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[09:34:04] <Dominus> Marzo1: can you check whether the missile/projectile explosion shooters need some additional read from armor.dat? Something is not right there...
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[13:07:11] <Marzo1> (06:34:04 AM) Dominus: Marzo1: can you check whether the missile/projectile explosion shooters need some additional read from armor.dat? Something is not right there...
[13:07:23] <Marzo1> Without even looking I can say that they don't, no
[13:07:58] <Marzo1> What it seems like it should be happening is that eggs with 'external' criteria should fire once and stop
[13:09:16] <Marzo1> But this would break the shooter at the altar of discipline because the usecode egg that keeps it shooting needs to keep firing
[13:09:42] <Marzo1> And fixing it will open a whole new can of worms, as it will require an overhaul of the egg system
[13:15:04] <Dominus> Marzo1: aaaaahhhhh, that's bad news. especially as that trap in the abandoned outpost is really a big killer - not surviveable without cheating ;(
[14:17:28] <Dominus> Marzo1: any idea what to do?
[14:18:52] <Marzo1> Other than overhaul the egg system? The only thing I can think of is making external missile launchers only fire once and changing the hack on the temple of discipline to make the usecode egg fire repeatedly
[14:24:02] <sh4rm4> did earlier exult versions handle both cases correctly ? if so it's probably just a bug
[14:33:29] <Dominus> sh4rm4: no
[14:34:03] <Dominus> Marzo1: probably the only way to go now - as you wrote
[14:35:04] <Dominus> could you do that?
[14:35:54] <Dominus> sh4rm4: the abandoned outpost would never trigger in earlier versions and the altar of discipline would never turn off
[14:36:08] <sh4rm4> i see
[14:36:57] <Dominus> marzo fixed the abandoned outpust, so it triggers but the downisde is that the egg doesn't trigger once but always :)
[15:35:16] <Dominus> Marzo1: can you also document the eggs issue that would require eggs rewrite in a bug report, please?
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[20:04:48] <Marzo1> Dominus: looking over, and comparing with the original, it seems like the changes required may not be as drastic as I was thinking
[20:05:18] <Marzo1> For example: in the original, at the temple of discipline, the altar fires once on you when you get near enough
[20:05:39] <Marzo1> Then it stops firing until you go out of range of the controlling egg and back
[20:06:29] <Marzo1> It does not fire continuously
[20:06:47] <Marzo1> Anyway, I am lumping all my notes into a bug tracker as you asked
[20:14:09] <Marzo1> Dominus: And, as you asked: https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1875/
[20:31:56] <Dominus> Marzo1: thanks a lot - better to document this in the bug tracker
[20:32:28] <Dominus> so Marzo1 the anti-magic rain problem is also linked to this, I guess
[20:32:38] <Marzo1> Yes
[20:32:45] <Dominus> bugger
[20:33:21] * Dominus is rolling on the floor - crying...
[20:34:51] <Dominus> so the two remaining bugs I would have liked to be gone are linked to our egg handling
[20:35:04] <Dominus> I'm kind of stumped now
[20:36:48] <Dominus> I'm also surprised how easy it is to miss things when comparing to the original
[20:37:13] <Dominus> that the altar trap doesn't fire continously slipped by me
[20:38:00] <Dominus> Marzo1: so... what do you think? still drastic enough to not dare to change it?
[20:38:37] <Marzo1> I can try somethings, but it won't be today -- maybe tomorrow or sunday
[20:39:09] <Marzo1> The fact that the altar does not fire continuously helps greatly
[20:41:03] <Dominus> May I bother you on sunday?
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