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[19:04:47] <roland> allo, is anyone around?
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[19:51:59] <roland> hey Dominus, I made some progress but ran into further problems
[19:52:25] <Dominus> oh hi
[19:52:52] <Dominus> what else is happening?
[19:52:52] <roland> I've updated my post. I'm gonna try looking through the makefile and editing references to libtool to glibtool
[19:53:11] <Dominus> only need to edit autogen.sh
[19:54:55] <roland> http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=332266&t=332266
[19:56:28] <Dominus> yeah, just read it. I never needed to do more than editing the libtool stuff
[19:57:32] <roland> any suggestions from that last bit of output? :(
[20:00:30] <Dominus> I'd say delete the svn copy and check it out new. I *think* your mucking around with fink, macports has left scars
[20:02:16] <Dominus> or at least delete all non-svn files in the svn checkout, make clean for example and get rid of the aclocal.m4 file, it is obviously messed up
[20:02:22] <roland> nah fink's gone. i'm using macports right now
[20:03:02] <Dominus> yeah, but the error suggests that you have not been using a clean svn but with stuff left from prvious tries
[20:04:21] <roland> i
[20:04:27] <roland> i'll reextract
[20:06:37] <roland> re-extracted svn with only the g added to libtoolize: quits out. will try editing the aclocal path again with a fresh extract
[20:12:47] <roland> yeah it quits out at the same spot with version mismatch error and blah blah
[20:13:24] <roland> but it seems to be running libtool at that point, would replacing that with glibtool be worth a shot?
[20:13:54] <roland> bin/sh ../../libtool --tag etc etc
[20:14:53] <roland> I only see one reference to any libtool anything in autogen.sh and that has been changed to glibtoolize
[20:15:18] <Dominus> oh, noooo :)
[20:15:35] <Dominus> change libtool to glibtool and libtoolize to glibtoolize :)
[20:15:52] <Dominus> that is if you are using macports
[20:16:16] <wjp> you mean glibtoolize creates a script called glibtool?
[20:16:21] <wjp> not just libtool?
[20:16:32] <wjp> then what's the ../../libtool script?
[20:17:29] <Dominus> oh, right, so maybe just libtoolize to glibtoolize
[20:17:30] <roland> that's what "make" starts off with
[20:17:34] * Dominus whistles innocently
[20:17:47] <roland> it looks like it's trying to run libtool in the actual make
[20:18:02] <wjp> the point of libtoolize is to create a custom libtool script
[20:18:16] <wjp> which should be placed in the exult root dir
[20:18:39] <roland> so... try running with libtoolize instead of glibtoolize and leave the aclocal path in?
[20:18:44] <roland> i'll give that a try
[20:18:44] <Dominus> yes
[20:19:10] <Dominus> also, are your grabbing svn through subversion or are you downloading the source posted on the website?
[20:19:24] <roland> the zip linked on the site
[20:19:29] <Dominus> you might run into line endings problems with that
[20:19:39] <wjp> if you get any errors about a missing AM_PATH_SDL, SDL dev files aren't installed properly or aclocal isn't setup correctly
[20:20:02] <roland> wjp: i don't get any of those errors if i edit the autogen.sh with the proper aclocal path
[20:20:07] <wjp> ok
[20:21:32] <wjp> then you should just make sure the (g)libtoolize you call is the same whose m4 macros get picked up by aclocal
[20:22:47] <Dominus> with autogen.sh changed to use glibtoolize you shouldn't need to set the proper path. I hope I have not confused you more than helped you :)
[20:24:02] <roland> it doesn't seem to make any progress without specifying the path despite setting the flags you listed in my .profile (and yes, i did source the .profile AND restarted the terminal)
[20:24:34] <Dominus> strange
[20:25:23] <roland> okay, now it seems that i don't have libtoolize in /opt/local/bin
[20:25:33] <Dominus> you don't
[20:25:39] <Dominus> you have glibtoolize :)
[20:26:20] <roland> hrmrmrm. this is a pain in the butt
[20:26:22] <roland> hehe
[20:26:38] <roland> should i try to get the latest via svn?
[20:27:04] <Dominus> that's why you shouldn't need to edit the path settings but change autogen.sh to use glibtoolize instead of libtoolize in line...
[20:27:34] <Dominus> line 67
[20:28:06] <Dominus> im testing the source code from the download page now
[20:28:48] <roland> that was the first thing i tried
[20:28:56] <roland> and the only errors i see now are:
[20:29:21] <roland> configure.ac:306: warning: macro `AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library
[20:29:37] <Dominus> ok, did you install sdl via macports?
[20:29:48] <roland> and configure.ac:306: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL
[20:29:58] <roland> yes. i tried sdl and sdl-devel
[20:30:05] <roland> and these errors go away when i specify the aclocal directory
[20:30:11] <roland> that's why i'm confused
[20:31:13] <Dominus> what does 'port installed libsdl' in terminal say? (wihtout '')
[20:31:53] <roland> libsdl @1.2.14_8 (active)
[20:32:12] <Dominus> good
[20:32:23] <Dominus> same with automake and libtool please :)
[20:32:40] <roland> automake @1.11.1_0 (active)
[20:33:05] <roland> libtool @2.2.6b_0 (active)
[20:33:14] <Dominus> something is strange there then
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[20:34:04] <Dominus> because I was just easily able to build exult from the source snapshot from the homepage, with just the autogen.sh change to glibtoolize
[20:34:21] <roland> you have the same version(s) as i?
[20:35:17] <Dominus> yes, though mine are in the variant universal (which is needed for building dosbox, shouldn't mater for Exult)
[20:35:35] <roland> xcode 3.2.1?
[20:35:45] <roland> or would that matter at all?
[20:36:00] <Dominus> ok, please get rid of your extracted folder again and extract the source again
[20:36:42] <Dominus> and only change the line 67 of autogen.sh to glibtoolize instead of libtoolize
[20:36:45] <Dominus> only that
[20:37:30] <Dominus> then enter ./autogen.sh in that folder and give me the output of that
[20:37:43] <Dominus> best on pastebin.com
[20:39:10] <roland> http://pastebin.com/d6342e4f7
[20:39:43] <roland> that's a fresh extract
[20:40:50] <roland> i'll paste my cat .profile as well, maybe there's some weird error
[20:40:54] <Dominus> ok, strange
[20:42:14] <roland> http://pastebin.com/d42e09865
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[20:44:38] <Dominus> comment your path setting out and set path to
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[20:44:42] <Dominus> export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH
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[20:45:34] <Dominus> I *think* the path order matters and this way your stuff in opt/local comes first
[20:46:11] <roland> if that fixes it i'll poop my pants
[20:46:15] <Dominus> also you shouldn't set the whole path in your profile, you might exclude stuff from the path added elsewhere in the system
[20:46:34] <Dominus> again I think you shouldn't
[20:46:57] <Dominus> I'm still a beginner as well. Been on Windows solely until six months ago
[20:47:11] <roland> the last time i played with open-source this extensively i was installing one of the first releases of gentoo. that was a looong time ago
[20:48:12] <Dominus> since there should be two glibtoolize on your system, you need to make sure that the macports one gets used first instead of the one that comes with xcode
[20:48:43] <roland> right, i'm about to give it a go right now
[20:48:47] <roland> crossing fingers.
[20:49:30] <roland> hahaha. it's working
[20:50:26] <roland> it worked. christ that's silly. you were 100% correct about the path order
[20:50:47] <roland> sad thing is, i had that in the back of my mind earlier but i figured it wouldn't cause the path issues with aclocal
[20:51:36] <Dominus> :)
[20:52:57] <Dominus> I'm glad it's working for you :)
[20:53:32] <roland> me too!
[20:54:13] <roland> i'll make sure to report any issues i find since i do plan on playing through
[20:55:42] <Dominus> that would really help
[20:59:41] <roland> we posted practically the same solution in the thread
[20:59:42] <roland> hehe
[21:00:17] <Dominus> :)
[21:01:38] <Dominus> sooo, when you have set up exult I could really need you to test out switching to fullscreen and how the scaler point behaves for you in fullscreen :)
[21:02:00] <Dominus> beware you need to know the shortcut for killing processes
[21:02:40] <roland> kill?
[21:02:56] <roland> the bundle won't launch..
[21:04:16] <roland> http://pastebin.com/d251f8dce
[21:05:31] <Dominus> you need to uninstall sdl-mixer and built it again with sdl
[21:05:43] <Dominus> you built mixer with sdl-devel
[21:05:50] <roland> aaaaaaaaaaahheheh
[21:06:27] <roland> at least that is a simple problem/solution
[21:06:28] <Dominus> macports DID give you a warning about that when you uninstalled sdl-devel (at least it should have) :)
[21:07:00] <roland> nah, no warning. i even used the --follow-dependents flag
[21:07:29] <Dominus> oh well :)
[21:07:46] <Dominus> I'm NOT going to test that :)
[21:08:01] <roland> hehe
[21:08:19] <roland> for posterity i'm going to wipe all macports, reinstall everything and recompile with what we've discovered
[21:08:26] <roland> if it doesn't work i'm going to quit gaming forever
[21:08:37] <Dominus> :)
[21:08:39] <roland> and become a monk.
[21:08:42] <roland> in a foreign land...
[21:08:48] <Dominus> on monk isle?
[21:09:19] <roland> judging it solely by its name i think monk isle will work for being a monk, yes
[21:09:30] <roland> but you never know.
[21:09:48] <Dominus> anyway I have to go to bed now, things I would like you to test if you have time to when you have set up exult
[21:10:09] <Dominus> - try to switch to fullscreen in game by pressing "cmd+enter"
[21:10:44] <roland> thanks again for the help
[21:11:00] <roland> i'll start a new topic along the lines of "testing svn on macosx 1.6.x" and post my results
[21:11:16] <roland> you can ask me to test whatever if that thread. i'll check it periodically
[21:11:21] <Dominus> - if that doesn't work, please use the in game menu (accessed by pressing ESC), set it to use fullscreen and then exit the game and start it again
[21:11:33] <Dominus> and then use the point scaler
[21:11:57] <Dominus> Warning you might not be bale to do anything anymore within Exult (due to not seeing anything)
[21:12:08] <roland> i was planning on that anyway. i like pixels :}
[21:12:17] <Dominus> at this point kill the game by pressing "cmd+option+ESC
[21:12:53] <Dominus> you then need to edit exult.cfg again so it starts in windowed mode again
[21:13:16] <roland> will do
[21:13:26] <roland> all noted in exult.rtf on desktop :)
[21:13:41] <roland> irssi goes byebye when i sudo port -f uninstall installed
[21:13:43] <Dominus> just remember cmd+option+esc, it could be the only thing saving you from travelling to austria to kill me :)
[21:14:00] <roland> duly noted
[21:14:16] <-- roland has left IRC ("thanks guys!")
[21:14:27] <Dominus> on the macports page might be a good description on how to get rid fast of it
[21:14:50] <Dominus> , it might be enough to just delete /opt/local
[21:16:07] <Dominus> thanks for testing :)
[21:16:22] <Dominus> I'm really off now and good luck in building again :)
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