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[01:33:02] <co> well, i'll disappear again.
[01:33:04] <co> bye
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[04:37:44] * sbx floats in.
[04:37:52] <sbx> Hello.
[04:40:14] * sbx hands cherries out to everyone in the channel.
[04:58:54] <Darke> Hi!
[05:03:34] <sbx> xchat is broke
[05:05:39] <sbx> i should strace it
[05:07:16] * Darke earperks. 'Broke' in what way?
[05:07:41] <sbx> just doesnt do anything
[05:07:58] <sbx> UI wont load
[05:08:31] * Darke ahhs.
[05:10:30] * sbx cats /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp for no particular reason.
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[05:26:42] <sbx> hi kirben
[05:26:46] <Kirben2> Hi
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[05:27:25] <Darke> Hi.
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[11:32:15] <wjp> hi
[11:32:51] <Darke> Hi.
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[13:08:06] <Colourless> hi
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[17:19:26] <wjp> bbl, dinner
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[18:15:16] <wjp> hi
[18:15:19] <Kharzette> gday
[18:15:37] <Kharzette> hey wjp, is there a usecode decompiler?
[18:15:48] <wjp> yeah
[18:15:48] <Kharzette> like to go from usecode to your cool .uc script?
[18:15:52] <wjp> ucxt
[18:16:06] <Kharzette> groovy
[18:26:14] --> RonC has joined #exult
[18:26:17] <RonC> hi
[18:26:19] <wjp> hi
[18:26:26] <Kharzette> gday
[18:27:12] <RonC> I still can't get UCXT to work.
[18:27:36] <RonC> brb
[18:28:07] <Kharzette> I'm tryin to make it build with vc.net hehe
[18:28:25] <wjp> oooh, that should be fun :-)
[18:32:58] <Kharzette> groovy it actually built
[18:34:26] <RonC> back
[18:34:35] <RonC> Can I have your copy?
[18:34:54] <Kharzette> yea sure
[18:34:59] <Kharzette> not sure how to use it really
[18:35:08] <Kharzette> not sure where it's supposed to be run from
[18:35:15] <RonC> What do you want to decompile?
[18:35:26] <Kharzette> serpent isle usecode
[18:35:28] <RonC> Dos prompt.
[18:35:29] <RonC> ok
[18:36:58] --> Mayuka has joined #exult
[18:37:31] <RonC> ucxt -si -fs -a sould do the trick. Put UCXT in the folder with exult.cfg.
[18:37:40] <Mayuka> cool
[18:38:04] <RonC> shoot, one sec...
[18:38:10] <Mayuka> sending an exe may make your irc prog freak out
[18:38:17] <RonC> I got .exe on auto reject. I'll turn that off.
[18:38:52] <RonC> Okay, sould work now.
[18:39:25] <RonC> ok, thanks!
[18:39:27] <Mayuka> cool :D
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[18:39:40] <Kharzette> hehe can't get networking workin on this box
[18:39:47] <Kharzette> so hadda use another machine
[18:40:07] <RonC> :)
[18:40:14] <wjp> uh? aren't you using irc?
[18:40:42] <Kharzette> well yea tcp works but this is an ancient 9x box and it won't talk to my 2k boxes very well
[18:45:10] <Kharzette> yea ucxt isn't doing much for me
[18:45:35] <RonC> I get this message:
[18:45:36] <RonC> head2data <bg outputfile> <si outputfile>
[18:45:36] <RonC> Where the output files are the relative pathnames to the datafiles
[18:45:36] <RonC> to be output.
[18:45:36] <RonC> eg. head2data data/u7bgintrinsics.data data/u7siintrinsics.data
[18:45:49] <Kharzette> can't tell what it's bloody doing either because I don't use iostream or stl
[18:46:06] <wjp> head2data is the wrong program
[18:46:39] <wjp> that's only used for generating some headers needed for the compile
[18:46:59] <Kharzette> ah ok
[18:47:07] <RonC> :(
[18:47:16] <Kharzette> oh yea the magical src dir I didn't look in hehe
[18:55:08] <Kharzette> hmm typeof is a managed code thing I think
[18:56:39] <wjp> typeof? hm, never heard of that
[18:56:55] <wjp> easy to get rid of, though
[19:00:26] <Kharzette> need some sort of run time type info thing
[19:01:05] --> Erdbeerschnecke has joined #exult
[19:01:13] <wjp> hi
[19:01:16] <Erdbeerschnecke> hi
[19:08:51] <RonC> hi
[19:12:43] * Kharzette lazy
[19:14:23] <Kharzette> for(typeof(param_types.begin()) i=param_types.begin(); i!=param_types.end(); i++) o << *i << ','; becomes for(int i=0;i < param_types.size();i++) o << param_types[i] << ',';
[19:15:42] <wjp> ?
[19:15:48] <wjp> no...
[19:16:06] <wjp> replace "typeof(param_types.begin())" by "std::vector<std::string>::iterator"
[19:16:57] <Kharzette> is that what the type is? I couldn't really tell. Looked like some sort of wierd pair type thing
[19:17:34] <wjp> I might be looking at the wrong line :-)
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[19:47:03] <Darke> Greetings.
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[19:48:28] <Kharzette> gday
[19:49:53] <wjp> hi Darke
[19:50:15] <wjp> Darke: any idea how 'standard' the typeof() operator you're using in ucxt is?
[19:50:31] * wjp doesn't see it in K&R or Stroustrup
[19:53:16] <Darke> Probably completely unstandard, someone mentioned it on the exult ML, so I used it for the occasional hairy ::iterator definition. I'll check gcc's docs to see if it's compiler specific.
[19:53:47] <Kharzette> I hacked around it by using the [] operator
[19:56:21] <Kharzette> yay built
[19:56:39] <Kharzette> hehe I did about 1000 horrible hacks
[19:58:44] <RonC> hi
[19:59:18] <RonC> Could you send me your build?
[19:59:27] * Darke checks. Looks like it's a 'gnu keyword'. Pity, it's actually quite useful on the odd occasion.
[19:59:40] <RonC> I keep getting an error with the build I have :(
[20:00:04] <wjp> I usually just typedef the complex stl types to something shorter if they're getting annoying
[20:00:06] <Kharzette> I had a ton and I just plowed thru changing stuff
[20:00:18] <Kharzette> yea sure ronc, not sure it works
[20:00:36] <Kharzette> I got an assert trying -si -fs -a
[20:00:49] <wjp> which one?
[20:01:01] <wjp> did you run it from the same dir as exult.cfg?
[20:01:09] <RonC> yes.
[20:01:10] <Kharzette> otd.opcode!=0x00
[20:01:11] <Kharzette> aye
[20:01:22] <RonC> err, everyone gets that error.
[20:01:36] --> Mayuka has joined #exult
[20:01:53] <wjp> 'everyone'?
[20:02:14] <Kharzette> hehe well it's gotta work for somebody
[20:02:24] <RonC> grr, one sec.
[20:02:30] <RonC> Not anyone I know!
[20:02:42] <RonC> ok, try now.
[20:02:50] <Kharzette> I had to download a snprintf.c and hack it up to get this to work too hehe
[20:03:01] <RonC> Actually, see if you can get it to work, then send it.
[20:03:22] <Kharzette> ok I'll try
[20:03:32] <RonC> Ok, i'll be here tomarrow also.
[20:03:34] <Kharzette> I'm clueless on stl and ++ though so I may be sol
[20:03:50] * Darke ugs. He really needs to sit down and add that Configuration::open() that throws an exception if it doesn't find a file, rather then silently creating one. He couldn't do it before when it was pre-1.0 but now he should be able to without risking breaking everything. *grin*
[20:06:26] <RonC> Can you! Please! Pretty please!
[20:07:45] <RonC> We _really_ want to look at this usecode.
[20:08:15] <Kharzette> don't think he's talkin about the same error hehe
[20:10:24] <Darke> It does work, at least when it finds the correct files. *grin* Which is the problem. It's giving you the error because it can't find the file that describes the usecode so it can decompile it. The best I can do is give you a 'better' error message. *grin*
[20:10:53] <RonC> What files does it need?
[20:11:02] <Kharzette> it got pretty far
[20:11:09] <Kharzette> dies in the loading functions phase
[20:11:10] <RonC> err
[20:11:14] <RonC> I have to go.
[20:11:18] <RonC> ttyl.
[20:11:18] <Darke> Four files, all that end in .data. They should be in the exult/data directory. It just doesn't seem to find them.
[20:11:19] <Kharzette> cya
[20:11:20] <Darke> Bye.
[20:11:27] <RonC> bye
[20:11:30] <-- RonC has left IRC ()
[20:11:57] <wjp> oh... right... those data files aren't for the compile phase...
[20:12:04] <wjp> ugh... thinko
[20:12:41] <Darke> u7misc.data u7opcodes.data u7siintrinsics.data u7bgintrinsics.data The two *intrinsics.data files are created by that head2data program.
[20:13:00] <Kharzette> oh I need to run that first?
[20:13:15] <Darke> The makefile should already run it.
[20:13:31] <Kharzette> I'm doing this by dumping all the source files into vc.net hehe
[20:13:39] <Darke> It just doesn't seem to be putting them into the same directory as /data.
[20:13:42] <Darke> Ahh. A moment.
[20:14:13] <wjp> Darke: the install of those files also seems to go wrong with older automakes, btw
[20:14:23] <Darke> `head2data u7bgintrinsics.data u7siintrinsics.data` that
[20:14:29] <wjp> I apparently used some recent feature in the makefile.am
[20:14:30] <Darke> 's the syntax of the program.
[20:14:44] <Kharzette> aye I ran that
[20:14:47] <Darke> Ok. Curious.
[20:15:12] * wjp would like to strace it to see what files aren't being found...
[20:15:37] <Darke> Have you put the two *intrinsics.data files that it generates into the same directory as the u7opcodes.data file?
[20:15:56] <Kharzette> no it's not generating them for some reason... trying some stuff
[20:16:06] * Darke nods.
[20:16:22] --> matto has joined #exult
[20:16:26] <wjp> how does head2data locate the .h files?
[20:16:27] <wjp> hi matto
[20:16:41] <matto> wjp!
[20:17:05] <Kharzette> ah yea there it is
[20:17:56] <Kharzette> ok and these are 4k files with like <0x00> x </> over and over with not much else
[20:17:58] * wjp is having endless amounts of fun with the monitor training sequence... blegh
[20:18:11] <wjp> no, they're files with the intrinsics
[20:18:16] <wjp> s/'re/ should be/
[20:18:32] <Darke> Kharzette: Something like: <0x00> get_random </>
[20:18:38] <Kharzette> all mine have are x
[20:18:54] * Darke blinks.
[20:18:59] <Kharzette> I'll debugger it :D
[20:19:09] * Darke has a suspicioun the macro preprocessor is bork3n then.
[20:19:42] <wjp> oh... wait.. it doesn't read the .h files, but they're just compiled into it?
[20:19:53] <Darke> #define __STRING(x) "x" <- does that do the 'right thing'? I just stole it from somewhere else. *grin*
[20:20:15] <Kharzette> it complained about it at first but eventually worked for some reason
[20:20:37] <Kharzette> er built, dunno if it works
[20:20:37] <wjp> I stole that from some libc headers I think
[20:20:58] * Darke nods. The files are just compiled into it. It's the only 'easy' way of doing it, without relying on yet another set of datafiles, and/or sed/awk. *grin*
[20:22:16] * Darke guesses it 'might' be Yet Another GUN Extensions.
[20:22:25] <wjp> Kharzette: can you try to compile the following small program?
[20:22:31] <wjp> #include <iostream>
[20:22:37] <wjp> #define __STRINGA(x) #x
[20:22:39] <Kharzette> yea bgut is filled with huge ass templates with "x" in them
[20:22:42] <wjp> #define __STRINGB(x) "x"
[20:22:47] <wjp> int main() {
[20:23:00] <wjp> std::cout << __STIRNGA(blah) << std::endl;
[20:23:10] <wjp> std::cout << __STRINGB(BLAH) << std::endl;
[20:23:13] <wjp> return 0;
[20:23:13] <wjp> }
[20:24:19] <wjp> umm.. correct the obvious typoes there :-)
[20:25:57] <Kharzette> dammit kbhit not workin
[20:26:05] <Kharzette> need something to pause it
[20:26:17] <wjp> just run it from a command shell
[20:26:46] <Kharzette> ok output is
[20:26:47] <Kharzette> blah
[20:26:48] <Kharzette> x
[20:26:58] <Kharzette> so I guess I should use the top for the string macro
[20:27:04] <matto> wjp: done any reading lately?
[20:27:57] <wjp> hm, I think Otherland were the last non-math/CS books I read
[20:28:04] <Kharzette> yea that fixed me
[20:29:01] <matto> I am reading this book called A Game of Thrones .. by George R. R. Martin
[20:29:12] <matto> (he might as well go by G.R.R. Martin haha)
[20:29:41] <Kharzette> hahah
[20:32:57] <Kharzette> still getting that same assert in the decompiler
[20:33:01] * Kharzette digs
[20:33:34] <wjp> does the assert say which line it's on?
[20:33:53] <Kharzette> yea it's at uncfunc.cc 1037
[20:35:26] <wjp> did it output anything right before the assert?
[20:37:05] <Darke> It's either not correctly parsing u7opcodes.data, or still not finding it. *sigh*
[20:38:58] <wjp> how about adding a quick 'file not found' check?
[20:40:00] <wjp> Darke: oh, btw, you're apparently the "Maintainter" of ucxt :-)
[20:40:11] <Kharzette> hehe well I'm not properly using all this stuff
[20:40:21] <Kharzette> yea lemme see output
[20:40:36] <Darke> wjp: It looks like it. *grin*
[20:40:47] <Kharzette> it outputs 48 1 before asserting
[20:40:55] <Kharzette> before that Loading functions...
[20:41:10] <Kharzette> uc.fail() seems to not fail during the load usecode thing
[20:42:54] <Darke> Try adding into the <config></config> section of your exult.cfg something like the following <ucxt><root>/path/to/exult/data</root></ucxt> That should make sure it finds the .data files.
[20:43:56] <Kharzette> ok
[20:45:34] <Kharzette> same error
[20:47:21] <Kharzette> bg_intrinsics_root is "intrinsics"
[20:50:36] <Darke> Ok. I can reproduce it.
[20:53:08] <Kharzette> hmm in UCData::open_usecode() filename is all mangled but it might just be bad debug info
[20:54:34] * Darke hmms... he can't seem to get it to find his exult.cfg. This is getting strange.
[20:54:46] <Kharzette> it finds mine ok
[20:55:08] <Kharzette> I am skipping past the section of code under if(uc.output_redirect().size())
[20:55:14] <Kharzette> mebbe that's the prob
[20:55:50] <Darke> It shouldn't be. That should be all standard C++.
[20:56:35] <Kharzette> well meaning size is 0
[20:57:33] * Darke nods.
[20:59:16] <Kharzette> yea ok in ucxtInit::init() bg_intrinsics_data is getting set to garbage, guess it needs an entry in exult.cfg?
[20:59:48] <Kharzette> er no the string is right there wierd
[21:00:43] <Kharzette> bg_instrinsics_data = "u7bgintrinsics.data"; sets bg_intrinsics_data to "+/"
[21:02:54] <Kharzette> that seems really broken
[21:03:22] <Darke> Yeah. Agreed.
[21:04:58] <wjp> huh? it does what?
[21:05:03] <Kharzette> hmm I don't know much about stl, but bg_intrinsics_data->_Bx->_Ptr is "u7bgintrinsics.data"
[21:05:29] <wjp> how did you read the value of bg_intrinsics_data?
[21:06:05] <Kharzette> just lookin at it in the debugger
[21:07:09] <Kharzette> like for instance bg_intrinsics_root->_Bx->_Buf is "intrinsics" and _Ptr is <Bad Ptr>
[21:11:35] <Kharzette> could be a bug in ms's stl I guess
[21:12:09] <wjp> hm, dunno..
[21:14:12] <Darke> It 'might' be the same __STRING problem we had earlier. IIRC there's a few instances of that throughout the code.
[21:18:22] <Kharzette> it's because the string has to grow
[21:18:39] <Kharzette> I'll shorten the name and see if it works
[21:23:13] <Kharzette> it assigns correctly but then I get down in UCData::file_open and filename is "(wU"
[21:24:31] <wjp> are you sure that that isn't the same thing as the +/ earlier?
[21:24:53] <Kharzette> I dunno I don't understand this stl stuff
[21:25:02] <Kharzette> might just be the debugger telling me the wrong thing
[21:26:00] <Kharzette> that is the result of path + mucc_ll
[21:27:01] <Kharzette> yea nm it's the debugger screwin up
[21:28:43] <Kharzette> hmm it seems to open the usecode file ok
[21:31:53] <Kharzette> ok it's opening the file
[21:32:20] <Kharzette> I can see in one of the bizzare pointers "@The sails must be furled etc...
[21:32:59] <wjp> that's the start of the usecode, yes
[21:35:43] <Kharzette> hmm happens with -bg too
[21:36:46] <wjp> can you step to where it asserts?
[21:36:54] <Kharzette> yep
[21:37:19] <wjp> or actually to the start of the while() loop around ucfunc.cc:1020
[21:37:33] <Kharzette> k there
[21:37:45] <Kharzette> code_size is 57 in this case
[21:38:04] <Kharzette> hmm yea this is the failing case
[21:38:11] <wjp> ok, step until ucop._id is set
[21:38:29] <Kharzette> it's 72
[21:39:17] <wjp> hex or dec?
[21:39:23] <Kharzette> dec
[21:39:36] <Kharzette> 48 hex
[21:39:51] <wjp> ok, and then otd.opcode == 0x00?
[21:40:05] <Kharzette> yea
[21:40:38] <wjp> then the u7opcodes.data file isn't being read properly, I guess
[21:41:06] <Kharzette> hmm what makes that file? hehe
[21:41:17] <wjp> it already exists
[21:41:44] <Kharzette> where does it live? And what's it called?
[21:41:48] <wjp> <Darke> u7misc.data u7opcodes.data u7siintrinsics.data u7bgintrinsics.data
[21:41:57] <wjp> first two are in data/, second two or created
[21:42:01] <wjp> s/or/are/
[21:42:09] <Darke> It might be worth trying to compile 'confregress' in the conf/ dir. And running it to try and see if it's a problem with conf, or something else.
[21:42:28] <Kharzette> hmm I don't have misc or codes
[21:42:34] <wjp> they're in ucxt/data
[21:42:47] <Kharzette> ah ok
[21:44:01] <Kharzette> now we're gettin somewhere!
[21:44:01] <Kharzette> :D
[21:44:47] <Kharzette> no size type 'short' heh
[22:05:02] <Kharzette> hmm well I'm stuck. I have no clue what this code is doing
[22:07:37] * Darke is unfortunately unable to help at the moment, since he's getting ready to disapear in ten minutes or so. He's not sure what's gone wrong, since he had it working for him less then a month ago.
[22:07:47] <wjp> what's the problem?
[22:08:12] <Kharzette> not even sure of that, it's some templatey looking thing
[22:08:32] <Kharzette> don't see how you guys can debug this stuff
[22:08:34] <wjp> didn't it already compile?
[22:08:45] <Kharzette> yeayea it compiles just doesn't work
[22:08:52] <Kharzette> stops with error no size type 'short'
[22:09:21] <Kharzette> I think it searches a list for "short" to get the size out of it but the stl code is so horrible I can't really step into it
[22:09:34] <Kharzette> the ms stl code is horrible I mean hehe
[22:09:58] <wjp> are you sure you got u7misc.data?
[22:10:15] <Kharzette> aye
[22:10:22] <wjp> really really sure?
[22:10:38] <Kharzette> I have it in exult\data
[22:10:42] <Kharzette> running this from the exult dir
[22:10:49] <wjp> since that's where the size types are defined..
[22:11:07] <Kharzette> I can see it reading in stuff in the chunk of code before it fails
[22:11:13] <wjp> in the same dir as the other .data files?
[22:11:28] <Kharzette> aye
[22:11:42] <Kharzette> looks like the stuff I saw reading in was from u7opcodes.data
[22:11:51] <Kharzette> I saw the <name> NEXT thing getting read
[22:12:14] <wjp> <name> NEXT? what's that?
[22:12:25] <wjp> that's not in u7misc.data, anyway
[22:12:47] <wjp> oh, <name> NEXT is in u7opcodes.data
[22:13:04] <Kharzette> yea that part works
[22:13:08] <Kharzette> I'm lookin above that now
[22:15:19] <Kharzette> hmm I see it reading them in
[22:15:44] <Kharzette> st->Myfirst->first is "short" and second is "2"
[22:16:09] <Kharzette> ahh I screwed up
[22:16:30] <Kharzette> I had to change something and I broke the loop
[22:16:45] * Darke suspects his next 'update' to ucxt is going to be 'to make it simpler'. *grin*
[22:17:15] <Kharzette> naw man I'm just stupid :D I need to learn stl
[22:17:31] <wjp> *phew*... finally got rid of these superfluous Palette objects in exultmenu and game
[22:18:23] <Darke> Kharzette: Nah. It is particularly overcompilcated. *grin* I've just been flicking through the code again.
[22:18:29] <Darke> wjp: Congrats! *grin*
[22:18:29] <Kharzette> go go go go go go
[22:18:33] <Kharzette> it's workin now
[22:18:39] <Darke> Yay!
[22:18:48] <Kharzette> boyoyoyouyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoying
[22:19:05] * Darke waits for it to die in a horribly complicated fashion. *grin*
[22:19:10] <Kharzette> hahahah
[22:19:34] * wjp just loves modifying certain header files
[22:19:53] * wjp thinks he'll go get something to eat while waiting for this particular recompile
[22:19:59] <Darke> wjp: Certain header files that cause the entire project to be rebuilt? *grin*
[22:20:14] <wjp> singles.h... :-)
[22:20:16] <Kharzette> holy shit
[22:20:24] <Kharzette> it's spewing a ton of stuff to stdout
[22:20:41] <wjp> yay :-)
[22:21:57] * Darke giggles.
[22:22:11] * Darke must disappear now. *grin* Back in an hour or so if people are still awake.
[22:22:14] --- Darke is now known as Darke|afk
[22:22:16] <Kharzette> cya :D
[22:22:32] <Darke|afk> Bye. Goodluck with understanding that. *grin*
[22:23:19] <Kharzette> gonna try converting some of it to neverwinter script
[22:31:02] <Kharzette> haahahah just looked at the output
[22:31:14] <Kharzette> lots of unterminated strings methinks
[22:32:09] <wjp> really?
[22:33:45] <Kharzette> yea some things aren't terminated
[22:33:51] <Kharzette> probably a mistake of mine somewhere
[22:43:43] <wjp> there are lots of quotes within strings, but they should be escaped
[22:54:31] <Kharzette> output looks like UI_play_sound_effect2(0x0002==========================께께슬슬슬슬슬 etc etc
[22:54:40] <Kharzette> eventually it hits a 0
[22:55:52] <wjp> uh? broken snprintf?
[22:56:16] <Kharzette> quite possible
[22:56:29] <Kharzette> I didn't have snprintf so I had to download it off the web and hack it up to work
[22:56:39] <wjp> there's one with exult
[22:56:51] <Kharzette> really? haahah damn
[22:56:54] <Kharzette> I'll switch to it
[22:56:57] <wjp> files/snprintf.cc
[22:57:09] <wjp> not the most logical place, I admit
[23:00:04] <Kharzette> hmm still spittin out lotsa garbage
[23:01:53] <-- matto has left IRC ("This feeling.. inside me. Finally found my life, I'm finally free. No longer torn in two. Living my own life by learning fr")
[23:03:00] <Kharzette> doesn't actually ever use snprintf that I can see
[23:03:49] <wjp> hm
[23:07:10] <Kharzette> diggin in UCFunc::output_ucs() now
[23:27:32] <wjp> ugh... 1:30am again
[23:27:34] <wjp> I should go :-)
[23:27:35] <wjp> bye
[23:27:41] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
[23:41:45] --- Darke|afk is now known as Darke
[23:49:39] <Kharzette> hey darke almost got it workin :D
[23:53:28] * Darke earperks. Cool.
[23:53:46] <Kharzette> trackin down some nonterminated strings
[23:54:01] <Kharzette> pretty sure it's in demunge_ocstring()
[23:59:38] <Darke> Curious. I thought I'd used all std::strings... hmm... it might be possible it's not reading them correctly from the file, or something.