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[22:47:52] <Dominus> ok, that's odd.
[22:48:11] <Dominus> Marzo, maybe you have an idea right away: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=556325&t=556325
[22:48:25] <Dominus> Iolo disappears on each reload of a save
[22:48:40] <Dominus> he is at 4800x4800 -> off the map
[22:48:50] <Marzo> That is an interesting coincidence: I switched to this channel's tab one second before you sent me a message
[22:49:01] <Dominus> when you sleep he will pathfind back to the vatar but when you save and reload he is gone again
[22:49:07] <Dominus> :)
[22:50:48] <Dominus> (location of Iolo is at 4080x4080 of course :))
[22:53:16] <Dominus> my only idea, as written in the thread, is that the user did screw something up, or by some uncommon actions uncovered a problem...
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[22:56:45] <Marzo> Dominus: is that a FoV or a plain BG game?
[22:56:57] <Dominus> FoV
[22:58:18] <Dominus> hmmm
[22:58:20] <Marzo> Hold on, compiling latest version (was segfaulting)
[22:58:33] <Dominus> I wonder, the savegame got an extra map in there
[22:59:20] <Marzo> Could it be a Keyring save?
[23:00:31] <Dominus> could be
[23:00:45] <Dominus> of course isn't mentioned in the forum
[23:01:17] <Dominus> we don't save this to the "identity" file, right?
[23:01:33] <Marzo> Nope
[23:02:13] <Marzo> Hm, it segfaults right after loading the save
[23:03:29] <Dominus> it doesn't always load for me as well
[23:03:37] <Marzo> Yep, Keyring save
[23:07:00] <Dominus> marzo, is it a sure sign of a keyring save when party members have mana (even when loaded in unmodded FoV)?
[23:07:23] <Marzo> No, but it is a sure sign when Laurianna is in the NPC list
[23:08:02] <Dominus> because I have a couple of bug report saves with man NPCs
[23:08:36] <Dominus> *mana* NPCs
[23:08:40] <Marzo> And when Iolo has a named lute, Shamino and Dupre have glowing amulets, Jaana has a spellbook, Julia has a named hammer, or the game segfaults on loading :-p
[23:09:27] <Marzo> If memory serves, NPCs can also train spellcasting in the originals
[23:10:24] <Dominus> hmm, don't remember ever trying that. With face stats on it is eery when you load a save and the party has man bars :)
[23:10:33] <Marzo> For some reason, Iolo is being set to wait schedule and being removed from the world
[23:11:19] <Marzo> He is showing a red outline in ES
[23:13:55] <Dominus> and what does that mean?
[23:14:50] <Marzo> The red outline means that the game is considering him to be unused
[23:15:45] <Marzo> I managed to fix the savegame using ES
[23:15:55] <Marzo> My attempts to fix it without using ES have failed
[23:16:22] <Dominus> hmm, I hope the user can shed some light on this
[23:17:18] <Marzo> Is the delete key still active by default?
[23:18:10] <Dominus> hmm, need to test with a Windows snapshot
[23:19:38] <Dominus> marzo, delete key is only active in map edit mode
[23:19:50] <Marzo> So that is not it
[23:20:10] <Dominus> *but* you can get into map edit mode, make a mistake and then not realize it
[23:22:43] <Dominus> Marzo, this is exactly how it is behaving
[23:23:27] <Dominus> if you enable map edit mode, mark a party member, hit delete and then save
[23:24:06] <Dominus> on each reload the party member is gone, when you sleep he returns, save and reload, he's gone again
[23:25:05] <Dominus> maybe the delete key needs to be *locked* down, so it's only useable by a modifier key
[23:38:34] <Marzo> So, I made a fixed npc.dat that can restore Iolo in his game
[23:39:08] <Dominus> I wrote some explanation in the thread
[23:39:12] <Marzo> I don't know what caused Iolo to be marked as unused in the first place, but after this, Exult was working as intended
[23:39:32] <Dominus> marzo, did you see my above?
[23:39:38] <Marzo> It could be that he is using an old key configuration file
[23:39:40] <Marzo> Yes
[23:40:05] <Marzo> What I mean is: the delete key is certainly a possibility, but we can't guarantee that it was it
[23:40:52] <Dominus> if you delete iolo like this, it certainly makes it bheave exactly like this
[23:46:52] <Marzo> I added a post there too, linking a fixed npc.dat
[23:49:12] <Dominus> btw, marzo, as per exult.ver and newgame.ver he is using a snapshot, could still be an old keyfile, though
[23:49:28] <Dominus> thanks for looking into this
[23:49:49] <Dominus> really one of the puzzling *wtf* reports :)
[23:50:36] <Marzo> Ah, yes, I had forgotten to look at exult.ver
[23:51:02] <Dominus> was it really so easy to mess up the game before you made the edit keys for map edit mode? great that this was done :)
[23:51:18] <Marzo> I think so, yes
[23:51:25] <Dominus> ouch :)
[23:52:06] <Marzo> And FYI, the new npc.dat was done by hex-editing
[23:53:02] <Dominus> double ouch...
[23:53:17] <Dominus> thanks