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[15:14:30] <Zirus> Hay to everyone thats alive here! :-D
[15:14:37] <Zirus> hope ya all had a good xmass thus far :-)
[15:15:23] <Zirus> is there any chance someone could point be in the direction of the exult.cfg file on the mac osx operating system?
[15:15:35] <Zirus> the info page im looking at says Mac OS X saves it to ~/Library/Preferences/exult.cfg but i have no idea where that is
[15:15:57] <Zirus> and using search to find exult.cfg is bringing up zero results :-(
[15:16:41] <Zirus> i wanna edit the party system because its jerky and the page says
[15:16:42] <Zirus> <formation> **yes forces the party to walk in a formation similar to the original game.See FAQ in the FAQ.
[15:16:44] <Zirus> and
[15:16:59] <Zirus> <step_tile_delta> **Controls how far the Avatar will move before Exult recalculates the Avatar's and the party's movement. Bigger # avoids jerkiness, but may cause other problems.
[15:17:13] <Zirus> i was gonna play with these setting to improve its performance etc :-)
[15:18:15] <Zirus> heading back to playing U7 n be back in a bit :-) if anyone could give me the full file path to the exult.cfg that would be wicked cheers! :-)
[15:18:21] <Zirus> for when i get back
[15:29:22] <sh4rm4> ~ is equivalent to $HOME
[15:30:24] <sh4rm4> and since your user name can vary, there's no full path that's universal
[15:53:55] <Dominus> zirus the documentation has precise examples where to find the cfg
[16:12:32] <Dominus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#path_config_osx
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[17:35:28] <sh4rm4> Zirus, as for improving performacne, you should set FPS to 10 in game options
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[18:06:43] <Dominus> zirus, or you don't listen to someone with huge misconceptions about speed, coding languages and reading documentations...
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[18:07:21] <Dominus> hmm, maybe the default kick message should be suppressed...
[18:08:13] <Dominus> zirus, if you haven't seen it but I pointed to the ~/library question
[18:08:20] <Dominus> see the logs
[18:08:24] <Dominus> ?logs
[18:08:24] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/exultlog.php
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