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[21:14:32] <Curiousis-2> hey, anyone around?
[21:14:37] <[KrusheR]> no one
[21:14:38] <[KrusheR]> no body
[21:14:39] <[KrusheR]> no more
[21:14:40] <[KrusheR]> ever
[21:14:54] <Curiousis-2> Drat, you want to let me know when you're around?
[21:14:54] * servus smacks you
[21:16:18] <Curiousis-2> I'm just trying to figure out Exult Studio stuff. Importing shapes is driving me wonky. I don't know if its a bug in Studio or I'm mental.
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[21:16:29] <sbx> hi
[21:16:38] <servus> ExultStudio's never worked for me
[21:16:51] <sbx> I don't remember how to import shapes.
[21:16:56] <Curiousis-2> drat
[21:17:15] <Curiousis-2> I mean I've managed to import shaped (kind of) its just I can't figure out how to make a transparancy.
[21:17:55] <Curiousis-2> Also if I export a shape, edit it with Gimp, and import it again it works. But if I create a new shape and save it as a .png I can't import it. That confuses me.
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[21:19:10] <Curiousis-2> I think I'm just plain doing something wring when saving a file to keep transparancy intact.
[21:19:15] <Curiousis-2> wring=wrong
[21:20:09] <wjp> you need to make sure it's an indexed png
[21:21:48] <Curiousis-2> hmm... now I just need to figure out how to do that...
[21:21:56] <wjp> image mode indexed
[21:22:05] <Curiousis-2> ahh!
[21:22:34] <Curiousis-2> Lets see how that works now..
[21:22:53] * servus made a few indexed PNGs for Exult.
[21:24:07] * sbx just worked with SHP format in the GIMP.
[21:24:23] <Curiousis-2> Hey awesome, that fixed both of my problems. Thanks a bundle!
[21:24:56] <Curiousis-2> Of course knowing that earlier I could have saved like 4 hours of folling around. Oh well, time to write that down
[21:24:59] <servus> I don't remember if those paperdoll art pieces I made actually made it to Exult :-)
[21:25:10] <Curiousis-2> Whenever I learn something I write it down.
[21:25:16] <wjp> servus: hm, most of them should be in there
[21:25:34] <servus> Yeah they probably are, I never checked *G*
[21:25:35] <sbx> Curiousis-2: learn anything new about barges?
[21:26:13] <Curiousis-2> Well.. I've learned how to make my own barges, I even made my own ship. I also learned how to create a deed for ships and barges.
[21:26:40] <sbx> what's the ship look like
[21:26:53] <Curiousis-2> one square ship tile a mast and half a sail
[21:27:09] <sbx> That actually floats?
[21:27:40] <Curiousis-2> Hell... it floats ten times better than the rafts I use to make as a child. But usually because those would get lit on fire andpushed out to sea.
[21:27:58] <Curiousis-2> Sometimes with my little brother on them.
[21:28:26] <sbx> like the vikings?
[21:28:45] <Curiousis-2> Yes... except my brother tended to protest a little more than a dead viking warrior would.
[21:28:51] <Curiousis-2> Also he swam a lot better..
[21:29:04] <sbx> so he survived
[21:29:15] <Curiousis-2> But there wasn't much else to do in a tiny fishing community in the middle of nowhere...
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[21:29:19] <Curiousis-2> yes
[21:29:20] <Krexx> hi
[21:29:26] <sbx> hi
[21:29:29] <Curiousis-2> yo
[21:29:38] <sbx> Curiousis-2: now you can recreate those experiences in Ultima
[21:29:43] <sbx> Your skills rival Owen's!
[21:30:01] <Curiousis-2> Don't worry, I've done many terrible things to Iolo and Spark already
[21:30:09] <Curiousis-2> Mainly Iolo
[21:30:20] <Krexx> who's alredy developing exult 3d?
[21:30:27] <servus> Just me.
[21:31:16] <Krexx> ok, I just wanted to know if it was you who is developing exult 3d
[21:31:33] <servus> Have 5,000 models you want to donate?
[21:31:42] <Krexx> heheh
[21:32:00] <Curiousis-2> hmm... with importing shapes done I guess the only main thing I haven't talked about is usecode. which I don't think I'm capable of writing anything worthwhile about because I simply don't understand it.
[21:32:15] <Krexx> servus: are u making all the models?
[21:33:19] <servus> I am, Krexx
[21:33:31] <sbx> Some of us promise to make servus some models but didn't deliver yet.
[21:33:49] <servus> Well even if you make them I'll probably have to align them :-)
[21:33:53] <Krexx> what application are u using to do them?
[21:33:57] <servus> 3D Studio Max.
[21:34:06] <Krexx> Ok.
[21:34:19] <Curiousis-2> I once made a mad tea-kettle with 3Dmax... if by made I mean directly copied the teakettle shape, and if by mad I mean completely nonsensical...
[21:34:34] * wjp mumbles something about 'u' not being a word
[21:34:53] <servus> Maybe it was dutch, wjp
[21:34:53] <sbx> exultbot can edit that
[21:34:54] <wjp> (unless you're speaking dutch of course, in which case it's perfectly correct and even polite)
[21:35:01] <servus> I win!
[21:35:06] <sbx> hehe
[21:35:11] <Curiousis-2> Those crazy Dutch
[21:35:15] <servus> Dood! Dood! Aghhhh, dood!
[21:35:16] * Curiousis-2 looks at his last name
[21:35:16] * servus dies
[21:35:16] <Krexx> how much objects must be done and how much are alredy done?
[21:35:28] <servus> I've made about 300 objects.
[21:35:37] <servus> I still need to do some indoor objects. All organic outdoor objects are done.
[21:35:46] <sbx> not counting frames
[21:35:57] <servus> Counting frames :P
[21:36:03] <servus> I need to make boats, carriages, and all NPCs except the Avatar and Iolo.
[21:36:09] <sbx> counting frames
[21:36:28] <servus> I have 2 human models which should cover all humans, they just need different textures. All human animations use the same skeleton and thus are done.
[21:36:45] <servus> Except for naked humans
[21:36:46] <sbx> let's see NPCs... woman, peasant, noble, guard
[21:36:50] <Curiousis-2> Wow, thats fast work. Very impressive
[21:36:53] <sbx> and some others
[21:36:56] <sbx> yeah naked humans
[21:36:58] <servus> Not sure what to do about that. Maybe a blurry part.
[21:37:06] <sbx> lol
[21:37:06] <servus> Or a land of eunuchs
[21:37:10] <Curiousis-2> Do I have to ask why naked NPCs need a different skeletal system?
[21:37:14] <servus> Or tighty-whities.
[21:37:15] <wjp> there is also a couple of handicapped humans around
[21:37:19] <sbx> Ken and Barbie NPC
[21:37:26] <servus> Those aren't humans, wjp! :P
[21:37:31] <servus> They are machines!
[21:37:47] <servus> Well making all the avatar animations was easy, but aligning them... UGH
[21:37:49] <wjp> hm, so which ones were the humans again?
[21:37:54] <Krexx> do you have some page where to view some list of objects to do?
[21:38:10] <sbx> and updated?
[21:38:16] <Krexx> yes
[21:38:18] <servus> I have completed animations for all healthy 2-legged, 2-armed adult humans, maybe even some humanoids like the Headless.
[21:38:42] <sbx> Headless before handicapped.
[21:38:43] <servus> Hmm I can post a new one, maybe. If you're going to do something I've got to ask you to keep polygons down :)
[21:39:01] <sbx> about 10 to 20 polys for a ship
[21:39:17] <Krexx> I can do something, I hope
[21:39:21] <servus> I ammend my count. I have 403 shapeframes done.
[21:39:28] <servus> 10-20 for a ship!?
[21:39:36] <Krexx> I can start do something the next week
[21:39:44] <Krexx> can I help
[21:39:45] <Krexx> ?
[21:39:51] <Curiousis-2> Hmm... actually making a custom font should be the next thing I should write about since that is asked about all the time on the Exult forums
[21:40:18] <sbx> servus: For Curiousis' ship yes.
[21:41:28] <servus> My list isn't very comprehensive anymore because I've made some shapes not on it
[21:41:38] <servus> I'm gonna 3D-ize the title screen.
[21:41:42] <servus> That'll be a very quick job
[21:41:47] <Curiousis-2> My ship had class, character and even a little buoyancy
[21:42:23] <sbx> Make the guardian in 3D!
[21:42:33] <Curiousis-2> He's already kinda 3dish
[21:42:44] <sbx> oh right
[21:43:28] <servus> http://sourcepost.sytes.net/sourceview.aspx?source_id=20771 all non-F[inished] models need to be done. The avatar is 40 units high.
[21:43:37] <servus> I don't want to redo cutscenes.
[21:43:41] <servus> So I'm not.
[21:45:01] <servus> I wouldn't do any humans, though, since that'll be duplicating effort I've already exerted. Stuff in the top category would be nice, and not too difficult. It'd be best if you can use textures you find in the Exult3D binary pack, since then the texture manager can share them.
[21:55:55] <sbx> F means Finished
[21:56:59] <Krexx> what is the hexadecimal number?
[21:57:02] <Krexx> position?
[21:57:20] <sbx> that's the shape number
[21:57:30] <Krexx> ok
[21:57:33] <servus> SBX has got it.
[21:57:45] <servus> I do entire shapes at once. I don't just finish a few frames then move on.
[21:58:18] <servus> Hmm this sourcepost really screwed up my formatting, one second
[21:59:32] <sbx> if you save as file it works
[21:59:41] <sbx> Download as file*
[22:03:04] <servus> Easier to read: http://pastebin.com/233871
[22:03:34] <servus> Oh, shutters are done too
[22:03:43] <servus> So are levers.
[22:03:46] <servus> See
[22:04:01] <servus> Anyway I have to go now, see you later!
[22:04:08] <sbx> bye
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[22:15:20] <Curiousis-2> Thats for your help SFX. Got to go
[22:15:24] <Curiousis-2> err... thanks
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[22:19:59] <sbx> ?
[22:20:07] <sbx> Who is SFX?
[22:20:47] <sbx> wjp helped him :)
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