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[00:43:42] <sbx> servus: you're pictures work again!
[00:46:09] <servus> My what what?
[00:46:20] <servus> A broken IP is right twice aday
[00:48:06] <sbx> on the Exult3D R2 thread
[00:48:15] <sbx> the latter two were broken earlier
[00:48:24] <sbx> but now they display
[01:05:35] <servus> Nope, still broken. Your browser must be caching
[01:08:07] * sbx sighs.
[01:08:13] <sbx> You're correct.
[01:18:40] <servus> ***TO COLOURLESS IN THE LOGS: Change your Phorum screenshot to this address: http://madness.sourceforge.net/files/Exult3D-37.jpg ... and don't trust my IP :-)
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[02:04:58] * servus does some high-mountain-peaks tests
[02:06:20] <servus> They look fairly silly
[02:16:19] <sbx> Because they aren't very wide?
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[06:21:54] <servus> Googling Exult3D turns up nearly all foreign-language sites.
[06:24:47] <servus> In response to Previteras' boggling Ascension post... when I put my mind to it, I can model a spatula in 2 minutes.
[07:50:05] <Jammet> Mew. =)
[07:51:11] <servus> Hihi
[07:51:52] <Jammet> Good morning =^_^=
[07:52:42] <Jammet> servus: A few days ago - I think - I had a little idea about your mountains for U7.
[07:53:06] <Jammet> It's about making them look big yet still leaving flying on the carpet as it is.
[07:53:38] <Jammet> Interested in this or, should I mind me own catty buisness? =)
[07:54:10] <servus> I read it
[07:54:14] <servus> I don't really understand it, maybe:)_
[07:55:14] <Jammet> =^_^= Cool. Well, maybe hint me where I was not explaining well.
[07:57:26] <Jammet> A few days ago you were showing me this: http://madness.sourceforge.net/files/Exult3D-34.jpg
[07:58:00] <servus> http://madness.sourceforge.net/files/Exult3D-37.jpg shows it with lighting
[07:58:18] <Jammet> Looks fabulous! =)
[07:58:41] <servus> Still has work to be done
[07:58:47] <Jammet> And they're flying which makes this even easier to refer to when I try to explain a bit.
[08:01:15] <Jammet> I've thought of having 2 different perspective modes. One for above the clouds and one for beneath the clouds. The clouds I speak of aren't there yet. I'd place a 2D (thin) layer of clouds (like a skybox) right under the tips of the mountains. In both perspective modes.
[08:01:35] <Jammet> I'd use one perspective mode for flying, and the other one for the entire normal game.
[08:02:34] <Jammet> The perspective mode for flying would look like http://madness.sourceforge.net/files/Exult3D-37.jpg except that there would be a thin layer of clouds that would get thicker when closer to mountains. A small optical trick so you think you're above the clouds you would see if you stood on the ground, looking up.
[08:03:11] <Jammet> I'd probably have a slightly bigger FOV while flying, just for the fun of it, too =).
[08:04:18] <Jammet> For the normal perspective, the one you get when standing on the ground, I'd visually enhance mountains to be a lot taller than they appear when flying. Simply a visual thing. Stretching them or something.
[08:04:57] <servus> Yeah I read that :-)
[08:05:02] <Jammet> Maybe including the effect that you cannot see the tips at all, because they fade off into the sky.
[08:05:27] <Jammet> Okay, that's it already.
[08:06:04] <servus> If you are looking down... through clouds... how can you see anything but clouds? :)
[08:06:35] <Jammet> They are not all fully opaque and they don't cover the whole scenery.
[08:07:02] <Jammet> About the mountain tips there should probably be a few more than everywhere else, to support the illusion of being higher up, but that's about it.
[08:07:19] <servus> Ehh
[08:07:22] <servus> Let me make you a screenshotr
[08:08:59] <Jammet> Have you ever played that somewhat old DOS shootem'up game ... by Apogee ... damn I forgot the name...
[08:09:19] <Jammet> It had a full 3D environment and you could fly above cloud level with a fighter.
[08:09:39] <Jammet> It used that to visually seperate an environment into two parts.
[08:09:54] <Jammet> just for optical impression that it was really ... high up in the air.
[08:10:09] <servus> Voxel mountains?
[08:10:20] <Jammet> No, it was polygons, even had textures.
[08:10:51] <servus> Novaterra?
[08:11:01] <Jammet> No ...
[08:11:14] <Jammet> It was shareware, maybe from '96 or so.
[08:11:33] <servus>
[08:12:15] <Jammet> Ah yes, that's somehow double or triple the normal height, yes?
[08:14:27] <Jammet> I wonder what that'd look like if you are standing on the ground. If they kind of fade off into the sky, it might enhance the impression. While flying it looks also better than with them being their normal size, even if they are all the same height, kind of. I guess there are some things that just have to be that way because of the original design.
[08:16:11] <Jammet> I'm picturing a big house in front of such mountains and then looking up at the house with the mountains behind ... if they fade of, that would kinda make them appear gigantic. Of course everything I say could just as well be stupid =).
[08:16:43] * Jammet hopes he's not doing something bad by coming up with such ideas.
[08:16:45] <servus> Yeah but that requires large non-steep foothills to look correct
[08:16:55] <servus> I can't change the size of the "foothills", remember.
[08:17:10] <Jammet> Yeah ...
[08:18:20] <Jammet> The single reason why I thought the idea was workable was because of using the cloud layer as a kind of optical illusion to make things work your way.
[08:18:27] <Jammet> Sorry.
[08:18:57] <servus> Nothing to be sorry about :)
[08:19:02] <servus> You can work on the code if you like :-p
[08:19:41] <Jammet> I can't. =)
[08:21:32] <Jammet> But if you really mean it when you say that I don't have to be sorry - so that I won't feel like disturbing you with some idea, I'll keep them coming. =)
[08:23:21] <Jammet> Now with lights and shadows...
[08:23:53] <Jammet> What are torches going to look like?
[08:24:25] <Jammet> Or all of lanterns, torches, candles... etc.
[08:24:42] <servus> Vertex-lighting will produce a smooth gradient in straight lines between vertices.
[08:24:46] <servus> It will be vertex lighting
[08:24:50] <servus> I'm just playing a game right now :-)
[08:24:51] <Jammet> Will they sort of have an aura of light, or will they light up a room fully?
[08:25:26] <Jammet> =^_^= Cool. Any kinds of shadows planned?
[08:25:34] <servus> There might be a particle system, but not for some time. They will have a 'globe' of light around them, though
[08:25:37] <servus> No shadows planned for now
[08:26:39] <Jammet> Back when I was playing the old Unreal, they had a very interesting effect for fire. That old assembly-style thing you know. =)
[08:27:26] <Jammet> But nevermind that. If you put in multiple light sources, it would be neat if they get a very warm and soft kind of flicker effect like a candle would, in the wind.
[08:28:02] <Jammet> Very much like any fire does.
[08:28:13] <servus> Yeah
[08:29:44] <Jammet> On your screenshot, the entrance to that cave is brightly lit .. is there a lightsource in there?
[08:31:02] <servus> No, floors are all the same brightness
[08:31:12] <Jammet> Okay...
[09:27:41] <Jammet> Oh, ische ware offeleine?
[09:27:42] <Jammet> Ja wie geht das denn =).
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[13:57:29] <Fl00der> hello
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[22:24:37] <servus> Dragging and dropping .mpg files into mplayer2 on Windows XP kernel panics my computer.
[22:26:37] <sbx> I can't find mplayer2.
[22:26:49] <sbx> So I don't have an icon for it obviously.
[22:27:18] <sbx> Did you install Mplayer6 to get it?
[22:27:29] <sbx> I mean WMP6.
[22:31:18] <servus> Start | Run | Mplayer2
[22:35:23] <sbx> oh, dragging into the player
[22:35:42] <sbx> You know, I think I have run that before... but thanks for reminding me.
[22:36:11] <sbx> That works for me, by the way.
[22:46:35] <servus> Some mpegs.
[22:46:40] <servus> Just restarts the computer flat.
[22:47:52] <sbx> You think it's the videos or XP/WMP?
[22:59:35] <servus> Huh?
[22:59:47] <servus> No it's always mpegs that do it for me.
[23:06:43] <sbx> You think it's those particular mpegs that do it?
[23:06:57] <sbx> Because it works for me.
[23:16:51] <servus> maybe
[23:16:58] <servus> shouldn't kernel panic the bleedin' computer though
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