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[20:34:39] <Dominus> heya... did some documentation work again...
[20:35:04] <Dominus> now the next part will be harder when I taggle the actual SVN...
[20:35:16] <Dominus> so much stuff too rewrite and add
[20:35:51] <Dominus> all the audio changes and tons of things marzo did...
[20:36:06] <wjp> hi Dominus
[20:36:07] <Dominus> actually explaining how to add mods/patches...
[20:36:11] <wjp> I saw the commits; nice work
[20:36:17] <Dominus> hi wjp
[20:36:39] <Dominus> SF drove me crazy with the shell access :)
[20:37:29] <wjp> yeah, that changed quite a bit
[20:37:45] <wjp> very good that they brought it back though; it was entirely gone for quite a while
[20:38:18] <Dominus> oh? with my nonworking I didn't notice...
[20:38:23] <Dominus> :)
[20:39:02] <Dominus> wjp, any chance you would like to taggle the forum again? I sometimes wish we had sub forums for mods and patches
[20:39:12] <Dominus> and bugs
[20:40:27] <Dominus> and what are you doing these days anyway? Just out of interest?
[20:40:36] <Dominus> just out of interest!
[20:40:39] <Dominus> I mean :)
[20:40:43] <wjp> :-)
[20:41:08] <wjp> recently started a scientific programming job at the university of Antwerp
[20:41:51] <Cahaan> are you belgian?
[20:41:53] <Dominus> cool, so you are remaining on the university life
[20:42:03] <wjp> Cahaan: Dutch
[20:42:10] <wjp> Dominus: so far :-)
[20:42:11] <Cahaan> ok
[20:42:45] <wjp> Dominus: what about you?
[20:43:57] <Dominus> oh... me... hmmm... still studying but I never went far... I'm going to start a new study on an "Internet University"
[20:44:01] <Dominus> bachelor of law
[20:44:22] <Dominus> to my dismay I found that I actually seem to have a thing for law...
[20:44:28] <Dominus> :)
[20:44:33] <wjp> to your dismay? :-)
[20:45:20] <Dominus> yeah, I never wanted to do that, my father studied law and we are on a kind of not-speaking-to-each-other basis for some years now...
[20:45:37] <Dominus> so i never wanted ot go in that direction :)
[20:45:46] <wjp> I actually know quite a few people who switched to law after trying several other studies, and ended up really liking it
[20:46:01] <Dominus> he he
[20:46:18] <Dominus> so when I manage to finish that I have to do the master of course
[20:46:44] <Dominus> then my card will read "Dominus Dragon - Master of Law"!
[20:46:51] <wjp> :-)
[20:48:42] <Dominus> and in between my life got chaotic. two years ago I moved with my gf, her daughter and our daughter into a house in vienna. Last year I broke this relationship up... and thus my summer'08 was quite interesting...
[20:50:09] <Dominus> of course all that chaos was a nice scapegoat for not doing anything with Exult, except for policing the forum :)
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[20:50:39] <wjp> sorry to hear that :/
[20:50:58] <Dominus> I have to confess that I have not touched any mod yet... I will have to, though, when I work on the docs... :)
[20:51:02] <wjp> how old is your daughter now?
[20:52:11] <wjp> re. mods: me neither...
[20:52:15] <Dominus> she's 3 2/3 now
[20:54:36] <Dominus> hmm, got to go, my new gf called and needs a lift :)
[20:54:58] <wjp> ok, see you later :-)
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