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[07:40:22] <Baastuul> Hi, sbx.
[07:40:25] <sbx> Hi.
[07:40:41] <Baastuul> How is it going?
[07:41:06] <sbx> Not bad... sleepy
[07:42:04] <Baastuul> I need to think about going to bed pretty soon.
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[10:37:12] <Colourless> hi
[10:44:24] <Colourless> Jeff has spoken:
[10:44:24] <Colourless> So, if nothing critical comes up in the next week or two, we'll release the current code as 1.2, and hope that this time, a killer bug doesn't show up the day after the release:-)
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[10:46:23] <wjp> so I read
[11:19:42] --> WishStone has joined #Exult
[11:19:47] <WishStone> Good morning :]
[11:20:00] <wjp> good afternoon :-)
[11:20:13] <WishStone> true, true
[11:33:10] <Colourless> hi WishStone
[11:33:47] <WishStone> Huhu Colourless
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[11:39:24] <WishStone> . . .
[11:39:58] --> Dark-Star has joined #exult
[11:40:26] <WishStone> all guard me
[11:40:38] * Darke sweeps the scattering of dots under the rug. Messy dragon.
[11:41:04] * WishStone growls and sicks 4 frenzied ostards on a vorpal bunny
[11:41:11] <Colourless> hehe
[11:41:33] * WishStone loots it
[11:42:02] <Darke> Guard you? Why? Is there some nasty Ranger surreptitiously killing you, then polymorphing into an identical draconic replica?
[11:42:49] * Colourless refuses to be on guard duty while bunny is around, especially today of all days
[11:43:06] * Darke would defend against... err... whatever those 'ostard' things are, if he knew what they were.
[11:43:43] <Darke> Colourless: WHat makes today particularly different compared to any other day you'd refuse to galliantly guard WishStone?
[11:44:48] <Colourless> when we are talking about guarding against you, there is never a reason that's not good enough :-)
[11:46:11] <Darke> Hrm... point.
[11:46:41] <Colourless> and today being a national holiday, among other things, is good enough for me :-)
[11:47:08] <Darke> Seems a good enough reason. So who's going to volunteer to guard against me?
[11:47:20] * Colourless = Colourless+1;
[11:48:02] <Darke> Colourless: You know, you're really not all that efficiently incrementing yourself.
[11:48:31] <Darke> Or has someone not properly overloaded the appropriate Colourless::operator++ functions?
[11:49:06] <Colourless> i don't have the ability to look at my own source code
[11:49:55] <Colourless> that said, incrementing once every 31536000000 miliseconds seems fairly inefficent
[11:50:56] <Darke> Well... yes, if the test was being done on a mili-second basis.
[11:51:17] <WishStone> http://uo.stratics.com/database/view.php?db_content=hunters&id=175
[11:51:43] <Colourless> consider if my entire programming was twice as fast! Exult and Pentagram could be finished by now!
[11:51:45] <Darke> One would assume most people would perform the test at the maximum once a day. Though I'm sure most would only bother if your yearly increment was coming up within a week or so.
[11:51:55] <WishStone> http://uo.stratics.com/database/view.php?db_content=hunters&id=354
[11:52:12] * Darke overclocks Colourless.
[11:52:44] <Colourless> uh oh....
[11:53:19] <Darke> Oooh!
[11:53:36] <Colourless> i would prefer it if you did not tinker with my internal subsystems
[11:53:58] * Darke doesn't have any brightly colo*u*red eggs though.
[11:54:16] <Darke> Colourless: Awwww...
[11:55:21] <WishStone> thank GOD he didn't say that in german....
[11:55:59] <Colourless> WishStone: explain
[11:56:25] <WishStone> ....
[11:56:33] <WishStone> well, we call EGGS something different in slang...
[11:56:34] * Darke looks innocent!
[11:56:38] <WishStone> And to get them brightly coloured...
[11:56:45] <WishStone> It would only take a slight beating..
[11:56:50] * Darke dusts more dwaggie-dots under the rub.
[11:56:51] <WishStone> Slight but VERY painfull....
[11:57:02] * Colourless doesn't want to know more
[11:57:25] * Darke is an innocent bunny and doesn't get it. *innocentwideeyes*
[11:58:07] * Colourless thinks that the bunny is a pathalogical liar
[11:59:46] * Darke is protesting his innocence, not truthfulness. *innocenthalo*
[12:00:46] * Colourless considers kicking darke
[12:01:00] * WishStone supports this idea
[12:01:42] * Darke has no problem with it. He just returns bigger, better, faster then before. Kinda like the Six Million Dollar Bun.
[12:02:10] * Colourless however decides not to... he would rather not resort to violence on his birthday, even if it is against the bunny
[12:02:31] <WishStone> Woha, now there was a subitle hint :P
[12:02:35] * WishStone smiles and walks up to Colourless, squeeeeeezing tightly!
[12:02:36] * WishStone hugs and smooches Colourless
[12:02:42] * WishStone hands Colourless a lovely 4@3>--9`3--9,3---- 13
[12:02:45] * WishStone offers Colourless some mead
[12:02:49] * Darke takes photographs.
[12:02:55] <WishStone> HAPPY BIRTH DAAAAAAAY
[12:02:57] <WishStone> TUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
[12:03:00] <Colourless> :-)
[12:03:32] <Colourless> programmer types may have gotten my 'jokes' from earlier
[12:04:20] * Colourless thinks that darke should watch out... it wont be my birthday anymore in 2 hours 26 minutes
[12:04:38] <wjp> happy birthday :-)
[12:05:03] <Darke> No problem. I've got to work tommorrow (even though it's a public holiday here, yay techsupport), so I'll be going to sleep in about 2 hours. *grin*
[12:05:27] <Colourless> i'll be waiting for your return :-)
[12:05:53] * Darke schedules his next return to be happening in around 365 days time.
[12:06:36] * Colourless has an idea....
[12:07:00] --- Colourless gives channel operator status to WishStone
[12:07:04] <Colourless> there :-)
[12:07:08] <WishStone> !
[12:07:09] * Darke files dwaggie smooching photos away as future blackmail material.
[12:07:20] <WishStone> I should smooch you more often ;]
[12:07:22] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Darke
[12:07:27] <Darke> Ah-ha!
[12:07:34] --- Colourless removes channel operator status from Darke
[12:07:34] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Darke
[12:07:51] * Darke muhahahas! You can't get away with that, *that* easily!
[12:08:13] <Colourless> uh oh
[12:08:23] * Darke returns to looking cute & innocent. Rather then diabloticaly evil.
[12:09:25] * WishStone never trusts a bunny unless it's dead and looted at her feet
[12:15:20] * Darke is surprised you're that overly trusting!
[12:16:03] <Darke> I would have thought you would have included at least a qualification that there's no other blips on motion scanners within a hundred meters too. *noddle*
[12:16:24] * Colourless thinks that for darke you probably have to put a steak through it's heart, decapitate it, shoot it with silver bullets, remove it's brains, and then burn it's corpse to make sure it's actually dead
[12:17:11] <Darke> It depends. A rump steak wouldn't have any effect, though a T-bone steak might cause problems.
[12:17:30] <WishStone> or turn it into noddle salad?
[12:17:32] <Colourless> the commedian is on FIRE!
[12:18:03] * Darke hops around franticly. What? Where? I'm not on fire! (At least not yet anyway.)
[12:18:15] <WishStone> oooh, we can change that!
[12:18:35] * WishStone holds a few regs in one paw and chants4 In Vas Flam
[12:19:03] <Colourless> i thought *you* were a dragon!
[12:19:15] <WishStone> I am, but seeing I'm but a drake...
[12:19:19] <Colourless> what's this 'magic' casting for fire stuff!
[12:19:33] * Darke yelps! and ducks the flame. She's cheating!
[12:20:29] * Darke tosses anti-magic fairy dust around.
[12:20:56] <WishStone> Oh well, in that case
[12:21:10] * WishStone downs a bottle of Tabasko green and aims at the bunny
[12:21:17] <Colourless> Darke likes Kissme!
[12:21:39] <Darke> Colourless: Careful how you say that dragon. *grin*
[12:22:03] <Colourless> or what!
[12:22:20] * Darke pulls up a shield of dense code to protect him against the firely onslaught!
[12:22:29] <WishStone> he will wag his fluff-tail at you
[12:24:13] <Darke> Colourless: I might 'accidentally' abuse any slip of the keys you make, and turn your comment into something you might regret implying! *dum-da-dumdum*
[12:24:45] <Colourless> just try it!
[12:27:07] * Darke quickly checks the pentagram quotes file. Hrm... better not torment the dragon too much. He still hasn't put *that* particular quote in there yet, thankfully.
[12:29:04] <Colourless> no... it's not is it :-)
[12:29:14] <Colourless> it will come one day :-)
[12:29:35] <Colourless> so how are your TOYS Darke?
[12:30:21] * Darke err... denies it all!
[12:32:01] <Colourless> just wait... one day when you least expect it, all the world will know about your and your perverted ways
[12:32:25] * WishStone gets intrested
[12:33:15] * Darke pokes his tongue at Colourless. No one will ever believe I'm not pure 'n inncoent. You make idle threats, dragon!
[12:34:37] <WishStone> well, ACTUALLY....
[12:35:19] <Darke> Colourless: Besides, it'd be no fun bantering about it if everyone knew what we were talking about. *grin*
[12:42:15] <Colourless> sorry WishStone, i just can't
[12:46:33] <-- WishStone has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[12:46:37] --> Ranger has joined #Exult
[12:46:39] --- Ranger is now known as WishStone
[12:46:47] <WishStone> hmhmhmmmm
[12:47:22] * Darke watches the ranger once again stab the dragon in the back, and polymorph into her. How weird.
[12:47:24] <Colourless> yay for fridges!
[12:47:38] <WishStone> :P
[12:48:04] * Darke yays for fridges too! (If only because it sounds like a really surreal thing to say.)
[12:48:46] <Colourless> they keep things COLD! Which is a rather useful feature
[12:49:47] <WishStone> ...and kill of modems...
[12:51:23] <Colourless> that seems to be a feature of 1 particular refrigeration device. Doesn't seem to be a feature in all.
[12:51:54] <Colourless> conversly, the 'feature' may be part of the modem device
[12:55:16] <WishStone> No, it's the fridge, not only my modem sudders...
[12:55:24] <WishStone> My PC speakers, my radio...
[12:55:39] <WishStone> even on the phone I hear a sharp CLICK when it happens.
[12:55:42] <Colourless> you need a UPS!
[12:55:54] <WishStone> I need a new fridge :p
[12:56:23] * Darke hrms... and uses his great Sherlock-ian powers of deduction to conclude that this 'Ranger' critter is actually the online personification of the fridge! Though this still doesn't explain why it morphs into a dragon, which is somewhat weirdly the personification of a modem, but nothing is ever completely explained.
[12:56:59] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
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[12:57:01] <WishStone> eeer
[12:57:04] <Colourless> hi max
[12:57:09] <Darke> Heya!
[12:57:20] <Colourless> WishStone: do not attempt to apply logic... do not!
[12:59:07] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[12:59:10] * WishStone fels a headache comming up
[12:59:22] <WishStone> must... break... vicious... circle... of... thought....
[12:59:25] <Colourless> since it was my birthday today, it must have been Fingolfin's yesterday! :-)
[12:59:45] <Fingolfin> happy birthday, Colourless :-)
[13:00:02] <Colourless> happy (late) birthday Fingolfin :-)
[13:00:09] <Fingolfin> thanks
[13:02:22] <Darke> Post birthday happy greetings! (Err... or something.)
[13:03:44] <Fingolfin> :-)
[13:05:39] <Darke> Hrm... how about, "Post birthday anniversary, happy greetings!" (Otherwise you'd be the youngest member of the exult team, at the age of one day old.)
[13:06:33] <Colourless> sound like engrish
[13:08:11] <Darke> "Happy post birthday anniversary greetings!"? Still sounds a bit stilted. "Happy anniversary of birth greetings!" Sounds a bit better.
[13:09:19] <Darke> "Greetings on the happy anniversary of your birth!" doesn't parse properly for me.
[13:09:23] <WishStone> gaaaaaaah
[13:09:25] <WishStone> Voices!
[13:09:26] <Fingolfin> ...
[13:09:29] <WishStone> Voices, in my head!!!
[13:09:30] * Darke is beginning to understand why people just say, "Happy Birthday!"
[13:09:52] <Fingolfin> Darke: really? tell us more! :-)
[13:10:30] * Darke blames the infernal compiler he's trying to write for his extreme pedanticness. *grin*
[13:10:58] <Colourless> OMG... is darke actually working on pentagram!?!?
[13:11:16] <Darke> s/trying/failing/ would appear to be more of the case, from previous experience. *grin*
[13:11:54] <Darke> Colourless: Nope. You're hallucinating. Avoid the mushrooms next time. *noddle*
[13:13:28] * WishStone listens to him talking about noddles and gets hungry :P
[13:13:34] * WishStone eyes him up again
[13:13:41] <WishStone> Hm... if not dinner... ...lunch?
[13:14:21] <Colourless> noddles and shrooms?
[13:14:34] <Colourless> not quite what you want :-)
[13:14:59] <Darke> Noodles don't go well with rabbit.
[13:15:26] <Colourless> what would you know, unless you were a canibal rabbit
[13:20:02] * Darke declines to make *any* comments on wabbits he may, or may not have eaten, and simply notes he is not, and has never been a canibal. *noddle*
[13:20:40] * Darke continues to look innocent. *hop*
[13:35:30] * WishStone grabs the duct tape and quickly wraps up Darke in it till Darke can no longer move..!
[13:39:05] * Darke yawns and would love to stay and annoy, but unfortunately the godess of Z's is calling. Night! *Zzzzz...*
[13:40:51] --> Ranger has joined #Exult
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[13:52:14] <WishStone> Muhar
[14:00:01] --> Fl00der has joined #exult
[14:00:06] <Fl00der> hi
[14:01:12] <WishStone> huhu
[14:02:07] <Fl00der> what's up ? :P
[14:02:17] <WishStone> not much, our lunch escaped
[14:03:18] <Fl00der> :D
[14:04:21] <Fl00der> as I told yesterday, chicken is better than bunny :P
[14:04:30] <WishStone> that bunny IS a chicken!
[14:04:40] <Fl00der> hmm.
[14:05:22] <Fl00der> well, better luck next time :P
[14:05:42] <WishStone> ;]
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[17:27:18] <Baastuul> Hi, Ranger.
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[17:37:32] --- Ranger is now known as WishStone
[17:37:35] <WishStone> ;]
[17:41:02] <Baastuul> Hullo :)
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[19:50:01] --> WishStone has joined #Exult
[19:50:04] <Dominus> hi
[19:50:10] <WishStone> huhu
[19:50:38] <Dominus> how is your fridge?
[19:51:48] * WishStone mutters
[19:51:52] <WishStone> on and off :P
[19:54:09] <Dominus> sorry, couldn't resist :-)
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[19:55:21] <WishStone> \:]
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[20:08:27] <WishStone> ..
[20:08:29] <WishStone> yes
[20:08:31] <WishStone> fridge
[20:10:39] <Dominus> I'm sure someone mentioned this before, but can't you buy one of those "Steckdosenleiste mit Überspannungsschutz?"
[20:10:44] <Baastuul> QUATSCH
[20:10:49] <WishStone> I did actually
[20:10:53] <Dominus> oh
[20:11:02] <Baastuul> What's a Steckdosenleiste mit Überspannungsschutz?
[20:11:03] <Dominus> sorry that failed
[20:11:06] <WishStone> Tried to put the modem and everything else in...
[20:11:10] <WishStone> tried the fridge in it :\
[20:11:12] <Dominus> and?
[20:11:14] * WishStone shrugs
[20:11:18] <WishStone> Same thing
[20:11:25] <Dominus> grr
[20:11:25] <WishStone> I now have my computer and stuff on it.
[20:11:29] <WishStone> No need not using it ;D
[20:11:34] <Dominus> yep
[20:12:50] <sbx|afk> do what now?
[20:12:52] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[20:13:01] * WishStone hunts vorpal bunnies
[20:13:16] <sbx> good afternoon
[20:16:22] <Baastuul> It takes so long to level up in Progress Quest now. :(
[20:16:29] <Baastuul> I've been on level 60 for about 4 or 5 days now.
[20:17:31] <WishStone> *grins*
[20:18:03] * Dominus is going to scan for a while
[21:51:28] <wjp> time to go; 'night
[21:51:41] <Dominus> bye
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