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[12:39:22] <Dominus> hi marzo
[12:39:27] <Marzo> Hi
[12:42:53] <Dominus> hmm, Marzo, there really is something off with buying sextants from Gargan in Trinsic
[12:43:36] <Dominus> no money is subtracted for buying the sextant
[12:44:00] <Dominus> deed for the ship gets paid, thouggh
[12:47:05] <Dominus> Healer and weapons dealer seem to take money, peter, too, for the carriage
[12:47:10] <Marzo> Yes, there is -- it is an usecode bug
[12:47:32] <Dominus> so that happened in the original as well?
[12:47:34] <Marzo> Gargan never did take your money, even in the original
[12:47:52] <Dominus> that is amazing. never knew this
[12:53:38] <Marzo> And Dell -- he is also an usecode bug
[12:53:58] <Marzo> He calls function 0x8F8 in what I presume is supposed to charge you for money
[12:54:08] <Marzo> As it turns out, this function does not exist
[12:54:38] <Marzo> Oh, wait, ignore me on Dell
[12:54:49] <Dominus> hmm, curios, he seemed to take my money
[12:55:37] <Marzo> As I said -- ignore me on that
[12:55:44] <Marzo> Wasn't searching properly
[12:56:31] <Marzo> So he was taking your money and the poster was just hallucinating when he said he didn't?
[12:56:59] <Dominus> the healer doesn't take the money
[12:57:17] <Dominus> chantu, npc 17
[12:57:26] <Dominus> but I *think* only in keyring mod
[12:57:38] <Dominus> will check again BG
[12:59:59] <Dominus> marzo, yes, Chantu doesn't take money in the keyring mod but works fine in normal BG
[13:00:19] <Marzo> So if you try any other healers in Keyring, it will happen too
[13:00:27] <Dominus> probably
[13:00:36] <Dominus> he is also cheaper in keyring mod
[13:01:12] <Dominus> I think cure poison costs only 15 gold in keyring but 50 in original game
[13:01:54] <Marzo> Hm, I don't remember changing the prices
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[13:03:11] <Dominus> unless the price is randomized against something, the prize is really different. Just checked again
[13:04:04] <Marzo> But indeed it is different
[13:04:11] <Marzo> I seem to have converted wrong from hex
[13:05:53] <Marzo> Seems the prices are wrong for more than one healer in Keyring
[13:07:08] <Marzo> For example, cure and heal are switched for Elad
[13:07:20] <Dominus> even though it's not nice that there is a bug, I always like it when a bug report leads to a whole different can of worms
[13:07:51] <Dominus> where is Elad? (I'm not good with U7 names anymore - just started playing again :))
[13:08:05] <Marzo> And Inmanilem
[13:08:20] <Marzo> Moonglow
[13:09:50] <Marzo> Oh, wait -- I switched the order in the menus
[13:11:40] <Marzo> Jaana also has the price wrong
[13:12:09] <Marzo> Although it is possible I "fixed" the prices becase they were out of whack
[13:12:25] <Dominus> that could be
[13:12:48] <Marzo> Jaana and Chantu charge 50 for heal, while Csil charges 30 and all others charge 15 or less
[13:13:23] <Dominus> I think you also fixed that the healer knows right away, who needs curing. BG checks whether one needs curing but then you have to point the ill party member out anyway
[13:15:27] <Marzo> Yeah, they get a list of the party members that can be affected by what you ask and allow you to select "Nobody" and "Everyone" too
[13:16:18] <Marzo> And it is an usecode bug that they do not charge
[13:17:56] <Marzo> Fixed
[13:19:32] <Dominus> thanks
[13:19:48] <Dominus> did you see my latest sleeping/bed report?
[13:20:18] <Marzo> I opened it, but haven't read it yet
[13:21:00] <Dominus> when you cast awaken, I *think* the sleeper goes to bed after a short while, same as when he wakes because the avatar is annoying
[13:21:21] <Dominus> presently he just stands there forever and doesn't even make his bed :)
[13:22:25] <Dominus> and speaking of making the bed, I think when NPCs are awoken and it is clear that they will go back to bed, they shouldn't make it
[13:26:05] <Marzo> I will handle those later
[13:26:22] <Marzo> I had an idea for improving ranged combat that I am dying to try
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[13:27:11] <Marzo> By the way: what are you thinking of the call guards/general barks changes I have been making?
[13:32:21] <Marzo> Dominus: ^
[13:35:13] <Dominus> all those sounded great, and more like the ot´riginal or realistic
[13:36:00] <Dominus> got to go, awake the little one, afternoon naptime is over :)
[13:42:58] <wjp> Dominus: I think the text behind the # in defaultkeys is used for the help dialog
[13:46:11] <Dominus> wjp not for useitem
[13:46:36] <Dominus> there is no p for lockpick or g for abacus or o for orb of the moons
[13:46:49] <Dominus> when you hit h in game
[13:48:16] <wjp> weird
[13:51:42] <wjp> I don't see why that wouldn't work
[13:52:15] <wjp> ah
[13:52:19] <wjp> actually I do
[13:52:42] <wjp> it's listed as dont_show instead of as normal_keys
[13:58:43] <wjp> this was broken in r6093
[13:58:56] <wjp> previously explicitly adding a comment would enable showing it in the help
[13:59:12] <wjp> but in 6093 this override was (seemingly accidentally) killed
[16:00:35] <Marzo> And my idea for improving ranged combat is failing bad...
[16:00:43] <Marzo> Need to come up with another approach
[16:15:17] <Dominus> thanks, wjp, so after four years we notice that Marzo messed the useitem thing in the help screen :)
[16:18:24] <Dominus> will have to try later whether normal_keys works for those
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[16:31:43] <Dominus> hi Malignant_Manor
[16:31:46] <Malignant_Manor> Marzo: Npcs starting out at 0,0 is fixed but I added that save and bug report because of the crashes that might possibly happen without those extreme circumstances
[16:32:00] <Malignant_Manor> Hi Dominus
[16:32:05] <Dominus> how is your hunger symbol coming along?
[16:32:26] <Malignant_Manor> That was bugged for outlines and I don't really know how to fix it.
[16:32:36] <Malignant_Manor> So that is pretty dead at the moment.
[16:33:03] <Dominus> bah, too bad when you hit such a roadblock
[16:34:11] <Malignant_Manor> Hmm, summoned creatures disappeared when teleporting around 0,0 too so cache out might be effected.
[16:34:43] <Malignant_Manor> Or at least I think they were summoned, they looked like drakes/dragons.
[16:46:01] <Marzo> Malignant_Manor: there are some named drakes and dragons in the NPCs 256-355
[16:46:34] <Malignant_Manor> Yeah, maybe they just flew there.
[16:47:36] <Marzo> And did they disappear or did they become invisible?
[16:47:37] <Malignant_Manor> It had still crashed after your newest changes. I'm rebuilding from scratch atm.
[16:48:04] <Malignant_Manor> Maybe invisible. I was slightly offscreen.
[16:53:18] <Malignant_Manor> Summoned cyclopes disappeared
[16:53:43] <Malignant_Manor> So there are problems.
[16:56:22] <wjp> Dominus: normal_keys isn't the right solution
[16:57:27] <wjp> show/dont_show should be a separate field from the type of key normal/cheat/editor
[16:57:52] <wjp> with an explicit help string then overriding a dont_show
[16:58:17] <wjp> or alternatively an explicit help string could turn a dont_show into a normal_keys (as it was previously), but then we'd have to check there are no cheat/editor keys in that list
[16:59:44] <Malignant_Manor> USEITEM and USEFOOD shouldn't be dont_show in the first place
[17:01:05] <wjp> they should be because their default descriptions are meaningless
[17:01:19] <wjp> s/should be/were/, is probably more correct
[17:01:45] <wjp> or at least USEITEM. Don't know about USEFOOD actually
[17:03:04] <Malignant_Manor> Use food doesn't use parameters and uses the food shape 377 and the SI goblet.
[17:03:41] <Malignant_Manor> I think there are multiple food shapes in SI that should be added.
[17:04:34] <Malignant_Manor> 404 is another food shape
[17:05:25] <Malignant_Manor> It includes wolf meat though.
[17:07:33] <Malignant_Manor> Frame number can be selected though.
[17:20:15] <Marzo> Malignant_Manor: don't waste too much time on usefood in SI
[17:20:25] <Marzo> The key 'F' for SI is mapped to call usecode
[17:20:42] <Marzo> Function 0x615
[17:20:59] <Malignant_Manor> ah okay
[17:24:55] <Malignant_Manor> It works fine until it gets down to wolf meat and then it won't select any other food.
[17:25:12] <Malignant_Manor> It really shouldn't be much of an issue.
[17:31:12] <Marzo> I guess it is meant not to eat wolf food -- to prevent you from breaking the game by eating it, then not having enough for the banquet
[17:33:05] <Marzo> SI function 0x615 selects from shape 377, then 404, then 616
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[20:28:49] <Marzo> Wow... the U7 world builders were slightly dickish -- there is an egg that creates an evil wisp, and an egg that creates a chaotic wisp
[20:30:11] <Marzo> When you factor in that wisps are unkillable and can summon creatures -- such as dragons -- you can see what a nuisance they can be
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[21:09:33] <Marzo> Huh. As it turns out, NPCs in the original are not aggressive in general
[21:10:02] <Marzo> You can have good, evil and chaotic NPCs coexisting on the same roof and doing stuff together
[21:14:34] <Marzo> I know for certain that NPCs in combat schedule look for foes, and patrol schedule has a flag for seeking foes
[21:14:40] <Marzo> Need to check other schedules
[21:17:07] <Marzo> (Goblins in goblinville being the sole exception to this)
[21:26:46] <Marzo> It seems only combat and patrol schedules seek foes
[21:27:11] <Marzo> *should seek foes
[21:55:48] <Dominus> Marzo: what about stealing then?
[21:57:19] <Dominus> right now, if I understood you correctly before, you only made neutrals report you, chaotic and evil were out to get you anyway.
[21:58:18] <Dominus> but they only attack you when in combat/patrol schedules, right? so when they are not they should report you, too, right. Maybe much more aggressive, though :)
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