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[01:24:18] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/ball2.html
[01:28:26] <Colourless> oooh
[01:28:28] <Colourless> 3 balls
[01:28:41] <Colourless> bah no collision detection between balls
[01:28:49] <servus> Yes there is :P
[01:28:59] <Colourless> doesn't work too well
[01:29:10] <servus> Shrug.
[01:29:27] <Colourless> seems like it only works horizontally
[01:29:43] <servus> That's because gravity counteracts the vertical side more :p
[01:29:48] <servus> Ok fine lemme tune it.
[01:32:40] <servus> Don't refresh for a while because it'll be broken til I change it.
[01:33:26] <Colourless> i think the only real problem is sometimes the balls intersects and no collision is registered
[01:33:55] <servus> OK try that
[01:34:08] <servus> Nah the collision is always registered. I tested it by blinking them when they collided
[01:34:40] <Colourless> better :-)
[01:34:48] <servus> This current version will add a LOT of energy into the system if the balls collide too far into each other in a single frame... I'm using a nondeterministic algorithm... So sue me :P
[01:35:16] <servus> Now to make a pachanga(sp) machine!
[01:35:18] <Colourless> :-)
[01:36:02] <servus> OK, so, that's my foray into OO JavaScript
[01:36:11] <servus> Wanna see my frames-less, refresh-less JavaScript chat engine?
[01:36:31] <servus> http://chat.sammatthews.com - just make a username and password of whatever
[01:36:43] <servus> Works on everything but IE (gonna fix that soon)
[01:37:47] <servus> You have a strange name
[01:38:56] <Colourless> alwsehlandlahr
[01:39:02] <Colourless> or similar :-)
[01:40:27] <LordN_Away> servus: did you get your replacement harddisk yet?
[01:40:32] <LordN_Away> from the ebay scammer?
[01:40:57] <servus> No. I got a refund though.
[01:41:06] <LordN_Away> from him? or from paypal?
[01:41:23] <servus> I don't know. *However*, the instant I got him to send my refund, he sent me an automated "Please send payment for this item" email from eBay.
[01:41:42] --- LordN_Away is now known as Lord_Nightmare
[01:41:46] <Lord_Nightmare> heh...
[01:42:09] <Lord_Nightmare> well you got your money back... did you leave some nasty feedback?
[01:42:25] <servus> Not yet.
[01:42:35] <Lord_Nightmare> wait a bit first
[01:42:40] <servus> Now the "My Ebay" page says that I've still yet to pay for that item!
[01:42:49] <servus> So now it seems like I've been a non-payer for a month!
[01:43:08] <servus> You left, Colourless :p
[01:43:22] <Colourless> yes i did :-)
[01:43:44] <Lord_Nightmare> you want to leave something which will make him look bad enough to lose further customers. i.e. the truth.
[01:44:06] <servus> But I need the auction cancelled! I don't know how this works
[01:44:09] <Lord_Nightmare> btw you can disable that payment thing on my ebay
[01:44:19] <servus> Yeah but it's an outstanding auction
[01:44:23] <Lord_Nightmare> i had to do it myself once...
[01:44:45] <Lord_Nightmare> hmm you might have to contact ebay support and explain it to them
[01:44:51] <Lord_Nightmare> i'm sure they can fix it
[01:45:12] <Lord_Nightmare> but its good you got your money back
[01:45:38] <servus> I can't find a proper email to send it to
[01:45:48] <servus> Yeah but the ebay refund page says "This transaction is subject to chargebacks", whatever that means.
[01:45:51] <servus> So I'm worried
[01:45:56] <Lord_Nightmare> now the question is whether you should send it to data recovery or look for another harddisk of the same type...
[01:46:05] <Lord_Nightmare> chargebacks?
[01:46:08] <servus> It's not worth the US$800 for data recovery.
[01:46:09] * Lord_Nightmare googles that
[01:46:10] <servus> That's what it says
[01:47:20] <servus> "This transaction is subject to a buyer complaint or a chargeback. Go to the Resolution Center to resolve this issue."
[01:47:46] <servus> Status Details:
[01:47:46] <servus> We have granted this claim. You have received a refund of $85.99 USD for this claim. Any portion of your original payment that was funded with credit has been refunded directly to that credit line. Please allow 3 days for the refund to appear in your balance.
[01:47:47] <Lord_Nightmare> probably YOUR complaint :P
[01:48:06] <servus> Hahah @ complaint details
[01:48:13] <servus> Apr. 19, 2005 PayPal Email sent to Seller
[01:48:14] <servus> Apr. 19, 2005 PayPal Email sent to Buyer
[01:48:14] <servus> Apr. 19, 2005 PayPal Case closed
[01:48:14] <servus> Apr. 19, 2005 Seller Refund initiated
[01:48:14] <servus> Apr. 13, 2005 PayPal Email sent to Seller
[01:48:29] <servus> He won't respond to anyone!
[01:48:34] <servus> Just a toad on a hill.
[01:48:49] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah.
[01:48:57] <Lord_Nightmare> its like he vanished off the face of the net
[01:48:59] <servus> Oh I was missing two:
[01:48:59] <servus> Apr. 13, 2005 PayPal Email sent to Buyer
[01:48:59] <servus> Apr. 13, 2005 Buyer Complaint case initiated
[01:49:14] <servus> Still, I'd like that outstanding auction cancelled.
[01:49:18] <Lord_Nightmare> maybe he got in a car accident or something and is in a coma...
[01:49:30] <servus> His feedback says he's done the same thing to other people
[01:49:34] <servus> In the past.
[01:49:38] <Lord_Nightmare> ah...
[01:49:49] <Lord_Nightmare> auction isn't closed?
[01:50:09] <Lord_Nightmare> somewhere in the resolution center there should probably be an email for real ebay support
[01:50:17] <Lord_Nightmare> or at least a form
[01:51:19] <Lord_Nightmare> but i think the auction is considered over
[01:51:34] <Lord_Nightmare> and if they remove it the feedback may not be allowed anymore
[01:51:52] <Lord_Nightmare> so you want to leave negative feedback for him BEFORE they remove the auction
[01:52:17] <servus> It's outstanding, Says Awaiting Payment
[01:52:30] <Lord_Nightmare> weird.
[01:52:45] <Lord_Nightmare> did he send a complaint against YOU?
[01:52:48] <Lord_Nightmare> or something?
[01:52:53] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/imagedata/Miscellaneous/eBay.png
[01:52:59] <servus> No, nothing at all from him
[01:53:08] <Lord_Nightmare> ah i was about to ask you to make a screenshot , thanks
[01:53:25] <servus> He did, however, send me an automated "I'm awaiting payment" EMail through eBay. At least I assume he initiated the EMail.
[01:53:59] <servus> So should I leave feedback now?
[01:54:07] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah do the 'mark as payment sent' option
[01:54:12] <Lord_Nightmare> because it WAS sent
[01:54:15] <Lord_Nightmare> and then refunded
[01:54:32] <Lord_Nightmare> then leave a negative feedback
[01:54:42] <servus> "Seller blows"?
[01:54:44] <Lord_Nightmare> you might want to write the feedback text in openoffice or something
[01:54:52] <servus> Why?
[01:54:54] <Lord_Nightmare> write something LONG which explains what exactly happened
[01:54:59] <servus> 80 characters max.
[01:55:04] <Lord_Nightmare> oh. drat.
[01:55:13] <Lord_Nightmare> hmm...
[01:55:22] * Lord_Nightmare tries to come up with ideas
[01:55:38] <servus> "Over 1 month, still no item or word from seller *at all*. Pathetic."
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[01:55:49] <Lord_Nightmare> good, good
[01:56:02] <servus> Over 1 month since payment, still no item or word from seller *at all*. Pathetic
[01:56:12] <Lord_Nightmare> better
[01:56:19] <servus> Of course if he's dead or something, I'm going to hell for this :p
[01:56:33] <Lord_Nightmare> possible, but then you have an excuse
[01:56:35] <servus> Ooh I can do the eBay thing: F------------
[01:56:40] <servus> :P
[01:56:42] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah i was gonna say that
[01:56:44] <Lord_Nightmare> F--
[01:57:04] <Lord_Nightmare> also a 'STAY AWAY!' or something
[01:57:07] <servus> Over 1 month since payment, still no item or word from seller *at all*. Run! F-
[01:57:31] <Lord_Nightmare> nah run sounds silly
[01:57:46] <Lord_Nightmare> don't bother with a letter code
[01:57:53] <Lord_Nightmare> just end it after the period
[01:57:54] <servus> Over 1 month since payment, no item or word from seller at all. Stay away!
[01:58:05] <Lord_Nightmare> ah thats good
[01:58:19] <servus> OK, sending.
[01:58:29] <Lord_Nightmare> wait
[01:58:33] <Lord_Nightmare> it hasn't been a month
[01:58:43] <Lord_Nightmare> well, it has since yesterday
[01:58:50] <servus> Yeah, that counts *grin*
[01:58:53] <Lord_Nightmare> and he still didn't contact you...
[01:59:01] <Lord_Nightmare> so go ahead send it
[01:59:06] <servus> I called him on the /telephone/, and only got an answering machine
[01:59:23] <servus> Left my number veeeeeeery slowly, 3 times in a row.
[01:59:29] <Lord_Nightmare> probably has like 75 messages on it from other irate buyers
[02:00:57] <servus> His previous feedback: The item arrived as described & packaged very well
[02:00:57] <servus> Buyer jeff8371 ( 1 ) Apr-21-05 12:51
[02:01:05] <servus> It's just me. He's a schmuck.
[02:01:08] <Lord_Nightmare> ah
[02:01:23] <Lord_Nightmare> so he acts as a schmuck to some buyers and not others
[02:01:28] <servus> "Never buy from him/her , Broken HD. Bad communication . Wont replace the HD..... Buyer wr34w3 ( 8 ) Apr-04-05 16:09"
[02:01:32] <servus> At least that person received an item.
[02:01:40] <Lord_Nightmare> probably in several pieces
[02:01:46] <servus> I'm a powerseller :P
[02:02:14] <servus> Great. quick shipper. A+ Buyer 50c ( 298Feedback score is 100 to 499) Apr-20-05 19:23
[02:02:48] <Lord_Nightmare> also an unusual thing which i'm sure has happened at least once is someone sends a buyer their package after recieving payment, but it gets lost or destroyed in the mail
[02:03:18] <Lord_Nightmare> the buyer is supposed to pay for shipping and insurance, but sometimes the seller pockets the insurance money and sends it without it
[02:03:24] <servus> Doesn't matter. If he ignored my (and Paypal's) repeated attempts to contact him...
[02:03:41] <Lord_Nightmare> true
[02:04:19] <Lord_Nightmare> i've never dealt with a deadbeat seller before, though my brother has. HE ended up getting negative feedback, because his money order was lost in the mail
[02:05:10] <Lord_Nightmare> and since that account had only 10 points, it had more than 1/5 negative feedback and nobody would accept bids from it anymore
[02:05:17] <Lord_Nightmare> i had to create a whole new account after that
[02:05:22] <servus> Sucks.
[02:05:36] <Lord_Nightmare> er not 1/5
[02:05:38] <Lord_Nightmare> 1/10
[02:05:38] <servus> My other eBay account has a purple star I think :p
[02:06:01] <Lord_Nightmare> wow
[02:06:31] <servus> I hate eBay.
[02:07:12] <Lord_Nightmare> tell the mame guys that.
[02:07:49] <Lord_Nightmare> they hate getting arcade boards from ebay because most of the sellers are 'ebay scumbags' who sell hardware in such shoddy shape it's barely usable
[02:08:16] <servus> At least they got their item >.<
[02:08:21] <servus> No one wants to use my chat program :P
[02:08:22] <Lord_Nightmare> people who sell things as 'untested, sold as-is' who've obviously spent weeks trying to repair the boards and doing lots of damage to them
[02:08:27] <Lord_Nightmare> what chat program?
[02:08:47] <servus> http://chat.sammatthews.com/ it's crap :P
[02:12:42] <Lord_Nightmare> thats pretty cool
[02:14:36] <servus> Still buggy
[02:15:00] <Lord_Nightmare> yeah but its something i've never seen done in javascipt before
[02:15:27] <Lord_Nightmare> unless thats what jsirc is
[02:16:07] <Lord_Nightmare> the mame guys have however got some pretty sweet stuff from ebay
[02:16:37] <Lord_Nightmare> like rare or expensive boards which people gave up on fixing and sold for dirt cheap as broken, and guru fixed in like 15 minutes
[02:16:57] <Lord_Nightmare> and some test equipment
[02:17:17] <Lord_Nightmare> which would cost $20,000 new which guru got for just over $1000
[02:17:33] <Lord_Nightmare> because people didn't know what it was
[02:17:40] <servus> Neat
[02:19:08] <Lord_Nightmare> so, any other ebayers selling the type of harddrive you need?
[02:19:17] <Lord_Nightmare> you might want to post it to 'want it now'
[02:19:28] <Lord_Nightmare> be sure to specify the firmware and all that
[02:19:31] <servus> Yeah some others are
[02:19:42] <servus> I need a *picture* of the backside though
[02:20:16] <Lord_Nightmare> well you can 'ask seller a question' and ask for a pic
[02:20:23] <servus> IE does sometimes receive, which makes troubleshooting harder :)
[02:20:39] <Lord_Nightmare> i did that to like 45 people when i was hunting for a rare snes cart
[02:20:54] <Lord_Nightmare> didn't find it though
[02:21:04] <Lord_Nightmare> not even sure it exists
[02:21:07] <Lord_Nightmare> :P
[02:21:08] <servus> Which?
[02:21:10] <Lord_Nightmare> its that rare
[02:21:16] <servus> I'm waiting for my pocket Famicom in the mail
[02:21:19] <Lord_Nightmare> secret of mana US v1.01
[02:21:35] <Lord_Nightmare> with the reset bug/too many orbs bug fixed
[02:22:18] <Lord_Nightmare> in nintendo power they said that newer carts of the game had the bug fixed, but nobody ever saw newer carts of the US version
[02:22:34] <Lord_Nightmare> the EU one has two known versions
[02:22:40] <Lord_Nightmare> and the second one fixes the bug
[02:22:43] <servus> Hmm
[02:22:47] <Lord_Nightmare> but not the US one
[02:22:49] <servus> Can't just find a ROM?
[02:22:58] <Lord_Nightmare> its a most-wanted-rom
[02:23:28] <Lord_Nightmare> its like miracle piano teaching system (U) was
[02:23:44] <Lord_Nightmare> until someone (ME!) bought it on ebay and sent it away to be dumped :P
[02:23:53] <servus> Heh.
[02:24:01] <servus> Nintondo!
[02:24:28] <Lord_Nightmare> MPTS snes probably had fewer than 15000 carts made
[02:24:50] <Lord_Nightmare> some people think less than 5000
[02:25:02] <Lord_Nightmare> the NES version is fairly common though
[02:25:38] <Lord_Nightmare> probably 50000 of those made
[02:25:51] <Lord_Nightmare> its 'uncommon' in terms of rarity
[02:26:05] <Lord_Nightmare> whereas mpts snes is 'very rare'
[02:26:45] <servus> I want a super-rare E.T. for Atari
[02:26:53] <servus> What about 'epic' rare?
[02:26:56] <servus> :P
[02:27:02] <Lord_Nightmare> i think theres a landfill full of those
[02:27:05] <Lord_Nightmare> somewhere
[02:28:01] <servus> :P
[02:33:09] <servus> OK, got it to work on IE
[02:33:25] <servus> It now works on IE, Firefox, Netscape, Konqueror, Opera, and probably Safari
[02:41:02] <Lord_Nightmare> neat
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[05:15:11] <sbx> hi
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[13:46:16] <artaxerxes> hi all
[13:47:11] <Baastuul> Hayle!
[13:47:38] <artaxerxes> I just wanted to pop in to let you know I will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks.
[13:47:55] <artaxerxes> so I won't be able to answer Zaurus questions on the forum
[13:48:38] <Baastuul> k!
[13:48:44] <Baastuul> Where are you going?
[13:48:58] <artaxerxes> back home
[13:49:17] <Baastuul> ahh ok
[13:49:50] <artaxerxes> I gotta go, plane is in less than 12 hours and still have to finish work
[13:50:00] <artaxerxes> bye
[13:50:02] <Baastuul> alrighty, have fun :)
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[14:23:35] <sbx> HI
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[18:22:01] <Tawn> Hey all
[18:22:41] * Tawn picks out a person at random and pokes them
[18:34:34] <sbx> hi
[18:35:21] * sbx wonders why Tawn is poking wjp.
[18:44:55] <Tawn> Hehe, cause he's asleep :)
[18:45:02] <Tawn> Hey, how're you foing?
[18:45:09] <Tawn> Or doing even
[18:53:18] <sbx> greart
[18:53:30] <sbx> I read the code of the new u7 modification
[18:53:41] <sbx> looks really good
[18:55:11] <sbx> greart? I meant great
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[19:28:55] <Tawn> :)
[19:29:50] <Tawn> Yeah Alun did a superb job
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[20:27:17] <Tawn> Bye all :)
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[20:48:31] <sbx> :)
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