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[00:00:53] <Lord_Nightmare> its a self-contained rackmount computer which acts as a security/spam filtering system, and runs linux
[00:01:14] <servus> Snapgear?
[00:01:19] <servus> Cobalt?
[00:01:53] <Lord_Nightmare> no... i think its called 'corporate security server' or something
[00:02:17] <Lord_Nightmare> the company is Symantec
[00:03:29] <Lord_Nightmare> i have a feeling if someone specifically asked them for the sourcecode, to sort of 'let them know that we know whats up', they might release it.
[00:05:29] <Lord_Nightmare> iirc the reason the source isn't released is more a case of corporate beaurocracy than malicious intent. the individual teams working on the elements of design for the security server are leaving the sourcecode license issues up to the company to deal with/distribute code, and the company is leaving it up to the individual teams. each one considers it the other's problem
[00:05:53] <wjp> collecting GPL violations? :-)
[00:06:18] <sbx> Bill Gates said if someone wants to ask him for the sourcecode to notepad he'll be happy to send it to them.
[00:06:19] <Lord_Nightmare> nah i knew about the symantec one from before the xchat issue happened.
[00:06:47] <Lord_Nightmare> sbx: i want the sourcecode to the altair basic interpreter he promised to release in 1996
[00:07:10] <Lord_Nightmare> 'microsoft's first program'
[00:09:29] <Lord_Nightmare> in the cases of some of the wireless routers and stuff using linux and not releasing code, however, fall more in the malicious intent side. (theory: the company bigwigs don't want the source released because it would be a liability for hackers to find holes in it, and they could give less of a shit about 'little licenses' like the GPL)
[00:10:32] <Lord_Nightmare> I should make a webpage listing 'active' and 'solved' GPL violation cases...
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[00:10:56] <sbx> hi Colourless
[00:13:48] <Colourless> hi
[00:14:37] <curiousis> Can anybody fill me in on details about the barge editor in Exult Studio?
[00:16:13] <servus> Ah, that was it on the Phorum: Author: Mel C. (---.slt-cres.charterpipeline.net)
[00:16:28] <sbx> how did you find that
[00:16:29] <servus> I don't know where that might be.
[00:16:41] <servus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=22471&t=22471
[00:18:54] <sbx> oh because the thread was updated
[00:19:51] <sbx> curiousis: You're idea of "bizarro-Britannia" could be pretty cool. Many people (myself included) think of making an Anti-Britannia but I havn't heard of using multimap and making them both in parallel, like Zelda3's golden land.
[00:21:03] <curiousis> Precisely. I mean it takes 2 seconds to create a completely new map of Brittania and teleporters between the two. Then you just have to go to town editting the other one.
[00:21:28] <servus> What about my Ultima6 to Ultima7 map converter? :)
[00:21:44] <curiousis> hehe, I'd love to see one of those too
[00:22:40] <servus> It requires extensive and carefully crafted data files (maps between U6 tiles and U7 chunks) to work properly. I made a pretty exhaustive map, but things looked so-so. A ton of editing would have to be done to the resulting map to get anything truly workable.
[00:23:04] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: since the map format for UW/UW2 is known, couldn't you write a UW/UW2->Abyss convertor? i mean you'd obviously need to replace the textures with hiqual versions and maybe go through later and add more detail...
[00:23:31] <curiousis> Though without NPCs, bizarro-Brittania is either going to be completely destroyed... or require a pantload of usecoding
[00:23:57] <servus> Lord_Nightmare, Already done, but not by me.
[00:24:11] <servus> Coren made me one.
[00:24:57] <sbx> Copy the NPCs and just edit them to make Bizarro-NPC's. :)
[00:25:17] <servus> sbx, Bizarro? Ehh. Wouldn't "Bane British" make more sense?
[00:26:03] <curiousis> Perhaps, but saying Bizarro-British makes me giggle out loud.
[00:26:17] <sbx> Yes, Bane British is okay.
[00:26:29] <servus> Hmm
[00:26:31] <sbx> I had another name for him but forgot it.
[00:26:35] <servus> The avatar could fight his shadow, like Legend of Zelda 2.
[00:26:48] <servus> Or you could simply call it 'Mars".
[00:26:50] <servus> :-)
[00:27:09] <sbx> I really (dis)liked that battle in OoT.
[00:27:13] <servus> Ultima 6 could be converted to the U7 engine.
[00:27:24] <servus> OoT?
[00:27:33] <sbx> In Ocarina of Time you fight your shadow too.
[00:27:37] <servus> You have all the dialog for U6, there aren't really any scripted events...
[00:28:01] <servus> Just take all the highlighted words and make them into clickable words.
[00:28:02] <sbx> yeah
[00:28:09] <sbx> I'm not doing it though.
[00:28:11] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: the u6->u7 idea is actually probably worth pursuing... the landscape would need some serious facelifting, and the runic signs would need gfx made for them...
[00:28:14] <servus> I could do it in Awk.
[00:28:33] <servus> I already made a U6-U7 /map/ converter. It needs a lot of work but it's a starting place.
[00:28:50] <sbx> Actually I'm only interested in it because of the Exult3D possibilities. ;-)
[00:28:59] <servus> Ehh
[00:29:07] <servus> I'm trying to get some work done on the abyss right now,
[00:29:17] <servus> Any good at 3D mapping, sbx?
[00:29:35] * Lord_Nightmare is STILL waiting for thieves and well-scripts to work right in exult. if either got done in the last 6 months, feel free to whack me in the face
[00:29:37] <sbx> nah, I hardly ever finish the quake maps I start on
[00:29:42] <servus> I want to make a full recreation of UW1's first level, but not even close to verbatim.
[00:29:46] <sbx> I just need practice and patience.
[00:29:55] * sbx hasn't played UW1.
[00:29:57] * Lord_Nightmare needs to get UW1...
[00:29:57] <servus> I've made some Counterstrike maps.
[00:30:03] * servus smacks you two!
[00:30:29] * Lord_Nightmare helped his brother make a few TF maps, none of them all that good....
[00:31:05] * sbx didn't complete his Quake2:D-Day train map.
[00:31:30] <Lord_Nightmare> i could lay out an 'enhanced' map on graph paper based on the normal UW map i guess...
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[00:31:59] <servus> I've already completed enough of the first UW1 level to give a serious idea of how I want things.
[00:32:05] <Lord_Nightmare> enhanced = more detail, passages lead to the same places but may look different....
[00:32:14] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: you got an overhead view of it?
[00:32:36] <Lord_Nightmare> an overhead view of the regular normal UW1 level would help too
[00:33:00] <servus> Well if you didn't play the game, but here:
[00:34:09] <Lord_Nightmare> i've seen screenshots of that room in abyss
[00:34:19] <Lord_Nightmare> on your site
[00:34:47] <Lord_Nightmare> i guess i can splat that onto the graphpaper easy enough... but graphpaper is 2d...
[00:35:31] <servus> htp:// highlighted parts are what I've already mapped.
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[00:36:01] * servus wields the smacking hand
[00:37:41] * sbx promises to buy UW.
[00:38:09] <servus> I bought UW several times. I kept losing the CD :-)
[00:41:10] <curiousis> Hmm... creating a new map is all well and good, but is there anyway to destroy a map you don't want any more?
[00:44:51] <sbx> I know no more about that than creating barges.
[00:44:56] <sbx> Too bad DoctorCode doesn't ever show up in here.
[00:45:32] <curiousis> My thoughts exactly. Exult Studio intrigues me, I like playing with it.
[00:46:18] <curiousis> In fact I've never used such a fun piece of map editting software before... primarily because it lets me do terrible, terrible things to my favourite game
[00:46:38] <sbx> same here
[00:46:46] <sbx> you can do good things
[00:46:50] <sbx> like rebuild skara brae
[00:48:05] * servus learns Ada.
[00:48:22] <curiousis> Skare Brae is just fine how it is...
[00:49:15] <curiousis> decrepid
[00:51:11] <sbx> I don't like living among skeletons.
[00:51:28] * sbx looks for his screenshot.
[00:52:07] <curiousis> I've decided that after a LONG hiatus I'd write a slight update for the Exult Studio guide.
[00:52:54] <curiousis> So thats whats up with the questions, and likely if anybody who is in the know shows up I'll grill the hell out of them
[00:53:02] <curiousis> But in a good way.
[00:53:08] <sbx> Oh, you wrote the original?
[00:53:34] <curiousis> No, just I wrote a large update for it some time ago for Dominus
[00:58:16] <curiousis> Hmm... though I managed to remove the seats of the magic carpet from the floor of the magic carpet... now I have a magic flying chair...
[00:59:08] <sbx> That's trippy.
[01:01:19] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/skarabrae-hohum.pcx
[01:03:18] <sbx> Hmm, qiv doesn't open that.
[01:03:53] <curiousis> I can't open that at all...
[01:04:18] <sbx> Gimp opens it, however.
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[01:05:53] <servus> Why would you choose PCX?
[01:06:18] <sbx> No idea, that's what it was to begin with.
[01:06:24] <curiousis> Hmm... the ability to turn an object 90% in exult studio is very neat
[01:07:01] <sbx> Havn't gotten around to trying that yet.
[01:08:03] <curiousis> Though sitting on a chair tilted 90% to the side looks kind of... very bad
[01:08:55] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/skarabrae-hohum.png
[01:09:13] <sbx> ey
[01:09:21] <sbx> if you sit in it, wont you be facing the correct direction?
[01:10:34] <servus> I need some 3D modellers, or at least some texturers, because a human model could be a lot of different things :_0
[01:10:36] <servus> :-) even
[01:10:59] <curiousis> hmm... I turned myself into an old man and now I use Iolo's picture for my paperdoll
[01:12:43] <curiousis> I'm no artist...
[01:13:04] <servus> I'm a programmer! Why am I always doing the art? :-)
[01:13:18] <servus> Heck I'm even working on a soundtrack for this Abyss level!
[01:13:24] <curiousis> I'm a scientist.. I just happen to like Ultima.
[01:15:05] <sbx> Have you tried to repeat the study of Mempto Rays?
[01:15:45] * sbx wonders whether programmer art or programmer music is better.
[01:16:10] <servus> Depends on the programmer :-)
[01:16:43] <curiousis> hmm... so I figured out how to increase the size of my magic carpet. Unfortunately being a pervert I used my bigger magic carpet to mount a naked man and a naked woman on the front.
[01:17:00] <sbx> Unfortunately?
[01:17:04] <sbx> oh wait
[01:17:09] <sbx> yeah :P
[01:17:17] <sbx> I'd have put two naked women on there.
[01:17:36] <sbx> but you must work with what you've got
[01:18:00] <curiousis> There is also a lampost... I don't know how the lampost got there.
[01:18:01] <sbx> You're playing with the Barge Editor it sounds like.
[01:18:06] <curiousis> yes I am
[01:18:31] <servus> 3D lampposts? Great idea. Make some!:)
[01:18:50] <sbx> Yes, please.
[01:18:52] <servus> No more than 40 polygons and a 32x32 texture.
[01:18:58] <curiousis> hmm.. I wonder what would happen if I increased the size of the barge to the size of Lord British's castle? Could I have Battleship Brittania?
[01:19:12] <sbx> curiousis: I believe you could!
[01:19:27] <sbx> Someone on the Exult forum posted their souped up magic carpet. (which they made before there was a barge editor)
[01:19:53] <curiousis> Battleship Brittania takes to the air!
[01:20:14] <curiousis> and Exult Studio crashes terribly!
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[01:21:10] <sbx> This makes me think of the flying battleship in Super Mario Brothers 3.
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[01:21:40] <curiousis> Hmm... I'm so going to create the bitchingest magic carpet this world has ever seen
[01:22:03] <curiousis> Either that or a flying casino... likely a flying casino
[01:22:30] <sbx> Don't just rip the casino on Buc's Den off the ground. :)
[01:22:47] <curiousis> I like the way you think
[01:23:16] <sbx> But I said don't.
[01:23:21] <sbx> You'll steal their profits.
[01:23:41] <curiousis> Bah, doesn't matter. They can't compete with a flying casino anyway
[01:24:07] <sbx> True.
[01:25:03] <sbx> http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=21931&t=21931
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[01:26:02] <curiousis> With the barge editor, he doesn't have a sweet chance
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[01:53:46] <curiousis-2> hmm...
[01:54:10] <sbx> Bizzaro Curiousis?
[01:54:20] <curiousis-2> I can't explain my internet connection...
[01:54:45] <curiousis-2> but constructing airfortress Brittania has proven to be far more work that I originally thought
[01:54:57] <sbx> :(
[01:55:26] <curiousis-2> My thoughts exactly...
[01:55:34] <sbx> Everyone would like to build a 20-story mecha in their backyard, but it always turns out to be much more work than first thought.
[01:55:48] <sbx> I guess airfortresses are the same.
[01:55:56] <curiousis-2> I'm persistent though...
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[02:15:12] <curiousis-2> haha! The floor of Airfortress Brittania is complete
[02:15:36] <curiousis-2> In other words I have a really big parpet at the moment
[02:15:41] <curiousis-2> err... carpet
[02:16:26] <sbx> you should be able to put things on it from the game
[02:16:34] <sbx> without exultstudio
[02:16:38] <sbx> not that they'd stay
[02:18:45] <curiousis-2> My main problem at the moment is the carpent only looks proper when facing south. The items don't rotate properly.
[02:21:37] <curiousis-2> yes... walls stay properly. My fortress shall have walls, even if it does not have guns
[02:22:53] <sbx> it needs guns
[02:23:05] <curiousis-2> I won't argue that for a second
[02:25:12] <curiousis-2> It will also preferentially have a second floor
[02:26:53] <curiousis-2> Currently it does have a keg
[02:33:46] <Lord_Nightmare> servus: lamppost? i could make a hackjob lamppost with like 20 polys... and probably flat shading.
[02:34:36] <Lord_Nightmare> hmm... i could make a 3 poly triangular post, then a cube mounted on top, and a 3-triangle 'hat' on top of the cube.
[02:34:52] <Lord_Nightmare> nah, the 'hat' needs 4 triangles
[02:35:05] <Lord_Nightmare> 4+6+3, thats 13
[02:36:09] <Lord_Nightmare> if i mount it on a cube to make a proper base its another 5 (since i don't need a bottom surface), and if i make the pole 6 sided instead of 3 sided its another 3, for a total of 21 polys
[02:38:26] <Lord_Nightmare> use of textures with alpha around the top cube can give the illusion of glass
[02:41:51] <servus> I asked for modellers, not mathematicians:-)
[02:45:08] <sbx> you have to use exult's transparent color
[02:46:40] <curiousis-2> Ahh... the whole trick is to move objects by manually setting their coordinates. The actualy mouse move won't work.
[02:46:51] <curiousis-2> Now my fortress shall have guns!
[02:47:19] <sbx> Huzzah!
[02:47:30] <sbx> You should try viewing this with Exult3D.
[02:48:20] <curiousis-2> I'm afraid...
[02:48:57] <curiousis-2> I need a lever and a steering wheel...
[02:49:12] <sbx> Not sure how you could be afraid of anything, with a giant airfortress.
[02:49:17] <sbx> except meteors
[02:49:38] <sbx> use armored roof tiles
[02:50:09] <curiousis-2> I can't seem to get the roof to work.
[02:50:18] <curiousis-2> I take off and my roof stays behind. Most annoying
[02:50:34] <sbx> How are the walls attached?
[02:50:53] <sbx> Maybe you need to "drop" the roof tiles in Exult.
[02:51:55] <sbx> It's strange because if you stack two objects they should both move.
[02:52:00] <curiousis-2> They're attached directly to the walls (I think)
[02:53:04] <curiousis-2> Oh score, we have roof. I set the height too high... they weren't actually attached
[02:53:39] <sbx> that's awesome
[02:56:05] <curiousis-2> Unfortunately when I take off the roof ends up so high Exult doesn't display it. It'd be awesome if the maximum height to place objetcs in Exult were doubled or tripled. You could make awesome towers.
[02:56:18] <curiousis-2> Which you would have to ensure nothing ever fell behind.
[02:57:32] <sbx> Yes someone needs to make giant towers for Exult3D.
[02:57:51] <sbx> And not have the problem of things falling behind it.
[02:57:52] <sbx> heh
[02:58:07] <sbx> in Exult it would be lost forever then
[02:58:17] <sbx> without hackmove
[02:58:50] <curiousis-2> I think I'll post that as a request.
[02:59:02] <curiousis-2> Though its not like request ever actually get fulfilled for Exult :)
[02:59:16] <sbx> I think I have a few there.
[02:59:32] <curiousis-2> Supprt Request I mean...
[02:59:39] <sbx> oh I see
[02:59:44] <sbx> Feature Requests get fulfilled for ExultStudio.
[03:01:04] <curiousis-2> ahh...
[03:03:47] <curiousis-2> Damnit.. I have to scratch the whole roof idea. In order to get the roof to stay with the carpet it needs a height of 4 or less. At a height of 4 the Avatar cannot walk underneath
[03:05:34] <sbx> add extra walls?
[03:07:16] <curiousis-2> I don't think that'll work...
[03:07:24] <sbx> _
[03:07:24] <sbx> I
[03:07:25] <sbx> I
[03:07:29] <sbx> _
[03:08:08] <sbx> 4 or less? that must be going through the walls
[03:08:39] <curiousis-2> the walls have a height of 6... but it seems where the bottom of the item is located is what matters
[03:09:29] <sbx> I was hoping to make a covered wagon.
[03:10:50] <curiousis-2> I don't know how wagons work. If they follow the same height restrictions as the carpets or not. I guess its something that can be changed.
[03:11:18] <curiousis-2> So there is another request :) Increase the max height recognized by the barge so you can make covered wagons
[03:11:25] <sbx> Actually a train would be cool. But that definately requires an engine change.
[03:12:12] <curiousis-2> yeah..
[03:20:21] <curiousis-2> There, finished.
[03:20:54] <sbx> !
[03:21:52] <curiousis-2> haha! I just figured out why Ctrl-Alt-T no longer teleported me around the world map. It is used to switch between maps for multi-map support
[03:22:22] <sbx> hmm
[03:22:26] <sbx> how did you figure that out?
[03:22:29] <sbx> if your maps are identical
[03:22:47] <curiousis-2> It said Map 01 ingame
[03:22:56] <sbx> ah k
[03:23:35] <sbx> This makes me think of Sliders. You pressed Ctrl-Alt-T and everything was exactly the same, but you're not in the same universe. You have to look for some slight difference, like a squeaky gate, or blue golden gate bridge.
[03:23:52] <sbx> or text that says "Map 01"
[03:24:32] <curiousis-2> haha
[03:24:46] <curiousis-2> Now I need to post a picture of this beauty on the Exult forums
[03:25:07] <sbx> Yeah. Picture from Exult3D would be nice too.
[03:25:23] <curiousis-2> I'll do that up next.
[03:25:33] <sbx> :)
[03:26:12] <curiousis-2> hmm... I don't suppose you could host an image for me :)
[03:26:41] <sbx> sure
[03:27:37] <curiousis-2> Hail Brittania! Brittania rules the skys!
[03:27:47] --> sbxdcc has joined #exult
[03:27:50] <sbxdcc> Send it to me.
[03:28:25] <curiousis-2> Did you get the send?
[03:28:41] <sbx> hmm
[03:28:43] <sbx> he froze
[03:29:06] <curiousis-2> Try again?
[03:29:18] <sbx> One moment please.
[03:29:28] <-- sbxdcc has left IRC (Client Quit)
[03:30:28] --> sbxdcc has joined #exult
[03:30:32] <sbxdcc> sorry
[03:30:33] <sbxdcc> now try
[03:31:29] <curiousis-2> Maybe I'll just email it...
[03:31:38] <sbxdcc> :)
[03:31:49] <-- sbxdcc has left IRC (Client Quit)
[03:31:52] <curiousis-2> But I'd need your email...
[03:32:07] <sbx> sb-x users sf net
[03:32:27] <sbx> BitchX said Interrupted system call *shrugs*
[03:34:23] <curiousis-2> O.K. file sent now
[03:34:42] <sbx> thanks
[03:38:34] <sbx> modest, but elegant :)
[03:38:46] <curiousis-2> Be gentle, it was my first time.
[03:39:10] <sbx> Heh, it is awesome. I thought it would be as big as the castle. :)
[03:39:16] <sbx> This is more realistic.
[03:39:23] * sbx wonders what the lever does.
[03:39:40] <curiousis-2> I tried that. You can't steer the ship when it becomes bigger than the screen. You simple can't move
[03:39:42] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/battleship_brittania.jpg
[03:39:48] <sbx> That's too bad.
[03:40:09] <curiousis-2> Thats a shift lever, Sentre drives a dtandard
[03:40:17] <curiousis-2> err.. Sentri drives a standard
[03:40:34] <sbx> Yeah I wouldn't expect otherwise. :) hehe
[03:40:47] <sbx> The crystal ball is a steering wheel?
[03:41:49] <curiousis-2> Sadly Ultima 7 did not come complete with a shape for plush leather steering wheel
[03:42:04] <sbx> This is clever. He can use magic to steer it.
[03:42:17] <curiousis-2> Now the obvious question, how do I link to an image on the Exult formus...
[03:42:50] <sbx> There is a link to phorum codes in the sticky message at the top.
[03:43:15] <curiousis-2> hmm.. you would have thought I may have read that some day...
[03:45:05] <sbx> You could have an automaton playing the piano.
[03:45:23] <curiousis-2> I think that'd be pretty classy
[03:45:46] <sbx> Too bad there's no automaton-in-a-suit shape.
[03:46:32] <sbx> Uh, theres are four men and one bed.
[03:47:19] <curiousis-2> Don't judge!
[03:47:20] <curiousis-2> :)
[03:47:59] <sbx> I'm just saying...
[03:48:28] <sbx> Hopefully they brought some extra bedrolls.
[03:51:19] <sbx> Both of you posted to the forum. That's confusing.
[03:52:03] <curiousis-2> Yes.. yes it is... I've decided to drop Gruck in favour of Curiousis again. But it seems old habits die hard.
[03:53:06] <sbx> I'm used to gruck as the forum identity.
[03:53:47] <curiousis-2> yeah, thats a very bad habit of mine, changing my nickname completely randomy all the time
[03:54:01] <sbx> It's fun. He's just your Dr. Jekyll.
[03:55:12] --> Baastuul has joined #exult
[03:55:20] <-- Baastuul has left IRC (Client Quit)
[03:55:58] <curiousis-2> hmm.. I guess my next goal is to get the Kilrathi ship flying
[03:56:17] --> Baastuul has joined #exult
[03:56:28] <sbx> You'll have to sit on the top of it. :)
[03:56:30] <curiousis-2> Nah, that won'tlook good with just one frame
[03:56:38] <curiousis-2> yeah.. and I'd have to sit on top of it...
[03:58:54] <servus> What are you people smoking?
[03:59:16] <sbx> Polygons?
[03:59:47] <servus> So where's my models? :)
[03:59:50] <curiousis-2> Nothing today, I have a bad lung infection
[04:00:25] <sbx> I'm all out of polygons now.
[04:00:28] <curiousis-2> As you can see by the Exult Forums, I've been very busy
[04:00:37] <curiousis-2> Completely wasting time.
[04:04:25] <curiousis-2> Pity I can't set an NPC's schedule so he works 24-7 in my flying castle.
[04:05:09] <sbx> Just set his behavior manually.
[04:05:19] <sbx> Oh
[04:05:30] <sbx> I suppose the changing location would screw that up.
[04:07:15] <curiousis-2> yeah
[04:12:10] <curiousis-2> Well I've had my fun for tonight. Bed time!
[04:12:18] <-- curiousis-2 has left IRC ()
[04:12:54] <sbx> cya
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[07:14:43] <servus> I'm deciding how to do Underworld-style conversations in my engine...
[07:14:55] <servus> I wonder if I really need to write some sort of scripting language for conversation...
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[12:12:08] <curiousis> Hmm... I've found a new and interesting way to horribly crash Exult Studio
[12:12:56] <Colourless> oooh
[12:13:07] * Colourless listens intently
[12:13:24] <curiousis> Well.. I've found one which I posted to the Exult bug tracker
[12:15:38] <curiousis> And another if you try to change the shape of an object (say a keg) to a small object (like a piece of magic carpet, the low # shapes) it crashes every time withh a snazzy Assertation Failed!
[12:18:04] <curiousis> hmm... and it seems the floor of my battleship disappeared for some reason :(
[12:23:45] <curiousis> Oh rad! I created my own magic carpet from scratch!
[12:24:17] <curiousis> Of course it is just 9 carpet tiles and a seat
[12:26:31] --> shazza has joined #exult
[12:26:58] <curiousis> Then I made my own cart consisting of one seat and a cart plank, but I need a title to ride it.
[12:28:01] <curiousis> Oh this is just snazzy!
[12:46:21] --> Curiousis-2 has joined #exult
[12:46:26] <Curiousis-2> Weird, I can create a horse drawn carriage that is just a plank and a seat and any deed I buy from the carriage seller works just fine. But if I add a draft horse to my carriage then it complains I need a deed to my cart.
[12:46:39] <Curiousis-2> When I have a deed.
[12:58:35] <Curiousis-2> ohh now I created a LB drawn cart
[13:04:55] <-- curiousis has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:10:42] <Curiousis-2> So now the million dollar question for everyone out there in Exult land... how does one create a deed for a custom made barge? I'm guessing nobody knows at the moment though :)
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[17:51:10] <Curiousis-2> FYI: I figured it out, you just have to set the quality of the horse deed to be the same quality as the draft horse. Then you can make your own custom cart and own custom title for the cart.
[17:52:38] <Curiousis-2> So I used that knowledge to make a 1-man chariot.
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[19:50:31] <curiousis> Question: When using Ipack I seem to be unable to set a shape number. I think I don't quite understand the instructions.
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[20:04:20] <curiousis> Using iPack I keep getting the error, "Error reading from file restorat00.png" But I have a restorat00.png file in the same directory as iPack
[20:06:20] <-- Curiousis-2 has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[20:17:04] <curiousis> nrr... I know I'm doing something really small and really stupid wrong
[20:28:16] <-- curiousis has left IRC ()
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[20:31:40] <syke> hi :)
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[23:43:08] <curiousis> heya. anybody around at the moment?