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[11:07:37] <Kirben> sdl 1.2 out
[11:07:50] <Kirben> seems to work fine with win32 exult
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[11:44:52] <wjp|work> good :-)
[11:45:03] <wjp|work> are you going to package 1.2 with the snapshots?
[11:46:18] <Kirben> already done
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[12:29:31] <wjp|work> hi
[12:29:45] <Fingolfin> lo
[12:33:12] <Fingolfin> "work" ? ;)
[12:33:25] <wjp|work> yeah, work :-)
[12:33:41] <Fingolfin> woa
[12:33:43] <Fingolfin> what work?
[12:33:51] <wjp|work> helpdesk here at the uni.
[12:34:08] <wjp|work> user support, sysadmin support, a bit of webpage maintenance
[12:34:13] <Fingolfin> I see ;)
[12:35:19] <Fingolfin> so you can help me... how do I get a list of CVS modules in a given repository? via cmdline of course ;)
[12:35:31] <wjp|work> how would I know? :-)
[12:35:36] <Fingolfin> hm
[12:35:37] <Fingolfin> true ;)
[12:35:53] <Fingolfin> welll..... you are wjp, after all!
[12:36:04] <Fingolfin> In your light we strive, in your wisdome we are humbled ;)
[12:36:09] <wjp|work> LOL
[12:36:12] <Fingolfin> (sic)
[12:36:20] <wjp|work> sic?
[12:36:28] <Fingolfin> sic = spelling incorrect
[12:36:36] <Fingolfin> although a wisdome would be neat, too
[12:36:41] <wjp|work> :-)
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[13:28:06] <Colourless> hi
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[16:30:24] <Colourless> and strangely enough, exultbot wasn't around to record the incident
[16:31:19] <Colourless> this imposter is good i tell you
[16:32:26] <wjp> heh :-)
[16:32:55] <Colourless> having someone like them on the Exult team would be great ;)
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[17:11:10] <Fingolfin> hehe
[17:11:11] <Fingolfin> well
[17:11:24] <Fingolfin> I just figured it didn't matter if it was wjp or not ;)
[17:11:50] <Colourless> :)
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[18:11:02] <Fingolfin> brb
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[18:11:12] <Fingolfin> hmmm
[18:11:19] <Colourless> your problem
[18:11:33] <Fingolfin> I was trying memoserv
[18:11:37] <Fingolfin> sending a message to this channel
[18:11:54] <Fingolfin> but I wonder what effect it had/will have ;)
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[19:59:17] <wjp> hi Jeff!
[19:59:49] <freedman> Hi!
[20:00:02] <freedman> On vacation now?
[20:00:06] <wjp> I wish :-)
[20:00:25] <wjp> two more weeks to go
[20:00:58] <freedman> It's 'spring break' for most schools here. Wish we had it at work.
[20:01:53] <wjp> yeah, vacation is nice :-)
[20:02:25] <freedman> What's the usual vacation time companies give in the Netherlands?
[20:03:11] <wjp> hmm... I would get 192 hours/year I think, if I worked fulltime
[20:03:16] <wjp> not sure though
[20:04:13] <wjp> maybe it was 92
[20:04:23] * wjp looks it up
[20:04:41] <wjp> 192
[20:04:50] <freedman> 192 = ~5 weeks. Not bad. 3 (or even 2) is standard here.
[20:05:27] <wjp> 2 weeks? ouch
[20:05:38] <freedman> Best to stay in school a long time:-)
[20:05:46] <wjp> :-)
[20:05:59] <wjp> I've got vacation from early may to early september :-)
[20:06:09] <wjp> (well, I do have a couple of exams somewhere in there)
[20:06:32] <freedman> Yea, I remember that... a distant memory of 8 years of college.
[20:07:17] <freedman> And there weren't even that many hours of class (esp. with math).
[20:07:30] <wjp> yup :-)
[20:09:20] <freedman> Did you see the quote by L.B. on GameSpot?
[20:09:32] <wjp> I saw your quote of L.B.'s quote :-)
[20:09:58] <wjp> I did read something in those lines on desslock.gamespot.com
[20:10:02] <wjp> is that what you meant?
[20:10:12] <freedman> Yes.
[20:10:52] <freedman> I wonder if he can create a new world as good as Ultima. It would sure be nic.
[20:10:59] <wjp> very
[20:11:00] <freedman> ^nic^nice
[20:11:34] <Colourless> I was under the impression, that he wanted to to something near future
[20:11:55] <freedman> Another online game?
[20:12:00] <wjp> yes, since his no-compete contract expired
[20:12:16] <Colourless> of course that's what he was saying in late 99
[20:12:58] <Colourless> yeah, as far as I know
[20:13:23] <freedman> They can be really profitable. I just don't care for them.
[20:17:06] <freedman> Colourless: I just noticed that you already get/save the Zombie flag in siflags.
[20:18:21] <Colourless> freedman: yeah
[20:19:04] <freedman> There's a bug about being able to kill NPC's in Skara Brae. I wonder if they have that flag set?
[20:19:20] <freedman> I'll check tonight.
[20:19:40] <Colourless> if you find a flag being access by usecode, check out actorio to see if it's being used
[20:20:28] <Colourless> most of the flags are being read and written, however, any the i've SI flags simply are unknown as to what flag they are to usecode
[20:20:45] <freedman> SI usecode accesses the Zombie flag, but BG doesn't. It was nice seeing that you're already saving/restoring it.
[20:20:46] <Colourless> hope that makes sense :)
[20:21:32] <freedman> Think so. Or does it?:-)
[20:24:02] <freedman> Any other flags that we need to figure out?
[20:24:20] <Colourless> yeah. only 2
[20:24:48] <Colourless> what am i talking about, there are more than 2 :)
[20:24:55] <freedman> (Pulling up the actio.cc source...)
[20:25:11] <freedman> Which ones?
[20:27:04] <Colourless> freeze
[20:27:04] <Colourless> read
[20:27:04] <Colourless> tournament
[20:27:04] <Colourless> polymorph
[20:27:04] <Colourless> no_spell_casting
[20:27:04] <Colourless> naked
[20:27:13] <Colourless> no idea what 'tournament' is though.
[20:27:51] <Colourless> 'naked' shouldn't be hard to find
[20:28:12] <Colourless> neither should 'read'. The lens on monk isle should show that one
[20:28:48] <Colourless> 'no_spell_casting' is a bit of mystery. It's in the cheat menu, no idea what it effects though
[20:29:04] <wjp> maybe spell-casting? ;-)
[20:29:18] <wjp> hmm... maybe it's set when hit by magebane?
[20:29:34] <Colourless> could be
[20:31:54] <freedman> Tournament: I think Cantra has it, but Batlin doesn't.
[20:32:50] <freedman> Good that you've got spots for attackers/oppressor. Usecode intrinsics in SI access those.
[20:33:32] <Colourless> we don't use them though at the moment
[20:33:40] <freedman> I'll probably move 'opponent' from Combat_sched to Actor, and add 'oppressor'.
[20:34:43] <Colourless> i think i've noticed a cupple other schedule things as well in there
[20:35:25] <freedman> I think you did the schedule intrinsics correctly.
[20:35:36] <Colourless> do you know how exult saves current activity information?
[20:36:04] <freedman> It just stores the schedule #.
[20:37:00] <freedman> Wait.. No, I don't know what 'activity' means.
[20:38:40] <Colourless> on line 209 of actorio, i've got a comment that says, that 4 bytes are meant to be use to specify the location of the npc's current schedule/activity
[20:38:42] <freedman> One scheduling problem: Marsten & company keep hanging around the crypt.
[20:39:39] <wjp> freedman: I think I found the problem with the crash in the Sew_schedule
[20:39:55] <freedman> Great!
[20:39:59] <wjp> freedman: it tries to locate the chair/spinwheel/etc... when the game is loaded
[20:40:22] <wjp> which is probably before those objects are created
[20:40:52] <freedman> Er.... and then assumes they're non-null?
[20:40:54] <Colourless> not sure what's really up with marsten, need to check with the original to see what the schedule is change to, and to see why I'm not applying it
[20:41:13] <wjp> freedman: yes, it assumes most are non-null. (it does check some of them, though)
[20:41:43] <freedman> Colourless: Yes, I haven't looked at it yet. Just spent a LOT of time on that crystal-ball stuff.
[20:42:02] <freedman> wjp: Looks like someone was sloppy:-)
[20:42:23] <wjp> :-)
[20:43:13] <freedman> Colourless: that S-Vr field might solve the BG problem where some NPC's don't start at the right spots. Interesting...
[20:43:46] <freedman> There's too much stuff I want to do, and not enought time!
[20:44:07] <freedman> And I'm stuck at work 8 hours a day:-(
[20:44:53] <Colourless> i think that the marsten problem is effecting hawk as well. I've had problems with him not going to thte pub after you've rescued him. Can't remeber though, I may have fixed it... too long ago since I last actually played with Exult
[20:45:57] <wjp> hmm... that sew_schedule is pretty complex
[20:46:00] <freedman> Haven't gotten that far in the game.
[20:46:20] <wjp> making it 'make sense' when not every object is present is going to be interesting
[20:46:37] <freedman> wjp: Care to implement the forge and bake schedules?:-)
[20:47:01] <wjp> maybe in two weeks :-)
[20:47:14] <Colourless> sounds like it could be a problem related to how the originals cached things.
[20:47:45] <freedman> wjp: Looks like I didn't check for chair==null.
[20:47:58] <wjp> same for spinwheel
[20:48:33] <freedman> Yes:-(
[20:49:04] <wjp> the find_closest() calls will have to be moved to the now_what() function, I think
[20:49:49] <freedman> Yes. If they're not found, it can be repeated several seconds later.
[20:51:05] <Colourless> sounds like a good idea because wouldn't the game have problems if the object was moved while the schedule is running
[20:51:36] <freedman> It's funny to try that in the original.
[20:51:44] <wjp> yeah, deleting/moving objects would probably segfault
[20:52:39] <Colourless> in the bastards guide to ultima VII, they tell you to move batlins poduim around with the cheat mode and he will follow it around
[20:52:48] <wjp> hmm... how do you 'wait a few seconds' in a schedule?
[20:53:24] <Colourless> i may have the name nfile.seekg (4, ios::cur); //S-Vr Where npc is supposed to be for schedule)
[20:53:25] <freedman> actor->start(). One of the parameters is a 'delay' in msecs.
[20:53:29] <Colourless> opps :)
[20:53:55] <freedman> Colourless: Not right?
[20:54:36] <freedman> I'd like to see what those fields are ihn BG when I start a new game.
[20:55:13] <Colourless> that wasn't meant to be posted. I accidenly pressed shift-insert intead of shift-home. I was going to delete what i was writing
[20:55:27] <Colourless> so, you can igonore what i said :)
[20:55:48] <freedman> Everything?
[20:55:49] <wjp> yay! Sew_schedule is working!
[20:56:13] <freedman> Thanks! I bet that fixes those 'crash-inBritain' bugs.
[20:56:48] <Colourless> no, just the "i may have the name nfile.seekg ..." comment
[20:57:15] <freedman> I'm going to work on something easy next; probably the disappearing faces in conversations. It's happening a lot in SI.
[20:57:26] <Colourless> anyway, i've got to do a few things, be back in a few
[20:57:26] --- Colourless is now known as Colourless|Away
[20:58:14] <wjp> committed.
[20:58:18] <freedman> Right now, got to work on lunch.
[20:58:23] <wjp> :-)
[20:58:25] <freedman> Thanks!
[20:58:29] <freedman> See ya.
[20:58:31] <wjp> see you later
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[21:13:11] <Colourless> back
[21:13:21] <chimera|work> welcome back
[21:14:11] <wjp> another 3 bugs gone from SF bug tracker :-)
[21:14:19] <wjp> (1 duplicate, 1 out-of-date and 1 fixed)
[21:15:09] <chimera|work> wjp: you are a machine!!!
[21:15:32] <wjp> marking bugs as duplicate or out-of-date isn't that hard ;-)
[21:15:52] <wjp> Colourless: I've assigned a paperdolling bug to you, btw
[21:16:01] <wjp> (although that one may be out-of-date too)
[21:16:53] <Colourless> yeah, i got an email. I think that it could be out of date
[21:17:36] <wjp> hmm... magic rain is working just fine in Ambrosia
[21:18:07] <wjp> umm... although...
[21:18:44] <Colourless> yes?
[21:18:51] <wjp> yes, it seems to be working
[21:19:02] <wjp> (I was out of reagents too, so magic wasn't working anyway)
[21:19:19] <wjp> do you think archwizard mode should negate the anti-magic rain?
[21:19:40] <Colourless> yes
[21:20:13] <wjp> hmm... I still don't really like the name 'archwizard mode'
[21:20:34] <Colourless> never cared much for it myself
[21:21:49] <wjp> any ideas for a new name?
[21:22:58] <chimera|work> how about calling it "wjp mode" ?
[21:23:05] <wjp> lol
[21:23:24] <Colourless> :) no worse that we've got
[21:24:19] <chimera|work> hehe
[21:24:56] <wjp> hey... the anti-magic rain stopped
[21:25:20] <wjp> and started again
[21:26:15] <wjp> 'wizard mode'?
[21:26:35] <wjp> sorcerer? mage?
[21:26:42] <wjp> liche?
[21:26:59] <Colourless> i like liche :)
[21:27:26] <wjp> we'd have to make the avatar undead then :-(
[21:28:29] <wjp> hey, there's a picture of a serpent in the grass on ambrosia
[21:28:31] <Colourless> not such a big loss :)
[21:28:48] <Colourless> this i got to see
[21:28:58] <wjp> coords 2901, 264
[21:29:37] <Colourless> so there is
[21:30:15] <Colourless> pretty imaginative way of doing it
[21:30:33] <Colourless> blurring your eyes makes it come out real good
[21:31:14] <Colourless> is that an unknown easter egg you just found?
[21:31:51] <wjp> unknown to me, anyway :-)
[21:33:03] <wjp> ok, saved a 512x384 screenshot
[21:38:38] <wjp> bah... forgot weekly update
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[22:23:30] <Colourless> i'm off now
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[22:24:05] <wjp> I need to go to bed too... g'night
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