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[11:40:41] <WilliamC2> I cannot get the sound FX to work, and I swear that I did what it asks.
[11:43:41] <wjp> when starting exult, do you get crossed-out speaker icons in the main menu?
[11:44:34] <WilliamC2> yeah
[11:45:05] <WilliamC2> I'm in Linux, I altered the CFG file to the new file name
[11:45:18] <WilliamC2> and I think I put them in the right folder
[11:47:07] <wjp> you should specify the full path in the config file
[11:51:16] <WilliamC2> Still does not work'
[11:52:14] <wjp> can you show me your config file? (Using pastebin.com for example)
[11:52:36] <WilliamC2> I'll move the files and see if it works
[11:53:25] <wjp> the location of the wave file .flx shouldn't matter at all
[11:53:39] <wjp> after all, you specify the full path to it... :-)
[11:54:10] <WilliamC2> The longer the path the greater possibility of error.
[11:54:42] <WilliamC2> Yeah, still doesn't work
[11:54:48] <WilliamC2> I'll do a pastebin
[11:56:44] <WilliamC2> http://pastebin.com/m4d1024e2
[11:58:04] <wjp> you put the <waves> tags in the wrong place
[11:58:25] <wjp> and you also don't have the full path names
[12:00:12] <WilliamC2> What do you mean not full path names?
[12:00:30] <wjp> it should be more like this: http://pastebin.com/m2a896c6d
[12:00:50] <wjp> apparently you put the <waves> tags in three separate semi-random locations...
[12:04:56] <WilliamC2> Works now, thanks
[12:05:18] <wjp> no problem
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[19:02:16] <sickie> helllllo
[19:04:11] <sickie> I have a problem compiling on Debian unstable. Anyone knowdlegable in that field?
[19:05:05] <ettin> sickie: what's the problem?
[19:08:46] <sickie> I've installed flex and byacc, which ain't listed under dependecies in INSTALL but I figured it out from error messages. But now I'm getting...
[19:08:49] <sickie> bin/bash ../../ylwrap uclex.ll .c uclex.cc -- /bin/bash /home/sickie/iMedia/igre/Exult/src/exult/missing --run flex
[19:08:50] <sickie> make[3]: *** [uclex.cc] Error 1
[19:10:13] <ettin> sickie: which version are you trying to compile? and, why aren't you using the debian packages? ;)
[19:10:20] <sickie> I am not versed in compiling, but had no problem with OpenTTD; they have a very detailed manual about it.
[19:10:34] <wjp> did you re-run configure after installing flex?
[19:10:35] <sickie> um... 1.4 snapshot as Debian has the ultra old 1.2
[19:10:45] <sickie> I think not :P
[19:11:07] <wjp> not sure if it'll help, but it might
[19:11:32] <sickie> I'm reconfiguring
[19:12:05] <sickie> And I wonder if serpent isle fixes/black gate keyring mods are for 1.2 only?
[19:12:07] <ettin> sickie: right, I wanted to upload a snapshot to experimental...
[19:12:25] <ettin> the packages are actually ready to be uploaded (or at least they were a few months ago)
[19:13:02] <sickie> Hope they'll get around as I had some show-stopping bugs in 1.2 involving the bacnquet of I don't-remember-who
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[19:13:39] <sickie> Now it's in the makking (I issued make)
[19:13:40] <Marzo> The mods are actually 1.4 only
[19:13:44] <sickie> hi Marzo
[19:13:58] <sickie> OK, thank you for the info :)
[19:14:07] <sickie> It wasn't all that clear on the page
[19:15:04] <sickie> But anyway. How are you? (all of you)
[19:19:17] <sickie> well, ./configure-ing again helped, got other issues. I than run build-dep exult and installed all those nasty 45 -dev files and re- ./configure-ed again :D
[19:19:26] <sickie> I hope now all will be OK
[19:19:35] <sickie> You ain't that much for chatting, eh guys?
[19:21:24] <ettin> sickie: this channel is usually really quiet :)
[19:21:37] <sickie> @ ettin: you seem like a Debian master :D How can I than, after a successful compile, remove those nasty build-dep installed files whithout copy/pasting the lines? Is there a trick? I try to keep my system clean as I run it as a rolling thingie :D
[19:22:33] <ettin> sickie: not sure how you installed it; you can do some fancy stuff with aptitude
[19:22:47] <ettin> sickie: if you still use apt-get, you can always try autoremove or deborphan
[19:24:50] <sickie> I'm still in prehistoric times, running apt-get. So I'll copy-paste :D I never felt the need to use aptitude... though if it would be smart enough to remove those build-deps than maybe I shult start learning it
[19:25:22] <sickie> ettin, are you a debian developer or you'd upload to experimental as a non-maintainer?
[19:26:28] <ettin> sickie: I maintain a few packages and contribute to debian, but I'm not an official debian developer
[19:26:43] <sickie> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! xdrag.o:/home/sickie/iMedia/igre/Exult/src/exult/xdrag.cc:94: more undefined references to `XInternAtom' follow
[19:26:44] <sickie> ...
[19:26:55] <sickie> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[19:26:56] <sickie> make[2]: *** [exult] Error 1
[19:27:52] <sickie> and in between (where ... are) lots of XBLABLABLAH errors
[19:28:17] <sickie> How did you build your packages that never got on experimental?
[19:28:40] <sickie> do you have a magic wand you could share? :D
[19:30:13] <ettin> sickie: did you install libx11-dev?
[19:30:34] <ettin> sickie: sickie how about passing LIBS="-lX11" to ./configure ?
[19:30:37] <sickie> yes
[19:30:43] <sickie> nope
[19:31:57] <sickie> I didn't pass anything. How could I know (about LIBS=...)? where would one get such info? Or it's something one knows after compiling many different programs?
[19:32:23] <wjp> debian may need some --x-libraries option
[19:33:29] <sickie> LIBS="-lX11" to ./configure gives me bash: to: command not found. Is ./configure LIBS="-lX11" the way to pass it?
[19:33:56] <wjp> remove the "to" :-)
[19:33:59] <sickie> oops! maybe LIBS="-lX11" ./configure ?;D
[19:34:08] <sickie> yup, seen it :D
[19:34:10] <ettin> sickie: right; LIBS="-lX11" ./configure
[19:34:16] <wjp> but that shouldn't be the way to do it
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[19:34:43] <sickie> ok, what way is the right way than, wjp?
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[19:35:18] <sickie> That compiling stuff is for real man :D
[19:36:24] <wjp> actually that does seem to be the way the official debian package does it
[19:36:26] <wjp> strange
[19:36:32] <sickie> right or wrong, right or left, regardless, but make now finished without errors!
[19:36:34] <sickie> YUHU
[19:36:39] <sickie> or YAHOO
[19:36:44] <sickie> thanks, :*** to both of you
[19:36:46] <sickie> :D
[19:38:22] <sickie> oops, I was so dizzy because of all this configure this, make that, that I accidentaly run configure & make as root that last time
[19:38:43] <sickie> so exult is for admins only :D
[19:39:40] <sickie> fixed permitions
[19:39:50] <sickie> now I need to try this damn thing
[19:41:18] <sickie> hm. exult started but complained that there's no data (rightly so). I hit enter, the app closes and I got a kernel:Oops: 0000[#1]
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[19:45:13] <sickie> OK guys, I'm leaving. Forgot you hate chit-chat :D I'll go watch Yakitate Japan
[19:45:18] <sickie> Byeee
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[19:45:56] <wjp> since when does not chit-chatting/being busy translate to "hating chit-chat"? :-)
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