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[02:36:07] <Quester> hi
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[06:53:13] <servus> Geology ROCKS! YEEEEEEEEEAH!
[07:48:56] * Darke2 drops a mountain on servus.
[08:15:27] * servus ows
[08:16:05] <Baastuul> I am listening to Barry Manilow.
[08:16:22] <servus> There is a serious shortage of money in the FEAR world. Your SpecOps team cannot afford a lantern battery that lasts longer than 10 seconds, and no one can afford their lighting bills!
[08:16:41] <servus> It's like in DOOM. They spent so much money getting to Mars that they had none left over for some decent lighting fixtures
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[08:17:11] <Darke2> I was just thankful it wasn't as bad as DOOM3. There were only a few places it got too dark, and it didn't last long. *grin*
[08:18:45] <servus> That's what I meant - Doom 3
[08:19:54] <sts9> Im tring to build the 1.2 release on debian and have compile errors about 'std::hash_map' has not been declared. If anyone wants I can paste the errors in #flood. they arent THAT long maybe around 10-15 lines
[08:19:59] <servus> Headshots in FEAR are not fatal, either. Bleh.
[08:20:16] <servus> http://rafb.net/paste/ the errors?
[08:22:13] <sts9> ok, I pasted them in that site
[08:30:47] <sts9> any ideas?
[08:31:05] <sts9> a dev package Im missing?
[08:31:38] <sts9> I installed libstdc++2.10-dev, but still the same problem
[08:32:34] <Darke2> What is the version of gcc you're using?
[08:32:58] <servus> g++ --version and Is this the newest CVS checkout?
[08:33:42] <sts9> g++ (GCC) 4.0.3 20060212
[08:33:44] <sts9> no
[08:33:46] <sts9> just 1.2
[08:33:48] <sts9> stable
[08:34:12] <sts9> should I/ Can I specify a different gcc in configure?
[08:35:02] <servus> Give me a: ls /usr/bin/g++-*
[08:35:28] <servus> I've used g++ 3.3.6 on Debian to compile successfully.
[08:35:35] <sts9> /usr/bin/g++-2.95 /usr/bin/g++-3.3 /usr/bin/g++-4.0
[08:35:51] <sts9> I should have the most used version
[08:35:52] <sts9> s
[08:35:54] <sts9> versions
[08:35:57] * Darke2 suspects it might be your gcc version. They changed where they put various headers to comply with the standards so might have deprecated the old ones in 4.0.
[08:36:34] * Darke2 doesn't have anything other then the beta of 4.0 installed though, so probably can't test it out. Will try though.
[08:36:34] <sts9> yeah it says in configure that ext/hash_map is found, but no regular hash_map
[08:37:31] <sts9> I suppose I can figure it out myself, but offhand you know a way I can spefity it to use gcc3 instead for the configure
[08:37:33] <sts9> ?
[08:37:49] <servus> You could do this: ln -sf /usr/bin/g++-3.3 /usr/bin/g++
[08:38:06] <servus> That will map 3.3 as the default g++ version. i think there's a more Debian way to do it, though.
[08:38:24] <sts9> right, but thats more of a permanent option
[08:38:38] <sts9> I suppose I can just delete the link after
[08:38:43] <sts9> Ill try that
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[08:39:00] <servus> Then edit the Makefile and change CXX = g++
[08:39:05] <servus> Change taht to CXX = g++-3.3
[08:39:17] <sts9> yeah, ok. that sounds good to me
[08:39:17] <servus> That should do 'er.
[08:39:19] <sts9> thanks
[08:39:27] <sts9> Ill let you know what the result is
[08:39:31] <servus> Alright
[08:40:20] <sts9> I could just install it with depian packages, but Im learning c++ was was interested in getting to know the code
[08:43:23] <servus> You chose a scary project to start with *ducks*
[08:47:48] <Quester> can anybody help me to compile uc scripts?
[08:48:29] <Darke2> Exult isn't too scary. Scary is when you look into pentagram and get dropped headfirst into complex templates.
[08:49:15] * Darke2 is in the middle of a clean compile of exult at the moment, so can't really help. The forum may be better to ask this question on. What problem are you having anyway?
[08:53:00] <servus> Nwo what's scary is the original Ultima VII source code
[08:53:27] <servus> At least it's pretty well documented.
[08:56:16] <Quester> I decompile usecode by using ucconv, but can't compite some scripts back to .uco, have a "abrt not declared" error
[08:56:56] <Quester> and some "UI_xxxxx not declared" errors
[09:01:00] <servus> Oh well, no one's biting tonight. I was just trying to pull someone's bunny paw about the fabled U7 source code
[09:03:05] <Darke2> Quester: I can't help you about that I'm afraid. If you ask on the forums, you'll likely get Dr Code to come out of hiding and he might be able to help you, if someone else doesn't chime in beforehand.
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[09:03:45] <Quester> ok, I'll ask on forum
[09:04:07] <Darke2> Good luck!
[09:04:12] <Quester> thanks
[09:06:55] <sts9> yeah, changing the Makefile doesnt seem to solve it, I see during configure: checking hash_map usability... no
[09:07:25] * Quester come back to russian translation ultima 7bgfov
[09:08:14] <servus> sts9: export CXX=g++-3.3 && ./configure
[09:08:32] <servus> ./configure will overwrite your Makefile.
[09:10:12] <sts9> how important is hash_map?
[09:11:11] <servus> That file won't compile without it. How about that? : o)
[09:11:44] <servus> Can you try to manually compile that file?
[09:11:49] <servus> g++-3.3 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I./../headers -I./.. -I./../files -I./../imagewin -I/usr/include/SDL -D_REENTRANT -I/usr/include/freetype2 -DXWIN -g -Wno-long-long -g -O2 -c bodies.cc -MT bodies.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/bodies.TPlo -o bodies.o
[09:12:05] <servus> From HEAD/shapes/
[09:12:06] <Darke2> Among other things, they're used to store the shapes. So I guess they're a bit important. *grin*
[09:12:24] <sts9> well I got past that part now
[09:12:33] <servus> Then what now?
[09:12:40] <sts9> but theres another error. lol :p
[09:12:43] <sts9> ../files/.libs/libu7file.a(IFF.o): In function `~IFF':/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.0.3/../../../../include/c++/4.0.3/bits/basic_string.h:227: undefined reference to `__gnu_cxx::__exchange_and_add(int volatile*, int)'
[09:12:59] <sts9> oh
[09:13:00] <sts9> ok
[09:13:04] <sts9> I changed g++
[09:13:12] <servus> Did you do a make clean?
[09:13:14] <sts9> also need to change gcc to 3.3?
[09:13:29] <servus> export CXX=g++-3.3 && ./configure && make clean && make
[09:13:49] <sts9> ok, I did a distclean. forgot the clean
[09:13:58] <sts9> Doh!
[09:14:14] <servus> If you try to link object files compiled with different version of a compiler, it's generally bad mojo, or in Darke terminology, grounds for an anvil.
[09:14:52] <sts9> haha. guess I shoulda saw that one coming ;)
[09:19:36] <sts9> yeah I remember that from whne I used to use gentoo. I thought upgrading Kde was bad in gentoo - then I upgraded to GCC4 and the WHOLE SYSTEM had to recompile, I was like ok 3 updates, not too bad. then 2 days later. I could finally use my system normally!
[09:20:06] <sts9> suffice to say I use Debian know ;)
[09:20:12] <sts9> now
[09:35:16] <servus> Good luck with that, and good night.
[09:39:23] <sts9> ok All worked. thanks for the hwlp
[09:39:49] <Darke2> Cool.
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