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[20:10:20] <ilmariz> ultima 7 and exult are very good. I was wondering if anyone has thought of coding exult "into" crossfire?
[20:10:55] <ilmariz> I think that crossfire is missing some of the requisite code, but would benefit from the features
[21:54:26] <Dominus> ilmariz: what do you mean with crossfire?
[21:56:49] <Dominus> got a couple of meanings and a quick search didn't exactly reveal the right one
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[23:10:26] <ilmariz> i.e. http://crossfire.real-time.com/
[23:11:21] <ilmariz> exult appears to have much different "tiles" than crossfire
[23:12:13] <ilmariz> doesn't exult use "chunks" larger than a wall, and wall-sized tiles, and humans are 1/2 the size of a wall, and items are 1/4?
[23:12:37] <ilmariz> crossfire only has 1 size of tile
[23:12:49] <ilmariz> and some oversized monsters
[23:14:54] <Dominus> well, u7 doesn't quite seem to fit into crossfire...
[23:23:01] <ilmariz> a number of things that are in exult are already possible code-wise in crossfire
[23:31:29] <Dominus> so why code exult into it?
[23:31:37] <Dominus> I don't quite see the point
[23:32:03] <Dominus> if you want to have Ultima 7 graphics in crossfire you'd need to get the crossfire people to do it
[23:32:10] <Dominus> exult is open source so...
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