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[09:26:12] <ttarrant> Dominus, wjp, Marzo: we should really release 1.5.0
[09:26:54] <Dominus> yes, but there are still some few show stoppers, that I wouldn't like to release without
[10:38:48] <Marzo> I can try taking a look at them over the weekend
[10:39:44] <Marzo> What are the show stoppers?
[10:47:23] <Marzo> Dominus: ^
[11:02:53] <Dominus> hi Marzo, let me see...
[11:03:55] <Dominus> https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1901/ <- Flicken conversation vanishes because Spektor's schedule. Another two users stumbled over this
[11:04:10] <Dominus> a tougher bug, I guess
[11:08:24] <Dominus> https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1865/ <- as usual, the magic weather bug that needs a hack for the cube generator
[11:11:31] <Dominus> hmm, those two are the ones *I* think that should be fixed, but it's open for debate :)
[11:13:03] <Dominus> if anyone (ttarrant or Marzo?) can give me a pointer on how to start adding the subtitles to the SI final cutscene, I'd finish it. Would be nice to have this basic thing working in a release :) https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1893/
[11:13:58] <Marzo> Probably requires some code changes
[11:15:12] <Dominus> marzo - which one?
[11:15:26] <Marzo> Subtitles at ending
[11:15:38] <Dominus> oh
[11:15:50] <Marzo> It is likely they are not showing because there is no code to show them
[11:16:00] <Marzo> I will know for sure when I take a look
[11:16:05] <Dominus> yes, there is no code :)
[11:16:33] <Dominus> someone only commented the necessary timer but didn't actually add the code :)
[11:16:57] <Marzo> Are we still using Sourceforge SVN?
[11:17:02] <Dominus> yes
[11:17:26] <Dominus> also opne for debate, or rather open to anyone who wants to change it
[11:18:30] <Marzo> I am asking because I am doing a git-svn clone of the entire repository, and wanted to make sure it was pulling from the right place
[11:18:44] <Marzo> (after playing around with Git, I can't stand SVN anymore)
[11:18:46] <Dominus> Marzo, if you deem fixing the Flicken bug too invasive (that other stuff breaks) we can of course post pone it for after a 1.5 release
[11:20:03] <Marzo> I still need to check the code; from the description, it is seems like calling conv->clear_answers(); from a schedule during usecode, which seems wrong
[11:21:00] <Marzo> One thing I thought is to add a flag to refresh the schedule on the next tick after exiting usecode if usecode triggered a schedulr change
[11:21:17] <Marzo> This might fix with no issues, but it is something that needs to be tested
[11:21:58] <Marzo> (because schedule code really should not be running while usecode is active)
[11:23:11] <Dominus> I do have a good pile of SI savegames from last time I played through so I could have fun testing crucial points of the story
[11:24:10] <Dominus> marzo, another annoying bug but not critical is https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1892/ <- sacrified Dupre rejoining the party for a bit
[11:25:26] <Marzo> That one is a good candidate for a git bisect
[11:25:57] <Dominus> I'll find time later and will go through the list and see if I can add some useful priorities in the bug tracker to more easily find them
[11:26:19] <Marzo> That would be great, yes
[11:26:26] <Dominus> now got to go and get the kid off kindergarden
[12:33:48] <ttarrant> Marzo, git kills svn in so many ways
[12:34:15] <Marzo> You will get no arguments from me
[13:21:10] <Dominus> Marzo, updated priorities and added a "Release Block" milestone
[13:21:56] <Dominus> The Dupre reappearing bug seems to be rather old. It happens with my oldest backed up snapshot from April 2010...
[13:22:32] <Dominus> a bisect may not work easily since older versions of Exult may not easily compile anymore...
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[23:27:34] <Marzo> Dominus: it might well be that something went wrong with the savefile
[23:27:53] <Marzo> So that almost any snapshots would end up with him appearing