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[00:05:48] <matto> greetings fellow travelers!
[00:06:09] <matto> My name is Lord Eddard Stark, of Winterfell
[00:06:44] <matto> Good heavens! Is it truly the great and legendary Dominus Dragon? *awkwardly falls to one knee* I am not worthy, my lord.
[00:06:54] <matto> err I mean..
[00:06:55] <matto> hi :)
[00:07:05] <Dominus> hi
[00:37:29] --- Darke|zzZ is now known as Darke
[00:37:47] <Darke> Hi. *grin*
[00:38:00] <Dominus> hi
[00:38:05] <Dominus> what's with the grin?
[00:41:53] * Darke looks innocent. Noooothing, nothing at all!
[01:16:16] * matto whispers to darke that Dominus doesn't appear to be in a playful mood today
[01:17:06] * Darke earperks. That's easy to fix.
[01:17:24] <matto> Darke: do you know anything about Makefiles?
[01:17:26] * Darke spontaneously paints Dominus' ears green, and gives his eyebrows a red highlight.
[01:17:43] <Darke> matto: A little. More specifics please. *grin*
[01:18:37] <matto> like if I want to have a Makefile that lets me type "make linux" "make freebsd" etc ...
[01:18:50] <matto> I want to basically just define separate CFLAGS and LIBS for each platform
[01:18:55] <matto> I am wondering if I can rig that in a makefile somehow...
[01:19:29] <Darke> *nod* You can do that.
[01:20:14] <matto> know of any examples? I've been pouring through source code all day
[01:20:19] <Darke> What you want to do is to create a target, like the standard 'all' target, except call it something like 'freebsd:', then setup your CFLAGS, etc, and call the appropriate make targets manually.
[01:20:24] <matto> I haven't looked at Exult yet, but as I recall, it used a configure script
[01:20:37] <matto> yes, but how to setup the CFLAGS ?
[01:20:40] <Darke> What platform? Have you tried the make man/info pages?
[01:20:49] <matto> ugh yes.. the documentation is so awful
[01:21:08] <matto> I don't know how to setup CFLAGS inside a rule like for linux
[01:21:47] * Dominus builts a bunny trap
[01:22:46] <Darke> `CFLAGS := "This is the flags I want to set"` and `CFLAGS += "Let's add some more flags..."`
[01:24:21] * matto fiddles around
[01:24:44] * Darke sabotages the bunny trap.
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[13:02:32] <Darke> Hi.
[13:02:42] <Colourless> hi
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[16:43:28] <Colourless> sdf,hj sdf,gn sdk ghaslfhd jdlxjgh lzskd fth kahgwjy gsdfkhjgaRJGASKT GHSDKURTASK UH TSKDR THG KSDHFKkjdhs kljsgj skdfg sd
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[17:46:34] <wjp> hi
[17:49:54] <Colourless> hi
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[22:12:07] <Zxcvb> how fast does the real serpent isle (which has a speed limiter) run?
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