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[12:18:11] <Marzo_android> Dominus: just dropping by with a suggestion: we should make an announcement stating that we neither support nor condone continued usage of Exult 1.2
[12:18:36] <Marzo_android> To prod package managers of Linux distros I to using something more recent
[12:18:50] <Marzo_android> Anyways, back to vacation
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[12:48:11] <Dominus> yes! back to vacation!!!!
[12:48:11] <Dominus> :)
[12:48:23] <Dominus> I *kind of* mentioned that in the "18 November 2013" news but it's hidden in the wall of text...
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[14:55:28] <Dominus> We could move the 1.2 and 1.4.9rc1 downloads to "old-files" (which is hidden)... BUT we'd lose all download stats of those files ;(
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[17:11:57] <Epitrope> Dominus marzo: I think distos are waiting for a new stable release
[17:12:24] <Epitrope> or at least, I bet that would be the most effective way to get them to upgrade
[18:54:22] <Dominus> Epitrope: of course :)
[18:55:02] <Dominus> just seems Exult is becoming one of those projects that are just not getting near a finished version...
[18:56:11] <Epitrope> what are the current blockers to announcing a stable release?
[18:56:59] <Dominus> https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/milestone/Release%20Block/
[18:57:48] <Epitrope> oh, nice
[18:58:50] <Dominus> Epitrope: but there is also this https://trello.com/b/fpzlUMO0/exult-todo
[19:00:50] <Dominus> now, let's see about bundling the exultmsg files in the fly
[19:00:56] <Dominus> flx
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[20:34:16] <Dominus> apparently my code-fu is not strong enough to make items.cc load the file from the flx...
[21:28:58] <Dominus> nope, I'm just not made for figuring this out...
[21:29:06] <Dominus> I surrender...
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