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[18:09:07] <Fingolfin> lo
[18:10:21] <Fingolfin> there's something wrong in my negmax algorithm :/ it works for odd depts but not for even depths... seems I need to multiply it with -1 in those cases... but I don't find this problem documented anywhere, thus I ask myself if I might have a made an error somewhere
[18:10:23] <Fingolfin> <sigh>
[18:10:45] <wjp> negmax? something like minmax?
[18:10:50] <Fingolfin> yeah
[18:10:57] <Fingolfin> it is just combining min and max in one function
[18:11:09] <Fingolfin> and no, I don't know who Min is ;) never met him/her
[18:11:22] <wjp> ah, that sounds familiar :-)
[18:11:38] <wjp> there's a Min in the Wheel of Time series...
[18:11:54] <wjp> one of the main characters even
[18:12:45] <wjp> ever read WoT?
[18:14:53] <Fingolfin> hrm, not sure, I think no... what was that about again?
[18:15:14] <Fingolfin> sword of truth, ringworld, discworld, wheels of time... keep confusing those ;)
[18:15:25] <Fingolfin> I read the first three (that is, I read several of the second and third)
[18:23:12] <wjp> :-)
[18:23:52] <wjp> WoT is too complex to summarize in a few sentences I'm afraid
[18:24:52] <Fingolfin> ok ;)
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[19:15:55] <Fingolfin> wb
[19:16:53] <wjp> thx
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[19:25:23] <freedman> Helooooo!
[19:26:09] <wjp> hi Jeff!
[19:26:26] <freedman> Hi.
[19:26:45] <wjp> I'm currently replying to Artaxerxes' post on JackChaos. He has a few good points
[19:27:18] <freedman> Yes; I'll have a look again.
[19:27:43] <wjp> we should probably do something about the lower/uppercase filename thing
[19:28:04] <wjp> maybe only try the actual filename in uppercase, and leave the rest of the path as it is?
[19:29:01] <freedman> Yes, that should work much better.
[19:32:18] <freedman> I've been fiddling a lot with weapons/combat lately, but never seem to get it quite right:-(
[19:32:52] <wjp> combat in alpha2 was kind of... uhh... 'flaky' :-)
[19:33:11] <wjp> but it's a lot better already
[19:33:38] <freedman> Yes, I messed it up pretty badly just before taking off. It should be mostly fixed, now.
[19:33:53] <wjp> throwing swords was fun after I worked around the crash :-)
[19:34:56] <freedman> Yep. I still don't understand why 'weapons.dat' seems so complicated. All throwing weapons had a -3 in one of the fields. But a few non-throwing weapons (sword, club) did too.
[19:35:48] <wjp> hmm... that's weird
[19:35:59] <freedman> Any idea what's causing the crash-on-exit in Windows?
[19:36:16] <wjp> audio probably :-)
[19:36:26] <wjp> at least, that's what it was the last couple of times
[19:36:44] <freedman> Did it change again recently?
[19:36:45] <wjp> it could've been the move to 16bit
[19:37:24] <freedman> Yea.. I guess that doesn't affect the libkmid version.
[19:37:34] <wjp> timidity seems fine too
[19:37:55] <wjp> although I didn't build it the last couple of days. (swamped in homework :-( )
[19:38:36] <freedman> I'm trying to find something fun to work on; bug-fixing is too much like real work.
[19:39:18] <wjp> LOL: somehow my father managed to get a file with a 'weird' character in it on his windows box... couldn't erase it in windows/dos/explorer.... smbclient from linux had no trouble whatsoever :-)
[19:39:52] <freedman> :-) Have you suggested switching him to Linux?
[19:40:12] <wjp> my brother uses that box for his games...
[19:41:15] <freedman> Games? I dimly remember playing games before I got caught up in Exult:-)
[19:41:27] <wjp> yeah... I know what you mean :-)
[19:41:32] * wjp hasn't played a game in months
[19:42:14] <wjp> oh, btw, 'DraX' has managed to compile Exult in openbsd
[19:42:23] <freedman> Only game I've played recently is the GameBoy version of Ultima (Runes of Virtue).
[19:42:46] <freedman> Cool. Does it run?
[19:42:49] <wjp> no :-(
[19:43:26] <wjp> I did make a couple of changes in the CVS tree for it. (modified configure.in, added a couple of #ifdefs)
[19:43:49] <freedman> Saw that. I wonder if sound is the problem.
[19:44:18] <wjp> oh... right... almost forgot that. Exult crashes when no MIDI device has been found
[19:44:45] <wjp> if (!midi_device && !init_device()) return;
[19:44:50] <wjp> <-- that line is sort of the problem
[19:45:08] <wjp> (that line is used at the top of every midi function)
[19:45:22] <freedman> What if midi is disabled in .exult.cfg?
[19:45:50] <wjp> I think that's caught at the Audio level, before it is passed to Midi
[19:46:06] * wjp checks
[19:46:47] <wjp> yes, that's it
[19:47:32] <freedman> Okay.
[19:48:14] <freedman> Time for lunch. I'll look at combat a bit more tonight, and maybe also try to finish up NPC schedules.
[19:48:26] <wjp> ok
[19:48:28] <wjp> see you later
[19:48:35] <freedman> bye
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[19:49:12] <Fingolfin> back
[19:49:14] <Fingolfin> argh
[19:49:17] <Fingolfin> I missed jeff!!!
[19:49:19] <wjp> nice timing :-)
[19:49:22] <Fingolfin> that's typical :(
[19:49:23] <wjp> by 30 seconds :-)
[19:49:26] <Fingolfin> ?seen jameson
[19:49:26] <exultbot> jameson left #exult around Sat Feb 10 00:26:05 2001 (GMT)
[19:49:29] <Fingolfin> ok ;)
[19:49:41] <Fingolfin> I wondered if he left maybe 5 secs before I joined or so ;)
[19:49:42] <wjp> he wasn't here using another name, btw ;-)
[19:49:57] <wjp> or in another channel...
[19:50:07] <wjp> or another IRC network...
[19:50:09] <wjp> or... ;-)
[19:58:36] <Fingolfin> <g>
[19:58:49] <Fingolfin> oh wow, the negmax / eval function is now all working!!!
[19:58:56] <wjp> great!
[19:59:01] <Fingolfin> just fixed the last problem - the player made an illegal move
[19:59:14] <Fingolfin> turns it did so whenever it was in a "certain loss" position
[19:59:27] <Fingolfin> now it'll print out a short message about this ;)
[19:59:34] <Fingolfin> the negmax error was stupid, BTW...
[19:59:53] <Fingolfin> I had accidentaly applied the "role" factor twice (but very well hidden)....
[20:00:11] <Fingolfin> actually, what I did was to apply the role factor to eval(Position)...
[20:00:21] <Fingolfin> however, eval already did take into account who's turn it was.... <sigh>
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[20:00:53] <wjp> oops :-)
[20:00:54] <wjp> hi
[20:01:05] <oneEye> Hello
[20:01:12] <Fingolfin> wjp: which shows once more how stupid I am ;)
[20:01:13] <Fingolfin> hi there
[20:01:20] <Fingolfin> where did you leave the other?
[20:01:30] <Fingolfin> other eye i mean ;)
[20:01:48] <oneEye> It's still there, just hidden.
[20:02:07] <Fingolfin> ah ok ;)
[20:02:53] <wjp> lol: great bug: exult crashes when you hack-move people into containers :-)
[20:03:42] <oneEye> Does anyone remember if monsters could walk over bodies in the original u7?
[20:03:53] <wjp> hmm... no, don't remember
[20:03:53] <oneEye> They are acting as walls currently.
[20:05:30] <wjp> only to monsters, or to avatar/party as well?
[20:06:30] <oneEye> Sometimes to the avatar/party. This of course was discovered with the 'army of darkness' where
[20:06:38] <oneEye> a bazillion monsters would spawn at once.
[20:07:26] <oneEye> In this case it was a cyclops which sort of made sense, he was blocked at height 1 and 5 (i.e. blocked from above)
[20:07:53] <oneEye> The main problem was that this was causing the paths to fail which eventually reset the monster's
[20:08:09] <oneEye> schedule to loiter. I modified my copy to reset it to 'combat' which made fighting harder again...
[20:09:42] <wjp> hmm... I have to go
[20:09:52] <wjp> could you add this to the bug tracker at sourceforge?
[20:10:21] <wjp> it's at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=2335&atid=102335
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[21:18:44] <wjp|away> time to go to bed; bye
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[21:31:47] <chimera|work> DRAX!!!
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[21:33:32] <DraX> hi
[21:34:28] * DraX is going to download exult beos now
[21:34:40] <DraX> exult openbsd dosen't work very well/at all
[21:35:49] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[21:36:29] <DraX> fin: any idea why exult would stall heavly if there wasn't a midi driver?
[21:36:53] <DraX> ...
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[21:45:27] <chimera|work> fingolfin!
[21:45:35] <Fingolfin> chimera!
[21:46:15] <chimera|work> how's your reading coming along?
[21:57:48] <Fingolfin> ah well
[21:57:52] <Fingolfin> not as good as I wanted to
[21:57:58] <Fingolfin> I am very busy most of the day
[21:58:10] <Fingolfin> and even now I am working on fixing bugs ;)
[22:03:08] <chimera|work> so I guess that means you have not finished book 2? hehe
[22:03:42] --> DraX has joined #exult
[22:06:40] <DraX> do you just need a timidity bin for the other midi system?
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[22:11:50] <DraX> damn modem
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[22:19:25] <Fingolfin> chimera: right ;) and it'll be a long time till I can... maybe sunday? ;)
[22:19:29] <Fingolfin> will go to bed now, cya
[22:19:37] * Fingolfin wants to read at least a bit of the book today ;)
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