waz> on line 18
[16:33:16] <Waz> as you said
[16:33:26] <Waz> all \" got \\\"
[16:33:30] <Colourless> should have been 4 occurances
[16:33:43] <Colourless> what did you set as your U7PATH
[16:33:46] <Waz> 4 errors or 4 \"
[16:34:00] <Colourless> 4 "\
[16:34:56] <Waz> ulpath is c:\\data\\utlima7
[16:35:04] <Waz> where the otiginal files are
[16:35:33] <Waz> of the cd from bestbuy.. only $20, a very nice deal.
[16:35:48] <Colourless> change the \\ to a plain \
[16:35:56] <Waz> k
[16:36:05] <Waz> but.. ok
[16:36:06] <Colourless> in U7path that is (all of them)
[16:36:41] <Colourless> may not work though
[16:36:43] <Colourless> what os?
[16:37:29] <Waz> it didn't cause \ is the finny string thing from the *print* unix output commands
[16:37:35] <Waz> with 1 \
[16:37:44] <Waz> it said c:datautima7 cnot found
[16:37:47] <Waz> windows 98
[16:38:04] <Colourless> ok, you'll need \\ thten
[16:38:10] <Waz> i put them back
[16:38:18] <Waz> but the ultima7\data
[16:38:24] <Colourless> Windows98 could be the problem
[16:38:26] <Waz> does that need \\ also?
[16:38:31] <Colourless> yes
[16:38:37] <Waz> *scnamper off*
[16:38:55] <Colourless> anyway, if you have gotten to that stage everything has compiled anyway
[16:39:06] <Colourless> all you need to do is copy the files to the correct places
[16:39:30] <Colourless> they are exult.exe, data\exult.flx, data\exult_bg.flx and data\exult_si.flx
[16:41:01] <Waz> i figuered
[16:41:27] <Waz> install: $(EXEC)
[16:41:27] <Waz> strip $(EXEC) -o $(U7PATH)\\$(EXEC)
[16:41:27] <Waz> if not exist $(U7PATH)\data md $(U7PATH)\data
[16:41:27] <Waz> copy data\exult.flx $(U7PATH)\data
[16:41:27] <Waz> copy data\exult_bg.flx $(U7PATH)\data
[16:41:28] <Waz> copy data\exult_si.flx $(U7PATH)\data
[16:41:53] <Waz> the $(u7path)\data md $(u7path)\data
[16:41:57] <Waz> shoudl be
[16:42:03] <Waz> the $(u7path)\\data md $(u7path)\\data
[16:42:05] <Waz> ?
[16:42:12] <Colourless> yeah probably
[16:42:14] <Waz> k
[16:42:22] <Waz> the thing makes me feel stupid..
[16:42:44] <Colourless> all they \ there should probably be \\
[16:42:49] <Waz> thank you for you help anyway
[16:43:45] <Colourless> not a problem
[16:47:18] <Waz> yes it is
[16:49:09] <Waz> :)
[16:54:24] <Waz> just realized that the makefile is a script and not a fancy compile directs file
[16:54:31] <Waz> compiler directive
[16:54:58] <Colourless> :)
[16:56:16] <Waz> isf the makefile syntax in gcc documentation or do you need a *nix shell processor, and that is what runs gcc with the cli options?
[16:56:53] <Colourless> i would imagine it would be in the docs somewhere
[16:57:07] <Colourless> may not be in the gcc docs though
[16:59:08] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:01:32] <Waz> yay it compiled! it linked! it runs!! ahh the wisps are attacking me!! it quits! saved.
[17:02:24] <Waz> thats another thing (switching from whine wana-be developer to whiney end-user) the wisps don't do any damage when they attack.
[17:05:15] <-- Waz has left IRC ()
[17:30:26] --> Waz has joined #Exult
[17:30:40] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[17:34:30] <wjp> EazyCheese's crash is a division by zero it seems :-)
[17:34:40] <wjp> haven't seen those in a while :-)
[17:34:52] <Colourless> yeah, I would have though we would code better than that
[17:34:57] <wjp> bad Jeff :-)
[17:35:56] <wjp> if (maxhp > 0) hp += 1 + rand()%(maxhp/3);
[17:36:26] <wjp> add a special case for 0 < maxhp < 3 ?
[17:36:42] <Waz> wow
[17:37:44] <Colourless> errr, what is thaht code trying to do
[17:38:10] <wjp> increase hitpoints hourly
[17:38:15] <wjp> auto-healing
[17:38:24] <Waz> wow
[17:38:27] <Colourless> ah ok, I had no idea
[17:39:27] <wjp> funny... he does the same thing for mana later on, but he uses a different construction
[17:39:51] <Colourless> what did he do there
[17:39:56] <wjp> if (hp > maxhp)
[17:39:56] <wjp> hp = maxhp;
[17:39:56] <wjp> properties[(int) health] = hp;
[17:40:02] <wjp> properties[(int) mana] = curmana <= maxmana ? curmana
[17:40:03] <wjp> : maxmana;
[17:40:27] <Waz> you guys are cool. my dad makes violins. he thinks its neat that he can take a block of wood and make it 'sing'. you take numbers and make them fun
[17:41:06] <Colourless> <= ????
[17:41:37] <wjp> what do you mean?
[17:41:53] <wjp> Waz: ;-)
[17:42:19] * Colourless has never used that operator
[17:42:30] <wjp> really?
[17:42:38] <Colourless> nope
[17:43:06] <wjp> you realize it's just a "smaller than or equal to" operator?
[17:43:16] --- Waz is now known as waz-afk
[17:43:51] <Colourless> do now
[17:43:58] * Colourless looked it up
[17:45:48] <wjp> fix committed
[17:46:07] <Colourless> the mana code is doing different things to the hp code
[17:46:32] <Colourless> mana gets fully restored after an hour
[17:46:49] <wjp> it does?
[17:47:09] <Colourless> well, run through the code
[17:47:38] <wjp> it increases curmana a bit, and assigns that to properties[mana]
[17:47:53] <wjp> (using maxmana if it tried to go too high)
[17:48:01] <Colourless> where is this code?
[17:48:13] <wjp> actors.cc, around line 2660
[17:48:50] * Colourless needs to update :)
[17:50:26] <wjp> yeah :-)
[17:52:05] <Colourless> *sigh* you left out a vital part of the code :)
[17:52:14] <wjp> I did?
[17:52:30] <Colourless> if (maxmana >= 3)
[17:52:31] <Colourless> curmana += 1 + rand()%(maxmana/3);
[17:52:31] <Colourless> else
[17:52:31] <Colourless> curmana += 1;
[17:52:31] <Colourless> properties[(int) mana] = curmana <= maxmana ? curmana
[17:52:59] <Colourless> compare that to your code fragment. :)
[17:53:04] <Colourless> how would I know what is going on :)
[17:53:59] <wjp> well... oops :-)
[18:02:46] <Colourless> heh. i'm guessing in 33% of all cases there would be a divide by zero
[18:03:00] <Colourless> that is some pretty shoddy code if I don't say so myself ;-)
[18:03:23] <wjp> yes...
[18:03:46] <Colourless> what have you changed it too?
[18:04:02] <wjp> you probably already have my version
[18:04:19] <wjp> I added the if (maxhp >= 3) check
[18:04:21] <Colourless> yes I do
[18:05:16] <wjp> (and the same for mana)
[18:05:25] <Colourless> yeah
[18:06:12] <Colourless> alternative code would be just: hp += 1 + rand()%((maxph+2)/3);
[18:06:50] <wjp> true... I guess the formula is just a rough guess anyway; changing a bit probably won't hurt
[18:07:27] <Colourless> of note "rand() %" is not exactly accurate
[18:08:07] <Colourless> of course, it only really shows it's problems with large numbers
[18:08:09] <wjp> not really a problem for the low values we're using it for, I think
[18:08:12] <wjp> yeah
[18:38:09] <wjp> nifty... I can use windows' calculator using wine
[18:38:34] <Colourless> and you'd want to do that why?
[18:38:41] <wjp> it doesn't really look perfect, but at least it doesn't crash when I take the log of 0 like kcalc does
[18:39:19] <Colourless> what does it look like?
[18:40:03] <wjp> some labels are a bit too large for the buttons they're on
[18:40:23] <wjp> eg. the 'Backspace' label runs over the edges of the button
[18:40:25] <Colourless> different font i would imagine
[18:40:30] <wjp> yeah
[18:40:42] <wjp> and the font used for the actual numbers is too small, IIRC
[18:41:51] <Colourless> i'd imagine it would look quite a bit differnt
[18:43:04] <wjp> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/calc.png
[18:44:29] <Colourless> fairly close. All button text is too big though
[18:44:51] <Colourless> what version of windows is that calc from?
[18:45:04] <wjp> 98 (not SE)
[18:46:02] <Colourless> that probably explains why it looks a bit different to mine. Gradients is Grads in 2k and the number display is bigger in 2k
[18:46:19] <Colourless> there are a few other differences as well
[18:53:58] --> EazyCheez has joined #Exult
[18:54:06] <EazyCheez> hello
[18:54:07] <EazyCheez> :)
[18:54:12] <Colourless> hi
[18:54:15] <wjp> hi
[18:54:24] <EazyCheez> I see my bug is gone from the tracker... you must have fixed it already :)
[18:54:31] <wjp> yup ;-)
[18:54:47] <EazyCheez> wow!
[18:54:58] <EazyCheez> I guess that'll go into the next snapshot eh?
[18:55:08] <EazyCheez> when is it gonna be uploaded?
[18:55:55] <wjp> don't know... depends on Travis
[18:55:56] <Colourless> when ever Kirben does it
[18:56:43] <EazyCheez> k so Colourless is Ryan... wjp is Willem... or is it Willem Jan?
[18:57:03] <waz-afk> I am the great satan of uselessness
[18:57:07] <waz-afk> }:>
[18:57:13] <EazyCheez> hehe
[18:57:19] <EazyCheez> wazzup!
[18:59:34] <wjp> Willem Jan
[18:59:46] <wjp> but Willem is fine too :-)
[19:01:34] <EazyCheez> ok
[19:01:34] <waz-afk> where is the entry point for the code? exult_main in exult.cc?
[19:01:56] <Colourless> main in exult.cc
[19:02:10] <waz-afk> ty
[19:02:15] <EazyCheez> hey willem, about my savegame, is it ok to workaround by setting the time to 6:01, or will it still crash?
[19:02:39] <wjp> hmm
[19:02:49] <EazyCheez> well, for now I mean
[19:03:00] <wjp> it won't crash, in any case
[19:03:02] <EazyCheez> but the schedules are probably gonna be messed up
[19:03:10] <EazyCheez> right?
[19:03:20] --- waz-afk is now known as Waz
[19:03:22] <wjp> you're going to have to skip every hour, btw...
[19:03:27] <EazyCheez> what was causing it to crash anyway?
[19:03:30] <wjp> it'll crash again at 7 am
[19:03:43] <wjp> division by zero in the auto-heal function
[19:03:44] <EazyCheez> that's with the current cvs, right?
[19:03:54] <Waz> a logic error is causeing it crash
[19:03:56] <Waz> }:>
[19:03:57] <wjp> well, the current cvs is fixed
[19:04:00] <EazyCheez> not with the new one that's coming out whenever
[19:04:16] <wjp> current snapshot is still broken
[19:04:26] <EazyCheez> ah
[19:04:56] <EazyCheez> so I will have to wait till Travis uploads it right?
[19:05:01] <EazyCheez> that's cool
[19:05:02] <EazyCheez> :)
[19:05:09] <Waz> if i add a small part to the code, who do i submit my "work" so for review?
[19:05:18] <Waz> so = to
[19:05:26] <EazyCheez> let's talk about -buildmap... what is it and how do I use it?
[19:05:29] <wjp> make a diff and send it to the mailing list, I guess
[19:06:00] <wjp> or I think SF even has a special patches section
[19:06:17] <Waz> ok.. is there a primr document about how to work with this cvs and other large projects?
[19:06:31] <wjp> what do you mean exactly?
[19:08:25] <wjp> EazyCheez: exult -buildmap x, where x = 0 for all roofs, 1 for no level 2 roofs, 2 for no roofs
[19:08:32] <wjp> you can also add "-game serpentisle"
[19:08:44] <Waz> i've never worked on a multi-file project like this, and i see you use cvs, like many others, no? so, is there a guide for the utilities, a primer (declare and define the primitives)
[19:09:35] <Waz> so i won't be asking so many questions. :)
[19:09:57] <wjp> hmm, there may be a howto somewhere, but basic cvs usage isn't really that complicated
[19:10:22] <EazyCheez> cool!
[19:10:28] <wjp> what cvs client are you using?
[19:10:30] <Colourless> you've got to have cvs first though
[19:10:42] * EazyCheez tries it
[19:10:55] <Waz> i have no cvs client
[19:12:04] <EazyCheez> huh, it didn't work
[19:12:18] <EazyCheez> I tried exult -buildmap 2
[19:12:24] <wjp> Colourless: what cvs client do you use?
[19:12:26] <EazyCheez> but nothing happened
[19:12:44] <wjp> EazyCheez: what's in stderr/stdout?
[19:12:58] <Colourless> i use wincvs
[19:13:21] <Colourless> i installed it, got it to work, and promptly forgot most of how it works :)
[19:13:26] <EazyCheez> dof... Couldn't set video mode (2048, 2048) at 8 bpp depth: No video mode large enough for 2048x2048
[19:13:49] <wjp> do you have fullscreen enabled?
[19:14:13] <EazyCheez> yep
[19:14:20] <wjp> guess what :-)
[19:14:27] <EazyCheez> gotta turn it off? :)
[19:14:43] <wjp> yeah :-)
[19:15:06] <wjp> it'll then create a 2048x2048 window
[19:15:31] <wjp> it could probably be done without actually opening a window, but that would require quite a bit of work
[19:16:06] <EazyCheez> I don't see a massive window
[19:16:10] <EazyCheez> :)
[19:16:30] <wjp> but it does do something?
[19:16:49] <EazyCheez> it works a tiny bit longer than it did with fullscreen on :)
[19:17:19] <EazyCheez> but still no messages or anything
[19:17:50] <Waz> can actor_find_path() work when flying the carpet?
[19:17:56] <EazyCheez> ok
[19:18:00] <EazyCheez> somethings doing
[19:18:18] <Colourless> it might, but I wouldn't think so
[19:18:32] <EazyCheez> it's writing maps!
[19:18:39] <Waz> big maps?!
[19:18:40] <EazyCheez> woo hoo!
[19:18:46] <EazyCheez> yeah, pretty big
[19:18:52] <Waz> all of britiania?
[19:18:53] <wjp> 400Mb total, IIRC
[19:19:04] <wjp> compresses to about 120Mb in .png
[19:19:09] <EazyCheez> wow
[19:19:26] * EazyCheez wants to crank up ACDSee when this is finished ;)
[19:19:50] <EazyCheez> then go into Corel PHOTO PAINT and stitch these suckers together :)
[19:20:03] <wjp> I scaled it down to 3072x3072 and printed it
[19:20:07] <wjp> quite a nice map
[19:21:03] <EazyCheez> you stitched it all together? did you run out of memory during it or something?
[19:21:32] <wjp> I first scaled it down a bit, then glued, then scaled down a bit more
[19:22:42] <wjp> ImageMagick has a nice 'montage' tool for the glueing (sp?)
[19:23:47] <-- Waz has left IRC ()
[19:27:26] <EazyCheez> bahaha I see the rogue skeletons in Britain I killed
[19:27:48] <EazyCheez> does it save the state of the maps as per the last save game or something?
[19:28:44] <Colourless> yeah
[19:28:55] <EazyCheez> it cleans out all the people though
[19:29:11] <EazyCheez> either that or they all disappear when the Black Gate is destroyed :)
[19:29:46] <EazyCheez> now, png is a good 'lossless' editable format, right?
[19:29:53] <Colourless> yes
[19:30:04] <EazyCheez> ok
[19:31:24] <EazyCheez> so I'll probably convert all these to pngs to save space... I'll probably stitch them together in vertical strips from left to right, then when I've got em all, I'll scale em all down... I don't know by how much, and stitch em together that way
[19:33:14] <EazyCheez> these look good!
[19:33:35] <EazyCheez> they should though, they're directly out of the game :)
[19:33:43] <EazyCheez> hey it's done! WOO HOO!
[19:35:52] <EazyCheez> now converting...
[19:36:21] <wjp> converting took longer than the grabbing for me :-)
[19:36:34] <EazyCheez> yeah sorta looks that way :)
[19:36:50] <EazyCheez> it's already on the third "strip" tho
[19:37:09] <EazyCheez> (I'm using ACDSee)
[19:37:21] <EazyCheez> very very nice image viewing proggy
[19:37:26] <wjp> yeah, it is
[19:40:12] <EazyCheez> it's halfway done already!
[19:42:55] <Colourless> i think i'll be leaving now
[19:43:16] <EazyCheez> argh!
[19:43:24] <EazyCheez> colourless leaves us! noooooooo
[19:43:34] <Colourless> :)
[19:43:38] <-- Colourless has left IRC (time for bed)
[19:44:28] <EazyCheez> oh yeah that's right
[19:44:35] <EazyCheez> I should add like six hours
[19:44:44] <EazyCheez> cuz you guys are in England right?
[19:46:10] <wjp> I'm Dutch, actually
[19:46:13] <wjp> Ryan is Australian
[19:46:22] <EazyCheez> ahhh k
[19:46:37] <wjp> 21:45 here
[19:46:56] <EazyCheez> you tired Willem?
[19:47:01] <wjp> must be about 4:15am for Ryan
[19:47:08] <wjp> a bit, why?
[19:48:02] <EazyCheez> just wondering
[20:05:13] <EazyCheez> gotta reboot so I can start workin on the map :)
[20:05:14] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (i am the sex that you provide)
[20:16:52] --> matto has joined #Exult
[20:20:11] --> EazyCheez has joined #Exult
[20:20:17] <EazyCheez> hello
[20:20:32] <EazyCheez> what's that program that can do batch stitching again? :)
[20:21:05] <wjp> I used ImageMagick's 'montage', but I don't know if there's a windows version
[20:24:37] <EazyCheez> there is indeedy :)
[20:24:46] <EazyCheez> another open sourcey :)
[20:27:05] <matto> wjp!
[20:27:32] <wjp> hi Matt
[20:27:39] <EazyCheez> hi matto
[20:27:48] <matto> EazyCheez!
[20:50:41] <EazyCheez> hmmm
[20:50:53] <EazyCheez> I don't think I accomplished the desired effect
[20:51:13] <EazyCheez> in fact I tried it out on two images, and the result is pretty sad
[20:51:14] <EazyCheez> :)
[20:51:21] <EazyCheez> I NEED to learn how to use it
[20:51:53] <EazyCheez> instead of the two I used being side by side, I need the first on top and the second on bottom, and no border either
[20:53:56] <wjp> it took me quite some time to get it entirely right
[20:54:18] <wjp> I wonder if I wrote the command down somewhere
[20:54:33] <wjp> I don't think I did :/
[21:01:00] <wjp> oh, I did!
[21:02:02] <wjp> montage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -tile 12x12 <filenames of .pngs in right order> SImap.png
[21:02:11] <wjp> or BGmap.png
[21:06:22] <wjp> this is assuming the superchunk .png's have been scaled down to 256x256, btw
[21:08:11] <EazyCheez> why would you want a map that small?
[21:08:46] <wjp> why wouldn't you? :-)
[21:09:59] <wjp> it produces a map of 3072x3072 total, which is large enough for printing
[21:10:56] <EazyCheez> every wall etc. is visible at that size?
[21:11:21] <wjp> you can still make out individual passages
[21:12:43] <wjp> in fact, I already have those 3072x3072 maps online somewhere
[21:12:52] <EazyCheez> wow
[21:13:08] <EazyCheez> I'll check em out when I get back :)
[21:13:49] <EazyCheez> I just wanted to get maps of Britannia taken from the game itself. but if I don't have to do it myself, that's awesome :)
[21:14:02] <EazyCheez> and also Serpent Isle :)
[21:14:22] <EazyCheez> I'm going out to eat with my parents
[21:14:23] <wjp> they should be at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/BGmap.png, BGmap_noroofs.png, SImap.png, SImap_noroofs.png
[21:14:33] <wjp> about 10Mb each
[21:14:39] <wjp> ok, see you later
[21:14:48] <EazyCheez> so um, I guess, In Mani Ylem :)
[21:14:50] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (i got my heart but my heart's no good)
[21:21:49] <-- Kefka has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[21:22:55] --> Kefka has joined #Exult
[21:23:28] <Kefka> ah.. new xchat..