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[03:06:32] <KnightCaptain> Marzo, I have an updated list of gflags for SI. Wouldst that help your improved UCXT?
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[07:17:12] <Dominus> Wjp, thanks for looking at it. And yeah it's odd. It acts as a fail safe to get back to 8 bbp but for 1x scaling it uses this by default
[07:18:01] <Dominus> I'll try to see if making Ifdef SDL2 go down the try_scaler point path is enough.
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[08:51:21] <wjp> Dominus: there are two checks preventing this: line 558 and line 804
[08:52:41] <wjp> although it's hard to say if there will be any side effects
[09:00:09] <wjp> this is how to bypass those two checks, but it needs more thought... https://www.usecode.org/exult/exult_auto_1x.patch
[09:07:46] <Dominus> Thanks wjp, I'll test later with all available options
[09:39:46] <Dominus> hm, when scaler is point, the fill scaler bilinear is an abomination :)
[09:48:53] <Dominus> wjp, first tests look good
[09:49:52] <Dominus> (except interlaced or bilinear x1 default to point x1 but that's not because of your patch :))
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[12:00:15] <wjp> interlaced x1 and bilinear x1 are identical to point x1, aren't they?
[12:37:50] <Dominus> Wjp: I have no idea, I didn't look up their code. Currently they are identical both in SDL2 (with forced bpp) and SDL1
[12:38:18] <Dominus> Why anyone wants interlaced is beyond me anyway ;)
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[15:37:25] <Dominus> Marzo: just wondering, does Exult with SDL2 and Exult Studio support work for you?
[15:38:05] <Dominus> Because that's another problem I need to investigate - doesn't for me on OS X :(
[16:44:01] <Dominus> I might have to experiment with building SDL and configure options to disable opengl and various x11 options
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