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[12:56:26] <Klownkiller> hi
[12:56:46] <Klownkiller> i need an exult.exe compile with debug...
[12:56:54] <Klownkiller> someone have it ?
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[12:58:24] <Klownkiller> someone alive ?
[12:59:38] <Kirben> why do you need debug build ?
[13:01:44] <Klownkiller> i do the french translation of SI with arta
[13:02:12] <Klownkiller> i need to look for the file which is use if i find a bug translation
[13:02:20] <Klownkiller> in the game
[13:05:01] <Klownkiller> it's not a free source ?
[13:05:16] <Klownkiller> open source ?
[13:06:21] <Kirben> Source code can be downloaded of web site at http://exult.sourceforge.net/download.php or via cvs (See http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=2335 )
[13:06:30] <Klownkiller> ok
[13:06:33] <Klownkiller> i know that
[13:06:41] <Klownkiller> but i'm not a programmer
[13:06:47] <Klownkiller> i don't know compile
[13:06:56] <Klownkiller> if someone have it
[13:07:08] <Klownkiller> it will be very more simple
[13:08:03] <Kirben> I just compile via mingw myself but I'm not sure exactly what kind of debug build you are after.
[13:08:43] <Kirben> Compiling information for windows is in readme.win32
[13:08:44] <Klownkiller> ok , i try to explain
[13:08:56] <Klownkiller> i don't understand a word of readme.win32
[13:09:43] <Klownkiller> i want to know which file is used by exult at the moment of the game where i find a mistakre in french which is wrong
[13:10:04] <DarkeZzz> Kirben: I think he might just want a 'stock' debug build that allows him to turn usecode tracing on.
[13:10:23] <Klownkiller> yes, i think is that
[13:12:44] <Kirben> So I just recompile with -g ?
[13:12:54] <Kirben> and no optimisation
[13:13:12] <Klownkiller> i can't tell you...
[13:13:16] <Klownkiller> i don't know
[13:14:10] <Klownkiller> but i just want to trace on the usecode for knowing which file is used in a certain moment
[13:14:21] <Klownkiller> of the game
[13:15:47] <DarkeZzz> Kirben: Not sure. Let me check my notes... err... the code.
[13:21:21] <Klownkiller> thx for your help
[13:23:11] <DarkeZzz> Hmm... looks like you just have to set config/debug/trace/usecode in the exult.cfg to 'verbose' provided you've compiled with -g. And you can also use -g with -O too, since you're using gcc.
[13:24:48] <Kirben> ok will do a -g build, will take awhile though.
[13:35:24] <Klownkiller> ok
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[14:08:04] <Klownkiller> thx
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[15:32:47] <Colourless> hi
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[16:02:29] <wjp> hi
[16:03:51] <wjp> *sigh*... two more days and I should have some time again
[16:04:03] <wjp> exam tomorrow :/
[16:04:14] <Colourless> hi
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[17:17:52] <Fingolfin> yo
[17:17:57] <Colourless> hi
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[17:33:42] <Collie> hi everybody, could anybody help me, please? Can't make my exult run :-(
[17:34:04] <wjp> hi
[17:34:08] <wjp> what's the problem?
[17:35:20] <Collie> i just installed exult on my windows XP system, but the program exits after starting and choosing "Ultima VII" from the menu
[17:35:53] <wjp> did you look at the created stdout.txt and stderr.txt files?
[17:37:13] <Collie> oops ;-)
[17:38:04] <Collie> "Error opening file c:\ultima7\static\mainshp.flx" is the errormessage in stderr.txt
[17:38:29] <Colourless> do you have ultima 7 properly installed?
[17:39:08] <Collie> i hope so... but obviously the file is not where it should be
[17:39:25] <wjp> do you have a c:\ultima7\static directory?
[17:40:03] <Collie> yes, there are about 30 files in it, but no mainshp.flx
[17:40:24] <wjp> should be about 200 files there
[17:40:34] <Collie> maybe the installation is not correct, i've got some rather old disks...
[17:40:40] <Colourless> yeah you should have about 200
[17:43:01] <Collie> i think i've got a backup somewhere - hope to find the files
[17:45:54] <Collie> found the backup, but there are also only 29 files in the static folder.
[17:46:47] <wjp> can you name a few?
[17:47:35] <Collie> i've got only "the black gate", german version - no si yet
[17:50:19] <wjp> that shouldn't be a problem
[17:51:10] <wjp> last I heard the german version had a couple of cosmetic issues, but it did work ok
[17:51:52] <wjp> Fingolfin: you didn't have a german BG, right?
[17:51:58] <Collie> .flx-files are endshape.flx, palettes.flx, text.flx and u7voice.flx, then about 10 .dat-files (endgame, intro, equip, ready, schedule), u7strax.drv, u7speech.spc, pointers.shp, about 5 .vga-files and endscore.xmi - that's it
[17:52:38] <wjp> that does sound like a static dir, yes
[17:52:50] <wjp> only you're missing a lot of files :/
[17:53:06] <Collie> oh, thanks a lot for that hint ;-)
[17:55:08] <Collie> okay, i'll try to re-install u7 - i'll come back later and tell you if i found the files.
[17:55:17] <Colourless> how many mb is that?
[17:55:33] <Collie> 5,64 MB
[17:55:49] <wjp> my BG's static dir is 18Mb
[17:56:00] <Colourless> mine too
[17:57:06] <Colourless> how big is your shapes.vga?
[17:57:20] <Colourless> it should be 7 mb
[17:59:00] <Collie> that's one of the missing files
[17:59:55] <Colourless> so you only have 4 vga files?
[18:02:09] <Collie> yes, faces, fonts, gumps and sprites
[18:10:35] <Collie> although one of my disks doesn't work, i've got 193 files in my static-folder now :-))
[18:11:30] <wjp> same here
[18:12:28] <Collie> hm... i could start exult - and it worked until the red screen appeared :/
[18:13:06] <wjp> if one of the disks didn't work some files could be corrupt
[18:13:45] <Collie> stderr.txt: Digital SFX's file specified: jmsfx.flx... but file not found
[18:14:01] <wjp> I don't think that's a problem
[18:14:03] <Collie> do i need that file? it's not original u7, is it?
[18:14:15] <wjp> no, it just means you won't get any SFX
[18:14:24] <wjp> you can download it from our download page somewhere
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[18:27:05] <Collie> how do i have to change my exult.cfg if i don't have si? it tries to load some si .vga files...
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[18:32:52] <Colourless> that doesn't matter (si vga files)
[18:33:48] <Collie> it does matter, because exult exits
[18:34:11] <Colourless> but it's not because of the si files
[18:34:25] <Colourless> i would know, i wrote that code :-)
[18:35:05] <Colourless> now, so it's quitting after you attempt to create a new game?
[18:35:28] <Collie> yes
[18:36:00] <Collie> ok, i believe you ;-)
[18:36:44] <Collie> but the stderr is about si vga files
[18:37:38] <Colourless> now, it says something along the lines of SI paperdolls in BG DISABLED!
[18:39:26] <Collie> yes, i know that, and i tried <bg_paperdolls> both yes and no, but - as you say - it doesn't matter
[18:40:01] <Colourless> what is the last thing in stdout.txt
[18:44:56] <Collie> Creating 'gamedat' files, Loading exult.flx, Loading <DataY/exult_bg.flx, loading default keybindings, name of my avatar
[18:50:32] <Colourless> hmm
[18:52:04] <Colourless> couldn't say what the problem is
[18:52:53] <Collie> hmm, bad news...
[18:54:08] <Collie> can i do anything to find out more myself?
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[18:54:58] <Colourless> not really, unless you know how to use a debugger :-)
[18:55:54] <Collie> i'm not always the newbie i seem to be today ;-)
[18:56:18] <Collie> did you write exult in c++?
[18:56:23] <Colourless> yep
[18:57:09] <Collie> i'm not to good in it, but i think i basically know how to use a debugger - worth a try, isn't it?
[18:57:18] <Colourless> of course you'll need to be able to compile exult yourself
[18:58:48] <Collie> i've got Visual C++, that should work (although it's by Microsoft ;-)
[18:59:13] <Colourless> well, that would be ok, since i compile exult with msvc myself
[19:00:17] <Colourless> but the thing is, unless you 'really' know what you are doing, it will probably just be an excersice in futility. It's 4:30 am for me right here, so you could understand why i may not want to go through step by step telling you what to do and look for
[19:01:23] <Collie> oh, sorry, i completely forgot about that - and yes, i can understand it!
[19:03:13] <Collie> okay, then - thanks a lot for your help so far, i'll try by myself and i will tell you if i find out something, okay?
[19:03:54] <Colourless> k
[19:05:35] <Collie> and if it will ever work, I'll really love you ;-)
[19:05:50] <Colourless> my guess is your disks are at fault.
[19:06:23] <Collie> probably a very good guess!
[19:06:43] <Collie> I'll have a look at ebay, too
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[19:37:57] <artaxerxes> yo
[19:38:01] <artaxerxes> ?seen kk
[19:38:01] <exultbot> I haven't seen kk lately
[19:38:08] <artaxerxes> ?seen klownk
[19:38:08] <exultbot> I haven't seen klownk lately
[19:38:16] <artaxerxes> ?seen zob
[19:38:16] <exultbot> I haven't seen zob lately
[19:43:46] <artaxerxes> how's everyone doing ?
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[20:01:23] <Klownkiller> ouf
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