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[13:27:08] <Colourless> hi
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[20:19:46] <sbx> you guys need a switch to turn off bold topics if you're a forum moderator
[20:22:41] <Dominus> hey we want to show someone important wrote something (even if it wasn't that important :-))
[20:37:12] <Colourless> we could also revoke moderator status for Artaxerxes and that would solve the problem :-)
[20:37:30] <Colourless> of course the reason we
[20:37:41] <Colourless> 'really' have it enabled is so we can edit our own posts :-)
[20:37:59] <Dominus> (and sometimes others')
[20:38:33] <eld> hmm.. art is limited to a 256color palette? :(
[20:38:57] <Dominus> the good old times
[20:40:17] <eld> and I know why I always prefered drawing in full color mode ;)
[20:40:33] <eld> palettes are such a pain in a modern world
[20:40:45] <Dominus> yep
[20:40:54] <Colourless> you need to learn new skills then :-)
[20:41:02] <eld> or relearn old skills :P
[20:41:06] <Colourless> :-)
[20:41:17] <Colourless> well then, you've just become lazy :-)
[20:41:42] <eld> I just didn't find the pixel-putting technique quite effecient when doing modern game art
[20:41:49] <sbx> don't art programs do a good job of reducing a full color image to custom 8bit?
[20:42:23] <eld> sbx, well, I think it could work, but then it will get an automated conversion
[20:42:35] <eld> instead of a sprite that was drawn with the palette in mind
[20:43:54] <eld> but, I still feel like making a bunch of customstuff with exult
[20:45:30] <Dominus> that would be nice
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[20:54:21] <eld> well harr, time to fire up studio :<
[20:54:56] <sbx> you mean ":>"
[20:55:20] <eld> its more like a "I wont be coming back.." kind of :<
[20:56:03] <eld> lets see how many hours my total conversion survives before shutting down.
[20:57:53] <Dominus> http://www.wired.com/news/games/0,2101,63578,00.html "News!!! addictive virtual drugs in games" (I wonder if they heard about serpent venom)
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[21:06:38] <eld> how do I launch my custom game?
[21:07:13] <eld> and, could I cut the ultima7 games away from it and still launch it?, using its own datafiles that is.
[21:07:31] <eld> or should I just read more in the documentsection? ;)
[21:10:04] <eld> ah
[21:10:11] <eld> now it looks, cool ;)
[21:14:41] <Kabalx> u7 and underworld are so much better and deeper than any other existing game
[21:15:36] <eld> so true
[21:16:09] <eld> well, in terms of enviroment I'd say u8 has less but better ;)
[21:16:21] <eld> while u7 has more of it, but not in the same way.
[21:16:45] <Kabalx> u8 was pretty bad imho
[21:17:11] <eld> well, it had that perfect gameengine
[21:17:15] <eld> just lacked a finished game.
[21:17:19] <Kabalx> right
[21:17:22] <sbx> too dark, but I like the gfx
[21:17:25] <Kabalx> the tile engine was nice
[21:17:48] <Kabalx> but an engine only is not enough :|
[21:18:05] <eld> true :P
[21:18:15] <Kabalx> did you like morrowind ?
[21:18:15] <sbx> what about SI?
[21:18:19] <Kabalx> SI is great
[21:18:20] <eld> I enjoyed morrowind
[21:18:28] <Kabalx> both parts of U7 just rocks :)
[21:18:55] <Kabalx> I enjoyed Morrowind too but it's still far to reach the quality of an ultima underworld
[21:19:12] <Kabalx> the latest is just the perfect game for me
[21:19:19] <Kabalx> (uw1 && uw2)
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[21:19:51] <Kabalx> what I dislike in morrowind: NPC
[21:20:02] <Kabalx> they're just too dumb, and not very talkative
[21:20:16] <Kabalx> it looks more like a database query than like a real conversation
[21:20:43] <eld> u8 is still my favorite ;)
[21:20:48] <Kabalx> really ?
[21:20:51] <eld> truly
[21:20:53] <Kabalx> just for the engine ?
[21:21:01] <eld> the feeling
[21:21:18] <eld> melanchonic, or how do you spell it
[21:21:20] <sbx> the conversations in u8 aren't very deep are they?
[21:21:25] <eld> dark, sad, etc.
[21:21:35] <eld> the catacombs filled with bones
[21:21:52] <eld> the wonderful soundtrack
[21:22:18] <Kabalx> well I really enjoyed the beginning of U8
[21:22:27] <Kabalx> it was kinda intriguing
[21:22:28] <eld> u8 was soo different from the other games
[21:22:48] <Kabalx> but I didn't like the arcade style very much
[21:23:04] <Kabalx> (like jumping with the mouse)
[21:23:12] <eld> well, it got better with the patch
[21:23:24] <eld> and I've always prefered non-party gameplay
[21:23:54] <Kabalx> did you ever played ultima underworld ?
[21:24:37] <sbx> I prefer big parties :)
[21:24:44] <eld> finished the first one, very nice game :P
[21:24:52] <eld> didn't get very far in the second one though
[21:24:57] <eld> I liked the first one more
[21:25:03] <eld> because I felt more stranded there :P
[21:25:09] <Kabalx> yeah the first one is the best
[21:25:18] <Kabalx> a feature that just rocked:
[21:25:24] <eld> where as in uw2 I could just return to the castle and feel at ease
[21:25:30] <Kabalx> the ability (in the gameplay) to look at everything in the game
[21:25:44] <Kabalx> right-click == examine
[21:25:47] <Kabalx> I love that
[21:25:51] <eld> yeah, thats what I love about ultimas :P
[21:26:03] <eld> no other games has such a feature
[21:26:03] <Kabalx> I implemented that feature in the game I'm developping :]
[21:26:43] <Kabalx> also implemented the ability to fish, to make bread, to combine items,...
[21:26:45] <sbx> you can look at nearly anything in Fallout
[21:26:49] <sbx> except the ground
[21:26:59] <Kabalx> yes fallout was nice too
[21:27:05] <eld> kabalx, what game are you making?
[21:27:40] <Kabalx> a free online roleplaying game
[21:28:35] <eld> oh, any info somewhere about it?
[21:28:43] <Kabalx> and that's not vaporware for once :) near to be completed. 3 years of developpement
[21:29:24] <Kabalx> well the problem is that english is not supported right now :)
[21:29:52] <Kabalx> it's in french, but I'll translate client and server stuff in a few months
[21:30:08] <eld> I've been involved in some onlinerpg development as artist :P
[21:30:18] <Kabalx> I hope all ultima underworld fans will enjoy it
[21:30:21] <Kabalx> ho really ?
[21:30:26] <eld> where I started learning most of my artistic abilities
[21:30:32] <Kabalx> how is it going?
[21:30:38] <eld> well, its dead :P
[21:30:42] <Kabalx> haha
[21:30:45] <Kabalx> not surprising :)
[21:30:54] <Kabalx> 98% of free mmorpg projects fail
[21:30:57] <eld> it was the famous/infamous dransik/classic, I was a pixelartist
[21:31:04] <Kabalx> oh yeah I know dransik
[21:31:18] <Kabalx> I have Jason aka Talazar on ICQ :)
[21:31:29] <sbx> hey I played Dransik
[21:31:35] <Kabalx> I didn't play it
[21:31:37] <eld> yup, me too, dont speak much to him though nowdays
[21:31:38] <Kabalx> how good is it ?
[21:31:39] <sbx> with someone else's account
[21:31:52] <eld> but that was like nearly more than four years ago
[21:31:54] <sbx> um I played when it used U5 gfx
[21:31:57] <eld> when dransik was young
[21:32:02] <eld> and I did ugly art for it
[21:32:03] <Kabalx> oh okey
[21:32:09] <Kabalx> lol eld
[21:32:24] <eld> before I learnt how to draw and model, and stuff like that :<
[21:32:26] <Kabalx> how good are you right now as an artist
[21:32:34] <eld> Im okay I guess
[21:32:38] <Kabalx> nice :)
[21:32:59] <eld> well, if I draw it turns out like this, mostly.. http://files3.helgon.net/Gallery/{238/{238AEFE5-63AC-4867-A359-4F9A4DAEB425}.jpg
[21:33:25] <Kabalx> that's nicely done :)
[21:33:42] <eld> then there's the 3d stuff too
[21:33:48] <Kabalx> how much/what do you charge ?
[21:34:23] <eld> Im quite cheap, I haven't managed to land any artist job :P
[21:34:37] <eld> http://eldron.20m.com/Iih/dm_city.jpg some of my recent 3d stuff
[21:35:03] <Kabalx> good I might need your talents once if you'd like to join a living project someday
[21:35:22] <eld> :P
[21:35:42] <eld> well, just add me on icq and give me a shout someday, 73522575
[21:35:50] <Kabalx> thanks :)
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