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[07:21:43] <Elizabeth> .
[07:25:17] <Sevalecan> .
[07:27:04] <Elizabeth> lol wow
[07:27:07] <Elizabeth> its not Baastuul
[07:27:40] <Elizabeth> whats up Sevalecan
[07:27:53] <Sevalecan> not too much
[07:28:57] <Elizabeth> well thats no fun
[07:29:00] <Elizabeth> sheesh
[07:29:03] <Elizabeth> :)
[07:29:09] <Elizabeth> where do you hail from?
[07:33:22] <Sevalecan> michigan
[07:33:41] <servus> ...
[07:34:18] <Sevalecan> ...
[07:34:32] <Elizabeth> ah cool my friend just finished her med degree at UM
[07:34:48] <Elizabeth> she was happy to get out of there though...I hear the weather blows :D
[07:35:13] <Sevalecan> what
[07:35:17] <Sevalecan> it was a beautiful day yesterday
[07:35:21] <Sevalecan> sunny, partly cloudy
[07:35:23] <Sevalecan> awesome temperature
[07:35:52] <Elizabeth> well i think she had more of an issue with the winters
[07:36:00] <Sevalecan> hehehe
[07:36:03] <Sevalecan> thats another story ;)
[07:37:22] --> Quester has joined #exult
[07:37:36] <Quester> hi
[07:38:02] <Quester> somebody know, how to change npc.dat? I want change npc names into russian
[07:39:33] <Elizabeth> lol
[07:39:48] <Quester> ?
[07:40:11] <Elizabeth> :)
[07:43:13] --> CreepyImp has joined #Exult
[07:43:24] <CreepyImp> hey
[07:43:38] <Quester> hi
[07:43:43] <Quester> nobody knows
[07:43:55] <CreepyImp> that sucks
[07:44:08] <Quester> what we'll do?
[07:44:24] <Elizabeth> hehe wait around
[07:44:35] <CreepyImp> we'll go weep in the corner for starters...
[07:44:48] <CreepyImp> then we'll try to figure out something
[07:45:25] <Elizabeth> why do you need it all in russian so badly?
[07:45:59] <CreepyImp> there's a problem with noun cases and such
[07:46:54] <Elizabeth> ah so its an implementation issue?
[07:46:58] <Elizabeth> not an understanding issue?
[07:47:05] <CreepyImp> that's right
[07:47:17] <Elizabeth> i was just curious since you guys seem to know english well
[07:47:32] <Elizabeth> i was thinking that wasnt the issue
[07:47:58] <Quester> there many peoples in Russian who don't know english
[07:48:13] <CreepyImp> there are plenty of problems that arise while working on such a complex game
[07:48:14] <Elizabeth> right i know but you two seem to know it fine
[07:48:16] <Elizabeth> :D
[07:48:36] <Elizabeth> well have you tried getting the source code and changing what you need
[07:48:40] <Elizabeth> and recompiling?
[07:48:47] <Quester> we need to coplete transtation
[07:48:56] <CreepyImp> oh dear. recompiling?
[07:49:08] <CreepyImp> I don't think any of us can handle that
[07:49:19] <Elizabeth> lol
[07:49:34] <Elizabeth> why not?
[07:49:58] <CreepyImp> Liz, we are not tech guru you know :)
[07:50:11] <Elizabeth> hehe well...ya gotta start somewhere right?
[07:50:15] <Elizabeth> :)
[07:50:25] <Quester> no need to recompiling exult, all npc in npc.dat
[07:51:04] <Elizabeth> well i was actually trying to think if eidting the dat file directly would work
[07:51:09] <Elizabeth> i know with ini's that works
[07:51:15] <Elizabeth> but i thought dat files were binary
[07:51:27] <Quester> no, must to be another way
[07:51:41] <Elizabeth> but I might be thinking of something else
[07:51:42] <CreepyImp> hmm, why not giving it a try, Q?
[07:51:58] <Quester> names length
[07:52:02] <CreepyImp> Ah
[07:52:03] <Quester> it's a problem
[07:52:04] <CreepyImp> true
[07:52:22] <Elizabeth> what do you mean names length?
[07:52:54] <Quester> hm. are you can read utf?
[07:53:17] <Elizabeth> wait did you already try changing the dat file?
[07:53:32] <CreepyImp> As I see it, we won't be able to make the names longer if we need to
[07:53:40] <CreepyImp> if we are going to change dat files directly
[07:53:49] <CreepyImp> we'll need some kind of an extra tool
[07:53:50] <Elizabeth> well thats why I said look at the source code
[07:53:53] <CreepyImp> to unpack dats
[07:53:59] <Elizabeth> if you make the changes to it that you need
[07:54:27] <CreepyImp> So recompiling Exult will make it possible to unpack dat files? How's that?
[07:54:32] <Elizabeth> allocate enough space for things...define things there etc...then compile that I would think that would work fine
[07:54:40] <CreepyImp> hmm
[07:54:56] <Quester> no, it's not right
[07:55:00] <Elizabeth> well isnt all of it in the source code? I would think so
[07:55:32] <Quester> I think we need unpack dat and make changes
[07:55:42] <Quester> like text.flx
[07:56:45] * Quester slaps wjp
[07:57:07] <Elizabeth> so have you tried that?
[07:57:15] <CreepyImp> slapping wjp?
[07:57:18] <CreepyImp> yeah
[07:57:20] <CreepyImp> fun
[07:57:21] <Elizabeth> lol
[07:57:32] <Elizabeth> no the part before
[07:57:35] <CreepyImp> ah
[07:57:37] <Quester> we transleted everthing else npc.dat
[07:57:54] <CreepyImp> Everything but npc.dat has been translated, that is
[07:58:18] <Quester> :)
[07:59:00] <Elizabeth> like what else did you have to do?
[07:59:12] <CreepyImp> well, usecode translation
[07:59:30] <CreepyImp> text strings translation
[07:59:45] <CreepyImp> fonts
[07:59:48] <CreepyImp> all that rot
[08:00:01] <CreepyImp> we're almost done
[08:00:05] <Elizabeth> i meant what files
[08:00:41] <Elizabeth> like were they also .dat files you were changing?
[08:00:45] <CreepyImp> none
[08:00:49] <CreepyImp> we would not have to
[08:01:05] <CreepyImp> but the npc.dat file contains the npc names
[08:01:14] <CreepyImp> that's what we need to translate right now
[08:02:05] <CreepyImp> Everything else was in usecode and text.flx files
[08:02:06] <Elizabeth> lol ok i think i am lost with what you are intending to do...I thought you were actually wanting to alter the files and had altered some already
[08:02:14] <CreepyImp> no
[08:03:15] <CreepyImp> We need to change the NPC names - they can be seen in-game, right? When you're clicking on a character, his/her name pops up.
[08:03:43] <CreepyImp> And they are contained in the npc.dat file. At least, that's where we saw them
[08:04:22] <CreepyImp> ouch, brb
[08:05:32] * Quester slaps exultbot. maybe you know? :)
[08:06:40] <CreepyImp> back
[08:06:48] <Elizabeth> well ok so did you try changing what you wanted?
[08:07:10] <CreepyImp> you mean, try changing the names directly?
[08:07:52] <CreepyImp> no, haven't tried that yet
[08:08:10] <Quester> it's not solution
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[08:09:41] <Owings> Malloy speaks truth
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[08:10:22] <Owings> I don't think editing the dat file would work
[08:11:11] <Quester> it's will work, but names length was wrong
[08:11:16] <Elizabeth> yeah im looking to see if I can find anything
[08:11:16] <Quester> *will wrong
[08:11:19] <Elizabeth> ah right
[08:11:26] <Elizabeth> like the db allocation of the column
[08:11:33] <Elizabeth> is less than it will accept?
[08:11:55] <Owings> As I see it, it would work if the translation of the names will be of exactly the same length as original
[08:12:14] <Elizabeth> well this is why Id asked if you had tried
[08:12:24] <Elizabeth> it would be better to know the outcome of the attempt
[08:12:31] <Elizabeth> I mean you can save the original
[08:12:34] <Owings> ah
[08:12:38] <Elizabeth> then try
[08:14:06] <Owings> we'll try that
[08:15:13] <Owings> Now that we're temporarily done with that one, here's another question. Number 2 of 158
[08:16:42] <Owings> Trying to recompile some UCC scripts that contain the abrt() function results in an error. Who's responsible and what do we do?
[08:17:14] <weedar> I suggest we hang him, to set an example
[08:17:26] <Owings> Ah, a fine suggestion
[08:18:07] <Owings> But that won't solve the problem.
[08:22:34] <Elizabeth> lol
[08:22:44] <Elizabeth> did you look in the forums area?
[08:22:49] <Owings> yeah
[08:22:54] <Owings> no mention of that
[08:23:04] <Owings> or is there?
[08:23:09] <Owings> Quester, did you look?
[08:23:40] <Owings> Malloy?
[08:24:06] <Owings> are you still with us?
[08:24:24] <Owings> lazy bum
[08:25:14] <Owings> just looked
[08:25:18] <Owings> no mention
[08:25:47] <Elizabeth> you have the latest version of the compiler i assume?
[08:25:54] <Elizabeth> or the interpreter
[08:25:55] <Elizabeth> w/e
[08:26:36] <Owings> umm...
[08:26:41] <Owings> ok, you got me
[08:28:23] <Owings> just checked - yeah, the lastest version
[08:29:58] <Elizabeth> did this just start happening to you?
[08:31:12] <Owings> no, I never managed to compile those scripts. Any one that has that abrt function
[08:32:56] <Owings> It's not a big problem, but irritating none-the-less
[08:33:06] <Quester> nothing in forum
[08:33:41] <Quester> ExultStudio have NPC, but it's don't work
[08:34:02] <Owings> sorry, gotta leave right now.
[08:34:52] <Owings> See you later, thanks for your help
[08:34:58] <Quester> npc browser allow only make new npc, not edit old
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[08:37:38] <Elizabeth> stupid connection
[08:39:34] <Quester> you don't use russian providers. this - is stupid connection :)
[08:40:10] <Baastuul> Oh, cool, I didn't realize you lived in Russia, Quester.
[08:40:15] <Baastuul> Where in Russia do you live?
[08:41:06] <Quester> Abakan, Khakassia Republic, south Syberia
[08:41:54] <Baastuul> I'm not entirely sure, but I think I once met somebody from Khakassia as well.
[08:42:13] <Quester> where are you from?
[08:42:19] <Baastuul> I just looked the province up on Wikipedia and I remember the person as being from the same general region.
[08:42:34] <Baastuul> Eastern Washington. The state, though, not D.C. :)
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