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[02:59:30] * pupnik has Ultima 1-6 CD now :D
[02:59:48] <pupnik> <Stimpy> ~JOY~
[03:35:15] <pupnik> now to make sum sounds for xu4
[03:51:46] <Sevalecan> HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY
[04:31:31] <pupnik> :)
[05:26:42] <pupnik> audacity is sucking less nowadays, but i'm such a sound forge addict
[05:34:29] <Sevalecan> I use audacity on occasion... to do nothing important.
[05:38:52] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/xu4_onscreenctls7greywood_smc.png
[05:38:58] <sb-x> Sound Forge is not Free.
[05:39:33] <sb-x> hey that looks really good, compared to before
[05:39:40] <pupnik> ty
[05:39:51] <sb-x> nice background
[05:40:10] <sb-x> have you experimented using game tiles for any of the buttons?
[05:40:58] <pupnik> not yet - i have to also stop playing with backgrounds
[05:41:06] <pupnik> too much time spent already
[05:41:39] <pupnik> :)
[05:42:10] <pupnik> but keyboard will be f-ugly
[08:36:33] <pupnik> so then dialogue would be something like this:
[08:37:58] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/xu4_onscreenctls7greywood_smc_ani.gif
[09:26:47] <pupnik> http://bloggingultima.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_archive.html << A nice blog about one man's quest to play through all the Ultimas
[10:02:47] <pupnik> "My theory was that Shame is the only duneon I had not been in, therefore I should go into it! This was an effective strategy..."
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[20:51:04] <sb-x> pupnik: yes that is one of few blogs I actually like reading through
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