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[00:01:09] <Kirben> Would usecode/ucxt/src/Makefile.am need an update too? I notice libgamemgr.la is used there too.
[00:02:51] <Marzo> No, it already works
[00:03:14] <Marzo> The reason it didn't work in MinGW is that I am using Linux almost exclusively these days
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[16:04:41] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus: Someone claims cannot get Exult to work in OSX with Ultima 7 in local user library. http://www.gog.com/forum/ultima_series/ultima_7_a_couple_of_questions
[16:17:08] <wjp> Dominus: have the forum IP issues already solved themselves?
[16:58:55] <Marzo> wjp: It is not marking threads as having been read for me
[16:59:22] <Marzo> (if that is what you mean)
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[18:30:47] <dominusonphone_> Malignant_Manor: i'll take a look tomorrow. Local folder sounds very wrong though. Needs to be in /library/blabla not ~/library/blabla
[18:31:18] <dominusonphone_> Wjp, forum still doesn't show IP adresses of posters
[18:31:33] <dominusonphone_> Stopped around 20th...
[18:31:39] <dominusonphone_> Gone again
[18:31:42] <dominusonphone_> ;)
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[18:55:34] <i30817> Hi. Started BG from my package and noticed right away on the first few seconds... Is the guard at the gate supposed to penetrate the wall like that in the original? If he is, isn't there anyway to avoid it?
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[19:10:10] <Marzo> No, he isn't supposed to penetrate the wall
[19:10:56] <Marzo> Unless by 'penetrate' you mean 'having the wall drawn over him', which is not penetrate at all but rendering order issues
[19:12:48] <Marzo> (and which partially happens in the original)
[19:12:53] <Marzo> i30817: ^
[19:13:03] <i30817> yes that
[19:13:19] <i30817> wall drawn over him
[19:13:39] <i30817> at the end of the mini patrol
[19:16:28] <i30817> BTW, found a way to workaround that gnome3 fullscreen bug.
[19:16:30] <i30817> https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/545/hide-top-bar/ installed this; but from git (the extension on the website is broken)
[19:16:43] <i30817> Works well with maximus too.
[19:17:39] <i30817> There is still a problem with exult in particular (the cursor seems to get 'stuck' for a second if it touches the north edge of the screen).
[19:17:55] <i30817> But not with other fullscrren apps i think
[19:21:31] <i30817> I suppose that patrol will always look weird even if the rendering order issues that affect it are fixed. The animation extends the sword quite far.
[19:24:49] <i30817> And i suppose it's quite a good test to see how the animation redrawing affects their order... If you look at the upper-left inner corner of the tower where the guard is patrolling in the intro, you can see that the walls that 'win' in the corner switch around.
[19:25:00] <i30817> introducing that popping effect.
[19:26:58] <i30817> Strange, i tried again, and had to wait until the red moongate appeared to reproduce.
[19:27:23] <i30817> probably was that way before too.
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[23:23:04] <Dominus> Malignant, I replied to that forum post. The poster was right, it doesn't work in the local folder and it isn't meant to :)
[23:24:25] <Dominus> Marzo, wjp (and whoever else is on Linux): did you buy u7 from gog? can you mount the dmg? what's the command for that on linux? (just mount file?)
[23:24:44] <Marzo> I haven't, no
[23:27:41] <Dominus> ok, thanks. I think wjp did.
[23:27:55] <wjp> I did, yes
[23:28:38] <wjp> I don't seem to have HFS support enabled
[23:29:45] <wjp> but in theory it's something like mount -o loop -t hfs u7.dmg /somewhere
[23:30:28] <Dominus> ah, ok. I thought it would be something a bit simpler with instant mounting without having to have HFS support enabled/installed
[23:30:46] <wjp> it's quite possible most people do have it enabled
[23:32:10] <Dominus> just asking since I want to adjust the documentation for this new release since it seems it's a bit less complicated to get the files off the dmg than off the Windows installer (without having Wine)
[23:42:44] <wjp> hm, the few tools I've tried don't even recognize the file type of this .dmg
[23:42:56] <wjp> maybe a newer format than they can handle