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[07:09:18] <Fl00der> hi
[07:09:44] <Baastuul> Hail!
[07:12:05] <Fl00der> ah, sun in shining, weather looks good
[07:12:30] <Baastuul> This entire has been rainy, cold, and windy.
[07:12:32] <Baastuul> er
[07:12:34] <Baastuul> entire week*
[07:13:13] <Fl00der> :P
[07:13:21] <Baastuul> http://www.b0g.org/wsnm/uploads/trojan.jpg
[07:14:09] <Fl00der> well on monday and tuesday here has been rainy too but finally those sun won the rain :)
[07:14:20] <Fl00der> hehe
[07:14:39] <Fl00der> I have seen that before tho :)
[07:14:43] <Baastuul> oh hehe
[07:17:09] <Darke> http://www.bbspot.com/News/2004/08/bbloopers_used.html <- Probably from here. *grin*
[07:18:20] <Fl00der> lol, well other user on other channel has pasted that site or that pic beofre :P
[07:18:25] <Fl00der> before*
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[07:23:17] <Fl00der> wjp
[07:23:19] <Fl00der> you there?
[07:29:14] <Fl00der> mhm..well gotta go now, I ask later, it's not important
[07:29:30] <Fl00der> c'ya -->
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[07:57:45] <wjp> hm, no, I wasn't here :-)
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[08:26:24] <Fl00der> back
[08:26:49] <Fl00der> wjp: I just wanted to know that what's with the exult now? new features to U7 maybe, or?
[08:27:41] <wjp> I think most current big plans involve internal code cleanup
[08:28:04] <Fl00der> hmm...and that means bug fixing? or?
[08:30:29] <Darke> Usually it means replacing quickly built and not-so-flexable systems, with better designed and more easily maintainable systems.
[08:31:25] <wjp> hi Darke
[08:31:32] <Darke> Greetings.
[08:32:07] * Darke really should remember to say 'hi' more often. He gets out of practice since he's always in the channel. *grin*
[08:32:35] <Fl00der> wjp: ok
[08:57:08] <sbx> hey wjp
[08:57:27] <sbx> is it possible yet to get exult forum passwords we lost?
[08:57:36] <sbx> or get a new one
[08:57:49] <servus> When is exult 5.0 coming out?
[08:57:51] <servus> Get on it!
[08:58:37] <sbx> 5.0? i can't imagine the feature-set
[08:59:56] <servus> UO3D?
[09:01:24] <sbx> or maybe an EXTRA SET of shapes
[09:01:39] <sbx> and extended uniplayer mode
[09:02:40] <sbx> and sound effects in Exult Studio
[09:03:20] <sbx> and a collection of Exult screensavers
[09:03:54] <Fl00der> :)
[09:04:03] <Darke> "It's against policy for exult developers to comment on future extentions to the award winning product, Exult."
[09:06:45] * Darke referrs sbx to the extensive collection of press releases.
[09:07:21] <sbx> I never see anything come of them.
[09:07:29] <sbx> What's the penalty for violating your policy?
[09:11:03] <Darke> Forced answering of FAQ-answered questions in the forum.
[09:12:33] <sbx> And I thought you enjoyed that!
[09:14:49] <servus> hey i offered to make more art!
[09:15:10] <servus> I even offered to make a 3D graphics module, if someone would walk me through how Exult was set up so I didn't have to flounder for a long time
[09:15:25] <servus> And flying avatar sheep
[09:16:09] * Darke thinks flying avatar sheep are Just Wrong(tm).
[09:16:17] <servus> Baaaad avatar
[09:17:08] <servus> That's disgusting!
[09:17:20] * Darke revokes servus' punning licence.
[09:17:25] <servus> Puns?
[09:17:33] <servus> I'm just reading the script, Avatamatar =(
[09:18:55] <sbx> um
[09:19:03] * sbx looks at his notes.
[09:19:08] <sbx> I know the game!
[09:19:08] <servus> aiee!
[09:19:10] <servus> Not there!
[09:19:13] <servus> Mooo! Mooo! Moo!
[09:19:19] <servus> Mooo! Mooo! Mooo!
[09:20:18] * servus watches a cat explode
[09:21:03] <servus> Mooooooooooooooo!
[09:21:05] <sbx> Hey that was Cantra's pussycat!
[09:21:26] <servus> What's a little chaos bane to say
[09:27:39] * sbx throws holy discipline water on servus.
[09:27:47] <servus> I WANT YOUR FLESH!
[09:27:53] <servus> I don't think it's working
[09:29:05] * sbx throws holy logic water on servus, and a large rock at him.
[09:30:10] <servus> Ow
[09:30:16] <servus> That was just mean :-(
[09:30:28] <sbx> did it work?
[09:30:30] <sbx> sorry
[09:30:40] <servus> Yep, now I'm in a normal sort of murderous rage
[09:30:58] <sbx> hmm
[09:31:02] <sbx> guess that's acceptable
[09:31:36] * sbx gives servus a full suit of of Magic Armor, a Hoe of Destruction, and grants him Avatarhood.
[09:32:26] <sbx> fulfill your destiny and slay enemies with extreme prejudice
[09:32:34] <sbx> and steal as much as possible
[09:33:21] * sbx banishes servus from the castle and closes the gate.
[09:35:42] <servus> Aieee!
[09:35:49] <servus> Thy blood will soil the ground!
[09:35:55] <servus> Vultures will pick thy bones!
[09:38:01] <servus> Are you dead yet?
[09:38:11] <servus> I readied my weapon, went up to you, and squirmed my body around
[09:39:58] <sbx> maybe you need a magic spell... something like armageddon
[09:40:50] <servus> Kal Vas Des Flam Corp!
[09:40:56] <servus> Ooh
[09:41:05] <servus> I made an English-To-Sosarian Translator :D
[09:41:07] <servus> Want it?
[09:41:37] <sbx> yes
[09:41:45] <sbx> but I dont know any sosarians
[09:41:55] <servus> one sec
[09:42:09] <servus> Hmm
[09:42:21] <servus> My Windows machine is broken, you'll have to make do with a compiled debug version I already have
[09:42:44] <sbx> lets test it
[09:42:52] <servus> Or you can send me mfc42.dl
[09:42:53] <servus> dll
[09:42:54] <servus> so I can wine it =)
[09:43:18] <servus>
[09:43:27] <servus> I think that's it, tell me if it's the wrong versoin
[09:43:41] <sbx> i dont know what the right version is
[09:44:05] <servus> The right version says "Convert to sosarian" on a button =p
[09:44:21] <sbx> im dling a flash too
[09:44:27] <servus> it's 9KB
[09:44:35] <servus> MFC magic.
[09:44:56] <servus> Can I get mfc42.dll? =)
[09:45:00] <servus> Oh i'll google for it
[09:47:03] <servus> OK got it to work
[09:47:31] <sbx> corpannox in gravextym maniflamcorp42.deslorlor? =)
[09:47:59] <sbx> deslorlor?!?
[09:48:07] <servus> Heh
[09:48:13] <servus> See how long it takes you to figure it out =p
[09:48:29] <sbx> i dont even know all the words to begin with
[09:48:35] <servus> I found the file though
[09:48:36] <sbx> whose picture is the icon?
[09:48:39] <servus> The Sosarian alphabet
[09:48:42] <servus> That's G.W. Bush =p
[09:48:52] <sbx> oh
[09:48:54] <sbx> nice work
[09:49:17] <sbx> the buttons dont all work on the same window
[09:49:30] <servus> Yeah
[09:49:33] <sbx> i mean string to sosarian works on the wrong window :)
[09:49:36] <servus> They work on the ones they are next to
[09:49:40] <servus> Eh not uh =p
[09:49:46] <servus> You can't translate Sosarian back to english
[09:49:52] <servus> You can with binary hex and octal though
[09:49:56] <servus> s/english/ASCII
[09:50:25] <sbx> it doesnt sound like the language Shamino spoke when LB met him
[09:50:34] <sbx> make a translator for that
[09:50:40] <servus> the program crashes for me =p
[09:50:44] <servus> Hmm?
[09:50:47] <servus> I don't remember that
[09:51:05] <sbx> i think its in the u4 or u5 compendium/book of lore
[09:51:20] <sbx> or something pre-age of enlightenment
[09:52:01] <servus> ok well
[09:52:03] <servus> the program works for you then
[09:52:15] <sbx> yup
[09:53:41] <servus> ok.
[09:53:49] <servus> Now spam #script-kiddies with binary =p
[09:54:24] <sbx> dont tell me script kiddies hang out in #script-kiddies
[09:54:50] <servus> Wouldn't that be wild?
[09:56:37] <sbx> that would be like thieves hanging a big neon sign above their hideout "Thief HQ"
[09:57:17] <servus> All the thieves in U7 wear striped shirts
[09:57:47] <sbx> all the pirates say Arrh!
[09:58:08] <servus> Yar!
[10:34:59] * servus *noddles* at Darke
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[21:41:21] <wepy> where is the magic carpet?
[21:42:53] * wjp looks under his bed
[21:42:56] <wjp> no, not there
[21:43:08] * wjp looks in his closet
[21:43:11] <wjp> hm, not there either
[21:45:32] <wjp> seriously though, Rudyom should describe its location fairly accurately when you learn about the magic carpet from him
[21:47:57] <wepy> i dont know those places tho
[21:48:39] <wjp> NW of Britain, behind the mountains, at the source of the river there
[21:48:51] <wjp> it's at the entrance to dungeon Despise
[21:48:59] <wepy> where is that?
[21:49:08] <wepy> hehe
[21:49:15] <wepy> can i get to taht from the path to yew?
[21:49:18] <wjp> take a look at your map :-)
[21:49:20] <wjp> yeah
[21:49:35] <wjp> the path from Yew to the south has a bridge over that river
[21:49:41] <wepy> yea
[21:49:44] <wepy> i am at the bridge..
[21:49:50] <wjp> follow the river south on the east bank
[21:49:58] <wjp> into the mountains
[21:50:28] <wepy> ok..
[21:51:13] <wepy> it ends at a mountain
[21:51:21] <wepy> i can't walk further..
[21:52:10] <wepy> oh
[21:52:13] <wepy> 1walk on the mud!
[21:52:30] <wepy> ownage
[21:52:31] <wepy> thanks :)
[21:53:03] <wjp> no problem :-)
[21:53:17] <wepy> omg the carpet is so fast
[21:53:48] <wepy> how do you land?
[21:54:00] <wjp> double click the carpet
[21:54:23] <wjp> there has to be room for the carpet to land, though
[21:56:12] <wepy> heh
[21:56:15] <wepy> i need it
[21:56:23] <wepy> when i go to yew i keep getting raped by mages
[21:56:47] <wepy> i opened that grave in the abbey. it says sometyhing about a perfect record? did i just waste reagents?
[21:57:21] <wjp> you mean for the unlock magic spell?
[21:57:41] <wepy> yea
[21:57:51] <wepy> it opened.. but there was just a grave
[21:57:54] <wepy> no treasure..
[21:59:44] <wjp> that's what you get for attempting to rob a grave ;-)
[22:00:48] <wjp> time for me to go; bye
[22:00:58] <wepy> hah
[22:00:59] <wepy> bye
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