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[06:42:19] <Krexx> hi
[06:42:29] <Krexx> anyone here?
[06:42:48] <sbx> hello
[06:42:51] <Krexx> hello
[06:43:05] <Krexx> I've read the notice of the stolen code
[06:43:10] <Krexx> what stolen code?!
[06:43:34] <Krexx> isn't exult open source?
[06:44:15] <sbx> did you read the most recent news at exult.sf.net?
[06:44:48] <sbx> they can't touch CABAL :o
[06:44:57] <sbx> >;-)
[06:47:18] <Krexx> I don't understand you
[06:47:53] <Krexx> what's cabal?
[06:48:14] <sbx> if you saw the notice then you know
[06:49:22] <Krexx> Coalesced 'Adventures beyond Architecture' League
[06:51:59] <Krexx> well, It dont care that there is no more cabal project
[06:52:38] <Krexx> what I wanna know is what you say that the exult code has been stolen
[06:53:03] <sbx> do what now?
[06:53:03] <Krexx> it can't be 'stolen' if it is open source
[06:53:35] <sbx> no, it can't
[06:53:52] <sbx> not in the way it said
[06:55:01] <Krexx> if the exult team say that the code 'has been stolen', then there are parts of that code supposed to be hidden for all the people
[06:55:19] <Krexx> such as microsoft do with their windows code
[06:55:38] <sbx> you didn't read the latest news
[06:55:53] <sbx> or you'd see they retracted the previous news
[06:56:00] <Krexx> do you refer to this link? http://exult.sourceforge.net/april2004.html
[06:56:25] <Krexx> retracted of what?
[06:57:20] <sbx> retracted of its factuality?
[06:57:33] <sbx> that link is the old news
[06:57:47] <sbx> the new news is just at http://exult.sourceforge.net/
[06:58:23] <Krexx> no
[06:59:18] <Krexx> News
[06:59:18] <Krexx> 2 April 2004
[06:59:18] <Krexx> The Exult team has just been informed that the Exult sources have in fact been readily available on our own website for years. Oops. Sorry about that.
[06:59:28] <Krexx> that's the only thing I see
[06:59:44] <Krexx> there's no more news
[07:00:57] <Krexx> anyway, exult team can retract of anything, but can It be said that some source code has been stolen if exult is opensource?
[07:01:14] <sbx> no, it can't be said
[07:01:19] <sbx> that's it
[07:01:19] <Krexx> that's the concept I can't understand of 'stolen code'
[07:01:34] <sbx> what you just pasted says that
[07:01:43] <sbx> that it wasn't stolen its already open source
[07:15:29] <Krexx> sbx: will be in the future some attempt to make exult online?
[07:19:56] <sbx> nope
[07:20:06] <sbx> maybe by someone but there are no plans
[07:20:39] <Krexx> ok
[07:23:01] <wjp> Krexx: do you know the phenomenon called "April Fools Day"? :-)
[07:25:12] <Krexx> hahah
[07:26:09] <Krexx> well, I don't know if I must believe it's a joke
[07:26:29] <Krexx> where is a person called ender in the irc now
[07:26:51] <Krexx> there is a person called James Brown who is working on ScimmVM
[07:26:58] <Krexx> ScummVM
[07:26:59] <wjp> yes, I know Endy
[07:27:24] <Krexx> well, and are you saying to me that all of that is 'a joke' ?
[07:27:59] <wjp> depends on what exactly you mean by 'all of that'
[07:29:02] <Krexx> I think that it's difficult to retract things like that, then you considered it like 'April Fools Day'
[07:29:11] <wjp> The 'code stolen' announcement was a joke. The 'cabal' announcement was a joke.
[07:30:44] <Krexx> the cabal announcement on scummvm.sf.net is a joke too?
[07:30:48] <wjp> yes
[07:30:59] <Krexx> hahah
[07:31:19] <Krexx> what a stupid way of wasting time
[07:31:41] <Krexx> well, thanks for all the information
[07:31:42] <Krexx> bye
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[07:31:50] <sbx> :-)
[07:40:49] * wjp whistles innocently :-)
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[07:49:59] <WishStone> morn
[07:50:08] <wjp> morning
[07:55:11] <sbx> hello
[07:55:21] <WishStone> Huhu :]
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[07:58:49] <WishStone> ...
[07:58:51] <WishStone> Nice start :P
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[08:17:22] * WishStone memorizes seven
[08:18:02] <wjp> seven?
[08:18:18] <WishStone> seven chrages left in my bag of sending :P
[08:18:30] * wjp starts mumbling random numbers into the channel to confuse WishStone
[08:18:41] <WishStone> eeeep!
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[12:37:47] <wjp> hi
[12:39:16] <Colourless> hi
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[15:59:07] <wjp> one of these days I should relocate exultbot and my irc client to a machine that _doesn't_ get randomly rebooted every so often :-)
[16:00:27] <Colourless> :-)
[16:12:19] <wjp> hm, does exult set a window icon?
[16:13:05] <wjp> it doesn't seem to set one here
[16:13:22] <wjp> but that could also be because SDL uses a non-standard (or outdated) way of setting it in X
[16:20:56] * wjp doesn't see any calls to SDL_WM_SetIcon
[16:21:00] <wjp> I guess it might be nice to fix that
[16:50:25] <Colourless> don't get an icon here in WinXP either
[16:51:03] <Colourless> but that depends on what you are meaning by icon
[16:54:03] <wjp> an icon in the window title bar
[16:54:23] <Colourless> ok then, just get the 'default' window icon
[16:54:27] <wjp> or in the bottom panel (or whatever it's called in windows)
[16:55:05] <wjp> I'll add an SDL_WM_SetIcon call later tonight
[16:56:53] <Colourless> oh no! means we are going to have to include another file in the flexes :-)
[17:03:01] <wjp> probably, yes :-)
[17:04:13] <Colourless> somewhere i used to have the images of the logo at the correct size
[17:04:44] <Colourless> ah ha. found them :-)
[17:07:19] <wjp> the SDL_WM_SetIcon manpage specifies that windows requires 32x32 but doesn't say anything about the other platforms
[17:07:31] <wjp> so I think 32x32 might be a good size to use :-)
[17:07:43] <Colourless> http://www.users.on.net/triforce/icon32x32.png
[17:08:26] <Colourless> you'll need to create the mask yourself
[17:08:34] <wjp> thanks
[17:08:46] <wjp> that won't be a problem
[17:08:56] <wjp> I wonder in which format I'll store it
[17:09:30] <wjp> something with alpha from which we can generate the mask automatically might be nice
[17:10:32] <Colourless> you could just pre process the file to the required type
[17:10:50] <wjp> it takes an SDL_Surface as image
[17:10:54] <Colourless> yeah
[17:11:57] <Colourless> using SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom would be most obvious
[17:12:23] <wjp> probably
[17:13:37] <Colourless> you could create the bitmask using a colour key
[17:14:01] <Colourless> or you could just use the colourkey itself
[17:14:07] <Colourless> If mask is NULL, then the shape is determined by the colorkey of icon, if any, or makes the icon rectangular (no transparency) otherwise.
[17:14:39] <wjp> oh? where does it say that?
[17:15:09] <Colourless> in the SDL 1.2.7 docs in the SDL_WM_SetIcon
[17:15:11] <Colourless> page
[17:15:45] <wjp> ah, the html version
[17:16:13] <Colourless> setting colourkey is done with SDL_SetColorKey
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[18:35:54] <wjp> gimp has this nice 'header' file format that it can export to, which produces a C array which is exactly what we want :-)
[18:36:05] <wjp> pity that would mean hardcoding the image
[18:36:37] <Colourless> and that is a big problem?
[18:36:53] <wjp> maybe, maybe not
[18:37:09] <Colourless> icons are normally embedded in the program
[18:54:23] <wjp> hm, it's somewhat working
[18:54:28] <wjp> it's just entirely black :-)
[18:54:39] <wjp> but at least the black is ankh-shaped :-)
[18:54:41] <Colourless> :-)
[18:55:01] <Colourless> :-)
[18:57:03] <wjp> ah, was passing a wrong flag to SetPalette
[18:57:18] <wjp> working now
[18:57:26] <Colourless> :-)
[18:57:41] <wjp> I'll commit so you can see if it works in windows too
[18:59:57] <wjp> done
[19:09:09] <Colourless> not quite :-)
[19:09:17] <Colourless> you created a memory leak
[19:09:23] <Colourless> you failed to release the surface
[19:09:39] <wjp> hm, you have a point there
[19:10:06] <wjp> but it does work? :-)
[19:10:56] * Colourless updates
[19:11:25] <wjp> memory leak gone now
[19:12:17] <Colourless> :-)
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[19:32:07] <Colourless> wow! it works!
[19:36:08] <wjp> yay :-)
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[19:39:00] <Dominus> hi
[19:40:20] <wjp> hi
[19:40:48] <Colourless> hi
[19:42:08] <Dominus> nice symbolizing
[19:43:41] <Dominus> got to hassle Kirben on compiling the shp-plugin for Gimp 2.x
[19:54:11] <wjp> don't have the required stuff setup yourself?
[19:58:41] <Dominus> last time I tried it didn't work
[19:58:50] <Dominus> might be I'm missing stuff
[19:59:13] <Dominus> but kirben siad he would not try before 2.0 is officially out (or somewhat similar)
[20:00:36] <wjp> well, it's out now :-)
[20:00:58] <Dominus> yup
[20:04:06] <Dominus> I'm obviously missing some stuff like libgimp
[20:04:06] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:11:20: config.h: No such file or directory
[20:04:06] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:20:26: libgimp/gimp.h: No such file or directory
[20:04:06] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:21:28: libgimp/gimpui.h: No such file or directory
[20:04:06] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:35: error: syntax error before '*' token
[20:04:06] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:48: error: syntax error before "run_mode"
[20:04:08] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:48: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
[20:04:11] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:117: error: syntax error before "PLUG_IN_INFO"
[20:04:12] <Dominus> mapedit/u7shp.c:119: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer without a cast
[20:04:30] <Dominus> and a lots more :-)
[20:04:43] <wjp> well, the first three cause all the others
[20:05:01] <wjp> I'd really like to get rid of config.h
[20:05:16] <wjp> but for some reason I don't get, the gimp headers no longer have version information
[20:05:46] <wjp> so instead of having u7shp.c figuring out itself which gimp version you have, I'm having configure handle it
[20:06:45] <Dominus> hmm
[20:07:13] <Dominus> will this even work then on my side?
[20:07:20] <wjp> in the case of gimp 2, you can just remove the #include "config.h"
[20:07:28] <wjp> (I made it default to 2)
[20:08:07] <Dominus> ok, will go hunt down the windows gimp stuff
[20:09:00] <wjp> it's pulling in a huge amount of libraries here
[20:09:38] <Dominus> some stuff is already "in" my mingw dir because of studio
[20:10:25] <wjp> the non-gimp libraries it compiles against here: gtk, gdk, atk, gdk_pixbuf, pango, pangox, pangoxft, gobject, gmodule, glib
[20:10:42] <wjp> you should indeed have most or all of those for exult studio too
[20:11:13] <Dominus> "If you wish to compile plug-ins for use with this Gimp version, you can get the developer package here"
[20:11:22] <Dominus> http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/stable.html
[20:11:23] <wjp> sounds good
[20:11:41] <Dominus> yup, my thought
[20:12:14] <wjp> oh, 2.0.1 is already out
[20:12:29] * Dominus nods
[20:12:37] <Dominus> haven't even installed 2.0 yet :-)
[20:12:45] <wjp> I'm at 2.0
[20:13:42] <wjp> fairly small devtools package, luckily
[20:13:53] <wjp> ah, and it even has gimptool
[20:14:15] <wjp> "gimptool-2.0 --build u7shp.c" is the command to build it
[20:17:11] <Dominus> gimptool had a nice access violation :-)
[20:20:06] <Dominus> the dev-package is not complete I guess
[20:47:08] <wjp> what's missing?
[20:51:08] <Dominus> hmm, might have worked now
[20:51:25] <Dominus> it was complete, only needed to change the makefile we use
[20:52:22] <Dominus> works 
[20:57:25] <Dominus> only had to copy some stuff of the dev package into the mapedit dir in our source and change lgimp and lgimpui to lgimp-2.0 lgimpui-2.0 in makefile.studio.win32
[21:05:08] <Dominus> getting rid of config.h would help of course :-)
[21:06:42] <wjp> oh alright :-)
[21:07:26] <Dominus> and I'll write a mail to Kirben
[21:07:43] <wjp> try it now
[21:09:05] <Dominus> works nicely
[21:09:29] <Dominus> thanks
[21:30:31] <Dominus> and the plug-in even works with the gimp, not that someone thinks I haven't tested it :-)
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[22:17:34] <wjp> time to go; g'night
[22:18:02] <Dominus> hi kirben
[22:18:05] <Dominus> did you get my email?
[22:18:48] <Dominus> accidently I sent them from another account dominus_forum [at] gmx.net
[22:19:47] <Dominus> I sent it to the sourceforge address
[22:20:28] <Dominus> unfortunately I have to go now. I'll see that I come here next morning, so you may still be here
[22:20:30] <Dominus> bye
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[22:21:26] <Kirben> Will check later, don't have time right now.
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[23:51:00] <Baastuul> Haha
[23:51:03] <Baastuul> I came back just as soon as my ghost died
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