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[02:14:47] <Getty> lol
[02:15:07] <Getty> i'm at some bug i guess.. one area is bright and another dark like night
[02:15:15] <Getty> and i can walk between them and it always switches instantly
[02:15:24] <Getty> 2am says the watch
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[15:57:01] <eviltar> exultbot hows the weather?
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[16:59:07] <exultbot> dark and cold
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[17:38:35] <Getty> eviltar: btw, this is a scene of the cartoon i meant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fU6VLVbA2A
[17:39:13] <Getty> ah here! complete http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agLwIxiEk_c&feature=related as it seems
[17:41:20] <eviltar> hahah, aer you likening yourself to daffy?
[17:41:42] <Getty> yeah, wanted to say that i felt like daffy when i filled the 2nd chest ;)
[17:41:48] <eviltar> with your chests of dragon gold
[17:41:56] <Getty> hehe
[17:42:00] <Getty> you get it ;)
[18:20:03] <eviltar> as much as I tried to remain a purist, i have to admit games like oblivion and fable have spoiled me a bit to where the thought of being able to purchase a place in Ultima7 to fill with loot sounds kind of apealing, although it doesnt fit with him always wanting to go back to earth, nor is it very 'Avatar-like'
[18:22:26] <eviltar> humility is a virtue ;) you said you didn't play ultima 4 didn't you?
[18:23:15] <eviltar> try the NES version if you need better graphics than the dos version
[19:18:03] <Getty> i think my problem with ultima 4 is more likely that its not that kind of quality in itself
[19:18:10] <Getty> its more orientated to the classic simple RPGs
[19:18:21] <Getty> U5 broke out of this area in my eyes
[19:33:03] <eviltar> idk, i think it's unique in having to mater the virtues, to me it helped define the avatar as a charector, and set it aside from the other rpg's i'd played that were about loot, and grinding for numbers/gold farming
[19:41:00] <eviltar> I'm not saying U5 is bad, just that U4 is not a generic rpg
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[20:02:50] <Getty> no ultima was really generic ;) but U4 was just in my personal opinion one step behind, but yes, its probably a very important step to define the avatar right
[20:05:19] <Getty> ultima 3 also had a charme, definitly
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