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[03:54:11] <Deloth> Hello.
[03:55:14] <Deloth> Um, I have a question.
[03:58:25] <Deloth> I'm following one of Doug the Eagle's anti-walkthroughs for Ultima 7, and that requires nicking stuff. A lot. But the "open backpack, stuff item in" method doesn't seem to work.
[03:58:50] <Deloth> Is there a way to pinch stuff without getting NO'd by the game?
[04:10:50] <Deloth> ...Um, hello? Anyone here?
[04:10:56] * MakeGho hides
[04:11:02] <MakeGho> no idea
[04:12:05] <Deloth> It's annoying, since playing a malefic Avatar was good for laughs.
[04:12:27] <servus> You could always just kill the guards that show up : o)
[04:12:30] <servus> Or outrun 'em
[04:13:08] <Deloth> What about the Companions leaving?
[04:13:29] <Deloth> Besides, I can't kill swarms of guards with a level 3 Avatar using a dagger and leather armor.
[04:14:43] <servus> Mm. DOSBox? :)
[04:15:04] <Deloth> Well, see, DOSBox is why I decided to try Exult.
[04:15:32] <Deloth> I like DOSBox and I played U7 a lot on it, but changing the configuration file each time I wanted to play something else was a real pain.
[04:20:00] <Deloth> Is there some way I can alter the files to keep the Companions from leaving when karma plummets? And maybe keep people from complaining when an item is dropped directly into a container?
[04:26:58] <Deloth> Or is that a pipe dream?
[04:42:04] <Deloth> ...C'mon, if it can't be done, just say "no".
[04:42:19] <pupnik> the PLANET needs ron paul
[04:42:19] <pupnik> the PLANET needs ron paul
[04:43:28] <Deloth> ...Is that a yes or a no?
[04:44:20] <pupnik> exult can do anything
[04:44:28] <pupnik> just needs someone to implement it
[04:45:00] <Deloth> I suppose I could give it a shot with Studio.
[04:47:22] <Deloth> Keeping the Companions from leaving should be easy. I'm not so sure about the move-it-to-the-backpack one.
[04:56:24] <Deloth> Heck, I might even be able to lock the Avatar's karma to keep it high enough to finish the game, even if you shoot Spark up with "sweeties", blow up Chuckles, and turn Paws into a smoldering pile of oatmeal-like carbon flakes.
[05:01:15] <Deloth> All but that last one I did in U7 DOSBox version.
[05:01:55] <Deloth> Blasting Chuckles with a powder keg is VERY satisfying.
[05:04:20] <Deloth> Sentri died in the explosion too, but I never liked him, so whatever.
[05:09:53] <Deloth> Oh, and I shoved a sweetie down LB's throat just for giggles.
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[05:23:26] <Deloth> ...Huh.
[05:23:34] <Deloth> Exult Studio's not starting up.
[05:25:08] <Deloth> Exult starts up, I open the map editor, and Studio doesn't sync with Exult.
[05:29:27] <Deloth> ...Should I try 1.4.x of Exult?
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[06:00:42] <Deloth> ...Um, hello?
[06:12:35] <pupnik_> no fun
[06:12:38] <pupnik_> cock suck
[06:15:09] <Deloth> Oh, crap, is the random sentence generator AI acting up again?
[06:31:11] <servus> I'll trade you seven Christian Scientists for a spigot full of butter.
[06:32:13] <Deloth> It is! *EMPs the room and runs away screaming*
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[18:59:18] <epso> hi is this the place to ask a question about munt
[19:01:42] <wjp> no, exult has very little to do with munt
[19:02:39] <wjp> try the munt forum on vogons
[19:13:38] <epso> yes well, the froums, dosnt really help, :( i have installed the lastest release of munt, in windows xp pro, and i cant set the sample rate
[19:14:08] <epso> and win xp says no driver loaded, but the device if functioning correctly, and it is set as default midi playback
[19:14:21] <epso> but i need to be able to set the sample rate
[19:14:28] <epso> or i cant use it in dosbox :(
[19:15:10] <epso> and i allready have all the roms, so not even asking for them
[19:15:19] <epso> just need to know how to set the sample rate
[19:15:48] <epso> have tryed on the propertys page, but it says its not implemented yet, so how have others gotten it to work
[19:18:49] <wjp> I have never used munt
[19:19:06] <epso> :-(
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[20:14:39] <emosamurai> Hi. I just downloaded Exult, and I don't know where to find Ultima 7.
[20:14:46] <emosamurai> Where can I find the data files?
[20:15:33] <wjp> they're on your Ultima 7 CD
[20:15:53] <wjp> if you don't have Ultima 7 yet, try looking for the Ultima Collection on Ebay (or similar sites)
[20:30:04] <emosamurai> Or the pirate bay. :)
[20:33:46] <-- emosamurai was kicked from #exult by wjp (wjp)
[20:34:06] <wjp> not quite
[20:56:32] <Sevalecan> :P
[20:59:48] <MakeGho> pirate bay is ok if you own the game
[21:07:23] <servus> The pirate bay? Is that near Cove?
[21:07:46] <servus> Bring your Cube of Truth!
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