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[01:58:59] <Zxcvb> any news on a rc2 or final release?
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[14:13:18] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[14:13:43] <Fingolfin> hi
[15:41:05] <wjp> hey, that info in the "GNOME2/KDE3 desktop file" patch for scummvm is useful
[15:41:21] <wjp> sounds like that's what we should do for exult
[15:42:10] <Fingolfin> :-)
[15:53:27] <wjp> I wonder if we should always install that .desktop file in /usr/share/applications
[15:53:38] <wjp> I guess it won't hurt
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[22:16:10] <wjp> hi
[22:16:17] <WishStone> huhu .. *sad Wishie*
[22:16:25] <WishStone> One of my boys is dead :[
[22:16:43] <wjp> :-(
[22:16:48] <WishStone> The white one... his tumors got so bad he was in a lot of pain today... vet put him down.
[22:17:49] <WishStone> I never thought I would be so sad over just a little rat dying
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[23:27:45] <Dominus> hi
[23:27:49] <Dominus> wjp: are you still here?
[23:27:52] <wjp> yes
[23:27:55] <wjp> hi
[23:28:04] <Dominus> :-)
[23:28:12] <Dominus> sbx is right in the forum
[23:28:35] <Dominus> a simple check to prevent people from mixing paths
[23:28:46] <wjp> ideally we'd just get rid of gamedat altogether
[23:29:25] <Dominus> how would you go about that?
[23:29:41] <wjp> well, there's no real point to gamedat
[23:29:44] <wjp> we have plenty of memory
[23:30:07] <wjp> U7 used gamedat to swap out parts of the world to disk
[23:30:20] <wjp> (entirely, I mean; not just the static parts)
[23:30:29] <Dominus> I see
[23:30:42] <wjp> gamedat is only a couple of hundred Kb
[23:30:57] <wjp> but it isn't really something we can do easily
[23:31:05] <Dominus> he he
[23:31:08] <wjp> (mainly because the savegame system will need some work)
[23:31:22] <Dominus> something for the 2.0 text file then
[23:31:40] <Dominus> until then a check for these paths would be nice though :-)
[23:31:49] <wjp> comparing paths isn't trivial
[23:32:33] <wjp> especially when allowing relative paths
[23:32:48] <Dominus> hmm
[23:33:58] <Dominus> still, if people are mixing the paths, they are most likely using the same string in both cases so a direct comparison should be possible, or?
[23:37:29] <wjp> in his case it would already have to be a case insensitive compare
[23:38:01] <wjp> what I'd like to know is what his reasoning was (i.e., why he pointed both to the same place)
[23:38:10] <wjp> it may be the fact that 'gamedat' sounds suspiciously like 'game data'
[23:38:27] <wjp> maybe we should just rename it
[23:38:27] <Dominus> true (case thing)
[23:38:49] <Dominus> temp would be a nice name
[23:39:06] <wjp> well, it still contains the quicksave, so it's not all that temporary
[23:39:24] <Dominus> true, quicksave then :-)
[23:40:18] <wjp> does that make it sufficiently clear that it's a directory, not a file?
[23:40:57] <wjp> *sigh*... I really don't want to spend all that much time on this
[23:41:01] <Dominus> quickdir?
[23:41:04] <wjp> I'd really rather rip out gamedat altogether
[23:41:18] <wjp> (and that makes any effort to make it more intuitive rather wasted)
[23:41:30] <Dominus> again:true
[23:51:26] <Dominus> oh, and can we have an RSS feed of our forum? :-)
[23:51:34] <wjp> probably
[23:51:55] <wjp> xu4 or nuvie did that recently, didn't they?
[23:52:29] <Dominus> Trillian the program I use for irc/icqq/aim also has a RSS plugin and I only recently installe dit and am enjoying it :-)
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[23:55:02] <Dominus> only the sf-home stuff is RSS enabled for those
[23:55:06] <Dominus> I think
[23:56:04] <wjp> http://xu4.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=9&t=9
[23:56:28] <Dominus> ah
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[23:56:58] <Dominus> nice
[23:58:06] <wjp> let me copy that rss script from xu4 :-)
[23:58:15] <Dominus> cool
[23:58:33] <Dominus> I was making that request rather in jest :-)
[23:58:43] <wjp> try if it works already
[23:59:02] <wjp> (I'm sure you can guess the URL:-) )
[23:59:46] <Dominus> yup
[23:59:48] <Dominus> works