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[11:29:34] <Colourless> hi
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[16:46:44] <wjp> we were supposed to do a RC sometime today or tomorrow...
[17:03:30] <Colourless> aye we are
[17:09:32] <wjp> I guess I might as well do version numbers today; I doubt anyone wants to do any last-minute commits
[17:09:55] * wjp open the Release Checklist
[17:10:08] <wjp> 1.1.9RC1?
[17:10:28] <wjp> or make that 1.1.9rc1
[17:10:29] <Colourless> update numbers and people can then do last minute checkins in the next 24 hours
[17:10:40] <wjp> works for me
[17:10:41] <Colourless> yeah 1.1.9 RC1 should be ok
[17:11:55] <wjp> oh, I missed something in the *ico.rc files I see
[17:12:22] <wjp> I'm guessing I need to update FILEVERSION, PRODUCTVERSION, VALUE "FileVersion" and VALUE "ProductVersion"
[17:12:45] <Colourless> yes :-)
[17:13:41] <Colourless> i how updating versions would be so much simpler if there was just a single exult_version.h file that contained all the variations of the versions as defines
[17:14:13] <wjp> ah, I see the .rc files are preprocessed too
[17:14:52] <wjp> I should leave FILEVERSION alone in exconfig.rc?
[17:15:31] <Colourless> yes
[17:15:39] <Colourless> it hasn't changed in a while
[17:15:46] * wjp notices these .rc files also have copyright dates
[17:16:20] <Colourless> i will make need to make sure though that exconfig isn't setting any config settings that are no longer used
[17:17:23] <wjp> oh yay, exult's syncmail needs updating too
[17:19:36] <wjp> Colourless: might be something to add to release.txt if you think it's necessary
[17:20:17] <wjp> might be useful to check the config file exult itself generates when none is found too
[17:22:01] <Colourless> na, i wouldn't bother about the readme
[17:24:15] <wjp> hm, I _thought_ I fixed cvs mails
[17:24:29] * wjp hopes the mails are just a few minutes late
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