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[00:16:55] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[00:35:40] <grant> Sorry I didn't answer you yesterday, but you had left before I checked
[00:35:46] <grant> my IRC window again.
[00:36:05] <grant> Yes, I am the one who suggested the dynamic key binder
[00:43:37] <Fingolfin> ok ;)
[00:48:33] <chimera|work> GRANT!!!! FINGOLFIN!!!!
[00:48:38] <chimera|work> hehe
[00:48:41] <Fingolfin> CHIMERA!!!!!!!
[00:48:52] <Fingolfin> don't shout that loud, it is almost 2 AM here!
[00:48:56] <Fingolfin> that makes my head hurt ;)
[00:49:23] <chimera|work> sorry hehe
[00:49:32] <chimera|work> have you been reading Sword of Truth anymore? =]
[00:50:22] <grant> Yo?
[00:50:54] <Fingolfin> weell
[00:50:57] * chimera|work claps grant good naturedly on the shoulder. "How are you doing, my friend?"
[00:51:01] <Fingolfin> I finished the first book last week ;)
[00:51:07] <chimera|work> Fingolfin: ah ha!
[00:51:10] <Fingolfin> the next two issues are already ordered ;)
[00:51:20] <Fingolfin> but Amazon says it'll take "1-2 weeks" :(
[00:51:22] <chimera|work> that first book was incredible... soooo good
[00:51:30] <grant> Who's the author?
[00:51:34] <chimera|work> Terry Goodking
[00:51:36] <chimera|work> err Goodkind
[00:52:53] <chimera|work> book 2 was also amazing... so much new stuff happens in it, it's as if it's a different series but it's not
[00:53:10] <chimera|work> and it has some of the most thrilling parts in it... hehe
[01:07:20] <Fingolfin> well
[01:07:31] <Fingolfin> chimera: in my copy of book 1, there is an excerpt of part two ;)
[01:15:10] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Good night folks)
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[01:59:59] <somdra> hi, mr.exultbot. how are we feeling today?
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[03:24:48] --> wep has joined #exult
[03:25:17] <wep> hiya
[03:25:18] * wep wishes he didnt give away his u1-u7 cd ;( i thoguht it'd never make it to win2k ;p
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[03:43:39] <-- wep has left IRC (i guess dick tastes good)
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[12:14:50] <Fingolfin> darn
[12:16:39] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[12:16:44] <Colourless> hi
[12:16:47] <wjp> hi
[12:16:54] <Fingolfin> lo
[12:17:52] <wjp> was it a coincidence that I say "cheat screen" and you appear a few seconds later? ;-)
[12:18:13] <Colourless> probably not
[12:18:24] <Colourless> :)
[12:18:27] <Fingolfin> to be fair, it were a few minutes, not seconds ;)
[12:18:33] <wjp> yeah, ok :-)
[12:55:34] <Colourless> i've got a new scaler from the guy who created the SaI scaler for exult.
[13:15:57] <Fingolfin> new scaler?
[13:15:59] <Fingolfin> what scaler?
[13:16:18] <Colourless> it's called SuperEagle. I'm currently compiling
[13:16:52] <Fingolfin> what pros is it supposed to have?
[13:17:41] <Colourless> no idea. It's supposed to be better than 2xSaI
[13:24:41] <Fingolfin> "better", hm
[13:24:47] <Fingolfin> faster, nicer, less memory?
[13:25:08] <Colourless> nicer. it wouldn't be faster.
[13:50:52] <Colourless> do you have to do anything speical to get your operating systems to perform stack traces?
[13:56:26] <Fingolfin> well, the debugger normally does it automatically if you mean that...
[13:58:15] <Colourless> hmm, it causes a crash
[13:58:27] <Colourless> 'it' is the scaler
[13:59:23] <Colourless> windows 2000 automatically generates stack traces
[14:06:36] <Colourless> simple problem, it attempts to access outside of the buffer.
[14:26:49] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|away
[14:26:49] <Fingolfin|away> bbl
[14:26:49] <Fingolfin|away> gotta run now
[15:56:01] --- Fingolfin|away is now known as Fingolfin
[15:56:04] <Fingolfin> back
[15:56:07] <wjp> wb
[15:56:11] * wjp is back too
[15:56:12] <Fingolfin> thx
[15:56:15] <Fingolfin> hehe ;)
[15:56:23] <Fingolfin> which port does rsh for CVS use, any clue?
[15:56:49] <wjp> no, but I can probably find out
[15:57:04] <Fingolfin> well, i guess I cna too, but maybe you are quicker? ;)
[15:57:12] <wjp> hehe :-)
[15:57:28] <wjp> I'm in a really slow mood today ;-)
[15:58:20] <Fingolfin> cvspserver uses 2401
[15:58:36] <Fingolfin> rsh-spdx is 222
[15:58:39] <Fingolfin> spx even ;)
[15:58:53] <Fingolfin> BSD rshd uses 514 it seems
[15:58:53] <Fingolfin> hrm
[15:59:02] <Fingolfin> maybe I should RTFS
[15:59:27] <wjp> tcpdump?
[16:00:08] <Fingolfin> well...
[16:00:14] <Fingolfin> the CVS client I use offers rsh support
[16:00:19] <Fingolfin> but it opens first port 601
[16:00:23] <Fingolfin> on the next try, 602
[16:00:29] <Fingolfin> then 603, etc.
[16:00:46] <Fingolfin> I guess I first should learn how exactly rsh works ;)
[16:00:50] <Fingolfin> before I can set up a tunnel
[16:01:27] <wjp> what exactly do you want to do?
[16:02:00] <Fingolfin> I want to use a SSH1 tunnel to get a CVS client to connect to SourceForge CVS repository
[16:02:07] <Fingolfin> so far I had to use pserver access
[16:02:12] <Fingolfin> pserver via SSH now works, BTW
[16:04:27] <wjp> I see
[16:05:38] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|bbl
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[16:14:14] <wjp> going home... bbl
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[17:33:23] --- Fingolfin|bbl is now known as Fingolfin
[17:33:35] <Fingolfin> wb wjp ;)
[17:33:42] <Fingolfin> hi colourless
[17:33:46] <Fingolfin> morning exultbot
[17:33:49] <Fingolfin> is that matt0 over there?
[17:33:58] * Fingolfin is in a cheerful mood for unknown reasons
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[19:43:41] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[19:54:25] <Colourless> I got an updated version of the scaler so it doesn't crash. Looks a little different to 2xSaI. However, there are a few issues that I need to sort out before I can commit it
[19:54:40] <Fingolfin> cool
[19:57:25] <Fingolfin> hmmm, pizza!
[19:57:29] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|pizza
[19:58:02] * wjp kicks sendmail
[20:02:06] <matt0> I'm here! but now I must go =(
[20:02:26] <wjp> ok, see you later
[20:02:39] <Colourless> cya
[20:02:46] <matt0> bye
[20:02:47] <-- matt0 has left IRC (Laserdisc Arcade Emulation Project: http://daphne.rulecity.com , get your CVS password today! =])
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[20:11:41] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[20:18:53] <Colourless> speech appears to be broken
[20:19:06] <Colourless> that may be the cause of the hang in win32
[20:21:32] --- Fingolfin|pizza is now known as Fingolfin
[20:24:25] <wjp> intro speech is working in linux
[20:25:36] <wjp> so that could indeed explain the win32 specific crash
[20:28:02] <Colourless> speech is very much broken for me. Nothing plays at all, and only when i task switch away from Exult and then back to exult does any thing play. Even then it doesn't play properly, the same bit of sound endlessly repeats untill i task switch away
[20:31:25] <wjp> hmm... that sounds really weird
[20:34:53] <Colourless> i would say that it's getting stuck somewhere and task swapping frees it from being stuck, only temporarily though
[20:59:35] --> chimera|work has joined #exult
[21:16:39] * wjp kicks sendmail again
[21:16:44] <wjp> finally got it...
[21:16:58] <Colourless> got what?
[21:17:38] <wjp> I was trying to find a clean way to redirect mail addressed to a virtual domain we're hosting at the univ.
[21:18:19] <wjp> now I can update the list of addresses without having to bug the sysadmins to do it
[21:18:49] <Colourless> i wonder if the 16 bit sound update broke Win32 exult...
[21:19:23] <wjp> could very well be... IIRC, it was the only update to the sound system in a long time
[21:31:21] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (brb)
[21:39:56] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[22:58:05] --> creichen has joined #exult
[22:58:08] --- creichen is now known as jameson
[22:58:14] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[22:58:14] <wjp> hi!
[22:58:19] <jameson> Hi!
[22:58:57] <wjp> haven't seen you in quite a while... how have you been?
[22:59:00] <jameson> Well, looks like fingolfin managed to log off just in time ;-P
[22:59:06] <wjp> heh :-)
[22:59:09] <jameson> Fine, thanks for asking! (Well mostly)
[22:59:17] <jameson> How have things been for you?
[22:59:23] <wjp> busy...
[22:59:28] <wjp> but pretty good overall
[22:59:34] <jameson> <g> Can relate to that :->
[22:59:47] <jameson> Semester ended last friday, I feel somehow... different... :->
[23:00:00] <wjp> :-)
[23:00:11] <jameson> BTW, has anyone heard anything from Dancer yet?
[23:00:20] <jameson> (Re debian ia32 packages)
[23:00:28] <wjp> no, not at all
[23:01:08] <jameson> I'm in the process of forcing Debian/woody down my old ia32 box's throat.
[23:01:18] <wjp> I:-)
[23:01:20] <jameson> Once I'm done, I could try making them here.
[23:01:24] <wjp> umm... s/I//
[23:01:52] <jameson> (Unfortunately, ircii can't transmit the processor's screams... ;-)
[23:02:08] <jameson> Somehow, I managed to break things in a big way while dist-upgrading...
[23:02:25] <jameson> isdntools conflict with cron, indirectly... fetchmail and lilo are listed as 'obsolete'...
[23:02:26] <wjp> (last email I got from Dancer is dated 12 jan., btw)
[23:02:33] <jameson> Weird stuff 8-)
[23:02:38] <wjp> fetchmail and lilo obsolete?
[23:02:49] <jameson> Yeah. Who needs them anyway?
[23:02:54] <jameson> I collect my e-mail manually.
[23:02:55] * wjp raises hand
[23:02:56] <jameson> Per telnet.
[23:02:59] <jameson> Much easier.
[23:03:05] <jameson> And you can use dd to write the boot sector...
[23:03:13] <jameson> No problem with a decent hex editor ;->
[23:03:30] <wjp> :-)
[23:03:43] <jameson> I don't have the slightest idea why this is happening.
[23:03:52] <jameson> Both of these tools should be rather fundamental...
[23:04:17] <jameson> The guys on #debian agreed, BTW, but that didn't appear to convince my configuration tools ;->
[23:04:34] <wjp> maybe they replaced them with some great other programs! :-)
[23:04:52] <wjp> (ok, not very likely :-) )
[23:04:54] <jameson> Well, there's grub as replacement for lilo, but it's listed as optional.
[23:05:12] <jameson> Actually, both programs have rather decent replacements...
[23:05:16] <jameson> But none of them are listed.
[23:05:23] <jameson> Someone's playing tricks on me there.
[23:05:38] <jameson> Apparently, my box doesn't want to let go of potato...
[23:05:56] <wjp> :-)
[23:06:00] <chimera|work> debian!!!!!
[23:06:06] <jameson> Guess it's envious because it has been degraded quite a bit ;->
[23:06:15] <jameson> Where?
[23:06:18] * jameson ducks
[23:06:21] * chimera|work uses Debian
[23:06:24] <jameson> Oh, yeah, here. Sorry.
[23:06:37] <jameson> Have you ever made a dist-upgrade and survived?
[23:07:19] <chimera|work> yep
[23:07:27] <chimera|work> you bet!
[23:07:44] <jameson> What version are you running now, and on what hw?
[23:08:15] <chimera|work> well I am using mainly unstable packages
[23:08:19] <chimera|work> Athlon 700, 128M of ram
[23:08:28] <chimera|work> I am pretty close to the cutting edge of unstable hehe
[23:08:39] <chimera|work> but I make sure never to use an unstable debconf package!!!
[23:08:43] <chimera|work> that is death
[23:09:00] <chimera|work> you can use console-apt to upgrade all of your packages _Except_ debconf hehe
[23:09:05] <jameson> Well, they sent me a few broken libcs during woody...
[23:09:10] <chimera|work> oh really?
[23:09:13] <jameson> (on Alpha, that is)
[23:09:27] <chimera|work> oh... yeah... I'd imagine alpha is a bit more unstable hehe
[23:09:42] <jameson> Indeed :-/
[23:10:12] <jameson> BTW, lilo and fetchmail are still standard packages in sid on ia32, aren't they?
[23:10:53] * jameson assumes cutting edge \equiv sid here
[23:11:52] <chimera|work> sid?
[23:12:26] <chimera|work> is that what they call it now?
[23:12:31] <jameson> The new unstable branch.
[23:12:33] <jameson> Yes.
[23:12:45] <chimera|work> oh... I just heard they froze woody but I didn't know what happened beyond that hehe
[23:13:19] <jameson> They had sid for a while before that, actually. I slipped into sid because I kept on using "unstable" 8-)
[23:13:26] <chimera|work> met oo
[23:13:28] <chimera|work> me too
[23:13:29] <jameson> Well, on my desktop system anyway...
[23:13:35] <chimera|work> I am setup as "unstable"
[23:13:57] <jameson> Things are different on the ia32 one, which was potato + RevKrusty's kde stuff.
[23:14:45] <jameson> Now, after dist-upgrade, things are funny.
[23:14:54] <chimera|work> yeah dist-upgrade is a bad idea I think...
[23:15:00] <chimera|work> unless it's on the stable branch
[23:15:07] <jameson> I don't want to point that thing to unstable, because its my 'net gateway...
[23:15:11] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[23:15:16] <jameson> Ah, that might explain things...
[23:15:22] <jameson> So I just have to wait until...
[23:15:26] <jameson> wb Fingolfin! :-)
[23:15:37] <jameson> ...until it's stable.
[23:15:39] <Fingolfin> jameson!!!
[23:15:58] <jameson> Yep! It's me, in person... or something like that...
[23:16:01] <Fingolfin> where you already here when I left?!?
[23:16:05] <Fingolfin> if yes I overlooked you
[23:16:08] <jameson> Yes...
[23:16:19] <jameson> I feel stronger...
[23:16:38] <jameson> Well, you left the second I joined ;->
[23:16:46] <Fingolfin> jameson receives +1/+1 from Giant Growth ;)
[23:16:49] <Fingolfin> ah ok ;)
[23:16:51] <Colourless> jameson: that can easily be changed
[23:16:54] <Fingolfin> must've been scared off then
[23:16:57] <Colourless> ;)
[23:17:03] <jameson> (I put that up to trained reflexes)
[23:17:35] <Fingolfin> jameson: thanks for asking what?
[23:17:58] <jameson> How I was, IIRC.
[23:18:43] <jameson> Anyway, where was I...
[23:19:15] <Fingolfin> what does 'afk' mean again?
[23:19:26] <jameson> OK, well, if Dancer doesn't want to do the ia32 debs, or doesn't have any time to make them, or whatever, I'd volunteer for making them here.
[23:19:32] <wjp> Fingolfin: away from keyboard
[23:19:43] <Fingolfin> ah right
[23:19:58] <jameson> Once the situation has stabilized somewhat.
[23:20:03] <Fingolfin> jameson: how is you semester project work going?
[23:20:08] <Fingolfin> or whatever it was again
[23:20:13] * jameson blinks
[23:20:19] <jameson> Oh, the seminar stuff.
[23:20:39] <jameson> Well, it's over. done. dead. wasted. Vernichtet. Vom Imperium.
[23:21:11] <jameson> Finished it on monday, two weeks and three days after the deadline =-)
[23:21:47] <jameson> And, of course, it turned out that I did evetything wrong, but that's a different story ;-)
[23:22:12] <Fingolfin> oh my ;)
[23:22:31] <Fingolfin> I hope this means you gotta repeat the year so you stay longer at the universtiy for me to bug ya? ;)
[23:22:32] <jameson> Finishing stuff like that is a rather... liberating experience, though =-)
[23:22:38] <Fingolfin> <g>
[23:22:41] <jameson> ;-P
[23:22:44] <jameson> Not quite ;-)
[23:22:49] <Fingolfin> ohhhhhhh
[23:22:50] <Fingolfin> ;)
[23:23:06] <jameson> Well, finish faster! ;-)
[23:25:17] <jameson> Re doing everything wrong: I was supposed to do an extensive summary. Instead, I did a short summary and put in some other stuff I believed to be interesting.
[23:26:25] <jameson> I guess it'll still score semi-OK, though.
[23:29:29] <jameson> Fingolfin: Is the semester over for you yet?
[23:30:07] <Fingolfin> well, depends on how you define "over" ;)
[23:30:15] <Fingolfin> lectures are over of course
[23:30:23] <Fingolfin> but I write Ana exam on thursday
[23:30:32] <Fingolfin> and on friday we start our two week CS project
[23:30:54] <Fingolfin> we'll implment the board game Lines of Action (in teams of 4-6 ppl)
[23:30:56] <jameson> Ah. So they still do that project thingy... :-)
[23:31:13] <Fingolfin> one way to get a "Schein" ;)
[23:31:17] <jameson> Right, I vaguely recall you talking about that...
[23:39:25] <Fingolfin> yeah
[23:39:32] <Fingolfin> actually I look forward to it
[23:40:17] <jameson> Yeah, those things can be a lot of fun :-)
[23:40:18] <Fingolfin> although I guess I now already more about the topic than the rest of my team together :/ not that I want to be arrogant, but it is simply true :/
[23:40:23] <Fingolfin> well
[23:40:29] <Fingolfin> the more we have to make sure we work as a team!
[23:40:46] <Fingolfin> e.g. I do not know more than the others regarding how to play that game well ;)
[23:40:56] <jameson> ;-)
[23:40:59] <Fingolfin> hence we can all work together on an evalutaion funciton
[23:41:38] <Fingolfin> but when it comes to implementing transposition tables, negmax (or maybe MTD(f) or negascout), I think I already leave most behind me. Simply because I know already that those exist, and have an idea how they work
[23:41:44] <jameson> You should try teaching them some of the stuff you know, if they're willing to accept it.
[23:41:51] <Fingolfin> yeah
[23:42:05] <jameson> Doing that can be surprisingly rewarding...
[23:42:12] <Fingolfin> I fully agree ;)
[23:42:40] <Fingolfin> I mean, what do you think is the reason I am going to the computer lab at all ? not because I have to code there, but usually becasue I help someone
[23:42:45] <jameson> transposition tables? negmax (min/max, the McCarthy algorithm?)
[23:42:49] <Fingolfin> well, or because I want to get some vidz from you;)
[23:42:58] <jameson> Good point ;->
[23:43:13] <Fingolfin> negamax actually; just a slightly modified min/max, but instead of having two functions, you combine them into one
[23:43:24] <jameson> Ah, OK.
[23:43:26] <Fingolfin> and pass a paramter boolean that indicates white or black
[23:43:45] <jameson> The term "transposition tables" sounds unfamiliar, though. Looks like you've left me behind you, too ;-)
[23:44:50] <jameson> (Official statement: Of course min/max is not /the/ McCarthy algorithm. I would like to point out that my posting was inappropriate. Thank you for your attention. (You make take the gun away now.))
[23:45:11] <Fingolfin> lol
[23:45:39] <Fingolfin> btw, it was fun during the last lecture
[23:45:53] <Fingolfin> the teacher introduced us to min/max and alpha-beta-pruning
[23:46:04] <Fingolfin> he gave examples using tic-tac-toe
[23:46:20] <Fingolfin> and the he kept saying: "now, if Max makes that move, Min will reply like this" ;)
[23:46:29] <wjp> :-)
[23:46:36] <jameson> ;->
[23:46:37] <Fingolfin> by coincidence, someone in the lecture attendace is named "Max" ;)
[23:46:52] <Fingolfin> only after everyone was giggling, and I waved friendly at him did he notice ,)
[23:46:58] <Fingolfin> he then asked me where min was ;)
[23:47:09] <jameson> <g> :-)
[23:47:22] <Fingolfin> matthias (our teacher) is a nice guy, though, we all like him
[23:48:28] <jameson> He's in FB 1, right? One of the maths guys?
[23:49:04] <wjp> hmmm... I'm going to bed
[23:49:07] <wjp> g'night
[23:49:13] <Colourless> night
[23:49:13] <-- wjp has left IRC (Read error to wjp[4dyn221.ogt.casema.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[23:49:13] <jameson> 'night!
[23:50:11] <Fingolfin> well
[23:50:29] <Fingolfin> matthias is actually a guest lecturer
[23:50:41] <Fingolfin> from england, also he studied in Darmstadt when he was young (he's german)
[23:50:45] <Fingolfin> not sure baout the FB
[23:50:52] <Fingolfin> he usually is at FB 4 (with us)
[23:50:57] <Fingolfin> what is FB1 again?!?
[23:51:09] <jameson> Ah, OK. FB1 is maths.
[23:51:12] <jameson> (I think.)
[23:51:23] <Fingolfin> no
[23:51:25] <Fingolfin> FB 4 is math
[23:51:27] <Fingolfin> I know! ;)
[23:51:30] <jameson> Damn.
[23:51:34] <jameson> ;->
[23:51:48] <jameson> You're right, FB1 are those guys with suits.
[23:52:07] <jameson> I should know that about FB 4, I guess...
[23:52:09] <Fingolfin> yeah! ;)
[23:52:19] <Fingolfin> what FB are you in? i..e which # is CS ?
[23:52:27] <jameson> Looks like I'll wind up with maths as my secondary subject.
[23:52:41] <jameson> 21, IIRC. Or 20.
[23:52:47] <jameson> Agh. ;->
[23:52:54] <jameson> 20. Almost sure.
[23:53:31] <Fingolfin> hehe
[23:54:01] * jameson looks it up
[23:54:22] <jameson> 20. Yep. (Phew... ;-)
[23:55:10] * jameson kills DosEMU yet again.
[23:56:44] <Fingolfin> DosEMU?!?
[23:56:52] <Fingolfin> why did you need doeemu for that?!?
[23:59:54] <jameson> DosEMU was the primary reason for dist-upgrading to woody.