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[01:23:18] <i30817> Dominus, the looping problem is easy to reproduce.
[01:23:20] <i30817> 1. start combat with anyone, hostile or not, so the combat music starts
[01:23:22] <i30817> 2. then change any music option except looping which must be on, (actually i think just going into the audio menu and pressing ok without changing anything works)
[01:23:23] <i30817> 3. then finish combat and realize the music never ends
[01:23:25] <i30817> 4. the reason why its obvious - going into the menu restarted the music - and restarted it with the 'looping' option, which is wrong. The global looping option is used inside Audio.cc to 'loop' *musics that were selected as looping, unless the option is off*, combat music has looping to false
[01:23:26] <i30817> 5. so the fix is to use the loop state of the *current* music, which is in the mixer
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[02:45:59] <i30817> well, dominus, you're right: on non-hostile attacks the combat music doesn't start. On hostile attacks, combat.cc takes care of changing the music to the victory fanfare.
[02:46:14] <i30817> so it's needed for my patch but not for main exult
[02:48:49] <i30817> i think i need to change it to not start combat music on non-evil combat like exult... but i also need to keep the flag because the whole point of the patch is to allow normal music in combat
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[11:49:58] <Dominus> thanks Paulo, I'll see about adding the fix this afternoon
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[15:05:34] <Dominus> Paulo, comitted the fix
[15:07:13] <Dominus> back to combat music and non-hostile npc attacks. Exult *does* play combat music on attacking non-hostile npcs. Maybe your modified version doesn't?
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