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[00:00:03] <EazyCheez> hi Kirben :)
[00:00:11] <Kirben> Hi
[00:00:23] <EazyCheez> who b you in Exultdom? :)
[00:00:47] <Kirben> The snapshots guy.
[00:00:55] <EazyCheez> WOO HOO! You rock
[00:01:06] <EazyCheez> not EVERY project does that you know
[00:01:23] <EazyCheez> any updates since 8-27 5:01? :)
[00:01:48] <Kirben> Just compiling new snapshot now.
[00:01:57] <EazyCheez> kewl!
[00:02:05] <EazyCheez> How long does it take usually?
[00:03:20] <Kirben> 10-15 minutes I guess
[00:09:42] <EazyCheez> what does CVS stand for anyway? :)
[00:09:53] <EazyCheez> C.. V.. Snapshot, right? :)
[00:16:39] <Kirben> CVS = Concurrent Versions System
[00:18:31] <Kirben> News snapshots are online
[00:23:16] <EazyCheez> news? Who wants news?! Give me Exult? (G)
[00:23:19] <EazyCheez> hehe
[00:24:23] <MeatShield> exult is all oop?
[00:26:24] <Kirben> Yes developers are the others ops.
[00:26:53] <Kirben> bbl
[00:27:03] <MeatShield> um.. no.. :) exult is coed in all ojbect orienteted programing.. not "procedural"
[00:27:22] <MeatShield> ie.. c++ not C
[00:29:37] <Kirben> yes C++
[00:30:10] <-- co has left IRC (Read error: 69 (Excessive tongue))
[00:30:58] <MeatShield> i want to add a feature but i'm afraid i'll break the damn thing, never get it to compile, less submit any changes for consideration..
[00:31:28] <EazyCheez> weird... Willem would like to hear of this
[00:31:38] <EazyCheez> when I restore a game, a few things happen
[00:32:12] <EazyCheez> first, FLIES and a GUARD or even two are spawned at my location. Second, many musical cues are spawned around me... very very odd
[00:36:22] <MeatShield> sure they arn't in your party
[00:36:48] <MeatShield> a guard (memeber of the brute squad) can be a usefull thing to have.
[00:39:50] <MeatShield> i can't type worth crap...
[01:10:55] <EazyCheez> haw guys
[01:11:07] <EazyCheez> check out the R. Lee Ermey Cadence Remix
[01:11:18] <EazyCheez> on www.rleeermey.com
[01:11:58] <EazyCheez> he's quite an awesome actor, used to be in the marines
[01:23:17] <MeatShield> anyone complie exult?
[01:23:22] <MeatShield> err compile
[01:24:59] <MeatShield> i took alpha5 source, grabed sdl.dll, used vc++5, made a project, dumped the whole source into it and can't make an exe
[01:25:15] <MeatShield> though.. it 'seems' to compile and link with no errors...
[01:36:25] <MeatShield> maybe the wingcompander ship will work..
[01:36:31] <MeatShield> doh..
[01:36:33] <MeatShield> commander
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[01:49:43] --> Waz has joined #exult
[01:52:54] <Waz> always this quiet?
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[02:09:59] <EazyCheez> helloo again
[02:10:19] <EazyCheez> how's my favorite Open Source project and its team doing? :)
[02:17:48] <-- Kirben has left IRC (System Meltdown)
[02:21:30] <Waz> i don't think they are here.
[02:27:04] <Waz> you know.. exult seems like Vger from Star Trek the Motion Picture.
[02:27:56] <Waz> new, powerful elegant engine wrapping around old chaotic dos game
[02:51:33] <EazyCheez> hehe
[02:51:40] <EazyCheez> that's a unique point of view
[02:52:35] <EazyCheez> anyway, SI in Exult just crashed again... I was walking around waiting to get some poony from Lucilla... but that fatass Caladin never wanted to leave :(
[02:52:58] <EazyCheez> so I was walking around, near Spektor's house, when... bang it crashed
[02:53:14] <EazyCheez> it was around 2:30 or so
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[04:06:46] <Kefka> hmm
[04:06:53] <Kefka> morning
[04:11:05] <Waz> night for me
[04:11:08] <Kefka> night
[04:11:28] <Waz> what time you have.. +9 gmt
[04:11:35] <Kefka> -5 GMT
[04:11:59] <Waz> ah.. mi.. duh
[04:12:01] <Waz> n/m
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[11:04:19] <Kefka> fingolfin: i am curious, if a game such as ultima 7 is built with a win32 installer, how do you actually install it on linux..
[11:04:29] <Kefka> i would rather avoid anything like wine
[11:05:23] <Kefka> and if manually moving the files is the answer, what about games that you can't simply copy the files from the cdrom?
[11:11:23] <fingolfin> ehm
[11:11:25] <fingolfin> first off
[11:11:37] <fingolfin> u7 has no windows installer, it has a DOS installer (at least my version)
[11:11:51] <fingolfin> secondly: what exactly do you want to know?!?
[11:12:08] <fingolfin> I mean, a windows game normally just does not at all run on linux
[11:12:20] <Kefka> ok
[11:12:26] <Kefka> um
[11:12:59] <Kefka> take an imaginary game
[11:13:09] <Kefka> win32 installer
[11:13:27] <Kefka> with files on the cd that are compressed and can only be uncompressed using that windows installer
[11:13:50] <Kefka> someone manages to make a linux version of the exe
[11:14:20] <Kefka> how would one be able to put the game's data files on a linux computer?
[11:14:38] <Kefka> without using anything like wine
[11:14:53] <fingolfin> well either that guy writes a decompressor/installor for the game data on the CD; or you need to run the windows installer via windows
[11:15:03] <fingolfin> case 1 is not very probable
[11:15:35] <Kefka> hmm
[11:15:45] <Kefka> i don't like either choice
[11:17:17] <fingolfin> Kefka: there is no other choice
[11:17:35] <Kefka> i know.. but i still don't like either
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[12:21:57] <EazyCheez> hello!
[12:22:39] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[12:22:52] <fingolfin> hi
[12:23:01] <Colourless> hi
[12:26:19] <EazyCheez> wow colourless!
[12:26:24] * EazyCheez bows down
[12:26:26] <EazyCheez> :)
[12:26:38] <Colourless> eh... what?
[12:47:09] <fingolfin> Colourless: I think EazyCheez believes youīre very special and elevated ;)
[12:47:33] <Colourless> maybe I should ask why
[12:58:20] --- fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|away
[13:05:23] <EazyCheez> hehe
[13:05:30] <EazyCheez> um why?!
[13:05:46] <EazyCheez> you are part of the Exult Team! What other reason should there be?
[13:06:08] <Colourless> well anyone can be a part of the Exult Team if they work at it :
[13:06:40] <EazyCheez> well yeah, but not everyone has the programming skills... or the motivation to get such skills :(
[13:06:43] <EazyCheez> like me :)
[13:07:00] <EazyCheez> I'm not a programmer and really don't want to be ;)
[13:12:59] <Colourless> not my problem :)
[13:21:19] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[13:21:34] <Dominus> hello
[13:21:40] <Colourless> hi
[13:21:43] <Dominus> Iīm back from my holydays
[13:21:53] <Dominus> just downloading this installshield thing
[13:22:16] <Colourless> not quite finished yet and has a few bugs
[13:22:25] <Dominus> bugs?
[13:22:39] <Dominus> thatīs my favourite hunting ground :-)
[13:23:11] <Colourless> :)
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[13:32:59] <Dominus> Colourless: I only noticed that that installshield version of Exult needs msvcp60.dll additionally
[13:33:05] <Dominus> otherwise it is nice
[13:33:35] <Dominus> (not looking at the not yet implemented stuff like the bmp)
[13:33:37] <Colourless> msvcp60.dll adds about 100 k
[13:33:55] <Dominus> how dare you add that much?
[13:33:57] <Dominus> :-)
[13:33:59] <Colourless> :)
[13:34:15] <Colourless> for me at the moment the installer is 1.46 MB
[13:34:34] <Dominus> maybe have the installshield version ask for resolution, fullscreen, Audio options as well
[13:35:39] <Colourless> it's possible, but I'm not going to do it yet
[13:36:01] <Colourless> a more generic 'Exult Configure' program would be better
[13:36:14] <Dominus> I wouldnīt add this anyway before Exult enters beta stage
[13:36:27] <Dominus> and a generic program would be nice
[13:36:54] <Colourless> yeah. I intend this for the Beta's
[13:37:08] <Dominus> oh, and uninstalling left exult.cfg and the error files
[13:37:42] <Dominus> it should keep user data like the soundpacks but those three files could go
[13:38:45] <Colourless> it only uninstalls what it installs
[13:38:58] <Dominus> sure, right
[13:39:04] <Colourless> configs, error files, sound flex's are left
[14:26:53] <Colourless> Dom: I've uploaded a new version of the installer if you want to have a look. I consider it pretty much finished (except maybe for a few tweak to the splash screen)
[14:27:02] <Colourless> same URL as in the email
[14:27:45] <Dominus> k, downloading
[14:32:23] <Colourless> thanks
[14:33:03] <Dominus> yep, itīs nice
[14:33:46] <Dominus> nice that you can just set up the paths in it
[14:34:21] <Colourless> yeah. that was actually the hardest thing to do
[14:36:19] <Dominus> just had a look at the cfg file and I think it should have empty tags for all the additional stuff like keys and waves
[14:36:52] --> wjp has joined #exult
[14:36:58] <wjp> hi
[14:37:01] <Colourless> i could do that
[14:37:03] <Dominus> hi
[14:37:03] <Colourless> hi wjp
[14:37:26] <Dominus> Colourless: more like Kirbens exult.cfg.example
[14:37:27] <Colourless> i'd just need a list of the keys to add
[14:39:52] <Dominus> also the speech tag is missing
[14:40:05] <Colourless> speech tag?
[14:40:18] <Dominus> speech yes/no
[14:40:41] <Colourless> where is it missing?
[14:41:08] <Dominus> <speech><enabled> and the / stuff in audio
[14:41:42] <Colourless> but what is it missing from?
[14:41:52] <Dominus> exult.cfg
[14:42:01] <Dominus> under <audio>
[14:42:09] <Colourless> which exult.cfg?
[14:43:16] <Dominus> the exult.cfg that gets created with your installshield
[14:43:32] <Dominus> strangely enough, Exult doesnīt care if itīs there or not
[14:43:58] <Colourless> exult is what creates most of the values. Some values only get set when they are changed
[14:44:00] <Dominus> it plays speech nethertheless and only obeys a "no" when it is there in the cfg
[14:44:11] <Dominus> I noticed
[14:44:20] <Colourless> things like speech is by default yes
[14:44:30] <Dominus> ah, okay, so never mind
[14:45:51] <Dominus> so the only two things I think are missing are <keys>(default)</keys> and <waves></waves>
[14:46:14] <Colourless> i'll add in as many defaults as i think are required
[14:47:05] <Colourless> what should I default the wavs to? data/jmsfx.flx and data/jmsisfx.flx?
[14:47:12] <Colourless> or blank?
[14:47:34] <Dominus> a crash prevention for the waves tag: if the tag doesnīt make sense (not pointing to a file) Exult shouldnīt crash. Try out with . as a value
[14:47:39] <Dominus> Colourless: blank
[14:59:16] <-- Kefka has left IRC (Read error to Kefka[cc51780-a.warn1.mi.home.com]: EOF from client)
[15:05:13] --> Kefka has joined #exult
[15:12:09] <Colourless> dom: want to see the config that I now create by default
[15:12:26] <Dominus> yep
[15:12:34] <Colourless> i'll dcc it to you
[15:13:41] <Dominus> hrmpf
[15:14:10] <Dominus> somehow this doesnīt work on this client
[15:14:15] <Dominus> better mail it to me
[15:14:33] <Colourless> ok. address?
[15:14:44] <Dominus> gigdr@tesionmail.de
[15:14:51] <Colourless> ok
[15:15:33] <Colourless> sent
[15:29:01] --- Fingolfin|away is now known as Fingolfin
[15:29:10] <Fingolfin> hi folks
[15:29:14] <Dominus> hi
[15:29:18] <Colourless> hi
[15:29:58] <Dominus> Colourless: the cfg file looks good now
[15:30:13] <Colourless> ok
[15:30:25] <Dominus> Fingolfin: changes to the readme?
[15:33:21] <Fingolfin> Dominus: the MacoS (X) stuff should be changed I think...
[15:33:29] <Dominus> shoot
[15:33:39] --> silverscale has joined #exult
[15:33:47] <silverscale> hello
[15:33:57] <Dominus> hi
[15:34:10] <Colourless> so, has anyone really tried reading the text only version of the readme?
[15:34:36] <Colourless> hi
[15:37:37] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[])
[15:38:32] <Fingolfin> Dominus: I am busy right now, can we talk about this later?
[15:38:45] <Dominus> sure, np
[15:38:50] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[15:39:03] <Fingolfin> wb
[15:39:31] <Colourless> thx
[15:42:10] <Fingolfin> brb
[15:42:12] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[15:43:31] <Dominus> brb, too
[15:43:44] <Colourless> k
[15:43:55] <silverscale> I'll stay :)
[15:44:08] <Colourless> good :)
[15:44:23] <Dominus> :-)
[15:44:25] <wjp> :-)
[15:45:47] <Colourless> you stay too :)
[15:46:42] --> fingolfin has joined #exult
[15:47:15] <fingolfin> ahhh! autocutsel is my savior ;)
[15:47:33] <wjp> fixed the copy-pasting?
[15:47:49] * Colourless has no idea what fingolfin is talking about
[15:47:50] <fingolfin> yeah ;)
[15:48:08] <fingolfin> Colourless: X Window is a bit "special" in regards of copy&paste
[15:48:15] <Colourless> :)
[15:48:31] <fingolfin> there are two different buffers that may be used for copy&paste; some apps use both, some use only one
[15:49:03] <fingolfin> and my X Server only trasnlates one of them to/from the MacOS X clipboard... hence I had a hard time copying/pasting text to/from xchat...
[15:52:47] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp558.adelaide.on.net.au])
[15:54:09] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[15:54:26] <silverscale> Fingolfin, I have a question about Midi on the Mac: Is there a function that returns a list of all available Midi devices, like !midiOutGetDevCaps
[15:56:33] <fingolfin> silverscale: no
[15:56:38] <fingolfin> well that is
[15:56:58] <fingolfin> not in the API that I use
[15:57:04] <fingolfin> I dunno what exactly you want to know, though
[15:57:37] <silverscale> I was wondering if a new feature could be added to Exult: allow the player to choose the Midi device to use from within Exult.
[15:57:55] <Colourless> that wouldn't be extremely useful
[15:58:05] <silverscale> You see, I'm using an MT-32 when playing Exult.
[15:58:14] <fingolfin> silverscale: well, even if I canīt give such a list - then just make no choices for the mac version
[15:58:24] <fingolfin> silverscale: so this is not the problem
[15:58:36] <fingolfin> silverscale: in fact, I *could* give a list of available synthesizers
[15:58:51] <fingolfin> silverscale: only that right now I always use the "best" synt, as QT think is fit
[15:59:23] * Colourless thinks he should probably modify the Win32 midi driver to allow settings of other midi devices, not just midi mapper
[15:59:28] <fingolfin> silverscale: but on mac, the user can override this setting in the QT control panel anyway (i.e. waht he considers best)
[16:02:09] <silverscale> I guess I'm the only person in the entire world who uses Exult in conjunction with an MT-32...
[16:02:31] <Colourless> heh, one day I hope to actually buy one, so then there will be 2 :)
[16:02:53] <Dominus> judging from feedback I gues there must be allready 2 or 3 :-)
[16:06:08] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error to Dominus[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at]: EOF from client)
[16:28:03] <Colourless> Silverscale: i just commited changes to allow you to set the midi device that exult uses in windows.
[16:29:00] <Colourless> you have to manually set the device using the config key "config/audio/midi/win32_device". The midi device numbers to use are listed in stdout
[16:38:59] <EazyCheez> I saw the screenshots for Exult Studio running on X... they look very awesome
[16:39:13] <EazyCheez> are whoever's making that gonna port it for Win32?
[16:39:13] <EazyCheez> \
[16:39:42] <Colourless> someone who really wants to use it :)
[16:40:16] <EazyCheez> hehe
[16:40:18] <silverscale> colourless - great!
[16:41:25] <fingolfin> brb
[16:41:32] <-- fingolfin has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[16:43:14] --> fingolfin has joined #exult
[16:48:40] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
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[17:03:37] <EazyCheez> I have upgraded to IE6 and must now restart...
[17:03:39] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (there is no god up in the sky tonight)
[17:14:03] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[17:18:37] --- Colourless is now known as Cless|Away
[17:28:22] --- Cless|Away is now known as Colourless
[17:44:16] --> EazyCheez has joined #exult
[17:44:29] <EazyCheez> hello guys
[17:44:34] <wjp> wb
[17:44:40] <EazyCheez> thx
[17:44:41] <Colourless> wb
[17:44:45] <EazyCheez> thx
[18:08:17] * Colourless feels dirty for he is using MFC
[18:08:42] <wjp> eeeew
[18:08:43] <wjp> why?
[18:09:48] <Colourless> i'm using it simply to create an interface for a program (toolbar and menubar only).
[18:13:56] <Colourless> the Wizards in MSVC make it real easy, so I decided to take the 'easy' route
[18:27:28] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (Ping timeout for EazyCheez[cx835488-a.pnscla1.fl.home.com])
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[19:39:37] --> sum1 has joined #exult
[19:39:40] <sum1> hello
[19:40:03] <sum1> do u know howto place an object in u7wizard????
[19:40:12] <wjp> no, sorry, never used it
[19:40:20] <sum1> any1 else???
[19:40:55] <chimera|wookin> never heard of u7wizard
[19:41:03] <chimera|wookin> I guess I could change my name to 'no1' now
[19:41:16] <sum1> yes
[19:41:24] * chimera|wookin hangs head in shame
[19:42:05] <sum1> ok......
[19:42:12] <sum1> does ne1 else
[19:43:06] <chimera|wookin> eye doh-nt think ne1 Ls is here r-eye-t now
[19:43:28] <sum1> ok ok
[19:43:29] <wjp> you know, you could go the extra mile and actually full type "anyone"
[19:43:34] <wjp> s/full/fully/
[19:43:40] <chimera|wookin> hehehe
[19:44:02] <chimera|wookin> wjp: but that wouldn't be l33t
[19:44:56] <wjp> :-)
[19:45:32] <sum1> :')
[19:45:50] <wjp> brb
[19:46:35] <sum1> okay
[19:48:04] <sum1> i wish linux was up and running
[19:48:21] <sum1> its so annoying without it
[19:49:56] --- sum1 is now known as triptron
[19:51:11] <triptron> do u guys actually have any of the original ultima7 sourcecode??
[19:54:21] <triptron> goodbye
[19:54:23] <-- triptron has left IRC ()
[19:54:52] <wjp> b
[20:01:09] <fingolfin> Iīm outa here now, gotta go a bit early to bed today =)
[20:01:16] <wjp> ok, g'night
[20:01:16] <-- fingolfin has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[20:36:41] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[20:36:53] <PoorCNewb> Heeho!
[20:36:57] <wjp> hi
[20:37:09] <PoorCNewb> Darn, not many people come here do they?
[20:37:21] <wjp> sure they do, just not at this hour :-)
[20:37:38] <PoorCNewb> I C
[20:38:42] <PoorCNewb> Does sourceforge got any more "local" kinda channels?
[20:38:54] <PoorCNewb> With more people?
[20:39:07] <wjp> this isn't sourceforge, btw
[20:39:21] <wjp> (it's openprojects)
[20:39:22] <PoorCNewb> Opps, that's right :/
[20:39:35] <wjp> but anyway, there should be a few crowded channels here
[20:39:52] <wjp> your IRC client should have a channel list option, that lists all channel along with nr. of people in them
[20:40:19] <PoorCNewb> Ah yes, lemme see here
[20:41:38] <PoorCNewb> This list is more organized with how many people are in it
[20:41:48] <PoorCNewb> In each one I mean
[20:42:01] <PoorCNewb> They look interesting
[20:43:07] <wjp> this network is very programming/linux oriented, as you can probably see
[20:43:16] <PoorCNewb> Yep
[20:43:20] <PoorCNewb> Tons of those
[20:43:40] <PoorCNewb> Maybe I can learn a little bit here and there
[20:46:48] <PoorCNewb> Are you a member on the Exult team?
[20:46:51] <wjp> yeah
[20:47:14] <PoorCNewb> Just checking, are those other guys on the list members too?
[20:47:41] <wjp> no, no other team members here, currently
[20:48:09] <PoorCNewb> Okay, your's is the only name with the @ sign next to it
[20:48:18] <PoorCNewb> So I figured that
[20:48:18] <wjp> Fingolfin, Colourless, Nadir and Freedman are also team members, but they're not here right now :-)
[20:48:29] <wjp> the "@" sign means channel operator
[20:48:39] <PoorCNewb> Oh :P
[20:48:55] <wjp> it means I can do all kinds of funny things, like kick people off the channel, and that kind of thing :-)
[20:49:04] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[20:49:04] --- Topic for #exult is: Exult, the open source Ultima 7 and U7 part 2 engine
[20:49:04] --- Topic for #exult set by ChanServ at Mon Aug 27 03:17:41 2001
[20:49:07] <wjp> like that ;-)
[20:49:11] <PoorCNewb> Hmm
[20:50:21] <PoorCNewb> I tried to get into another channel, I can't get in because the "+k command line" was set, what does it mean by that
[20:50:27] --> Eldron has joined #exult
[20:50:41] <wjp> hi
[20:50:45] <PoorCNewb> hola
[20:50:46] <wjp> +k? not sure
[20:50:47] <Eldron> hello
[20:51:22] <PoorCNewb> yeah, actually it was a +k -command key-
[20:51:22] <PoorCNewb> whatever that is
[20:51:39] <wjp> some channels are private, restricted, full. Or you could be the (unintentional) target of a ban or something
[20:51:48] <PoorCNewb> Ok
[20:52:18] <PoorCNewb> It's hard to tell who's who from the message boards because the names are changed in IRC
[20:52:29] <wjp> not in my case :-)
[20:52:36] <PoorCNewb> That's true
[20:52:40] <PoorCNewb> :P
[20:53:03] <PoorCNewb> My name is inferred because that's exactly what I am
[20:53:05] <PoorCNewb> ;)
[20:53:15] <wjp> :-)
[20:56:07] <-- PoorCNewb has left IRC (Ping timeout for PoorCNewb[AC984B41.ipt.aol.com])
[20:58:53] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[20:58:58] <PoorCNewb> Lol!!
[20:59:00] <PoorCNewb> Sorry
[20:59:15] * wjp didn't know timing out was funny ;-)
[20:59:37] <PoorCNewb> No, our kitten pulled the plug on our computer
[20:59:44] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:00:15] <PoorCNewb> I haven't found the +k "command key" in the help file yet
[21:01:04] <PoorCNewb> Oh well
[21:01:56] <PoorCNewb> Oh wait just found it, you have to know the "password" before you get in.
[21:02:05] <PoorCNewb> To that particular channel
[21:04:29] <PoorCNewb> I'll go into some other channels I know of. I'll be back later and see who's all on.
[21:04:34] <PoorCNewb> Bye
[21:04:37] <wjp> bye
[21:04:39] <-- PoorCNewb has left #exult
[21:10:33] <Kefka> no wonder he was banned, "ipt.aol.com"
[21:12:47] <-- Eldron has left IRC (Read error to Eldron[h242n2fls33o811.telia.com]: Connection reset by peer)
[21:12:51] <Kefka> brb
[21:13:06] <-- Kefka has left IRC (Client Exiting)
[22:00:09] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[22:27:48] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[22:27:56] <-- PoorCNewb has left #exult
[23:08:30] --> EazyCheez has joined #exult
[23:13:49] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[23:13:56] <-- PoorCNewb has left #exult
[23:55:29] --> Kefka has joined #exult