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[06:44:40] <Hinrich> Hi
[06:46:07] <Hinrich> Is it possible somehow to configure the config so that I can run exult from a USB stick under windows?
[06:46:38] <Hinrich> The problem is that I need to specify a drive letter and that changes from machine to machine...
[06:47:33] <servus> what OS?
[06:47:38] <Hinrich> windows
[06:47:49] <servus> you cant mount drives easily from the command prompt in XP
[06:48:01] <Hinrich> and in 2000 or 98?
[06:48:15] <servus> perhaps 2000, doubtful in 98
[06:48:32] <Hinrich> hmmm.... would have been too nice...
[07:46:42] <Jett> You can specify a relative path in your exult.cfg, IIRC.
[07:47:45] <Jett> So if you stored both exult, and the u7 or si datafiles on the usb stick, say under 'exult' and 'exult/u7', then point your exult.cfg to the '.\u7' directory, it should work.
[07:48:19] <Jett> Or just drop a exult.exe straight into your u7 directory, and setup your exult.cfg to point to '.' for that particular game.
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[07:52:31] <`daniel> hello
[07:52:39] <Jett> Greetings.
[07:52:42] <`daniel> Kirben: you there? I need to speak to you.
[07:52:51] <Kirben> yes
[07:53:15] <`daniel> about naming for the CVS daily snapshot zips
[07:53:29] <Kirben> Yes I saw that message on forum
[07:53:35] <`daniel> I was pretty sure there would be a program out there to automatically grab CVS at a certain time and name it however you wanted it?
[07:53:55] <`daniel> If I do find one, would you be able to implement it perhaps?
[07:54:28] <Jett> Check the logs. A few days ago there was a discussion on it as it was done in another project and the problems they encountered.
[07:54:58] <`daniel> ahhh , okay
[07:55:03] <Kirben> No I won't be, would require a web page update every time too. Besides the current method is better in a way, only updated when cvs actually changes.
[07:55:37] <`daniel> but don't you get sick of doing it all manually by hand?
[07:55:43] <Jett> The concept (and the scripts) are technically simple. But the automatic webpage update, and automatic compile (under windows anyway, linux it would be easy with cron or something) is a little harder.
[07:55:58] <Kirben> No, Exult cvs is actually very quiet now too.
[07:56:20] <Kirben> bbl food
[07:56:27] <`daniel> k
[07:56:55] <`daniel> I merely talking about packaging the source when it changes in CVS
[07:57:07] <`daniel> compiling would make things a little more complex
[08:19:48] <Jett> Updating the webpage is quite complex itself, IIRC. You need to automatically update your local copy of the web cvs module, run the xml->xhtml scripts, commit it, ssh into the webserver, cvs update that, then run the script which updates the permissions on things correctly.
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[08:21:20] <`daniel> I thought it was just a matter of getting the machine to grab CVS, tar/gzip or zip and tag it with the program name and date it was grabbed, then putting tha zipped file into the web page?
[08:22:11] <Jett> That's only if the snapshot download points to a directory. You'll see our snapshot points straight to a file: http://exult.sourceforge.net/snapshots/Exult.zip
[08:22:56] <Jett> So everytime we need to update the snapshot name from Exult-date.zip to Exult-Date+1.zip, we need to update the downloads.xml (or whatever it's called) regenerate the .php from that, etc...
[08:23:22] <`daniel> hrrm
[08:23:50] <Kirben> And excluding the cvs specific files isn't so easy to do automatically, at least under windows.
[08:23:51] <`daniel> perhaps you could have the download page for the daily source snapshot, merely a listing of the /snapshots/ directory?
[08:24:03] <Jett> Of course, this also presumes Kirben has his public key uploaded to the sf.net webservers, so he can run it with a script automatically, without him typing his password in half-a-dozen times.
[08:24:28] <`daniel> I see your point though
[08:25:04] <Jett> Then we'd have uses coming in asking "What do we download?!?", we already have those regularly as it is. Have you *seen* how much stuff is in the /snapshots/ directory? *grin*
[08:25:41] <`daniel> yah, opengl now works :)
[08:25:45] <`daniel> but slow and looks ugly :P
[08:26:06] <`daniel> umm, nope :P
[08:26:23] <`daniel> It should be implied that you download the one with the latest date
[08:27:05] <Jett> We'd basically have to have someone else updating the snapshots other then Kirben, (who does a fine job of it atm! *grin*), since it most likely would have to be scripted under linux or something, since I can't think of an easy way to do it under windows.
[08:27:08] <`daniel> anyone looking at a file like "exult-20010208.zip" would realise that it's prolly very old :P
[08:27:39] <`daniel> Well I will continue to look at it
[08:27:44] <`daniel> and yes, Kirben does a very nice job :)
[08:27:55] <Jett> Check again. *grin* We've got Changelog, exultwin32.exe, sdl_mixer.exe, Exult.zip, ExultTools.exe, PhotoshopPlugin.zip... and the list goes on and on and on.
[08:28:23] <`daniel> k, then "exultsrc-20011007.zip"?
[08:28:32] <`daniel> thats obvious enough
[08:28:45] <`daniel> or you could put the source in a seperate directory
[08:28:54] <`daniel> like /exultsrc/
[08:29:07] <`daniel> and have a link to that listing from the downloads page
[08:29:50] <Jett> Umm... no it ain't. We've had people come here having downloaded the *source* rather then the *binary* and asking how to run that. You're making *big* assumptions about the computer literacy of people who use exult, which in my experience are false. *grin*
[08:31:28] <Jett> In the end, the problem is no-one's volunteered to do this, and you're the only person so far who's commented that they would like it this way. In theory it's all nice, and elegant and such. But the problem is it requires lots of effort that at least I, and probably a few other people, don't seem to think is worth it. Sorry.
[08:32:35] <`daniel> nah thats okay
[08:33:21] <`daniel> I would only suggest it if it didn't take so much time and effort to maintain
[08:33:32] <`daniel> i can deal with it
[08:33:39] <Jett> Your best solution, of course, is to volunteer your time to update your distro's package support to know how to use cvs. It'll solve lots of problems like this (for example wine/winex), rather then creating a specific solution to a generic problem. *grin*
[08:35:45] <`daniel> well interestingly enough, I've been talking to some people in the distro's channel about CVS capabilities
[08:36:26] <`daniel> the general excuse seems to be that it will make the ports system too complicated
[08:36:53] <Jett> Actually, your other alternative is to write the scripts and such to do what you want us to do yourself, and submit them as a patch. It's possible that with the scripts on hand, one of the linux developers will setup a machine of theirs to do this. Worth a shot if you're interested. *grin*
[08:37:35] <`daniel> thats a possibility
[08:38:41] <Jett> IMO, that's a rather pathetic excuse. If your ports system was designed to be properly generic to begin with, then it shouldn't be any more difficult to replace 'untargz foo.tar.gz' with 'getcvs anonymous@foo.sf.net co foo', which is essentally what gentoo's portage system does.
[08:38:49] <Jett> Good luck. *grin*
[08:40:29] <`daniel> i know so :)
[08:40:43] <`daniel> i believe in time it may be changed
[08:41:06] <`daniel> but its not something that I'm changing distro's over, hehe.
[08:41:11] <Jett> You will, of course, have the occasional breakage with people shuffling executables or docs around and you not installing the proper ones. But if you're grabbing cutting edge cvs, that's a risk you're taking. *grin*
[08:41:16] <`daniel> gentoo is too, gentooish for me
[08:41:48] <`daniel> Jett, your *grin*'ing like darke :P
[08:41:51] <`daniel> hehehe
[08:42:18] <`daniel> the evil *grin*s are spreading
[08:42:39] * Jett shrugs. He's changed distros for less. He didn't like gcc2.96, so he swapped to Mandrake, which just didn't 'feel' right. Then to SuSE which after 12 months or so he felt limited in by rpm, swapped to gentoo because it didn't have rpm and was an interesting experience to get working.
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[08:42:53] <Darke> Gee... there's probably a reason for that. *grin*
[08:43:06] <Darke> Jett's an alter ego, and thus an alter nick.
[08:46:19] <`daniel> ahh k
[08:46:33] <`daniel> lol
[08:46:46] <`daniel> gentoo is prolly one of the better mainstream distros
[08:46:58] <`daniel> in my opinion
[08:47:12] <Hinrich> Darke: Thanks for the hint - I just got it to work from the USB stick. Nice.... ;-)
[08:47:14] <`daniel> but I also liked slackware somewhat, just because I started on it.
[08:50:13] <Darke> Hinrich: Cool. *grin*
[08:51:29] <Darke> `daniel: Never used slackware. I was interested in getting a linux system working 'easily' to start with, then working harder from that, and ended up skipping over it completely. Ended up playing with linux from scratch for a while, but couldn't be bothered with getting more then a basic system running with it.
[08:53:49] <`daniel> ahh I see
[08:54:05] <`daniel> I tried mandrake at first, only for about one afternoon
[08:54:32] <`daniel> what do you use now?
[08:58:18] <Darke> Gentoo. *grin*
[09:00:02] <`daniel> well im off to play a game to take my mind off the looming assignment that is due very soon :/
[09:00:09] <`daniel> cya
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[09:13:48] <Fingolfin> rehi
[09:20:14] <Jett> Hi.
[09:20:22] * Jett grumbles at his net connection.
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[10:00:57] <wjp> hi
[10:02:07] <Darke> Hi.
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[12:56:44] <Colourless> hi
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[13:13:16] <wjp> Fingolfin: would you believe Yuv422 got pentagram to compile by manually including some #included files?
[13:13:38] <Fingolfin> hm?
[13:13:39] <wjp> so it would be a preprocessor bug?
[13:14:00] <Fingolfin> nothing can be exlucded. IN that case I'd immediately try -no-cpp-precomp
[13:14:08] <wjp> He tried that but that didn't work
[13:14:40] <wjp> SoftRenderSurface.cpp #include's SoftRenderSurface.inl 5 times
[13:14:57] <wjp> merging it into the source manually apparently worked
[13:15:10] <wjp> I'm rather amazed :-)
[13:15:51] <Colourless> oddly enough, i've heard of similar stupid problems in other compilers. where you had to repeat a line for it to work for whatever bizzar reason
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