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[08:59:12] <Dominus> hmm, SI beta plays nicely. Thanks Marzo
[09:02:06] <Dominus> hmm, the spellbook shape is behaving oddly
[09:03:17] <Dominus> the shape we hardcoded for the shortcutbar is the BG spellbook but when you open the paperdoll and take the spellbook out of the Avatrs hands it is the SI (red) spellbook)
[09:03:25] <Dominus> oddddddd
[09:03:40] <Dominus> (nothing to worry about, just odd)
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[09:42:38] <Dominus> wjp can you open a bug report on the Avatar_usecode_parser problem? I think you actually know what it is about while I... :)
[09:50:11] <wjp> done
[09:50:22] <Dominus> thanks
[10:14:23] <Dominus> maybe we should just disable the opengl scaler by default again. it's buggy and not compatible with SDL2 anymway.
[10:14:33] <Dominus> what do you think Malignant?
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[11:59:58] <GitHub> [exult] marzojr pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v6yW3
[11:59:58] <GitHub> exult/master 176935e Marzo Sette Torres Junior: Fixing bug #1978 "Avatar_usecode_parser broken?" by applying wjp's...
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[12:00:47] <Marzo> wjp: applied your fix because that bug prevented the avatar from correctly dying
[12:00:55] <Marzo> As I explained in the bug report
[12:12:29] <wjp> thanks for confirming
[15:17:37] <Dominus> hmm, XCode complains about fmopl.cpp: data Limit...
[15:18:11] <Dominus> fmopl.cpp:978 data = Limit( outd[0] , OPL_MAXOUT, OPL_MINOUT );
[15:18:30] <Dominus> shifting a negative signed value is undefined
[15:19:14] <Dominus> and 1043 data = Limit( left , OPL_MAXOUT, OPL_MINOUT ); and 1048 data = Limit( right , OPL_MAXOUT, OPL_MINOUT );
[15:23:08] <Dominus> complains means it's a warning, not an error
[15:34:09] <Marzo> Dominus: this one is a good warning
[15:34:50] <Marzo> But since I intend to update fmopl with a new version, I am not too concerned with it
[15:34:57] <Dominus> :)
[15:35:22] <Marzo> Unless the new version also has the warning
[15:36:03] <Dominus> we'll see about that then :)
[15:42:30] <wjp> it's a bit of an annoyance of C++ that that behaviour isn't defined
[15:43:27] <Dominus> Marzo, how is your outlook these days for some more exult crunching? you wanted to finish the warning stuff and let me and malignant compile with our compilers to get rid of remaining ones...
[15:52:11] <Dominus> hmm, with stricter warnings, I get two loop warnings:
[15:53:11] <Dominus> schedule.cc:4109 for (size_t i = 0; i < food.size(); i++)
[15:53:35] <Dominus> "Loop will run at most once (loop increment never executed)
[15:55:04] <Dominus> and ShortcutBar_gump.cc:325 for (int i = 0; i < numButtons; i++) {
[15:55:08] <Dominus> same warning
[16:02:15] <wjp> those are some odd pieces of code indeed
[16:07:26] <Dominus> and there are some unused functions and "code will never be executed"
[16:11:00] <Dominus> unused function "static inline void Reset_gl_rotates()" in game.cc:485
[16:11:48] <Dominus> and "static void Gen_shadow(" in fontgen.cc:37
[16:16:11] <Dominus> and "code will never be executed" in exult.cc:2012 g_waiting_for_click = false;
[16:16:35] <Dominus> to be fair the next line comment says // Shouldn't get here. :)
[16:17:22] <Dominus> and another in schedule.cc:2827 // Bad index if here.
[16:17:23] <Dominus> get(i % sz, ptile, atile);
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