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[08:59:35] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[09:02:44] <matto> hey there wumpus
[09:02:56] <Wumpus> evening
[09:07:59] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[09:54:46] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[09:57:13] --> Darke has joined #exult
[09:57:54] * Darke greetingsbows. "Hi all."
[11:04:49] * Wumpus bows to darke
[11:12:48] * Darke sees people are enjoying themselves adding stuff to version.[cc|h]. <grin>
[11:15:28] <Wumpus> ooh?
[11:15:36] <Wumpus> does that mean beta happens soon? :)
[11:28:05] * Darke glances at the ML and grins. "Yes, 'Soon'."
[11:29:26] <Wumpus> bah, supernova has been coming soon for rather more than a year ;-p
[11:29:30] <Wumpus> (the ML ? )
[11:29:48] <Darke> Mailing List. In specific the exult mailing list.
[11:30:00] <Wumpus> oh :) yeah
[11:30:07] <Wumpus> but its been coming soon there for a while too ;-p
[11:30:13] * Wumpus is a mailing list lurker too :)
[11:31:40] * Darke admits he does more lurking then chatting. The others would appear to talk your ear off given the chance. <grin>
[11:31:53] <Wumpus> bah
[11:31:58] <Wumpus> you've not been on freeciv-dev then :P
[11:32:05] * Wumpus gave up ontrying to follow that
[11:32:44] <Darke> It's another I'm tempted to join (like tsshp), just don't have enough time/will power to keep my attention on it. <grin>
[11:33:54] * Wumpus was supposed to be helping out with the metaserver thingie, but urr, I got thesis absorbed adn dropped out of sight :( and now i don't want to get too involved since i'm probably going to drop out of sight for antoher two months any week now
[11:35:19] * Darke nods. "That tends to be my problem with exult. Either work grabs me and distractes me for long stretches, or I just don't feel like sitting down and coding for a while." <droopear>
[11:35:48] <Wumpus> michaelz@vina15 22:35:14 ~/Mail $ grep 'Folder: freeciv' MailLog | wc -l
[11:35:48] <Wumpus> 3360
[11:35:48] <Wumpus> michaelz@vina15 22:35:26 ~/Mail $ grep 'Folder: exult' MailLog | wc -l
[11:35:48] <Wumpus> 427
[11:36:13] <Wumpus> That's since Sep 1
[11:36:53] <Wumpus> (number of emails to each list)
[11:37:10] <Darke> I've got 1251 unread mails from the CrystalSpace list in a similar timeframe. <grin>
[11:37:39] <Wumpus> hehe i've been keeping my list of unread freeciv emails short by the simple expedient of marking everything as read every so often :)
[11:39:30] * Darke nods he does that as well unfortunatly.
[11:40:06] <Darke> I'd like to read more of them, but I'm more interested in the 'use' of Crystalspace, rather then the development, and there really is only one list for both.
[11:52:50] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[11:53:01] <Colourless> hi
[11:53:19] * Darke bows. "Hi!"
[12:27:50] <Wumpus> oh yay, exult *finally* finished compiling again... dammit, it took a lot longer than gimp
[12:27:52] * Wumpus grumbles
[12:28:40] <Colourless> gcc too slow for you? :-)
[12:28:51] <Wumpus> no, my computer
[12:28:53] <Colourless> I know a compiler thats 'real' fast :-)
[12:29:03] <Wumpus> i just don't want to upgrade until i come back from holiday
[12:29:21] <Colourless> though, i'd have a feeling that you'd be completely uninterested :-)
[12:29:34] <Wumpus> 'real' fast?
[12:29:57] <Colourless> we are talking exult compiles at least 5 times faster :-)
[12:30:30] * Wumpus wonders what the catch is ? :P
[12:30:53] <Colourless> well, there are 2 compilers that do that... the catch is, you need to use windows, or macos :-)
[12:31:13] <Wumpus> ah :P
[12:31:27] <Wumpus> urgh, hmmmmmmm make install trying to write in places i want it to keep its hands off
[12:32:17] <Darke> Colourless: IIRC he could also try gcc 3.1, which apparently has precompiled headers.
[12:32:46] * Darke considers however, that compiling gcc will take longer then any benefit he could possibly get from them. <grin>
[12:33:11] <Colourless> so i hear, but exult isn't setup to use precompiled headers by default. he'd have to create the header
[12:37:18] <Wumpus> hmm
[12:37:39] <Wumpus> is there anyway i can override GIMP_PLUGIN_PREFIX during make install?
[12:42:11] <Colourless> hey Darke, your topic is still here :-)
[12:46:55] <Wumpus> oh... its gimptool giving me problems
[12:48:16] <Darke> Colourless: I noticed. <grin> Feel like giving me ops so I can replace it with something else? <innocentwiggle>
[12:48:33] <Colourless> no :-)
[12:49:02] * Darke snickers.
[12:49:45] <Colourless> that paint incident has left me weary
[12:51:18] * Darke giggles and wonders how best to torment Colourless next. <innocentwiggle>
[13:15:00] --> Nadir has joined #exult
[13:15:03] <Nadir> hi
[13:15:52] <Colourless> hi
[13:18:24] <Darke> Hi.
[13:31:29] <Wumpus> hmmmm
[13:31:32] <Wumpus> /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/u7shp: error while loading shared libraries: libgimpui-1.2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[13:31:36] <Wumpus> *sigh*
[13:32:02] <Wumpus> interesting this is, it compiled, so it presumably exists
[13:33:01] <Wumpus> ahha
[13:35:06] <Wumpus> oh lol, it shows all the frames stacked on top of eachother
[13:37:17] <Nadir> Wumpus: use ctrl-L
[13:37:24] <Wumpus> I know :-)
[13:37:32] <Nadir> each frame is in a separate layer
[13:37:34] * Wumpus was just surprised for a moment, trying to work out what he was looking at
[13:37:48] <Wumpus> ya, layers are great :)
[13:38:11] <Nadir> I believe the photoshop plugin instead cannot do that for some reason
[13:38:58] <Wumpus> there's only pointers.shp to look at the moment, though, right? (in bg at least)... can't see any other .shp files... although i suppose the .vga files probably contain .shp files inside
[13:39:18] * Wumpus has vague memories of his own exploration into BG's files
[13:39:18] <Colourless> yeah, Photoshop can't use layer in 8 bit colour
[13:39:53] <Colourless> the vga files only contain shps
[13:40:16] <Wumpus> *nod* but i'd need a separate gizmo to get the .shps out of there :)
[13:40:40] <Wumpus> whereas what i need right now, is a dose of sleep i think :) *tries out exult just to make sure it works in its newly installed home*
[13:42:08] * Darke paws Wumpus a Potion of Sleep. "This a big enough dose?" <grin>
[13:42:20] <Nadir> photoshop can't use layers in 8 bit ?????
[13:42:27] <Nadir> What kind of sorry excuse is that ??? :)
[13:42:43] <Wumpus> hehe i don't need a potion of sleep
[13:42:47] <Wumpus> i need sleep without a potion :)
[13:42:53] <Nadir> Wumpus: use expack
[13:42:57] <Nadir> and splitshp
[13:43:11] <Wumpus> nadir: *nod* I thought that'd be it (expack), just haven't used it yet... will llook tomorrow
[13:44:08] * Wumpus still finding all the relevant tools :)
[13:44:08] <Wumpus> well, i say tomorrow... it already is "tomorrow" :)
[13:44:08] <Colourless> Nadir: Take it up with Adobe
[13:44:08] * Darke 's tomorrow arrives in about 15 minutes. <grin>
[13:44:57] <Colourless> it's tomorrow here as well :-)
[13:45:20] * Darke wonders if his tomorrow is free if it doesn't arrive in 15 minutes...
[13:46:15] <Wumpus> hmmm any reason for/against putting the --rpath <relevant_output_from_gimptool> into LDFLAGS if compiled with the gimp plugin?
[13:46:30] <Wumpus> or rather, any reason against doing so
[13:46:34] <Wumpus> at least for u7shp,
[13:47:00] <Wumpus> (well only for u7shp ideally, but as i read this, its non-trivial to do it only for that)
[13:47:21] * Wumpus doesn't know make all that well, and automake much less so
[13:47:54] * Darke doesn't either, he really should dig around and figure out more about it though.
[13:48:08] <Wumpus> its on my todo list :)
[13:48:12] <Wumpus> along with many things :)
[13:48:26] <Darke> It's on my 'todo when I need to know' list. <grin>
[13:49:41] * Darke _still_ doesn't know what all the fuss is about with "Spark's Ass". <grin> I suppose it's something to talk about though.
[13:49:47] <Wumpus> hehe :)
[13:50:23] * Colourless think... oops did i just accidently delete the sparks ass thread :-)
[13:51:02] <Colourless> no, that would *never* happen
[13:51:30] <Nadir> that thread is pointless
[13:51:37] <Wumpus> its fun :)
[13:51:51] <Wumpus> pointless too, yes :)
[13:51:53] <Nadir> not
[13:53:26] <Wumpus> bah
[13:53:36] <Wumpus> it does get rather boring with this whole maybe-a-god-thing, yeah
[13:53:46] <Wumpus> hadn't really got up to all but the beginnings of that by yesterday :P
[13:54:10] * Darke nods in agreement and drools at an alphablended windows desktop.
[13:54:24] <Wumpus> hmm wrt specific LDFLAGS for specific output binaries... there seems to be, eg, libmididrv_la_LDFLAGS, so maybe it isn't too hard
[13:56:50] <Wumpus> ooh
[13:57:00] <Wumpus> u7shp_LDADD and u7shp_LDFLAGS :-)
[13:58:03] <Wumpus> hmmmmm
[13:58:13] <Wumpus> but it doesn't use LD (directly), damn
[13:59:01] --> NadirDragon has joined #exult
[14:00:10] <-- Nadir has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[14:01:30] <Wumpus> @*)#^*@#^
[14:01:40] * Wumpus is usually starting to dislike gimptool :-(
[14:02:16] --- NadirDragon is now known as nadir
[14:05:24] * Wumpus gives up on automating this for tonight
[14:15:23] <nadir> Wumpus: the compiling and linking of the gimp plugin is up to gimptool, so if that's wrong...
[14:15:36] <Wumpus> yeah, but i can't coerce it into using rpath :-(
[14:15:43] <Wumpus> or at least, not in any way that i've seen
[14:15:52] <Wumpus> its correct, just not quite the way i want it
[14:16:55] <nadir> ;)
[14:17:22] <nadir> Colourless: I like that version stuff. We should show a short version of it in Exult's about box
[14:17:37] <nadir> and maybe in the bottom-right corner of the Exult menu
[14:17:46] <Wumpus> the thing being, that with --rpath, i need to have the gimp's library directory either in ld's main search thing, or in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and i'd rather not do either
[14:17:53] <Wumpus> actually, hmm, maybe it should be in LD's main search thing
[14:18:01] <nadir> something like 0.95-20011126-win32
[14:18:03] <Wumpus> *without* rpath, that is
[14:18:26] <Colourless> well the 20011126 part isn't exactly easy to do
[14:19:32] <nadir> why not ?
[14:21:06] <Colourless> how are you going to create the string?
[14:21:14] * Wumpus means to try and get the debian package making stuff to include that in the debian version number sometime soon, so that CVS stuff will behave itself with apt
[14:22:30] <nadir> like we create exult.flx at build time: have a small executable generate a curver.cc file which is then linked to the main exult binary
[14:22:44] <nadir> you can use ctime to create the string
[14:24:24] <Colourless> yeah i guess that's possible
[14:26:46] * Wumpus heads to bed, givinb up on coercing various things to behave themselves just so
[14:26:47] <Wumpus> g'ngiht
[14:26:50] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("No windows for this server")
[14:27:18] <nadir> we should also print out version info everytime Exult runs, so that it's included in the stdout, stderr files
[14:28:28] <Colourless> printing out all the version info is as simple as doing getVersionInfo(cout);
[14:33:44] <nadir> I like the fact that it is storing in the savegames the version with which the game was started and the version with which it was saved
[14:36:24] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[14:36:42] <Fingolfin> lo
[14:36:47] * Fingolfin is at universitz >)
[14:36:49] <Colourless> hi
[14:36:56] <Darke> Hello.
[14:37:16] <nadir> hi
[14:37:27] <Fingolfin> tristan!!!!!!
[14:37:30] <Fingolfin> :)
[14:38:30] * Darke thinks he needs to play exult more often.
[14:40:33] <nadir> yep
[14:40:40] * nadir agrees with Darke
[14:40:43] * Darke just wowed at the 'new' gray savescreen, and the even 'newer' automatic door opening. <grin>
[14:44:09] * Darke wonders why blowing up a powderkeg beside the parrot-on-a-stand doesn't kill the parrot. He wondered about that in the original BG as well.
[14:44:52] <nadir> how long has "automatic door opening" been in Exult ? Is that what Jeff's commit from Aug 3 is ?
[14:48:09] <Fingolfin> =)
[14:49:59] <Darke> I remember someone mentioning it a while back. <grin> I've just never experienced it before, I have a reflex that does it rather then code.
[15:08:42] <nadir> when is Jeff going to release ???
[15:10:09] <Colourless> real soon now :-)
[15:10:32] <Colourless> the generic response that means, we haven't got a clue :-)
[15:36:13] <nadir> :)
[15:40:35] --> [reverse] has joined #exult
[15:40:56] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[15:42:40] <[reverse]> ok, when I change the shape for the Avatar with the NPC tool and do something real cool (like roll a bedroll open) the character changes into the Avatar. Help?
[15:43:18] <Colourless> in SI you could get aronud it, but no in BG
[15:45:03] <[reverse]> but i've read the thread about changing your party into "Spark's henchmen" (which turned into a language war). Remember it, COLOURless?
[15:45:25] <Colourless> i remember it :-)
[15:45:57] <Colourless> getting the avatar to say different would require changes to exult
[15:46:46] <[reverse]> the thread says that I could change the char's name to something else. i got Alpha 5. is the option available only in newer versions?
[15:47:15] <Colourless> it should be there
[15:47:41] <[reverse]> how is it titled?
[15:47:55] <Colourless> do: F2. N. Choose your NPC. Then press the \ key
[15:48:12] <Colourless> that will allow you to change the names of any npc
[15:49:15] <[reverse]> oh, i just confused it something else... it is there.
[15:51:25] <[reverse]> btw, what do you do with a pick?
[15:51:41] <Colourless> what sort of pick?
[15:52:10] <[reverse]> a mining pick.
[15:52:33] <Colourless> mine with it? ;-)
[15:53:17] <[reverse]> well, i can't say that I wouldn't have thought about it, but...
[15:53:57] <Colourless> anyway, i've got to go now
[15:54:07] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("[2:28]")
[15:54:30] <[reverse]> AAARGH.
[15:55:01] * Darke grins.
[15:55:40] <Darke> Probably a wrong mouse click or something.
[15:59:04] <-- [reverse] has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[16:14:02] <nadir> Darke: well, he actually said he was leaving...
[16:17:46] <Darke> <nod> I noticed that only after I hit the enter key. <grin>
[16:19:20] <Darke> Anyway, I need to be going as well. Sleep and such, bye all.
[16:22:07] * nadir is leaving too
[16:22:12] <-- nadir has left IRC ("Client Exiting")
[17:37:21] --> wjp has joined #exult
[17:37:27] <wjp> hi
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