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[00:42:19] * Dominus doesn't care about the OpenGL renderer
[00:42:42] <Dominus> since it doesn't really work under OS X to begin with :)
[00:43:04] <Dominus> and I never quite understood the OpenGL renderer anyway
[00:45:15] <Dominus> it's not meant to be used like Dosbox uses OpenGL as output (which can be used with the existing scalers) but since the OpenGL scaler essentially looks like point I don't get its usefulness
[00:45:36] <Dominus> maybe someone can enlighten me *tomorrow*
[00:45:40] <Dominus> good night
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[02:07:29] <Marzo> Color 255 is transparent IIRC
[02:09:13] <Marzo> Colourless: Even though OpenGL renderer has been included in the Windows snapshots, I don't think it is in good enough shape to be included in the release, so you really shouldn't bother with it
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[11:13:23] <Dominus> Colourless: your changes messed up fullscreen on Windows 9x http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/6365/w9xcolors.png
[11:13:42] <Dominus> this happens on ME with all scalers
[11:13:57] <Colourless> looks like its a 565 vs 555 error
[11:14:12] <Colourless> this may *not* be directly my fault
[11:14:21] <Dominus> :)
[11:14:49] <Dominus> I can only confirm that it worked ok some days ago and now it doesn't :)
[11:15:03] <Colourless> probably because i changed output priority
[11:15:42] <Colourless> will check it out, but it'll have to wait a few days
[11:17:24] <Dominus> works fine in XP. I only tested again in ME because on the forum someone reported this and I *knew* it worked in my VM days ago
[11:17:34] <Dominus> take your time
[11:19:22] <Colourless> might add an option in config to force the output to 32 bit or something
[11:20:02] <Dominus> I'm not 100% sure whether I tested with your fixes from the 17th and 18th and not only with my SDL_ViDEMODEOK comitt
[11:20:51] <Dominus> What I mean with current code it's broken but I'm not sure which of your comitts did it :)
[11:36:43] <Colourless> ooh wait, its borked here too
[11:36:51] <Colourless> i can fix this :-)
[11:36:55] <Dominus> :)
[11:37:09] <Colourless> force it to 16 bit output and it wasn't happy
[11:37:40] <Dominus> what's "here" on your end these days? just for interest's sake
[11:37:46] <Dominus> so 16bit broke it
[11:37:49] <Dominus> ?
[11:38:14] <Colourless> yeah, one of the optimized 16 bpp paths has an error in it
[11:40:33] <Colourless> think i found the error
[11:40:43] <Colourless> yeah looks fixed
[11:43:14] <Dominus> hooray !
[12:11:31] <Colourless> committing a bunch of changes (that will propable require faq and readme updates, yay me!)
[12:12:51] <Dominus> I do soooo love faq and readme updates...
[12:14:39] <Dominus> sound like good changes, I didn't write update the readme with yesterdays changes since you wanted to tweak the config file stuff. looks like it is ready now
[12:17:18] <Colourless> still more stuff to do, but proably wont happen till the weekend
[12:17:24] <Colourless> anyway off to watch tv
[12:17:47] <Dominus> aehm, wehn you return, there is another compile error
[12:17:59] <Dominus> imagewin.cc:59:27: error: Configuration.h: No such file or directory
[12:20:19] <Dominus> strange though...
[12:20:56] <Colourless> is probably makefile, dosen't have configuration dir in the include path.
[12:23:37] <Dominus> ah yeah, the makefile.in doesn't include the conf fir
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[12:43:26] <Dominus> nicely done
[13:04:19] <Dominus> confirmed to be working in Windows ME again
[13:39:05] <Colourless> can you commit the changed makefile
[13:40:41] <Colourless> on 18th July 2000, i made my first commit to the exult source repository. Its hard to imagine that its been 10 years since i started hacking at the code, and i'm still hacking at the code now :-)
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[15:56:08] <Dominus> committed now, was away earlier...
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[19:52:27] <Dominus> Marzo: is there a list of flags with a short description of what happens somewhere? I'm thinking of the autonotes feature that I really liked but totally forgot about :) http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/list.php?f=1
[19:52:57] <Marzo> There are some partial lists here and there, but none complete
[19:53:27] <Dominus> too bad...
[19:53:45] <Marzo> For example, Keyring and SI Fixes have partial lists in their respective 'headers' subdirs
[19:56:18] <Dominus> maybe someone will make the effort some day... though I'm not sure whether Artaxerxes didn't map some stuff for his translating project
[19:56:56] <Marzo> The main problem is in figuring out what flag does what
[19:57:13] <Marzo> Requires combing through usecode to see where the flag is set and used
[19:57:45] <Dominus> sounds disheartening...
[19:59:17] <Marzo> Figuring out a few flags here and there is easy; but some require quite a bit more analysis
[19:59:29] <Marzo> Not to mention that some cases are horribly wasteful
[19:59:58] <Marzo> For example, Seance spell sets about a dozen flags, each of which is used by *one* NPC to see if he can talk to you
[20:03:11] <Dominus> hmm, yeah... on the other hand maybe even a partial list might be helpful since it's mostly about taking notes...
[20:11:11] <Marzo> Dominus: flag lists are in content/{bgkeyring,sifixes}/src/header/{bg,si}/gflags*.uc
[20:11:35] <Marzo> The lists have descriptive names and a small number of comments
[20:11:59] <Marzo> The SI Fixes list is a lot more thorough than the Keyring list (which is split in two parts)
[20:12:26] <Marzo> The items shuffled by the teleport storm, in particular, is complete
[20:12:47] <wjp> I guess that was necessary to fix the mess that was the in-game list
[20:13:23] <wjp> (list of teleported items, I mean)
[20:14:09] <Marzo> The flags are used to determine the contents of the list of missing items which Shamino begins
[20:14:23] <Marzo> It changes when you find out information (or recover) items
[20:14:26] <Dominus> thanks marzo, I see that this could be very useful, I guess I could play a bit with that and make a working autonotes file for both games that at least offers some notes... this could even go into our game flexes if done right
[20:15:33] <Marzo> There quite a lot of small details in SI they paid attention to
[20:16:11] <Marzo> For example, the bard Byrin (in Sleeping Bull) can sing you songs; after you hear them with Iolo on the group, he can sing them too if you ask
[20:16:41] <Dominus> some detail... nice, didn't know that
[20:16:52] <Dominus> (or if I knew I long since forgot it)
[20:19:30] <Dominus> Marzo, wjp, if anyone of you two has some time to spare I have a couple of SVN stuff I need help with. can you add the file Exult-snapshot.dmg (generated by "make osxdmg") and the folder Exult.app (make bundle) to the "make clean" list?
[20:19:48] <Dominus> also can you add Exult-snapshot.dmg to the ignore list?
[20:20:39] <Marzo> Where are the files generated?
[20:20:55] <Dominus> in the root of trunk
[20:24:12] <Marzo> make clean is just a matter of adding the entries to CLEANFILES in Makefile.am
[20:24:31] <wjp> Exult.app is a directory though
[20:25:20] <Dominus> also I'm having a problem with /docs/xml/Readme. That contains instructions on what to do with the doc files, unfortunately if you generate the files there via the makefile you will also generate the Exult Readme... :(
[20:26:28] <Marzo> wjp: Hm; I didn't know that
[20:26:34] <Marzo> That can be annoying
[20:29:01] <Dominus> I was a bit confused by what is in makfile.am (CLEANFILES = *~) and makefile.common where the clean rule is
[20:30:17] <Marzo> Makefile.common isn't used in *nix builds
[20:31:56] <Dominus> ah ok, so I'm really not getting makefile.am how adding files works
[20:32:15] <Marzo> (well, it *can* be, it just isn't used by the autogen.sh; ./configure; make combo)
[20:32:52] <Marzo> makefile.am is parsed by autotools to make makefile.in and makefile files
[20:33:50] <Marzo> CLEANFILES is passed to `test -z` and `rm -f`
[20:34:08] <Marzo> The Exult.app dir will be more annoying
[20:34:47] <Dominus> if it is annoying then it doesn't need to be dealt with
[20:35:12] <Dominus> I really only wanted to bother you a bit and not agreat deal :)
[20:35:21] <Marzo> :-p
[20:35:55] <Dominus> I'm sorry for having the tendency to come with presumed little things only to blow it up more and more :)
[20:36:37] <wjp> http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/automake/Clean.html
[20:50:07] <Dominus> hmm, so under the macos x it is enough to just add
[20:50:10] <Dominus> clean-local:
[20:50:10] <Dominus> -rm -rf $(bundle_name)
[20:50:54] <Dominus> but I don't get how to remove the exult-snapshot.dmg file, except for adding it to the clean-local
[20:51:20] <wjp> either add it to the CLEANFILES list, or to clean-local
[20:52:31] <Dominus> I just don't get how the cleanfiles list is working since it just says
[20:52:41] <Dominus> CLEANFILES = *~
[20:52:52] <wjp> CLEANFILES = exult-snapshot.dmg *~
[20:52:57] <wjp> probably
[20:53:28] <Marzo> I think that will work too
[20:54:34] <Dominus> I'll try it out, but since the os x stuff is already in its own if, it's probably more *clean* to add it to the clean-local
[20:55:42] <Dominus> I still can't wrap my head around how that works (Marzo:CLEANFILES is passed to `test -z` and `rm -f`) that the correct files get deleted but that's ok :)
[20:56:23] <Marzo> Try adding this to around line 240:
[20:56:30] <Marzo> clean-local:
[20:56:30] <Marzo> -test -z "Exult-snapshot.dmg" || rm -f Exult-snapshot.dmg
[20:56:30] <Marzo> -rm -rf $(bundle_name)
[20:56:51] <Marzo> (after the bundle_name definition)
[20:56:52] <wjp> that 'test -z' in this case is also false
[20:56:57] <wjp> s/also/always/
[20:57:15] <wjp> just do the rm -f
[20:57:22] <Marzo> Aye, that too
[20:57:55] <Marzo> (I had just copied the clean-generic command and replaced the $(CLEANFILES) by the dmg name)
[20:59:58] <Dominus> yeah, that works
[21:00:17] <Dominus> I'll commit that
[21:00:40] <Dominus> thanks
[21:03:35] <Dominus> on to adding the changes by the uncoloured one to the documentation
[21:04:27] <Marzo> As for ignoring the dmg: in the command line, run this:
[21:04:27] <Marzo> svn propset svn:ignore Exult-snapshot.dmg .
[21:04:35] <Marzo> (the period at the end is important)
[21:05:19] <wjp> hmm, you may have to add an empty clean-local to the else
[21:05:42] <wjp> (similar to how there's an empty install-exec-local there)
[21:06:20] <wjp> otherwise automake gets confused about if it has to 'call' clean-local or not
[21:07:54] <Dominus> thanks, I'll add this
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[21:58:22] <Dominus> hi Malignant_Manor
[21:58:25] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus, Partial Global Flag Lists are http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=138354&t=136892
[21:58:38] <Malignant_Manor> and http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Ultima_VII_Part_Two:_Serpent_Isle/Flag_List
[21:59:35] <Malignant_Manor> That tracker you commented on should have been closed since I split the patch up into separate parts.
[22:00:10] <Dominus> thanks for the lists
[22:00:35] <Malignant_Manor> you're welcome
[22:01:41] <Dominus> as for the patches, I think Colourless took care of most of the aims of those patches - and broke opengl instead (though I can't test this since it was broken on os x anyway)
[22:02:46] <Malignant_Manor> Another flag for BG,
[22:02:53] <Malignant_Manor> IMPROVED_BLADE = 0x032D (blackrock forging)
[22:14:09] <Dominus> noted
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[22:25:47] * Dominus is reading too much on how to make a static gimp package instead of looking at the docs
[22:26:26] * Dominus is still dreaming of being able to built a static version of exult+studio in some distant future...
[22:45:15] <Dominus> colourless, question on your midi fixes. as precache timbre settings shouldn't be necessary to be changed can you make them not show up in the cfg and make them manual settings only? just thinking of ways to keep the cfg more clean :)
[22:50:59] <Dominus> also in the today changes you've set the game resolution and the border colors in config/video/game/
[22:51:42] <Dominus> just wondering if this was by purposesince you at least mentioned the borders to be in config/video/border/ in your commit message
[22:58:05] <Dominus> also wondering of the default display resolution. Is this being set by default to the lowest res reported by SDL?
[23:22:24] <Dominus> a bug with the resolution change key combo Alt +/-
[23:22:36] <Dominus> the logic of how it chnages res now is lost on me :)
[23:23:07] <Dominus> I'll file a proper bug report for this one, so it is not forgotten or overlooked
[23:35:14] <Dominus> enough for now, need sleep...
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