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[08:42:44] <Nadir> 'ning
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[08:46:49] <Nadir> wb
[09:02:29] <Kirben> re
[09:04:57] <Kirben> Any chance of official win32 fix ?
[09:08:22] <Nadir> I'd rather wait for Fingolfin...
[09:08:48] <Nadir> ?logs
[09:08:48] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exultlog.php3
[09:09:40] <Kirben> ok
[09:22:00] <Nadir> The best idea is to rename "alpha_kludges.h" to "arch_kludges.h" and put hacks like the snprintf one there...
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[10:18:46] <wjp> hi
[10:20:38] <Kirben> Hi
[11:33:19] <Nadir> committing
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[11:38:55] <Kirben> hmm still can't connect to spaceports, so no snapshot today
[11:40:43] <wjp> Nadir|lunch: I was wrong about when I started working on Exult :-(
[11:41:08] <wjp> Nadir|lunch: did you maybe submit another text-related patch a few months later?
[11:41:56] <Nadir|lunch> can't remember... it was a long time ago
[11:42:16] <Nadir|lunch> bbl
[11:42:19] <wjp> k
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[12:17:51] <Fingolfin> geee
[12:18:03] * Fingolfin curses his IRC client
[12:26:09] <Fingolfin> grrr
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[12:31:54] <wjp> hi
[12:32:01] <Fingolfin> lo
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[12:37:23] <Fingolfin> uh
[12:37:35] <Fingolfin> we have fallen way back in the activity stats :/
[12:37:36] <Fingolfin> then again
[12:37:41] <Fingolfin> I wonder how there can be changes at all!
[12:38:21] <wjp> 98.488% hmm...
[12:38:39] <wjp> well, at least it's better about 10 days ago. (something in the 93%)
[12:38:55] <wjp> s/about/than about/
[12:39:02] <Fingolfin> I mean, I thought stats are broken?
[12:39:09] <wjp> yeah, they are :-)
[12:39:47] <wjp> brb
[12:40:26] <Fingolfin> how can a project like "WinStack" be on 13 if they haven't released anything yet, don't have a web page, nothin? hr,
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[12:40:54] <Colourless> hi all
[12:42:03] <Fingolfin> lo
[12:45:15] <Colourless> i'm dying here. it's 11:17 pm and i'm thinking it's still above 30 degrees c.
[12:46:27] <Fingolfin> ouch
[12:46:29] <Fingolfin> too hot
[12:46:34] <Fingolfin> I am happy here
[12:46:50] <Fingolfin> we have well over 0 degree ;) maybe 6 or 7
[12:47:55] <Colourless> it was 41 degrees today. it's going to be the hottest january on record for adelaide with more than 15 days of over 35 degree temperatures. i can't complain though, for one town every day so far has been over 40
[12:48:40] <Colourless> another place had a temp of 51 yesterday
[12:52:19] <Fingolfin> ouch
[12:52:25] <Fingolfin> that is *too* hot for my taste
[12:53:21] <Colourless> too hot for mine as well
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[12:56:22] <Nadir> b
[12:56:29] <Colourless> :)
[12:56:30] <Fingolfin> wb
[12:56:37] <Fingolfin> colourless: yeah ;)
[12:57:39] <Nadir> ryan: does Exult compile on Win32 now ? (re: snprintf)
[13:00:29] <Colourless> no idea. was anything changed?
[13:01:13] <Nadir> no, Kirben was here earlier complaining about it and I was wondering if it works on your setup
[13:02:58] <Fingolfin> snprintf was not declared in mingw I think
[13:03:01] <Fingolfin> only _snprintf
[13:03:17] <Colourless> yeah
[13:03:33] <Colourless> if i added the following to alpha_kludges.h it would work
[13:03:33] <Colourless> #ifndef snprintf
[13:03:33] <Colourless> #define snprintf _snprintf
[13:03:33] <Colourless> #endif
[13:03:41] <Nadir> so it's only a problem with mingw, not with cygwin
[13:04:57] <Fingolfin> seems so, dunno, someone needs to test
[13:05:14] <Fingolfin> colourless: if possible, this should only be compiled #if mingw is present
[13:06:13] <Nadir> shouldn't we s/alpha_kludges\.h/arch_kludges\.h/ ???
[13:06:21] <Fingolfin> I mean,#ifndef snprintf will break compile for me
[13:06:23] <Colourless> fingolfin: from what I can tell the problem is due to using microsofts headers (mingw uses modified MS headers)
[13:06:40] <Fingolfin> but #ifndef snprintf is not the correct way! it does not work if snprintf is a "real" function
[13:06:42] <Fingolfin> Nadir: well
[13:07:05] <Fingolfin> nadir: I propoesed yesterday we should have a file exult_prefix.h that is included by all files (if possible via MakeFile)
[13:07:15] <Fingolfin> this could then contain kludges like this etc.
[13:08:30] <Nadir> If all platforms supported configure, we could do this with autoconfig.h...
[13:09:07] <Colourless> they don't
[13:10:44] <Colourless> alpha_kludges should be renamed to arch_kludges or something
[13:11:42] <Colourless> to fix the snprintf problem we could use code like the following:
[13:11:44] <Colourless> #ifdef SNPRINT_KLUDGE
[13:11:45] <Colourless> #define snprintf _snprintf
[13:11:45] <Colourless> #endif
[13:12:16] <Colourless> and just put -DSNPRINT_KLUDGE in the CXXFLAGS in the makefile
[13:20:49] <Fingolfin> is it possible to specify a compiler option with gcc to force it to #include a certain header into a .c file?
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[13:22:26] <TonyHoyt> Hello people. What's new?
[13:22:48] <Fingolfin> Tony: ooohhh
[13:23:02] <Fingolfin> Tony: well, we stole the BG sourcecode from Origin
[13:23:10] <Fingolfin> Tony: now we can reverse engineer properly ;)
[13:23:16] <TonyHoyt> *laughs*
[13:23:20] <TonyHoyt> Suuuuuuuuuure.
[13:23:26] <TonyHoyt> Good work hacking that.
[13:24:01] <Colourless> Fingolfin: yes
[13:24:56] <Fingolfin> Colourless: so, why not remove all refernces to *_kludges.h from the source and use the makefile to include that file...
[13:25:10] <Colourless> it should be possible
[13:25:11] <Fingolfin> I mean, it should be in all files, or in none, depending on the OS you run on
[13:25:28] <Fingolfin> and on mac, I have my own global prefix file anyway (mac_prefix.h in the mac folder)
[13:27:14] <TonyHoyt> If your going to have a header file that is included in all sources, should there not be a header file that is simply of those types of headers? A exult.h that is included by all? *Theorising*
[13:28:18] * wjp is back
[13:29:02] <Colourless> fingolfin: i don't have a problem with the idea.
[13:29:34] <Fingolfin> well
[13:29:53] <Fingolfin> Tony: if you were here earlier: I proposed an exult_prefix.h file
[13:30:02] <Fingolfin> Ryan: good then ;)
[13:30:05] <Fingolfin> wb wjp
[13:30:24] <Fingolfin> Tony: you see, the point is that this prefix file should not be included by all of the source files "manually"
[13:30:36] <Fingolfin> Tony: because then you could "forget" it and get strange problems
[13:31:45] <TonyHoyt> What about working it into the ./configure script then? To determine where and when it should be included?
[13:32:07] <TonyHoyt> That, or #ifdef statements as well, for OS's such as Mac and Windows where you can't run ./configure
[13:32:14] <Fingolfin> nah
[13:32:24] <Fingolfin> on macos, I already have a global prefix file
[13:32:24] <wjp> Nadir: didn't you experiment with including a file using autoconf?
[13:32:34] <Fingolfin> secondly, where do you want to place such an #ifdef?????
[13:32:45] <Fingolfin> tony: you would have to place it again in all source files
[13:33:22] <Nadir> I did. It was a way of adding extra stuff to autoconfig.h. It wouldn't serve much here, seeing that it depends on configure being able to run
[13:34:03] <wjp> Fingolfin: your compiler/IDE has an option to include mac_prefix.h in every source file?
[13:34:09] <TonyHoyt> You put such #ifdef's in the exult.h type file I spoke about or the h_exult.h since it's all header include files, and youdont' have to worry about where it get's included because it get's included in EVERY source.
[13:34:25] <wjp> Nadir: oh right.. something with TOP or BOTTOM, IIRC
[13:34:32] <Colourless> why would adding "-include mingw_kludges.h" to CXXFLAGS or CPPFLAGS in the makefile be an issue?
[13:34:59] <Fingolfin> wjp: yes I have such an option (and I use it). I do this because I have no auto config
[13:35:19] <Fingolfin> wjp: look at mac_prefix.h to see what I used it for (oh and in the past I also has code to emulat strdup in there)
[13:35:51] <Fingolfin> Tony: but then, how do you make sure exult.h is included by all files?
[13:36:15] <Fingolfin> tony: either you include exult.h in all files - or you do exactly what I proposed ;) I don't see a third way ;)
[13:36:54] <TonyHoyt> You just go through each source and look. It's not that hard of a concept. It's also great for makeing sure every source has stdio.h string.h, etc. sort of saveing a few lines just for cleanleness sake.
[13:37:03] <wjp> Colourless: using -include sounds like a good idea
[13:37:18] <Nadir> let's go for -include (on gcc) as Colourless suggests
[13:41:20] <wjp> -include (auto)config.h ?
[13:42:01] <wjp> then we can use (auto)config.h for including any other files
[13:45:08] <Nadir> autoconfig is already included under Linux by exult_types.h
[13:58:23] <TonyHoyt> bbl guys.
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[14:05:45] <Colourless> bbl as well, maybe
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[14:21:36] <Fingolfin> ah. I am outta here, too, for now
[14:21:36] <Fingolfin> bbl
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[14:52:20] <Nadir> committing
[15:16:18] <Nadir> SI is working fairly well...
[15:20:42] <Nadir> oops, it crashed
[15:21:33] <wjp> :-(
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[15:25:00] <Nadir> wb
[15:31:13] <wjp> thanks
[15:33:26] <Nadir> Working on Exult Studio !
[15:33:42] <wjp> how's it going?
[15:33:47] <wjp> (cool name btw :-) )
[15:36:38] <Nadir> It's not much more than Jeff's GTK+ widgets wrapped in a larger app, with some optional GIMP glue.
[15:37:46] <Nadir> Wanna see a screenshot ?
[15:43:06] <Nadir> wjp ?
[15:43:37] * Nadir is lonely
[15:48:23] <wjp> sorry, I'm working atm, and I had to do something
[15:49:46] <wjp> brb again :-)
[15:53:36] <Nadir> sorry, gotta go now... :-(
[15:53:39] <Nadir> bye
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[18:58:53] <matt0> wjp! dinner!
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[19:04:33] <wjp> matt! 0!
[19:04:40] <wjp> ;-)
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