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[01:12:18] <Lord_Nightmare> i like the ultima7-in-win9x patch, thats a work of art, even if the pallete scrolling gets whacked at one point in the intro...
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[06:25:45] <servus> Anyone alive?
[06:26:59] <servus> Darn it, I want someone to tell me if the Pentagram site I made sucks or not, and if you want it. :P
[06:34:22] <servus> Hey, three of you looked at it! I see my logs! I need feedback! (Pardon my punctuation!)
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[18:03:22] <wjp> well, that was fun :-)
[18:04:05] <Colourless> it's back!
[18:05:26] <wjp> repatching 100+ hosts is quite... exhausting :-)
[18:08:05] <wjp> anyway, the result is that we have room for our 5 brand new dual P4 servers in our racks :-)
[18:09:48] <wjp> (not to mention that we finally replaced our broken tape drive so we can do backups again...)
[18:52:48] <wjp> hmm... beta3...
[18:52:54] <wjp> so, WANT_MAP_CACHE_OUT?
[18:53:13] <Colourless> yes i say yes
[18:53:48] <Colourless> the code has been there since just after 1.0 came out IIRC, just no one had it enabled except me
[18:56:07] <wjp> probably best to just remove the entire #ifdef then
[18:56:45] <Colourless> yeah
[18:56:58] <Colourless> only 1 function is #ifdef'd anyway
[18:57:08] <wjp> yeah, I saw
[18:59:02] <wjp> feel like doing that? :-)
[18:59:34] <wjp> could you also do the MSVC version number stuff?
[19:00:21] <wjp> which means you get to pick the capitalization of the version number this time ;-)
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