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[01:34:25] <sbx> "Retronym"
[01:36:57] <Baastuul> Explain.
[01:38:16] <sbx> Successfully changing the meaning of an acronym after it has been established.
[01:38:45] <sbx> It then becomes a retronym.
[01:39:08] <sbx> Don't ask me!
[01:39:18] <sbx> :)
[01:39:43] <Baastuul> hehe
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[03:05:51] <servus> Hmm
[03:06:10] <servus> Wishstone: The free UO shards do not use any stolen code/programs from EA/Origin, as far as I know :-)
[03:06:24] <sbx> hi servus
[03:06:34] <sbx> hey that's an old topic
[03:07:21] <servus> Hi sbx
[03:07:53] <servus> Well unless EA patented the actual OSI network protocol, I don't see how it is technically illegal, since it is just data being sent back and forth, and what happens on the server side is a complete black-box.
[03:12:03] <servus> I do a lot more jibba-jabba then coding.
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[05:13:35] <sbx> someone made a patch for x-chat where ctrl-w isn't mapped to close window
[05:23:51] <servus> It should be mapped to close window :P
[05:29:25] <sbx> If you want to be confusing, yes.
[05:30:19] <sbx> "They contain modified sources, and other changes, which I
[05:30:28] <sbx> think make X-Chat more sane." "The main reason these exist is so that you can get a version
[05:30:28] <sbx> of X-Chat which doesn't have Ctrl-W mapped to Close Window.
[05:30:28] <sbx> This is mostly because having Ctrl-W close the window is
[05:30:28] <sbx> damned annoying."
[06:21:37] <servus> People have a VERY hard time figuring out THE GAME.
[06:28:54] <sbx> some people
[06:30:08] <servus> I haven't found a single person (outside of here) that can figure it out, given reams of game material.
[06:31:10] <sbx> Incidentally, I bet it's even more fun in 3D!
[06:31:16] <servus> Hehehe
[06:31:18] <sbx> but yeah that's weird
[06:31:25] <servus> Trying to figure out why gumps aren't working right now :)
[07:18:13] <sbx> the black gate looks like a bigass black gate
[07:18:18] <sbx> or a giant obelisk
[07:18:34] <sbx> but the barrier around it is in the air
[07:18:53] <sbx> and theres a brown surface behind it in the barrier
[07:19:00] <sbx> you only see it from the north
[07:19:29] <sbx> probably something to do with that light cast on the wall (or something to do with mountains)
[07:19:58] <sbx> the chamber is very tall
[07:22:09] <servus> How'd you get to the black gate!?
[07:22:20] <servus> The binary I gave you segfaults when you hackmove the avatar :-)
[07:22:47] <sbx> alt-t
[07:22:50] <servus> sbx, I still have problems with transparent parts of quads depthmasking and preventing objects behind them from drawing.
[07:22:52] <sbx> f3 to the general area
[07:23:05] <sbx> oh
[07:23:06] <servus> :) Got hexcoords?
[07:23:29] <sbx> this gate is big enough for the guardian to go through
[07:23:37] <sbx> and go sit on that bigass chair
[07:23:48] <sbx> a26,a30,000
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[07:25:16] <sbx> hi Colourless
[07:27:07] <sbx> servus: clicking on some things prints out garbage instead of a name
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[07:36:53] <sbx> wb
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[07:36:57] <servus> Thanks
[07:37:01] <servus> I know why, sbx
[07:37:03] <WishStone> you're welcome
[07:37:06] <servus> Depthmasking problem...
[07:37:10] <sbx> wb WishStone
[07:37:15] <servus> Fixing that next :-)
[07:37:28] <sbx> the depthmasking problem is causing what?
[07:37:30] <servus> I didn't see your pic, but I think I know what you're talking about (and how to fix it)
[07:37:51] <sbx> broken description?
[07:37:53] <Baastuul> Thanks, ess bee ecks. :)
[07:39:05] <servus> Black Gate looks fine on my build.
[07:39:19] <servus> I didn't get the file from you, sbx, it failed.
[07:40:28] <sbx> there you go
[07:40:30] <servus> Awesome, I just discovered freedict :-)
[07:42:12] <servus> Oh, weird, sbx, I don't think that's my problem though. I'll keep an eye out for it.
[07:45:25] <servus> This dutch-teaching program is hard and cruel :-)
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[07:46:59] <sbx> That helps you learn. *taps servus's hand with a ruler*
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[07:49:06] <servus> It keeps picking words I won't use, like haemmoroids and gyroscope!
[07:49:45] <WishStone> which is why I bought school books for kids in learning years in school :P
[07:50:03] <servus> I need to do that, dictionaries aren't working for me too well.
[07:50:37] <servus> What the heck is hahnium?
[07:50:43] <servus> Dunno, but it's spelt like that in Dutch too :-)
[07:50:49] <sbx> I still need a good Japanese/English dictionary and Kanji dictionary. (real book not online)
[07:52:25] <sbx> Hahnium: the laughter element
[07:52:53] <servus> dict hahnium
[07:53:13] <servus> Two entries: nld-eng and eng-nld, Both entries are one word: "Hahnium" :-)
[07:53:36] <sbx> oh
[07:53:37] <sbx> heh
[07:53:47] <sbx> hahnuum: hahnium
[07:53:52] <sbx> hahnium: hahnium
[07:54:10] <sbx> and the other way around is
[07:54:11] <sbx> hahnium: hahnium
[08:03:18] <Baastuul> Night :)
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[08:21:32] <Fl00der> morning
[08:22:42] <sbx> hi Fl00der
[08:36:22] <sbx> servus:
[08:37:09] <servus> ?
[08:37:10] <servus> Hi though
[08:37:29] <sbx> hi
[08:37:38] <sbx> can you post your new binary for us with the camera rotated?
[08:37:44] <sbx> like in the screenshots
[08:37:49] <servus> ok lemme see
[08:37:58] <servus> Gotta get an old version, my current is broken :-)
[08:38:08] <sbx> I can wait
[08:38:17] <sbx> ...until you have a working version again.
[08:38:25] <servus> Nah I archive :P
[08:38:53] <servus> The screenshots 12 and 13 (you haven't seen them) rotate things drastically.
[08:39:00] <sbx> i like the one in 9 or 11 though it would be better closer
[08:39:03] <sbx> no, I havn't seen them!
[08:39:08] <sbx> why havn't I seen them?
[08:39:08] <servus> It's hard to maneuver when moving the mouse up makes it still go north though, and you are looking south-west :-)
[08:39:28] <servus>
[08:39:32] <servus> 12 is neat. Nothing special though.
[08:39:35] <sbx> wierd
[08:39:55] <servus> Nah, I just haven't touched the mouse code at all yet, I will need to majorly overhaul it in GL mode.
[08:41:06] <servus> I really need to make some on-the-fly rotation stuff. I'm just so darn busy at day, lazy at nighT:)
[08:41:07] <sbx> It's an entirely new view of the castle.
[08:41:26] <servus> Yeah:)
[08:41:33] <servus> I still have to post first-person shots.
[08:41:46] <sbx> or just some pre-set views
[08:42:03] <servus> OK, stripping and upxing.
[08:42:13] <sbx> cool
[08:42:26] <servus> I plan on making the camera smoothly follow behind you, and rotating automatically to follow your general heading, like on most 3rd person games.
[08:42:51] <sbx> I still wonder if NPCs (with exception to using real models) would not look better just drawn as one quad with a flat picture.
[08:43:03] <servus> there ya go
[08:43:12] <servus> sbx, yes, I have billboarding in the works :)
[08:43:32] <servus> Won't look too grand for first-person though
[08:44:07] <sbx> in the year, 4545
[08:44:07] * sbx downloads the new binary.
[08:44:16] <servus> Those are the rotated degrees :P
[08:44:25] <servus> I've got so many little things to do
[08:44:49] <servus> Things that should remain in 2D are a huge priority... *everything* is 3D right now, so it's all rotated/scaled :)
[08:44:55] <sbx> it will look worse in first person and straight overhead, and best at angles closest to original u7
[08:45:17] <servus> Right. NPCs look perfect in 3D at U7-angles.
[08:45:18] <sbx> what would you like to remain 2d?
[08:45:18] <sbx> trees?
[08:45:28] <servus> Hmm, nah, trees look good already in 3D :)
[08:45:45] <servus> I plan on 3Dizing everything, and just remodelling the problematic items.
[08:46:08] <sbx> yeah they look great just not like trees exactly
[08:46:24] <sbx> the waving flags are good
[08:46:24] <servus> It's the emp plague
[08:46:36] <servus> A lot better than I expected, those.
[08:46:50] <sbx> well I hope you keep the skewed approximations so we can play without having all the models
[08:48:42] * sbx plays exult-45-45.
[08:48:45] <sbx> Thank thee!
[08:49:25] <servus> Kilrathi death glider looks just right.
[08:49:28] <sbx> hmm
[08:49:35] <sbx> your right, this isn't exactly intuitive :)
[08:50:06] <servus> You're lucky, I gave you an easy rotation. I could have done -135 degrees, like Exult3D-12.jpg is, but I only gave you +45 :-)
[08:50:13] <sbx> hehe
[08:50:25] <sbx> "Greetings" just appeared across the floor :)
[08:50:57] <sbx> and clicking the area plasters a "floor" caption onto the floor, confirming that it is indeed the floor
[08:52:02] <sbx> somebody knocked the cannons over
[08:52:23] <servus> Or did you want the classic U7 perspective?
[08:52:39] <servus> I'll rotate the perspective
[08:52:42] <sbx> no this is rockin'
[08:52:47] <sbx> unless you have that too :)
[08:53:16] <sbx> although I could just play with normal exult to get the classic perspective
[08:54:25] <sbx> britain seems much bigger
[08:54:35] <servus> Heh
[08:55:37] <sbx> somebody wrecked the ship
[08:55:57] <sbx> and... the horses
[08:55:58] <servus>
[08:56:08] <servus> NPCs look completely reasonable in that one
[08:57:21] <servus> The ship will look a lot better once I fix depthmasking
[08:57:29] <servus> I'm just doing a lot more talking than coding, sorry:)
[08:57:39] <WishStone> *hehehe*
[08:58:31] <sbx> my fault
[08:58:52] <servus> Nah, I just program all day at work too :-)
[08:59:22] <servus> Anyway, if I lock a perspective, exult-classic will be it.
[09:00:01] <sbx> don't try talking to people in the 45-45 version :)
[09:01:23] <servus> Have you tried Classic?
[09:01:51] <servus> Who keeps downloading the binaries... with Windows XP? :-)
[09:02:17] <sbx> just got it now
[09:02:47] * sbx plays Ultima7 old-school style.
[09:03:26] <sbx> well
[09:03:27] <sbx> almost
[09:03:30] <sbx> this looks like the other one to me
[09:03:33] <servus> Whoa, filtering helps a LOT
[09:03:33] <sbx> just reversed
[09:03:38] <sbx> ?
[09:04:53] <sbx> the camera should be closer and at a higher angle
[09:04:57] <sbx> slightly higher
[09:05:06] <servus> the only thing wrong with this pic is the depthmasking
[09:05:57] <sbx> do my download requests say winxp?
[09:06:13] <servus> yours say wget :-)
[09:06:35] <sbx> oh, good
[09:06:37] <Colourless> cool shot
[09:06:48] <sbx> yeah it's much better
[09:07:02] <servus> OK, I'm going to shut up and fix gumps now.
[09:09:39] <sbx> time to go
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[09:09:45] <sbx|afk> bye
[09:09:48] <servus> bye
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[14:38:56] <Baastuul> Hi, WishStone. :)
[14:39:10] <WishStone> Hiya
[14:45:00] <WishStone> Fang and I just returned from that animal exopsition in Paris... Man was that disappointing :/
[14:45:10] <Baastuul> Who is Fang?
[14:45:30] <WishStone> UDIC Fangorn, my boy friend. I just moved in with him last week ;]
[14:45:49] <Baastuul> Oh, I thought you were married. :)
[14:46:27] <WishStone> *smiles* Not married quite yet. But in planning ;] We had hoped to not only see a lot more pets, but also to see more companies using the chance to sell assoceries to pet owners or future pet owners :/
[14:46:50] <Baastuul> Are you looking to buy a dog or a cat?
[14:47:48] <WishStone> Na, we have 3 rat girls :]
[14:48:06] <WishStone> They are mine, but now "ours". We wanted to outfit the cage a bit nicer... but...
[14:48:40] <Baastuul> The animal exposition didn't have what you were looking for? :)
[14:49:38] <WishStone> No. A HUGE focus on cats, cat toys etc, then dogs...
[14:49:51] <Baastuul> By the way, your mentioning of the rats reminded me of this article I read two days ago: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20040922/sc_afp/science_quakes_rats
[14:49:55] <WishStone> What they had for rodents was only "basic cage sets" and litter. Loooooots of litter :P
[14:50:05] <Baastuul> hehehe
[14:52:07] <WishStone> and food, but I already have a very good rat fodder
[14:52:15] <WishStone> they leave NOTHING of it, munch it all.
[14:53:00] <Baastuul> haha
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[14:53:22] <Baastuul> We only have a fat dog named Lucy.
[14:53:33] <Baastuul> And two stray cats that we feed, but they both hate each other. :)
[14:53:50] <WishStone> *lol*
[14:53:57] <Baastuul> We used to have chickens and ducks but they all died. We gave the third duck away to somebody but I think they killed it and ate it. :(
[14:54:26] <WishStone> I'll ask Fang to upload the pics later. We have three girls right now, Gemini, Wisp and Pasdenom
[14:54:52] <Baastuul> cool
[14:55:03] <Baastuul> Do you plan on getting some boys so they can mate?
[14:55:23] <WishStone> hell no
[14:55:30] <WishStone> Rats have litters from 4 to 20
[14:55:52] <WishStone> No was we want 20 baby rats whisking about :P
[14:55:56] <WishStone> no way even
[14:56:07] <Baastuul> Awww, but I was thinking you could make a utopian society of rats! :D
[14:56:25] <WishStone> Na, thanks. The pack leaders submis the others by biting :/
[14:56:53] <Baastuul> And then when your neighbors complain of the smell and send the police over to investigate, you can greet them at the door with rats crawling all over you and you can be like, "WAHUAhaababAUAUahaooO!!" The police will run away with fright!
[14:58:38] <WishStone> Or shoot to put me outa misery :P
[14:59:19] <Baastuul> haha
[14:59:49] <Baastuul> http://baastuul.9cy.com/images/lucy/2004-09-20_Glutton_Pup_1.jpg
[15:00:06] <Baastuul> She got into our garbage can the other day. :P
[15:05:15] <Colourless> a 'large' dog
[15:11:31] <Baastuul> Blob dog
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[15:40:37] <Baastuul> Gonna go work now
[15:40:42] <Baastuul> Be back in a few hours
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[18:16:33] <WishStone> huhu again
[18:17:22] <wjp> hi
[18:32:46] <WishStone> for someone who just finished reading 1984 the news from the US are scary :/
[18:33:28] * wjp read it a couple of months ago... it is a bit scary how familiar some things sound, yes...
[18:43:37] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[18:44:37] <sbx> anyone used jEdit?
[19:09:05] <-- sbx has left IRC ("casts gate travel")
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[19:27:10] <Ranger|afk> hm, wait
[19:27:13] --- Ranger|afk is now known as WishStone|away
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[19:39:13] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[19:41:04] <wjp> hi
[19:41:12] <Baastuul> Harro, harro.
[19:41:54] * Baastuul just spent 2 1/2 hours unloading 40-lbs bags of wood pellets and fire logs from a big truck.
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[20:30:09] <Krexx> hi
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[20:38:33] <servus> Why does my Internet keep fritzing out?! Argh!
[20:40:08] <Krexx> servus: there in US what kind of internet connection speed do you have?
[20:46:40] <servus> DSL 768up/128down.
[20:46:45] <servus> Err, 768down/128up.
[20:48:59] <Krexx> 768 Kbps?
[20:50:58] <servus> Right. kilobits.
[20:56:01] <-- Krexx has left #exult ("-")
[21:05:41] --> Krexx has joined #exult
[21:47:13] <Fl00der> ugh
[21:47:15] <servus> Got gumps and portraits and the menu working (mostly:)
[21:47:23] <Fl00der> :O
[21:47:34] <Fl00der> \o/
[21:47:45] <servus> Still some very annoying errors, like how calling a function that immediately return;s draws a bunch of crap on the screen.
[21:48:25] <Fl00der> so you are making 3d exult or did I misunderstood?
[21:48:28] <servus> I don't see where frames are actually advanced for a shape...
[21:48:52] <servus> Yep, that's it, but the hard part (Exult itself) was already done, so it's not that big of a project, I just exaggerate :P
[21:49:16] <Fl00der> but I Cant wait to test/play it :P
[21:50:04] <Fl00der> pfft, MSN has some problems
[21:50:08] <Fl00der> ah now it works
[21:52:29] <Fl00der> servus: when we can get first release (testable/playable) :P
[21:52:43] <servus> Want a Linux binary? :P
[21:53:02] <Fl00der> ouch!
[21:53:04] <Fl00der> don't have linux :P
[21:53:13] <servus> Then, some time :-)
[21:53:31] <Fl00der> mmmkay :)
[21:56:41] <WishStone|away> nini everyone *yaaaaaaaaawn*
[21:59:50] * Fl00der yawns
[22:00:03] * Baastuul looks at the clock.
[22:00:09] <Baastuul> It's only 2:59 PM here and I'm also tired. :/
[22:00:09] <WishStone|away> oopsie, damn contagousness of yawns
[22:00:12] <WishStone|away> sorry ;]
[22:00:22] <Baastuul> hehehe
[22:00:25] <Baastuul> Night, WishStone. :)
[22:00:27] <Fl00der> it's 1.00 AM here :)
[22:00:32] <WishStone|away> :]
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[22:01:41] <Fl00der> ah, coca-cola
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[22:59:45] * servus arghs.
[23:03:37] --> sbx has joined #exult
[23:06:08] <sbx> wh
[23:06:10] <sbx> eh
[23:06:13] <sbx> something smells rotten in here
[23:11:30] * Sheng_Gradilla hides the dead rats
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[23:18:39] <sbx> hi Fingolfin
[23:18:44] * sbx goes to play Star Ocean.
[23:18:47] <-- sbx has left IRC ("casts gate travel")
[23:27:58] <servus> Gumps, menus, and portraits are working, finally.
[23:32:35] <servus> - Enough for now, gonna go take a long drive off a short cliff now, 'ta.
[23:33:33] <-- servus has left IRC ("Leaving")
[23:34:01] <Fingolfin> hi
[23:34:17] * Fingolfin hopes sbx reads that in the channel logs ;-)