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[00:00:46] <x-bs> Most television shows are only once a week, so this is still much better.
[00:00:46] * x-bs waits.
[00:01:07] * Dominus kicks PSP which for some reason refuses to save the correct palette
[00:08:50] * x-bs remembers PSP.
[00:19:36] <x-bs> Darke: why are you here now?
[00:24:32] <Darke> Good question. Umm... because I'm sitting here coding a decompiler? *grin*
[00:25:44] <x-bs> you are usually here at a different time of day
[00:28:03] <Darke> Yeah. My sleeping patterns have shifted again. *grin* I 'awoke' about half an hour before you arrived.
[00:31:10] <x-bs> Darke: I have shifting sleeping patterns because I'm lazy and have no job. What's your excuse?
[00:34:07] * Darke has shifting sleep patterns becuase he forced himself to shift them, due to the fact people were complaing about him wandering the house at 2am. *grin*
[00:36:10] * x-bs would've just complained that they wander the house at 2pm.
[00:36:26] <x-bs> "And what is with you people lying in bed all night? You've got plenty of time to relax in the daytime!"
[00:36:29] * Darke would be tempted to, except he tends to wander the house at 2pm too, since that's about when he gets up. *grin*
[00:37:34] * x-bs *grin*'s.
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[02:06:52] <Dominus> see youlater today :-)
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[02:07:00] <Darke> Bye.
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[09:02:19] <Kirben> yes!!!
[09:02:32] <Kirben> sdl 1.2.5cvs fixes sounds problems on win32.
[09:08:06] <Darke> Cool.
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[11:42:25] <Nadir> hi
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[13:18:17] <Fingolfin> yo
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[13:22:39] <Colourless> hi
[13:26:35] <Fingolfin> hi
[13:32:35] <Nadir> hi
[13:33:46] <Nadir> Fingolfin: so, does Exult compile on MacOS ?
[13:34:13] <Fingolfin> under OS X it does nicely after the small changes I commited yesterday. no chance yet to compile it for OS 9
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[13:51:53] <oube> Hello all
[13:52:14] <Colourless> hello, goodbye, hello! :-)
[13:52:40] <oube> heheh.. I couldn't put at bay my ultima 7 addiction... so i rebooted to win xp to play exult:)
[13:53:32] <oube> Oh sorry.. did i join leave and join again? using mozilla for irc.. its kinda odd.. lets you join channels before you're on a server...
[13:53:33] <Nadir> why did you do that
[13:53:54] <Nadir> no need to reboot for Exult :)
[13:54:01] <Nadir> unless you're using DOS
[13:54:27] <oube> Nadir: because the sound was working in linux.. and i tried to get the alsa working.. but it was a no go...
[13:55:21] <oube> I was just wondering what all these options are now that i have it working.... scaling, scaling algorithms? whats going to give me the highest quality play? and what framerate do most people use and stuff?
[13:55:32] <Colourless> i think you were missing a 'not' somewhere there
[13:55:44] <oube> hahah:)
[13:55:46] <Colourless> quality is a subjective thing
[13:55:57] <Colourless> you choose what you like the most
[13:56:03] <oube> yeah sound was not working in linux...
[13:56:28] <oube> Colourless I don't have a photo memory.. i really can't tell... whats your subjective opinion.. what do you use?:)
[13:57:51] <Fingolfin> CW 7 won't compile current Exult. And it's correct...
[13:58:06] <Fingolfin> in StreamDataSource, we have uint32 read1()
[13:58:14] <Fingolfin> but in the base class and anywhere else it's int read1()
[13:58:26] <Fingolfin> -> hides inherited virtual function <g>
[13:58:48] <Colourless> that is probably darkes fault :-)
[13:58:55] <Fingolfin> same wfor write1
[13:59:12] <Colourless> oube: i don't use scalers :-)
[14:00:30] <Fingolfin> gotta go to university, bbl
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[14:00:45] <Nadir> oube: soundcard ? kernel version ?
[14:05:41] <oube> oh sorry.. was playing...
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[14:06:27] <oube> ummm.. its 2.4.18-4 from redhat valhalla(7.3) and its a sound blaster live
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[14:06:42] <Dominus> hi
[14:06:48] <oube> hello
[14:06:59] <Colourless> hi
[14:07:38] <Dominus> damn, I missed Fingolfin. Tools won'r compile for me after he has messed ucmain up :-)
[14:08:00] <Dominus> won't even
[14:10:21] <oube> Nadir: anyway to fix it.. other then to use alsa??
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[14:10:45] <oube> Colourless: What Scalar setting turns scalers off? don't see one that says none.
[14:11:02] <Dominus> http://news.com.com/2100-1001-919461.html?tag=fd_top <- now I know what those guys are up to, scanning my sql port :-)
[14:11:06] <Colourless> 1x is off :-)
[14:11:32] <Colourless> use the in game video options gump
[14:11:47] * Dominus mumbles something about documentation....
[14:12:42] <Colourless> hmm: and has no password on the administrator account, then the server is vulnerable.
[14:13:36] <Colourless> what sort of idiot doesn't put a pw on administrator
[14:13:53] <Dominus> he he
[14:14:21] <Colourless> of course, you could argue ms is partly to blame by not enforce the use of a pw on administrator
[14:14:32] <Nadir> oube: everything works fine for me. Then again I'm not using a SB live. Don't you get sound at all, or is it broken
[14:16:18] <oube> Nadir: well apparently its a documented bug?? I wasn't getting sound at all for a while... that was a bug with redhat's arts using sdl rpms.. reinstalled libsdl rpms from libsdl.org and then the sound is just broken... its smooth rough.. smooth rough.. like 1/2 second good sound. 1/2 second like a cheap walkie talkie:)
[14:17:08] <Dominus> oube: well that sounds like our strange OSS/SB Live! bug
[14:20:36] <oube> yeah thats the one:)
[14:21:04] <Dominus> and what was your problem with ALSA?
[14:21:07] <oube> So I tried to go Alsa.. but i just couldnt' get any alsa sound output.. guess i'm just too dumb to get it to work...
[14:21:35] <oube> I even enabled oss emulation in alsa.. but nothing could see the /dev/mixer and /dev/dsp no such device
[14:22:59] <oube> I joined #Alsa to maybe enquire about it.. but everone on there were not smart about alsa like you people are about exult:)
[14:23:08] <Nadir> oube: does XMMS play sound properly for you ?
[14:24:11] <oube> Nadir: everything plays perfect sound in OSS.... xmms, gnome, tux racer, chromium bsu, zsnes, etc... but nothing can even see the soundcard with alsa... just get no such device error...
[14:24:14] <Dominus> oube: wish I could help but I'm just a lowly MS-worshipper :-)
[14:24:53] <Nadir> I don't think the problem is with OSS then, but more than likely a strange interaction between Exult, SDL, ARTS and OSS
[14:25:56] <oube> dominus.. yeah... well at some point i'm going to put a better distribution on and worry about getting alsa to work...
[14:27:28] <oube> I like debian and gentoo.. and i'm sure i could get it to work.. but i have redhat homework todo.. and i don't wanna ruin my redhat install so i can't even play mp3s and stuff until i get that redhat homework done...
[14:28:22] <oube> is there nighttime in exult ultima 7... i want that moron to leave his shop in trinsic so i can rob him blind:)
[14:28:37] <Dominus> yeah, there is
[14:29:01] <Colourless> but you are the Avatar! You are meant to be Virtuous
[14:29:43] <oube> heh:) i just slept for 5 hours.. forgot about that time wasting trick:)
[14:30:21] <oube> hehe.. virtuous? if i steal from bad men is that not virtuous?:) no really though... will it hurt my karma in the game or something??
[14:30:36] <Colourless> na, there's no karam
[14:30:54] <Dominus> well, there are guards and your companions....
[14:32:52] <oube> i shut all the windows:)
[14:33:21] <Dominus> better drug your companions as well
[14:40:26] <oube> why what will happen? they haven't said anything yet?
[14:40:39] <Dominus> sometimes they will complain
[14:41:13] <Colourless> then even sometimes they attack you :-)
[14:42:55] <Nadir> http://www.it-he.org/u7_drugs.htm
[14:43:48] <oube> oh gosh:) oh well. i'll just steal there.. just need to have some basic equip:) then i'll be honest and virtuous... man anyone see the parallels between the ummm... Fellowship.. and the Church of Scientology... man i think that was garriots inspiration:)
[14:43:59] <Colourless> Nadir: it doesn't quite work properly in exult
[14:44:16] <Nadir> :)
[14:44:31] <Dominus> yeah,that scientology connection has been well discussed
[14:45:50] <oube> I never noticed it playing it as a kid... but then i just started playing it yesterday.. and its like wow... kinda sounds like religion tom cruise style:)
[14:46:22] <Colourless> garriott of course will never admit it
[14:49:15] <Nadir> www.xenu.net
[14:50:21] <oube> heh.. i dunno what he's amed of.... well i don't think scientology is original either.. i guess scientology guy and garriot did the same things.. just collected every feel good cult religion propaganda you could find and put it all together...
[14:50:28] <oube> amed=ashamed
[14:51:01] <Dominus> I don't think he is ashamed but rather not daring to come out with it...
[14:51:50] <Colourless> exactly.
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[15:05:19] <Nadir> exultbot: wb
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[15:31:14] <Nadir> I have to go. Bye
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[15:31:58] <Dominus> bye :-)
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[16:29:33] <wjp> hi
[16:30:00] <Colourless> hi
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[16:58:22] <Dominus> hi :-)
[16:58:43] <Colourless> wb
[17:00:00] <Dominus> wjp: your reply to the "little things" thread asking about which OS - from the ip address (AOL) I'd say Windows :-)
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[17:31:10] <Fingolfin> yo
[17:31:10] <Colourless> hi
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[17:35:19] <wjp> hi
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[17:46:36] * pyro-x runs up to Colourless, grabs him by the shoulder, and shoves a Blue potion into his mouth.
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[17:46:36] <Dominus> lol
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[18:01:43] <Darke> (sdl/redhat/rpm) That would explain why my Live is/was working perfectly.
[18:03:03] <Darke> (lack of /dev/dsp) Strange. I've been having the same problem with my Live 5.1 under gentoo. Perfect 4 point sound, but no /dev/dsp and so on.
[18:06:56] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[18:28:21] <Dominus> ok, I get two errors compiling the tools:
[18:28:51] <Dominus> ./tools/wud.c: In function `printcodeseg':
[18:28:52] <Dominus> ./tools/wud.c:268: warning: passing arg 4 of `print_opcode' from incompatible p
[18:28:52] <Dominus> inter type (only warning not stopping compilation)
[18:29:09] <Dominus> (that'S pointer type)
[18:29:32] <Dominus> ./usecode/compiler/ucmain.cc: In function `int main(int, char **)':
[18:29:32] <Dominus> ./usecode/compiler/ucmain.cc:71: implicit declaration of function `int getopt(..
[18:29:32] <Dominus> .)'
[18:29:32] <Dominus> make: *** [ucmain.o] Error 1
[18:29:50] <Dominus> the last one showed up after Fingolfin made the comitt last night
[18:38:33] <wjp> first one: change the "unsigned int* pextern" on line 53 into "unsigned short* pextern", I think
[18:39:52] <wjp> second one: you probably have to #include <getopt.h>
[18:40:27] <Fingolfin> well no
[18:40:31] <Fingolfin> the thing is this
[18:40:51] <Fingolfin> getopt() is in unistd.h according to POSIX; and it is so on OS X & OS 9, which don't even have getopt.h
[18:41:02] <Fingolfin> Dominus: what compiler do you use?
[18:41:11] <wjp> yeah, it's in unistd.h according to the manpage too
[18:41:34] <Dominus> mingw
[18:41:35] <Fingolfin> so we might add some #ifdef for VC++ or so I guess
[18:41:39] <Fingolfin> hrmpf
[18:41:50] <Fingolfin> or a configure check?! hm
[18:43:25] <wjp> or switch it to use the Args class?
[18:48:08] <Fingolfin> or that
[18:48:53] <Colourless> unistd.h in mingw only contains a #include <io.h>
[18:55:22] <wjp> hm, any idea why the number of exult downloads increased by a factor 6 last sunday?
[18:55:44] <Colourless> 6!
[18:55:49] <wjp> 1543 downloads
[18:56:50] <Colourless> where did you get those stats from?
[18:57:02] <wjp> our stats page
[18:58:07] <Colourless> that is... strange
[19:00:43] <Colourless> so how does it calculate the rank? it doesn't make much sense that on sunday were ranked 43rd and on Monday ranked 34th
[19:01:48] <Colourless> of course whatever is pushing our rank up has been doing it for over a week. we've gained well over 150 ranks in 7 days :-)
[19:02:51] * Colourless guesses that the big jumps in rank seem to be related to cvs usage
[19:03:05] * Darke can't think of anything other then cvs usage.
[19:04:56] <Colourless> wow pentagram is already ranked at.... 4723 :-)
[19:05:37] <Colourless> i'm guessing we'll be up to at least 2000 by tomorrow :-)
[19:05:44] <Darke> Wow, impressive. I guess _lots_ of sf.net projects are rather dead, eh? *grin*
[19:05:50] <Dominus> wjp: hange the "unsigned int* pextern" on line 53 into "unsigned short* pextern" in wuc.c works. can this go in permanently
[19:06:06] <wjp> yes, I think so
[19:06:16] <Dominus> there is a pentagram project? :-)
[19:06:26] <Colourless> you know damn well there is
[19:07:22] <Colourless> don't you just love our homepage: http://pentagram.sf.net :-)
[19:07:30] <Dominus> so do our faithfull readers now :-)
[19:07:52] <Dominus> wow, great homepage :-)
[19:09:31] <Colourless> as you can tell, it doesn't really matter if anyones know about the pentagram project. there is just nothing there :-)
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[21:29:47] * Darke implicitly casts Colourless to a void *.
[21:32:06] <Colourless> and just why would you want to do that?
[21:33:00] <Darke> Because?
[21:34:38] <Colourless> i'm waiting
[21:34:44] * Darke was actually just checking if he was still online, webaccess was a little flaky. *grin* It's slightly more 'creative' then dropping a period into the channel.
[21:36:02] * Darke casts Colourless back to his correct type.
[21:41:16] <Colourless> aww, but it was fun to be something else :-)
[21:41:49] * Darke casts Colourless into Dominus.
[21:42:01] <Darke> Better? *innocentblink*
[21:43:20] <Dominus> ugh, get him out of me
[21:43:36] * Dominus is feeling his colours being drained
[21:43:41] <wjp> no, no, he's not you...
[21:43:46] * Darke casts Colourless back to Colourless by way of casting him to Fingolfin first.
[21:43:47] <wjp> he's just a different instance of the same class
[21:44:29] <Colourless> well since i don't inherit Dominus, casting me to him isn't a very good idea
[21:44:59] <wjp> on top of that, you should really only cast pointers and references
[21:45:10] <Darke> Colourless: Sure. But provided I only access you through your 'Sentient' base class that Dominus is also subclassed from. Things should be ok.
[21:45:34] <Darke> s/base class/base class functions/
[21:46:13] <wjp> but wouldn't things go horribly wrong if you try to call Dominus' update_faq() method on Colourless? :-)
[21:46:50] <Darke> wjp: Of course. *grin*
[21:46:52] <wjp> and you lose access to the finish_opengl_renderer() method
[21:47:13] <Darke> So? I can always cast him back to Colourless when I'm finished. *grin*
[21:48:33] <Colourless> well, what sort of cast were you using?
[21:48:53] <Colourless> if you were using a dynamic cast, you just removed me from existance
[21:49:18] <wjp> well, not really... he just lost the pointer to you :-)
[21:49:30] <Colourless> but if he did
[21:49:32] <wjp> you'd better hope he's not using a garbage collector, though :-)
[21:49:36] <Darke> static_cast<> *grin*
[21:50:02] <Colourless> Dominus *colourless_as_dominus = dynamic_cast<Dominus *>(colourless);
[21:50:21] <Dominus> why me?
[21:50:26] <Colourless> colourless = dynamic_cast<Colourless *>(colourless_as_dominus);
[21:50:26] <Darke> Why not?
[21:50:32] <Dominus> *sniff
[21:50:52] <Colourless> I would become a memory leak
[21:51:01] <Colourless> my pointer lost
[21:51:04] <wjp> lol
[21:51:06] <Dominus> I'm innocent, I even did my quota of exult work today...
[21:51:58] * Darke implements a garbage collector.
[21:53:25] <Colourless> i would just rewrite the Darke class to inherit the Programmer_Who_Uses_Safe_Coding_Practices class
[21:54:12] <wjp> hm, wasn't that class virtual?
[21:54:30] <wjp> you'd have to implement lots of extra methods
[21:55:31] * Darke admittedly, would like a language that supports both new/delete and the ability to say 'gc this data' for some pointers. Much more flexable.
[21:55:34] <Colourless> i think doing that is better than the alternative
[21:57:43] <Colourless> maybe i'd just get Darke to inherit Dont_Do_Stupid_Casts'
[21:58:41] * Darke doesn't do 'stupid' casts, he uses proper casts like static_cast<> and const_cast<> rather then (Foo *) and the like. *grin*
[22:00:34] <Colourless> that would be a c style cast
[22:02:16] <Colourless> writing static_cast<> and reinterpret_cast<> takes too long and looks damn ugly
[22:02:46] <Darke> All the more reason to avoid ugly casts. *grin*
[22:03:34] * Darke partially just uses the _cast<> casts because it minimises compiler warnings, if he's just writing some quick code, he uses the Cstyle ones. *grin*
[22:05:18] * Colourless points at databuf.h and says, "It hurts the eyes!"
[22:09:59] <Darke> Eh? No more then switch statments and the like that start with `switch(foo) {` rather then lining up both the opening and closing braces at the same indentation level. *grin*
[22:11:47] <Colourless> i think i should probably be going
[22:11:59] <Darke> Although admittedly those const_casts in StackBufferSource::assign are brutally ugly.
[22:12:02] <Darke> Bye!
[22:12:32] <wjp> bye
[22:12:38] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("cya")
[22:12:47] <Darke> s/StackBufferSounce/StackBufferDataSource/
[22:23:36] <-- cnj has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[22:31:59] <Dominus> got to go as well
[22:32:03] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("Exult! Exult! Exult!")
[23:15:49] * wjp should really be going too
[23:15:51] <wjp> g'night
[23:15:55] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
[23:28:03] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("good night")