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[05:52:52] <Xylo> sup
[05:53:04] <Xylo> probably a FAQ but I don't see it anywhere
[05:53:24] <Xylo> why are the .OGGs for digital so quiet?
[05:53:42] <Xylo> 80% of them I can barley hear anything even at max volume
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[12:54:35] <wjp> hi Max
[13:07:41] <Fingolfin> hi willem
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[13:48:07] <wjp> Fingolfin: do you have time to do an osx binary of 1.1beta3?
[13:55:01] <Fingolfin> should be possible
[13:55:07] <Fingolfin> in fact I started on that last sunday <sigh>
[14:17:27] <wjp> wow, that "you shouldn't use free in C++" e-mail to the scummvm ML is.. interesting :-)
[14:17:43] <Fingolfin> I replied to it, maybe a bit harshly, but I must say I rather held back
[14:17:54] <Fingolfin> this is about the biggest heap of bull shit I heard in a while. *cough*
[14:18:13] <Fingolfin> and I should probably better have ignored it, but now it's too late
[14:18:59] <wjp> "Using malloc/free in a C++ program is just plain wrong"... *sigh* :-)
[14:19:11] <wjp> I guess he would disapprove of any functions outside of classes, too? :-)
[14:19:25] <Fingolfin> he should maybe go back to writing Java code *grumble*
[14:19:40] <wjp> my thoughts exactly :-)
[14:19:46] <Fingolfin> I actually stopped myself from writing that in my reply. but this attitude I found very typical for Java coders
[14:20:33] <Fingolfin> <rant>and heck, I had my first OO programming experiences 10 years ago, I coded in Smalltalk and Objective C and C++ before it was big hype, and I don't think I need anybody to lecture me on how to do proper OO coding</rant>
[14:20:42] <Fingolfin> and NOW I am going to cool off and relax again :-)
[14:21:03] <wjp> :-)
[14:21:11] * Fingolfin turns on some relaxing Jamaican raggie music =)
[14:21:59] <wjp> http://www.artima.com/intv/goldilocks2.html is somewhat related
[14:22:27] <wjp> (the link is to the middle of a story, but this is probably the most relevant part)
[14:23:12] <Fingolfin> yup
[14:23:43] <Fingolfin> although the first page refers explicitly to the new vs. malloc thing =)
[14:24:13] <Fingolfin> although he might read it as supporting him, when it really doesn't
[14:24:33] <wjp> yeah :-)
[14:24:43] <Fingolfin> i.e. what twogood suggests is that we use new like malloc (he suggest we shall repalce all uses of malloc by new - d'oh)
[14:25:07] <wjp> ah, that was by twogood?
[14:25:48] <Fingolfin> yeah, twogood = David Eriksson. I didn't know, actually (I don't know twogood much at all, I just noticed one day that somebody added him to the project - that's not a negative thing, mind you, just want to state that I don't know him much personally :-)
[14:25:58] <Fingolfin> so I looked it up in the SF.net project member list
[14:26:06] <Fingolfin> https://sourceforge.net/project/memberlist.php?group_id=37116
[14:26:10] <wjp> FOTAQ guy, right?
[14:26:14] <Fingolfin> yup
[14:27:04] <wjp> really cool that scummvm got source code to several games :-)
[14:27:12] <Fingolfin> yup
[14:27:36] <wjp> makes me hope more game companies will support these remake projects
[14:28:03] <wjp> (EA would be nice, although I don't see that happening anytime soon :-) )
[14:28:22] <Fingolfin> indeed not. my image of EA isn't exactly positive anyway
[14:28:25] <Fingolfin> :-/
[14:30:00] <wjp> looks like there actually is a bugreport of beta3 on osx already :-)
[14:30:35] <wjp> basically "crash once it reaches the BG/SI menu", without more info; I already emailed him for some more details
[14:31:47] <Fingolfin> that sounds like he's using the buggy old developer tools
[14:39:05] <wjp> hm, good point, I had already forgotten about those :-)
[14:41:05] <wjp> speaking of devtools, yuv422 was wondering if you already tried the new xcode?
[14:54:09] <Fingolfin> I have installed xcode when it was first released as a beta seed
[14:54:18] <Fingolfin> and I installed OS X 10.3 panther yesterday
[14:54:40] <Fingolfin> although I can't really use it yet, because I only had a 4 GB partition spare for it, and panther+xcode takes about, uhm, 4 GB, w/o the developer documentation =)
[14:54:50] <Fingolfin> but yeah I played a bit with xcode
[14:55:12] <Fingolfin> it's still (i.e. like ProjectBuilder) far too slow to be any fun to use, so I am back to using BBEdit as my editor, and Terminal.app as my IDE
[14:56:11] <Fingolfin> anyway I gotta go now for a bit to play cards with grand parents =)
[14:56:17] <wjp> ok, have fun :-)
[14:56:51] * wjp is (finally) taking some time to learn the basics of CSS :-)
[14:57:07] <wjp> (and trying to write XHTML while I'm at it...)
[15:52:18] * Coren_ uses new all the time and never malloc.
[15:52:30] <Coren_> Although I do this mostly for the syntactic sugar.
[15:53:36] <Coren_> "new foo[x]" is considerably more terse and clear than "(foo*)malloc(x*sizeof(foo))"
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[17:28:19] <Fingolfin> Coren_: well this was *specifically* about allocating a huge byte buffer for audio data. I.e. "byte *buf = malloc(size);" vs. "byte *buf = new byte[size];"
[17:58:13] <Fingolfin> for the OS X release binary, do I have to copy all the exultmsg*txt files?
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[18:03:09] <wjp> Fingolfin: only exultmsg.txt
[18:03:45] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[18:04:17] <wjp> (you can look at exult.spec.in for a list of files that need to be distributed, btw)
[18:06:05] <Fingolfin> rehi wjp
[18:06:09] <Fingolfin> so what are the other txt files good ofr?
[18:06:14] <Fingolfin> for even
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[18:08:23] <Fl00der> hello to all
[18:21:11] <wjp> Fingolfin: they're translations of exultmsg.txt, but they're not supported by exult yet
[18:21:19] <Fingolfin> ah ok
[18:21:35] <Fl00der> hmm ?
[18:23:33] <Fingolfin> wjp: up and online
[18:26:49] <Fingolfin> wjp: can you log into shell.sf.net just fine?
[18:27:36] <wjp> hm, yes, looks like it
[18:27:46] <Fingolfin> ok
[18:27:51] <Fingolfin> it worked for me in 2 out of 12 or so attempts
[18:28:04] <wjp> 1 out of 1 here :-)
[18:28:16] <wjp> 3/3
[18:28:21] <wjp> 4/4
[18:30:51] <Fingolfin> fine
[18:30:59] <Fingolfin> but they know the issue apparently and are working on it :-)
[18:31:33] * Fingolfin is giving an exercise class on differential equation starting tomorrow, on each monday of the coming semester
[18:32:14] <Fingolfin> thought it might be a good way to repeat the stuff, but in this first class we don't even yet talk about ODEs... just some trivial exercises plus they have to proof Banach's fix point theorem
[18:32:20] <Jammet> Mew =^_^=. I'm back.
[18:32:26] <Fingolfin> I wonder if the professor will keep going that slow =)
[18:32:26] * Jammet purrs and waves a paw.
[18:32:41] <Fingolfin> Jammet: hiya. sorry, ain't got any fish on me today :-)
[18:32:45] <Jammet> I'm somewhat stressed out so I might not be the best company to have around, but I'll try and be good. =^_^= Mew.
[18:33:07] <Jammet> Fingolfin: =^_^= Cats just know. (Well, by the smell) Thanks anyway. =)
[18:33:17] <Jammet> I've got a new course tomorrow, it's another one for MS-Office basics, ending on December 19th. Considering the content it's rather lengthy, from 8 in the mornin to 3 pm.
[18:33:26] <Jammet> Monday to Friday.
[18:33:40] <Jammet> Not too happy about it but - if it means I've got another thing to put into my resume, so be it.
[18:34:04] <Jammet> I've downloaded a set of Flash-Learning cards for the Palm yesterday. It contains the questions and answers to 300 or so keystrokes in Office.
[18:34:05] <Fl00der> Is there still missing some things from Exult that is in original ultima 7
[18:34:44] <Jammet> (Since I'm a lot more happy with Open Office, this is a real chore but it's a neccessity in the real world [tm].)
[18:35:28] <Fl00der> hmm
[18:35:35] <Fl00der> hello ? :P
[19:04:50] <Xylo> morning
[19:14:06] <Fl00der> morning ?
[19:14:12] <Fl00der> it's 21.15 at evening :P
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