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[05:21:56] <TimQuester> hi
[05:37:50] <TimQuester> I just found out that bug #534 still has not been fixed: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=949028&t=949028
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[09:44:14] <sh4rm4> TimQuester, got a link to the original bug report ?
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[13:02:48] <TimQuester1> hi
[13:04:44] <TimQuester1> sh4rm4: http://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/534/
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[17:07:37] <Dominus> ooohhh
[17:07:43] <Dominus> bad bug it seems
[17:07:50] <Dominus> thanks for reporting TimQuester
[17:08:09] <Dominus> I'll see now if I can run it in gdb and reproduce there
[17:08:49] <Dominus> broken since at least 2010, as far as my saved snbapshots say...
[17:08:53] <Dominus> curios...
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[17:09:45] <Dominus> TimQuester: do you have a savegame before entering the gorlab swamp? it might have something to do with your party members before falling asleep
[17:14:33] <Dominus> hmmm
[17:15:29] <Dominus> wjp, when Exult dies it reports
[17:15:30] <Dominus> Running usecode 092f (000e, fe9c) with event 2, depth 1
[17:15:30] <Dominus> Asking tile for obj. 806 not on map
[17:16:25] <Dominus> when I force quit Exult gdb spits out
[17:16:26] <Dominus> 0x000000010008d30b in Game_render::paint_chunk_objects (this=0x100b428c0, cx=183, cy=67) at gamerend.cc:495
[17:16:26] <Dominus> 495 if (obj->render_seq != render_seq)
[17:18:11] <wjp> will need a full stack trace if you did a force quit
[17:18:20] <wjp> (because the actual spot where you quit is then kind of random)
[17:18:31] <Dominus> I see
[17:18:40] <Dominus> it just seems to hang there
[17:19:44] <wjp> in fact what would be more useful is if you do a couple of stack traces at different points
[17:19:57] <wjp> (i.e., stack trace, let it continue running, break again, another stack trace, repeat)
[17:20:18] <wjp> that more accurately shows the loop it is in
[17:21:07] <Dominus> how do I get a stacktrace? (quick google di not really bring that up)
[17:21:42] <wjp> bt
[17:22:24] <Dominus> ok, I didn't think backtrace is the same (after all these years... still a noob)
[17:22:33] <Dominus> will do some of those
[17:23:49] <Dominus> http://pastie.org/9665676 is the one I did just now
[17:23:52] <Dominus> will do some more
[17:27:35] <Dominus> another one http://pastie.org/9665689
[17:27:57] <Dominus> Game_render seems coming up...
[17:28:10] <Dominus> shape 806 is the black sword, btw
[17:28:35] <wjp> and this is from the same run? Or did you quit and restart?
[17:28:46] <Dominus> quit and restart
[17:28:52] <wjp> oh, you need to continue
[17:28:59] <Dominus> oh, ok
[17:29:11] <wjp> (just 'continue' in gdb)
[17:29:23] <Dominus> can you give me some guidance? I force quit outside of gdb
[17:29:27] <wjp> sh
[17:29:28] <wjp> ah
[17:29:29] <Dominus> can I continue anyway?
[17:29:32] <wjp> try Ctrl-C in gdb
[17:29:38] <wjp> (to break)
[17:29:42] <wjp> and then 'continue' to continue
[17:29:43] <Dominus> right
[17:29:51] <Dominus> ok dokey
[17:30:54] <Dominus> ...waiting a bit....
[17:32:41] <Dominus> wjp http://pastie.org/9665697
[17:33:58] <wjp> ok, so it's stuck inside a single chunk
[17:34:00] <Dominus> and a fourth one http://pastie.org/9665699
[17:34:02] <wjp> (unless you're particularly (un)lucky)
[17:34:45] <wjp> since the Game_render::paint_chunk_objects (this=0x100921ed0, cx=182, cy=68) is the same everywhere, but things above that vary
[17:36:31] <Dominus> it's the point in the dream realm you should be put back in the gorlab swamp
[17:38:11] <wjp> we used to have occasional hangs when teleporting around, didn't we?
[17:38:27] <wjp> which IIRC were caused by corrupted chunk item lists somehow?
[17:38:49] <Dominus> yes, that rings a bell
[17:39:10] <Dominus> but I'm shaky on the details
[17:39:53] <Dominus> probably if you can search through the logs of the past two years on chunks, marzo, you and me talking...
[17:42:41] <wjp> but it looks like we had fixed that one
[17:44:41] <wjp> I suppose we may need to add that bunch of asserts from back then again
[17:44:57] <Dominus> grrr
[17:45:20] <Dominus> these things are never easy... :(
[17:45:57] <wjp> is this one easy to reproduce?
[17:46:02] <Dominus> yes
[17:46:33] <Dominus> it's just loading the savegame TimQuester gave https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1111865/exult06si.sav
[17:47:07] <Dominus> then talking to shisomething and when you click through the conversation it will loop
[17:59:10] <wjp> yes, corrupt chunk item list
[18:03:21] <Dominus> what now?
[18:11:46] <wjp> many asserts
[18:12:08] <Dominus> road to hell paved with vassertions
[18:38:40] <wjp> this is very strange
[18:39:27] <Dominus> ?
[18:43:49] <wjp> this chunk item list is corrupt, but none of the functions manipulating the list leaves it in a corrupt state, if I have my asserts right
[18:45:38] <Dominus> so it perhaps gets into that state before the savegame?
[19:15:33] <wjp> interesting suggestion, but no
[19:18:52] <wjp> we seem to maybe have an object that thinks it's both inside a container and inside the main world
[19:19:36] <Dominus> hmm, the magic comb you can see there?
[19:20:54] <wjp> this object with shape 806
[19:21:11] <Dominus> that's the black sword
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[19:25:23] <wjp> aha
[19:25:46] <wjp> so we're trying to unequip it
[19:26:26] <wjp> and that action triggers usecode that does something that _already_ removes it from the inventory
[19:26:46] <wjp> and then the unequip continues with trying to removing it from the inventory
[19:27:10] <wjp> but since it has already been removed previously, it now starts corrupting the new location of the item
[19:41:58] <Dominus> wjp, isn't that the problem of the blacksword in SI that it is unbalanced and thus cannot be equipped until you fix it?
[19:44:02] <wjp> no
[19:44:43] <wjp> it turns out it's actually shape 747 on which the guilty usecode is running
[19:45:37] <wjp> although that is just weird
[19:45:42] <wjp> so let me look a bit further :-)
[19:46:06] <Dominus> maybe an automaton is part of the Avatars party?
[19:46:33] <wjp> ah, no, 806 after all. I was looking at the actor by accident
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[19:58:34] <wjp> what a mess
[20:00:02] <Dominus> sorry for ruining your evening
[20:06:33] <wjp> don't worry :-)
[20:09:40] <wjp> haha
[20:09:46] <wjp> ok, this was entirely unexpected
[20:10:06] <wjp> so I thought I'd just detect if usecode removed the item already and then continue
[20:10:11] <wjp> and then this happened:
[20:10:17] <wjp> http://www.usecode.org/exult/x.png
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[20:51:33] <Dominus> this is an awesome screenshot :)
[21:12:57] <Dominus> TimQuester: https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1887/
[21:13:25] <Dominus> it would still be nice to have a savegame before you enter the swamp
[21:14:20] <Dominus> I wonder if you are supposed to have the sword at this point...
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[21:19:04] <wjp> that is a good point
[21:19:23] <wjp> it probably should have lost its "immunity to unequip" by then
[21:28:51] <Dominus> yes
[21:29:45] <Dominus> you find the sword in the mountain of freedom AFAIR and then you have to let the demon loose to defeat whoever
[21:30:35] <Dominus> and then you need to fulfill another flag to actually be able to pass the dreamland stuff
[21:31:40] <Dominus> so, to have a working black sword *and* get to do the dreamland quest smells like a bit of cheating
[21:32:25] <Dominus> TimQuester: we really ould use your input :)